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  1. Yes so its just copy and pasting the script and making the relevant changes ?
  2. So how do you make multiple players please ??
  3. Unlucky with Barca mate. BTW the game was meant to be live but they ran into problems but you can watch the 1st game of season for Lynx if your interested. On Lynx TV on youtube
  4. https://www.transfernow.net/nMOc5h102020 Gib facepack updated and Grrf has done me the 3rd kits looks lovely.
  5. That Level of disipline must be a bug haha 26. This a regen ?? Managers will have 20 surely but be like Pep and Klopp etc.
  6. Contact one of the SI guys and tell them he is stealing your content off the forums.
  7. Thanks for that, that's great no they not doing so well. Gona have to try and have a game with my data haha.
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