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  1. Hello @Loren1983, Bordeaux reserve team IRL is playing in French national 3 (level 5). Same for Auxerre. Both have been relegated from National 2 last season. This level is not represented ingame, I guess it could explain what you referring too and why they had some fixtures last iteration and not this one. Does it clarify your situation please? I hope the feedback helps Regards
  2. Hello @Big Mat, There has been no database update from the release of the game. As said also, Dynamics changes I'm not sure that this is something achievable from db changes. No change so far but that's simply the usual FM database updates flow. The work on the winter patch is currently going on. I hope the feedback helps, regards.
  3. Bonjour @Trangapod, Merci d'avoir remonte les informations et PKM. J'ai eu la confirmation qu'ils ont ete analyses par l'equipe de ME. Difficille de repondre a ta question concernant la prochaine MAJ du ME, bien que nous comprenions ton besoin d'avoir l'information. Le processus peut grandement varier et c'est le genre d'information difficille a prevoir. Encore merci pour ton feedback
  4. Thanks @MarcPTFC, as Norbaek stated, it's just a recent event, not a data issue. Would be if the player appears in the winter patch but I understand you might want to make sure it's covered, which is the case. Already 'fixed'. I hope the feedback helps. Regards
  5. Yeah this could be the limitation indeed, which means that this won't be fixed for now. Anyway, worth checking and get a future improvement from it if it's the case. Thanks for the report, always appreciated and helpful.
  6. Cheers, indeed this was the 'League Issues' was the place to report. I have now provided feedback to the team in the thread. Regards
  7. Cheers @tiago_wakabayashi, indeed we should expect all subs to receive the honor. Could be a limitation, @Christopher Lewis , could you check if it is please? Regards
  8. Hello @Neil Brock and @tiago_wakabayashi, If we are talking about the 'Trophé des champions' itself, it's a different competition from 'Ligue 1 conforama' , so it's 'logical' that players who don't participate into this single match don't get the award. It's a cup type competition not a league trophy. Although regarding the screen reported and the reports there seems to be an issue. We would expect all subs to receive the honor, any player registered for this match should get. Hope it could helps. Thanks for the report. Cheers
  9. Hello @Tristan68; Worth using English here when possible please. Je vais te répondre rapidement en Français. - Notations/ profils: Ce n'est pas vraiment l'objectif de ce sujet, vu la subjectivité qui peut tourner autour des valeurs des attributs/ les niveaux. Néanmoins je te remercie d'avoir partagé ton point de vue. Je ne suis pas forcément d'accord avec tout mais il y'a des points que nous partageons. Nous avons une nouvelle personne en charge du club et des joueurs. Les notations les plus problématiques seront revues lors de la MAJ hivernale comme tout les ans. Je partagerais ton feedback, même si ça ne l'engage pas à le suivre totalement. - Positions: Merci de ton apport. Idem, je m'attends à ce que la nouvelle personne en charge réajuste quelques ratings. Je les remonte également. Thanks again, I hope the feedback helps. Regards
  10. Bonjour @Charaf, je te suggère de m'envoyer un mp car j'ai besoin de détails personnels stp. Merci d'avance. Cordialement
  11. Aucun problème vraiment. Ravi d'avoir pu aider.
  12. Thanks for the feedback @ChangNoi. Try this if not done yet please https://www.pcworld.com/article/2840886/if-windows-virtual-memory-is-too-low-you-can-increase-it-but-there-are-trade-offs.html Not sure it would fix it, but worth trying. Create then a new save after it to see if it reproduces. If unfortunately it does, it would mean it would need to be reviewed by the technical team. Hope it could help. Regards
  13. Hello @ChangNoi, is the crash reproducing in a new save or does it reproduce in the old saves you mentioned using? Do you remind if they were created before the patch came in? Regards
  14. Indeed I agree, that sounds weird one. I move the thread to the dedicated forum now, so it could help it being reviewed. Does it reproduce randomly within the run or does it reproduces only if you quit then load fm? Regards
  15. Hello @Cipta, Thanks for raising your issue. May I ask your computer specs and a dxdiag file please? How many leagues do you currently run in this save? Regards
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