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  1. 39 teams in all the teams that didn't make the Premier league are in the Championship
  2. Premier League 92-06 is now complete Be all the great players that have graced the early years of the Premier League CA/PA is done by CM97/98, CM01-02 and FM06 also big thanks to Starrcade helping with some CA/PAs also top man. PL Legs.fmf
  3. Is it possile to multi edit players date of birth y 1 year all at once ?? Have a db i made and added some players
  4. should do St Helena next https://patmcguinness.blogspot.com/2019/03/an-eventful-2018-on-saint-helena-both.html?m=1
  5. Zambrotta have changed. Bergkamp won the UEFA Cup with Inter and was fantastic throughout the run Kluivert played the 97-98 season at Milan Both may of been poor in Serie A but were still quality players
  6. Relive the heydays when Serie A was the greatest league in the world by far Try and win the Scudetto with that amazing Parma side or win it with Batigol at Fiorentina. Keep Maradona firing Napoli. Win the Champions League at Inter with Ronaldo !! This database is Serie A from 1989 until 2006 40+ plus teams are done Teams decided by seasons in Serie A Players ages are done by when they 1st played in Serie A Be all the great teams and players from the era. CA/PA is done by CM01-02 with some changes All managers of clubs in Serie A from the period are done also Do enjoy and please leave feedback A trip down memory lane !! PL Legs.fmf
  7. Thats because its the winter update. I have not changed the futsal teams from previous link
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