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  1. cel1234

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    He's just told me its FM17 not FM18 haha but he was playing with latest update.
  2. cel1234

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Says he has level 1 youth just like all the big clubs and also state of the art facilities ??
  3. cel1234

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Thanks for the info Olly will let him know.
  4. cel1234

    [England] (Official) League Specific Issues

    My friend has passed on his save game he has taken Blyth into the Premier League and won it, he has a great youth system. But he isn't in the youth league in the game. I thought as you progress through the leagues you get asked if you want to or not each season, he also told me he doesn't get asked about his pitch dimensions ?? He does play in the European Youth comps.
  5. For Fm19 will you but adding the http://www.nrfl.co.uk its at step 11 and feeder into the Northern League ??
  6. Where's all the work i did on the Scottish Leagues ??
  7. But that should still mean they are able to play in European Championship Qualifying then ??
  8. Which country did you replace please ?? Anglesey play in World Cup Qualifiers but not European Qualifiers or Nations League.
  9. Campbell Harrison is manager with Iwan Williams his assistant.
  10. When will Angelsey be ready please ??
  11. excellent look forward to seeing it.