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  1. Hahahaha @grff what about the Welsh Alliance ?? Told ya you love Welsh Footie. Can we add those cups that are missing for Anglesey and Gwynedd ??
  2. Yes was going to add United States and great thanks for link as long as teams have logos for leagues i can add. Would like to add Samoa/Tonga/Fiji but not much info or logos
  3. Thanks i have upped the reps of nations so Australia are the best but i cannot change the rankings i don't think.
  4. Excellent thank you maybe next i will add some more tiers to Australia ??
  5. Still no real players ?? Great update though.
  6. That is Union 15 man code my file Rugby League is the 13 man code.
  7. cel1234

    Welsh only career idea

    What about Merthyr or Colwyn Bay for a bigger challenge ??
  8. A few more kits work by Grff Llan Kits.rar
  9. All Anglesey League teams now have home and away kits Grrf did the last one Valley/Fali away which we needed after Marc Wilson at the club sent me a picture welsh kits.rar
  10. Thank you friend
  11. Here is my Rugby League File Please tick fake players when starting Countries ----------------------------------------------------------------- England (All 3 Divisions) Challenge Cup and new 1895 Cup Added Regal Trophy as League Cup and Regional Yorks and Lancs Cup but also remaining teams as pre-season cup Reserve League added same as Regional Cups Australia (NRL) France (Elite One) and also Trophee Lord Derby PNG (Digicel Cup) New Zealand (not correct format as its a short season) so same format as NRL Balkan Super League ------------------------------------------------------------------ International Comps and tests added World Club Challenge World Cup Southern Hemisphere tests (Anzac, Melanseian Cup, Polynesian Cup, Pacific Cup European Champs Colonial Cup/American Championship New Continental Cup (Proposed for next year) Baskerville Shield Balkans Cup Emerging Nations Cup ------------------------------------------------------------ History added to all comps Nations that don't play Rugby league are set to useless and given a rep of 1 All club/nations reps added thanks to Starrcade and also attendances and youth ratings for RFL and NRL. Thanks to Grrf again for helping with logos This has been tested for multiple seasons without issues. I did get a crash dump in around 2033 or something but deleted it and went past the date fine. Please feel free to comment and suggest anything which could make the file better. Rugby League.rar Rugby League Australia.fmf Rugby League Balkans.fmf Rugby League France.fmf Rugby league International.fmf Rugby League New Zealand.fmf Rugby League Papau New Guinea.fmf Rugby League with players mark2.fmf
  12. Why don't the lower teams general page show ??
  13. cel1234

    [FM19] Canadian Megapatch 2019

    Great thanks