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  1. Care to share how you use your AMC? Honestly curious as I have good players there but they don't seem to participate a lot. Trying a 4-2(MCs)-3-1 at the moment
  2. Thank you for the reply Neil. I will ask even though I know I'll probably get no answer: Do you know if the final version of the current beta patch is going to be delivered with the winter update or earlier?
  3. But there will be changes from what we see in the beta and the final version of the patch? Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't the purpose of the beta branch to "live test" the newest changes? In that case some sort of incremental updates before the actual patch would make a lot of sense... right?
  4. I have to admit that my observations are similar to other users in here. The ME in the beta is somewhat better into reflecting tactics and actually representing football but finishing is still very weak. It's weird that the game conditioned me to fear long shots more than 1v1 chances. That shouldn't be the case. Also the AM position is almost useless apart from some occasional spurts or the random long shot of course. I wonder if we will get a new beta version soon, I would have guessed that since it's a beta branch that should happen "frequently" with fixes and improvements after feedback
  5. I've a few basic questions... : If the team isn't using "Counter-Press" or "Regroup" what is the default behaviour? A mix of the two? Something else? Similarly with "Counter" and "Hold Shape" Are DMs part of the Defensive Line or the Line of Engagement?
  6. The thread has nothing to do with what you posted tbh
  7. Sounds like a fun story. Why don't you post it in the "Career Updates" subforum? I'd be interested to follow it
  8. I can bet that internally there are deadlines and timelines. I'd like to know if the deadline for fixes is the Winter DB update though or there are other kinds of milestones set. Fair or not, it's acceptable if that is the approach. Each company works in a specific way and I respect that. I'm only saying that I see no harm into making these things more transparent. If anything, if it is the case that the next ME update will happen in 2 months and we will only get to learn about it when it happens, that would probably aggravate more of the user base
  9. If they find a fix to... what? There are numerous different bugs/issues (which is normal, it's a huge piece of software). If the goal is to fix all of them , that might not even happen until the Winter DB update.. So maybe a way to go would be a specific initial target of fixing 10-20 major issues in an earlier patch and then "whatever more possible" until the Winter DB update. It can also be that the target is "we try to fix everything we can until the Winter DB update" which I can also accept (even though I don't like it). I just don't see why there should not be a bit more clarity about that
  10. That's a great suggestion imo. A dev blog where updates and changes in the ME (and even funny bugs that happen during development) would be really cool for FM. And would help a lot for people to relax and watch the clear progress being made
  11. I do believe it wouldn't hurt to at least clarify if there is another patch coming before the Winter DB update or not. If the plan is to indeed release the next patch with the Winter DB update then why not simply say that.
  12. Give the man a new contract :P *On a serious note, does he have any shooting traits?
  13. Obviously I can't know how SI specifically works internally, but I am a pretty experienced software developer and what I'm proposing is common practice all around the industry. It will probably require some restructuring but I do believe that SI should "catch up" with the recent trends in software development because that's what customers expect nowadays. The times have changed and the flow of information is much more important that in the old days.
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