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  1. Cool, thank you! It's hard to restrain myself from dropping to a Counter mentality when I'm trying to secure a result or pushing up to Attacking when I need a goal... But I guess it's more of a way to handle my frustration than anything else hehe
  2. Hey there, thank you for this thread. It's really great! I appreciate the straight-forward and clear approach. I have a question though: - What are your actions when you have to react in the game? For example how do you make the team push for a goal with urgency and how do you secure a result? I'm interested to know that. I "followed" your examples and build a decent 4-4-2 but I'm not sure how to react when things are urgent.
  3. Hey, nice replies guys, thanks! When I get some time to play again I'm eager to get in and make the needed changes and report back
  4. I was checking a bit the threads mentioned here. I find it a bit sad that a "pure" 4-4-2 doesn't seem to work. It seems that the best solution is to drop the one FC to the AM strata. I'm not sure if my TM can handle that though. Also Frank27, my center backs...well they kinda suck. At least they can run a bit so maaaybe I can lift the team a bit higher to connect better. The DF and (especially) the BBs are good suggestions that I'm going to try out for sure. I will also certainly try to pull the lines together via "shorter passing" either by retaining possession or by the actual passing.
  5. So playing FM17 I started an unemployed save and landed a job in Scotland, Stirling Albion. I'm trying to run a 4-4-2 flat but even though we do create some chances and have some possession we also get a lot of chances in our defence. It's very unstable so far. Here are the factors in play: - Two very good forwards, one is a AFW and the other a Target Man. I really want to have them up front together. They do combine well and score quite frequently. I usually have them as TM(Su) and AFW. - Some decent midfielders for the League, mainly in the BWM area. Got also a very technical but old and physically weak MC. I'm trying a DLP(De) and CM(Su) combo at the moment but I notice that they leave a big gap between them and the forwards. - Decent wingers that are not really fit to play as WM, only as W. I have one as Su and one as Attack. - A really good aggressive DL, a good defensive DR and mediocre DCs. DL plays FB(A) , DR switches between FB(Su) and DFB. The two DCs are so technically weak that I have them both as limited centre backs(don't remember the FM17 term now). I have both of them to Mark Tightly as well. - Team Instructions are (usually) Standard, Structured, Get Stuck In and (not sure about that) Mark Tightly. Rest are left to their "defaults". The main issues I notice is lack of pressure in the midfield, bad defending and big gaps between midfield and attack. Feel free to suggest anything you think will help!
  6. Haha what the heck is this topic about? I disagree with the OP so much that I would actually say that the progress bar is obsolete and not really necessary any more. I like the 3d engine, it can get better for sure, but wouldn't go back in any way!
  7. To be clear first of all Im not Brittish so I dont know how the coverage is there! I think the biggest issue is the structure of the whole thing which doesn't feel so...robust? It just feels like the old McDonalds cups in basketball where the top european teams would play the NBA champions. Noone took it seriously but it was surely a fun spectacle. I don't really know though what would give it more "value", perhaps a more concrete tournament and not just 3 matches in total? And probably yeah, more coverage/advertisement would draw more attention to it.
  8. I'm constantly seeing people complain that it's very hard to create a solid away formation/tactic in FM15. A tactic that will work with your team being a big underdog in the match. A tactic that will create a rock solid defence with deadly counter attacks. I admit I also have this issue. I'm trying to make something work but usually end up giving up too much space to the opposition which leads into them having loads of shots, which of course eventually means goals too. Here's my latest attempt that seemed to work until we got totally demolished in the CL by M.City: --------------CF(S)------------- --------------------------------- W(A)--AP(A)--BBM(S)--WM(S) -------------A(D)--------------- FB(S)--DC(D)-DC(D)---WB(A) Counter - Structured TIs: Pass into space, Hit Early Crosses, Stick to Positions,Get Stuck In, Higher Tempo, Be More Disciplined PIs: DCs: Mark tighter WB(A): Run Wide with ball WM(S): Cut inside, sit narrower The concept is that I have a fantastic wing back on the right side for which I want to give space when we're attacking. Also the players I have for the right wing are inside forwards/advanced playmakers so they fit the narrower cutting inside role. I also have an exceptional left winger which I want to take advantage of. The problems are though that we seem too easy to get cut open even with this relatively conservative approach and even though we do create some chances, I don't see the counter attacking lethality I'd like. Do you people have suggestions? Has anyone created a really successfull counter attacking tactic for this kind of situations? We need solid defence and good counter attacks!!
  9. I can say that for most countries it's not really important. It's more like a happy festival of football, but I don't think any football fan considers it a big achievement/tournament. The teams themselves might, but that's a different matter.. To make it more clear, I'm sure the amount of people that watch the CL final are 100x the amount of people watching the WCC final. Personally I dont think Ive ever watched even one match of this tournament, just some highlights from time to time.
  10. Mhm, it's possible they will be annoyed but very rarely to the point that they will kick you out. If you're doing very well though and the team loves you, you might even get a new offer in order to stop negotiating with other clubs
  11. hahaha exactly, being a good manager doesn't mean youll get offered EVERY new job... If you want it, you can apply for it yourself.
  12. By far the craziest match I've ever had in FM. Look at the formation the AI used (although they changed it when I lead with 2-4).......!!!!!!!!
  13. Yeah the conversations are not so well done, that's true. It's very often that what you'd actually like to say is not available and all options are rather...not fitting the situation.
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