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  1. Yes because i have made Boca extinct as in real life. SI are working on it.
  2. Nope i cannot seem to fix it im affraid could do without someone else taking alook at it.
  3. Because trying to delete players/managers takes forever with this editor and doesn't work at all i only managed to delete 1 lot.
  4. By his twitter account Nathan is manager. Will ask.
  5. Nick Jones and Callum Vaughan are already done. Also Nathan is manager
  6. Thanks for this @Jimbokav1971 i will certainly be looking at this and will increase accordingly.
  7. Excellent thankyou. Cheers have a nice christmas
  8. Brilliant Dave thankyou time to start a save 3 mins is close isn't it. Ground looks nice too on google. I've have em running up and down the castle every session
  9. Great work this. Can you tell me if there is a team near Hohenwerfen Castle, Werfen, Austria please Where Eagles Dare is my fav film and i'd love to take a team close to there through the leagues ? as in that pic there is a field with a sports track around.
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