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  1. Would be nice if we can add our previously history when add a Manager. Ex: I added a Manager 30 years old em 2021 from 2009 to 2020 I can add in the history a team and a job (could be Player or any of others like Scout, Physio, Manager sub-18...) after it the game will select your style and reputation based in your history (and you can accept or edit by yourself) Nothing too much detailed, just one team/job per year would be great
  2. Did Léo Condé had won a title or ascending in a division?
  3. I think the potential newgens pruduction should be lower in first years of save game, it's a bit anoying in second year of save game a newgen with 16 years in first squad. In Brazil research we are very criterious with youth players to not create new "FM myths" but with it great part of "real" players retired early. Maybe for the first years the save game should "estimulate real players" even it lower all clubs level.
  4. I up this topic because in a Brazilian FM Group a guy ask about this possibility yesterday, and I gave a search and found everyear topics about it from him since 2014. The guy don't give up to play FM, he talks about a manager game he develop as himself with acessibility. The football manager already but the gay topic in game with newgens declaring gays, and help the team in game inscreasing the shirts sold, why not now give on more step to minority and help people with vision problems to play the game?
  5. If this happen I sincerely will quit with FM and Research Team, I worke since 2008 (FOR FREE) helping to editing and improve Brazilian database (one of the biggest of game), I use almost all of my free time to do researcher work and now when I finally can play a little (because probably FM18 research begins this month or next) they release a patch with bug and even with all the comments about Copa do Brasil bug, they don't fix, it's frustrating
  6. Please fix the Brazilian cup bug for this version, without it Brazilian Calendary is a mess (more than normal) It is 91 teams (that is already correct and the classification criterious too) What should be solved: 1st stage with 80 teams, for the draw have 10 pots with 8 teams by brazilian ranking (FM do not have BR ranking so you can use the reputation to define). The first round is like that: 1x5 4x8 2x6 3x7 They are 10 "groupings" like that, so one team just could face a team of the same pot in fourth stage. 1st stage 80 teams, 2nd 40 teams, 3rd 2
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