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  1. De rien, normal, désolé de pas avoir spotté le sujet la première fois. En fait la configuration de la base, tient compte de la division. C'est ça qu'il faudra que je cherche à améliorer pour les prochains FM. Elle est trop restrictive. Normalement, si tu retournes en N1, le club jouera dans le nouveau stade. Mais je pense aussi que ça pointe une amélioration à apporter au code car en effet j'aurais aimé que la configuration devienne obsolète si un nouveau stade est construit.
  2. Salut @moussamaazou En fait il s'agit en effet d'une configuration de la base de donnée. Le red star est configuré pour jouer dans un autre stade en cas de montée (pour refléter le problème IRL qu'ils ont avec le stade bauer ne correspondant pas aux normes L2/L1). Je note que la configuration est problématique, je tenterais d'améliorer si possible cela pour les futures versions du jeu.
  3. Salut @jfgoude, qu'entends tu par controler? Tu parles des sélections d'équipes/organiser le calendrier ou de jouer le match? La seconde partie = limitation, en effet tu ne peux être l'entraineur que de l'équipe première du club.
  4. Thanks Timma, I've added that to my to do list for future versions. Regards
  5. My pleasure. Yeah no hurt putting 12 in the Editor, sounds reasonnable IMO. I thought the club already had 12 in the winter patch and I just spot it has only 10. I would update that value for next versions, I probably have forgotten to update it and thought I did. Maybe it could be 13, but can't anwer precisely as it is just a quick check. What I meant mostly is do not expect very high values (although the amount of 7Millions is a big amount of money IRL, it's just not that much in the Pro level of football). Nothing I can do for this version official db, so yes the Editor would help you fixing it. Regards.
  6. Thanks the facilities rated are in a Worldwide basis. New training center has been already added for the future versions of the game. I hope the feedback around ratings would help. Regards
  7. Hello @PikaBen, Thanks for the report, looks like an issue nobody reported earlier. Unfortunately, our db won't get extracted anymore for this iteration of FM, so nothing that can be achieved from our side. It could be done with a custom db (in the game editors). Hope the feedback helps. Regards
  8. Yep, purely agree, sounds like it wasn't caught. Thanks for the spot.
  9. Hello, as said above at this stage no data would be updated in FM20. I'm fine adding them to the db for the next cycles. Thanks for the report.
  10. Hello @olabje, I'd check what happens there for Tahiti; hopefully that would help seeing improvements for names in the future versions of the game. If you have future datas issues around Tahiti, could we use this thread instead please? That would help centralizing them a bit. Thanks for raising, appreciated.
  11. Thanks @serginho91. At this stage of FM 20, there won't be any change db side. Anyway, we would get that implemented for future versions. Thanks for the report, appreciated.
  12. Thanks, will get that fixed as soon as possible. Regards
  13. Thanks, I'm purely aware of what the field is for, I was simply disagreeing with the suggestion above. Here you suggested we introduce an incorrect data, rather than using the field which covers the limitations we are facing with the Staff above. So, here the solution is simply to use Region of birth as the exact city of birth is unknown at the moment. Regards
  14. I believe this is why the field 'region of birth' has been introduced for?
  15. Hello @yannick.tranzeat I see you are in ligue 1 which means not starting date as clermont Starts in L2. Is your stadium currently rebuild in your save? That would explain that you temporarily move. There are mainly things that could explain it (Ligue 1 Rules, Chairman configuration/ambitions, Board request). I've checked again the winter db, Clermont starts at Gabriel Montpied, so it comes from something else here. Thanks
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