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  1. Can we can change continent for old nations like before so they not greyed out to make a new nation ??
  2. Happened last year with my Welsh File Cymru Alliance. Maybe up the teams allowed per division. So then there is more places with teams getting promoted/relegated
  3. Sorted it i added 2 teams to the league and now i can manage the national team.
  4. Yes mate he is and we do
  5. Yes indeed they don't mainly level 9 teams and a few level 10s
  6. Thanks i asked Steven Davidson and got this reply '"They fail on both checks at the moment. Their 14 players available (after players are removed from not being deemed good enough for the squad) fails the 30 player check. And the total number of players with Montserrat nationality, 30, fails the 200 player check." "So sounds like they need more players of sufficient CA level."
  7. Thanks so why do some countries just have below 60 and are playable ??
  8. In a previous version of FM i managed the Montserrat national team but i can't remember how many players they need in the db for me to play as them, i thought it was 50 but i could be wrong ??
  9. Is there a way to populate the national teams so players show up in squads for smaller nations when you start the game ??
  10. North Riding League http://www.nrfl.co.uk PREMIER DIVISION CLUB LOCATIONSBEADS FC – Beechwood, Easterside Club, Broadwell Road, Middlesbrough, TS4 3PP Bedale AFC – Heck Food Stadium, Leyburn Road, Bedale DL8 1HA Boro Rangers- MFC Foundation, Normanby Road, Middlesbrough, TS6 9AE Fishburn Park- Broomfield Park, Eskdale School, Whitby, YO22 4HR Grangetown Boys Club- Grangetown YCC, Trunk Road, Grangetown, TS6 7UP Guisborough Town Reserves- Laurence Jackson School, Guisborough, TS14 6RD Kader FC- Outwood Academy, Hall Drive, Acklam, TS5 7JY New Marske FC – New Marske Sports Club, Gurney Street, New Marske, TS11 8EG Redcar Newmarket- Rye Hills School, Redcar Lane, Redcar, TS10 2HN Redcar Town- Mo Mowlem Park, Trunk Road, Redcar, TS10 5BW St Marys 1947- Trinity Catholic College, Saltersgill Avenue, Middlesbrough, TS4 3JW Staithes Athletic- Staithes Athletic Club, Seaton Crescent, Staithes, TS13 5AY Stokesley SC – Stokesley Sports Club, Broughton Road, Stokesley, TS9 5NY Stockton West End- North Shore Academy, Talbot Street, Stockton, TS20 2AY Thornaby Dubliners- Harold Wilson Centre, Bader Avenue, Thornaby, TS17 0EX Yarm & Eaglescliffe- Conyers School, Green Lane, Yarm, TS15 9ET Northern Alliance http://www.northernfootballalliance.org.uk http://www.northernfootballalliance.org.uk/clubs/
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