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  1. Hi @dongjianjian1 I'm not sure that 165 is a realistic PA for Faivre... Not claiming he's not a good player having a good season in Brest... Same with a -85 PA, it's really strong for a player, who is doing good surely, but also a player who is just playing his first season as a professional player. Same here, not claiming he's not a strong prospect and his current PA is perfect, far from it, but I disagree with the suggestion and the reason for this request. Unfortunately, we come to the point, I've to remind the opening post: Data is subjective
  2. Thanks, I'd review. Probably something for the rules more than the db. Regards
  3. Hello, I'm afraid it's a bit too subjective to be taken into account. Not meaning, his PA could be reviewed but I'm not sure that a 154 PA is underrated. This value is strong enough to be first teamer in the teams you mentioned. Thanks for the input, I hope the feedback would help. Regards
  4. Salut Charles-Aziz, Les equipes montantes en U19 national sont pour le moment tirees au 'hasard' par le jeu. Nous avons des limitations pour la representation des U19 regionales dans le jeu, c'est pourquoi le code utilise ce systeme. Je me renseignerais toutefois, pas sur que ca puisse etre ameliore dans un court terme. J'espere que le feedback aidera. Bonne journee.
  5. Ah, we probably missed last year post/ or forgot it in between, our bad/ apologies. Yeah, to be honest it sounds a bit risky for the winter patch, but maybe we could start improving a couple. No promess though, we might have higher priorities and winter patch is shorter in term of time available. Long term, I think indeed it would be a nice level of details to add/ improve. Thanks again for the contribution, appreciated. Regards
  6. Thanks for the spot. It looks like the player was added to the tahitian db, I'd get that fixed for the winter patch. Regards
  7. Thanks for the spot, nice one. He was probably not updated at that time, and regarding size of the db, it's the kind of thing that can be easily missed. I've now sent a fix, it would be fixed for the winter patch update. Thanks for your help. Regards
  8. Hello @vourtsio, Thanks, I see your point. It all sounds like previous names settings to be reviewed. Those histories are set that way for years, but we'd review at some point and see what can be improved, no promess short term as it would have some knock ons to update previous names in the db. Thanks anyway, I hope the feedback would help. Regards
  9. Thanks for the spot and report. Newgens specs are centralised. I can see a Luxembourg specification for France, but I agree with your point. I'd log a FM issue so it could be reviewed. Regards
  10. Salut, Ca ressemble a un bug reglement. On peut le remonter dans le forum Rules svp?
  11. @Alex Benito Salut, j'aurais besoin d'une confirmation stp. Tu confirmes qu'en fait ce n'est pas un bug ? apparemment si j'ai bien suivi, c'est la fonction dont le reglement fonctionne en MLS? Merci d'avance.
  12. Hello @Tryllefot, Thanks for the spot and report. It looks like an Italian database issue. The Italian research team has fixed it after release, but it would be ingame only after the next database update (so, for the winter database update). Regards.
  13. Hi @benben90, thanks, nice spot actually. There haven't been any change on that field, so I guess this is an old issue which had been carried over. I'd get that fixed for the winter patch. Regards
  14. Hi @Gdj Thanks for the input, appreciated. I'd read again, indeed there might be some limitations around. I'd try to improve what can be though. Regards
  15. hi @CFuller, Thanks for those spots, very weird/ annoying one around Martin Terrier. We'd get those reviewed for the winter patch. Regards
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