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  1. Great work shame league never got back to you about players.
  2. cel1234

    FM 2005 and FM 2006

    Thanks found an old laptop cleaned it up and playing fm2007
  3. cel1234

    [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    Paul Roberts ex WPL striker has joined Llanstumdwy https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2018/player/108292/paul-roberts
  4. cel1234

    Anyone Have An FM18 Empty DB?

    Here yo all go, blank db.fmf
  5. cel1234

    Error in continental club rules ??

    Thanks will try
  6. cel1234

    Error in continental club rules ??

    Ok mate thanks how do i add the extra team from there ??
  7. cel1234

    Premier League Playoff Relegation

    You don't have to do it in advanced settings mate. Have whatever leagues you want in that country and then go to the premier league division and then to playoffs see picture its Gibraltar but same rules apply.
  8. cel1234

    Error in continental club rules ??

    No rush mate
  9. cel1234

    Error in continental club rules ??

    This is the FM16 file thnaks Euro comps 91-92_327E2244-A6CE-4189-88E4-E7F7A92C1778.fmf
  10. I get this error in the continental clubs rules in the (FM16 editor) but the same work in FM18. Can somebody point me in the right direction please.
  11. I think you should be able to add a club to various years in a players history instead of having to do each year when making players. So say a player has played for a club for 10 years select all those years and add club in one go.
  12. cel1234

    [South America] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes have contacts will all clubs. Will do and thanks