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  1. Yep of course, he wasn't in in FM19 as he was not eligible (less than 16 years old). I hope the feedback helps.
  2. Hello guys, Apologies for the lack of answer, as we are moving to the next db, I haven't been able to log faster. I'll go through your several posts. Keep coming your feedback, always helpful and appreciated! Anything relevant will of course be taken into account. Best regards.
  3. Hi @Lawly Boi, It will be, but as things are going it won't be visible in FM19 unfortunately. It would be fixed for the future versions of the game though. I hope the feedback helps. Regards.
  4. Nice spot @LARS, thanks for raising it. Now fixed for the future versions of the game. Regards
  5. Hello @Lawly Boi, Thanks for the spot and report. One for Asia Data issue thread please. I'll also get that logged into our internal tools so it would be fixed as soon as possible. Regards.
  6. Hello @LIke a Bosz, Thanks for the spot and report. I've double checked the db which has been sent for this winter update. In there, Camara's job is Assistant Manager, so is Michels. I totally agree with your point of view/ with the fact that Michels should appear as the main ass. man and Camara as a Coach. As we can't handle multiple assistant managers at the moment, Camara is picked instead of Michels. My bad, as it's totally the result of me having missed that Camara was still set as Assistant Manager, I'll get that sorted as soon as possible. Thanks for the report once again, helpful and appreciated.
  7. Hello @crocodile, Indeed, it definitely looks like it. Thanks for the spot and report, helpful and appreciated. I'll get that fixed once we'll get an access to the database, it would be in for the future versions of the game. Regards.
  8. Thank you @jallo. This kind of details are always helpful and appreciated. We'll get that fixed at the return of the databases.
  9. Thank you @duccio, yes I agree it sounds like a typo. I'll raise your post to the dedicated HR so it can be fixed.
  10. Thanks @Patangus, will be fixed as soon as possible.
  11. Hello @Doomski, apologies for the little delay to answer due to the work on the winter patch. Unfortunately, I can't provide you detailled informations on the future changes but Strasbourg assistant is currently working on his file and adjustements. This is an interesting feedback you've provided here, although some values/ players might be ok (but just a subjective POV) currently, I agree with some of the names you mentionned here. I'll forward your post to the assistant so he can have an access to your opinion as it might help him as well. Thanks for the input and again apologies for the delay in the answer. Cheers!
  12. Hello @vantruien, As mentionned above, this is an issue the coding team is aware of. We do appreciated that it's a frustrating bug but the coding team are aware of this issue and looking to fix it. Hopefully we should get rid of those soon. Apologies as we understand that it's an annoying one. Best regards
  13. Hi @AtlasFR, Just to confirm that I get your PM. Thanks a lot for your help, appreciated! Best regards
  14. Hello @Sneazzy, thanks for the report, will be requested and implemented as soon as possible! Regards
  15. Nice spot @BadanieLuck, thanks for raising it. Will be fixed as soon as possible. Regards
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