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  1. Any timeframe for when this will work with the update please ?
  2. Will leave a comment for them to change it.
  3. By the GFA app he is named Carl Lukas Jonsson @Sebban
  4. Doing well 2nd first season took me 2 seasons or maybe 3 to get there. But won league 4 years running now.
  5. Be tough to start with that. How you going to deal with Foreign players in squad ?
  6. Hi @djdomo Yes i told them about it and its in the list to be done. Yes you are correct it squad of 25 should have no more than 3 non EU players. But i'm not sure if thats in due to the issues around Gibraltar and Brexit and borderding Spain etc. as talks are still on going 3 years down the line.
  7. Thanks for letting us know though. Good spot.
  8. In the pre game editor when you go to a teams coaching staff the manager of U23s is missing ? Its same for reserve teams i have in Wales also.
  9. Jamaicaman90 Both clubs are in the correct Division.
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