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  1. Can someone check that fastly? I find it very weird that even though there are numerous issues logged and set as "being worked on" in the ME Bugs forum no change happened
  2. Are we sure there were no ME changes or speculating because they are not explicitly written? I wonder if we could get an answer to that
  3. It's a rule that in forums you get extreme reactions. People rarely register for a forum unless they want to either complain or search for something specific. So while the negativity does indicate that the ME has issues, I wouldn't say that it's as bad as one would think after reading comments in here
  4. Imo the biggest "exploit" is keeping the morale of your players as high as possible and the team cohesion tight.
  5. Hmmmm a Friday release then :P *Take your time, if it means a bit more to add also as many ME improvements as possible then that's awesome
  6. I was kind of expecting 20.3.1 today since all transfer windows are basically closed by now...
  7. Or , sadly, simply impossible.. Well at least in the current state of the ME. From what I can tell, teams generally tend to defend narrow and overload the central midfield defensively so AMs rarely have space to do anything important. And unfortunately when they do, the choices are... "questionable"
  8. Quite a bit of time. I play all games in Comprehensive Highlight mode which means each match usually takes around 10-15 minutes. Add to that the fact that I load A LOT OF LEAGUES and it can take quite a bit of time.
  9. I'm not hoping, I am more or less certain. There will anyway be one more update after all winter transfer windows close and in the bugs forum developers are frequently saying that they are heavily working on issues reported
  10. I am 100% certain there will be another major version with various ME changes/improvements since a lot of things were and are reported as being worked on but were not changed in the latest patch
  11. I would like the AM to create chances if possible for example. Ideally the wingers would have to get in the area to create options - that's why I'm considering the right winger change for example And of course I would like my striker to be the end point of more attacks, especially since I got a really good player there recently
  12. Though I wouldn't say ruined since I personally can't stop playing, it seriously hinders the fun of playing
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