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  1. Updated File Winners from last season promotion/relegation Players and manager transfers Gib Phoenix replace Europa Point and vice a versa in fixtures Caps as correct as after Cyprus games also U21 caps Been hard at work on the Gib database for FM18 which will be the best ever !!!! Gibraltar league 2016-17 mark 2_899968E1-283A-4145-A421-87764C2A8DFB.fmf
  2. Yes fine mate thanks Probably go with the all in one as computer i have now is windows vista dell c521 yonks old. Someone can do me a custom pc with a Intel Core I3-6100 8GB run FM ok or would i need a graphics card ?? or go with your option
  3. Just 2d mate and thanks alot
  4. Hungary i would think they only lost the World Cup because the Germans were on drugs. Player managers from any era ?? You got John Goodall and Fred Dewhurst for Preston already ?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1889_FA_Cup_Final https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1930_FIFA_World_Cup_squads https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1950_FIFA_World_Cup_squads
  5. A decent desktop PC for around £600 can play FM fine with only say 3 Leagues Loaded
  6. Can use this mate buff out teams with not many players http://www.neilbrown.newcastlefans.com
  7. Excellent news mate thanks did you use this site ?? http://www.worldfootball.net/teams/burnley-fc/20/
  8. Can you play League Two ?? Could be fun with Newcastle. Amazing work by the way quality
  9. Melvin McGinness 74001209 at Gaerwen Player/Manager should be Melvin McGuinness at Holyhead Hotspur just signed a new contract for new season
  10. Would a Intel Core I3-6100 8GB run FM ok or would i need a graphics card ?? Would only be watching in 2D and have 3-4 leagues running tops.
  11. I doubt it mate he will have too much work adding it all in for FM18
  12. I'm sure Terror Squad is on the case adding them for FM18.