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  1. Has anybody done this yet if so can they please share ?? is it easy to do can it be done with the first editor archibalduk did as im running Vista ?? Also forgot about Milton Keynes
  2. Thanks mate excellent job.
  3. Yes mate and it didn't work.
  4. Haven't i put that in ?? You were right its in my db though. Will do it when i receive the Gib DB
  5. No mate im on windows vista.
  6. My Football Manager game won't load any db's gets stuck on setting up game database. The original game loads up fine ??
  7. Thanks for the feed back.
  8. Micronesia should go under Asia and Region is East Asia
  9. Nicolas Cano is Argentinian not Spanish Born Buenos Aires joined Europa Point from Club Deportivo Reistra left them on 4/1/2017 when i asked him he said Spanish to me and La Linea but he probadly didn't understand fully as he couldn't speak English that well.
  10. New update Lots of Player appearances, positions and histories added. Also when a player doesn't have a club and has ties with Gib Regiment i have added them to Gib regiment squad Grrf also great work doing me the Gib Regiment Kit link in 1st post. Gibraltar league 2016-17 mark 2_899968E1-283A-4145-A421-87764C2A8DFB.fmf
  11. Jack Westlake http://www.aylesburyunitedfc.co.uk/players/jack-westlake
  12. Aden Victor needs Boca (gib) 2015 adding to history joined 14/9/2015. Jamie Walker born Gib Nicolas Fiumano (Walter) Needs these replacing unknown teams 2007 CD Ciudad de Vcar 2008 Termoli http://m.leballonrond.fr/player.php?id=371745
  13. Ethan Perez is like a right winger/ attacking mid Callum cavilla was a left winger Ayden collado a right back Jarrod riley hasn't played in 3 years Karl cervan right wing Paul Gomes left mid Dayle chappory center mid Steven hall center back Chris hermida center back Pat mcelwe holding mid/ center back/ right back Dion mifsud right back Ayoub left back born morocco Kevagn Ronco can play anywhere in the defense and midfield on the right side or center Luke stagnetto center back Danny pratts striker Jai Karl Dalmedo cm/cam Guy palmer cdm All players born in gib unless stated. Karl Valarino Medi/Black isn't Gib goalkeeper coach any more left in 2014 Aaron Edwards also gone from his role after the UEFA qualifying. Jesus Vazquez Evuy African/Black plays for Zamora joined in either 19th or 26th January 2017 Height 189cm Weight 84kg Footed both mainly right http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/pichus/profil/spieler/419380 http://www.futmadrid.com/jugador/4690-jes-s-v-zquez-evuy-jesus-evuy.html
  14. Tostao Carlos Trujillo Garcia
  15. Full name Francisco Javier Tamayo Pacheco (Javi Tamayo) now at Xerez Dark Brown hair www.transfermarkt.co.uk/javi-tamayo/profil/spieler/328586 http://www.lapreferente.com/J62853/xerez-dfc/javi-tamayo.html