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  1. Steam official file should of been fixed now mate.
  2. Juve keeper sounds like something off Balamory
  3. Well done loving seeing SJs in CL and doing so well
  4. Also the HGP rule is correct as of this season it's to help the national team and i don't think it will be changing anytime soon. But some exciting news dropped yesterday that clubs will share UEFA prize monies https://www.gibraltarfa.com/news/landmark-prize-sharing-agreement-signed-274
  5. Can't believe you have missed the club song off.
  6. I think that 1 Gibraltar League.fmf
  7. Yes mate regs are now fixed and which file ?
  8. Same mate should never of changed it either. The GFA restructed the set-up just the 1 league but it was helped that 4 teams left in 1 summer.
  9. I have gone abit different this year with a trip down memory lane i have made the Gib File since Gibraltar were made a UEFA nation in 2013. So players are aged either from 2013, like Lee Casciaro or Roy Chipolina or when they joined the club in Gib. I've added teams back and now we have 2 Leagues of 10 team each Brought back the relegation playoff from the top division, Prem League Cup and 2nd Division Cup. Rules are same as this season though 5 HGPs in the 11 and squad registration 25 man squads 17 foreign players. Who will make your squad ? Manage players like Julian Joachim or Carl Hoefkens Gib Legends League.fmf
  10. Not this update as i took Boca out of the league as IRL. SI were meant to do it so both could be played.
  11. Thankyou for the kind words and done automatically.
  12. The workshop file has now been updated
  13. There should be all the awards are in the game Database, will check Yes they are all there ?? All awards available
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