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  1. Sorry i thought it was the Welsh Data forum Thanks
  2. When trying to sign unemployed staff on my game you still need to pay a compensation fee ?? This isn't right.
  3. Well its happening in the Welsh League isn't it and its nothing to do with players or managers. Its something SI would need to look into.
  4. 1st round of fixtures is out from Gwynedd Cup mate its one were missing http://gwyneddfootballleague.pitchero.com/match-info/cups/672881 Also the Tarian Gwynedd Safeflue Shield but no fixtures as of yet.
  5. Did you post in league specific issues as this would come under that not data.
  6. I try my best waiting on a squad list from them luckily a couple of players played in Gibraltar so knew who they were.
  7. My friend is having a game as Barcelona and hasn't been given the choice of choosing his pitch size. Is this because he is at Barcelona or something else please ??
  8. Loads of interest mate https://twitter.com/fc_bellevue/status/1217138247572369409?s=20
  9. Can you put this is the league specific issues please.
  10. Great news. Been sending the link to clubs mate who have been asking.
  11. Great news @Rainbowz gona have to be my team or start in Anglesey League.
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