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  1. Morning @Jogo Bonito, Indeed he needed creating, I can confirm he has been added for the next iteration of FM. There was a second one missing in the B team, can't remind his name (too early in the morning), but same he's been added over the research cycle. Thanks for the input, appreciated. Regards.
  2. Thanks for the spot on Hadzibegic, I will review it for the next iteration of FM. FYI, we never contact players/clubs directly to get infos for FM and you shouldn't. I can't find info for a second nationality for Healey, I believe it was just a mistake done for this cycle as he didn't have it previously, which now would be fixed in the next FM. I appreciate you want helping, but as an advice best I tell you not to contact a player directly. Regards
  3. Hello @vourtsio, Indeed, they are definitely different teams. We don't support level 8 research, mainly because it's 5 levels under the lowest playable division in FM, and our time/ team size is limited. It would require too much work for something that is not manageable (regarding the number of teams in those divisions/ how unlikely it would be to have infos/ how often clubs turn to extinct or merge.). In the db, level 7 is not represented either, we added the structure of level 6 2 years ago, but we won't go further I'm afraid. I hope the feeddback would help. Contact the creator of this update please, so he can fix that issue. Regards
  4. Agreeing with you here, especially as it looks it has some knocks on National Teams. We do have transfermarkt which list him as Welsh, but I can't find any second reliable source to confirm he holds both passports. I trust the previous researchers when they didn't set dual nationalities. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/rhys-healey/profil/spieler/238185 Thanks for the report, appreciated. Should be fixed for the future iteration of the game.
  5. Mvoue/ Zobo link is already implemented for the future iteration of the game. I can't remind when I set it, probably after FM21 winter patch (edit: actually edited on 4th of march) Regards.
  6. Thanks, Boufal's height should not be fixed for the future iteration of the game. Regards
  7. Hello, Weird that he went through, thanks for the spot and report, appreciated. I have updated the details now, although they would need update for the next version. Regards.
  8. Salut, Dans le jargon, ce sont des 'divergences', cela peut arriver aleatoirement. J'ai vu un autre utilisateur remonter le probleme. D'apres le feedback donne, SI semble au courant d'un probleme avec les parties en ligne, on peut donc esperer un fix a un moment donne du cycle. J'espere que le feedback sera utile. Bonne journee.
  9. Hello @tv_capper, Sure, thanks for the spot and report, appreciated. Implemented for future versions. Regards
  10. Hello @ethan76, The wages issue was reported and should be fixed in a future version. Our sources in France state that option to buy is 12M, most of it in future contract clauses, which are set in the fix we did. The sale percentage should be also fixed. Him going straight to Marseille, IRL the situation is a bit more complicated. Indeed, there is a purchase clause (undisclosed trigger) but ,also, the real situation around the contract clauses is really unclear. So, we have to wait and see what happens, setting a future transfer is not possible as it's not 100% sure he would end in Marseille. https://www.football365.fr/clause-dangereuse-de-milik-contrat-a-lom-9953005.html https://www.sports.fr/football/marseille/non-milik-na-de-clause-contrat-434778.html#item=1 I hope the feedback would help. Regards
  11. Bonjour munegu221 A ce stade, il n'y aura plus de tweaks CA et PA, nous reverrons les valeurs avant la sortie du prochain cycle. Les valeurs actuelles me semblent bien refleter la marge de progression dont il dispose et dont il fait preuve depuis le debut de la saison. Il n'est pas exemple par encore titulaire chez les espoirs EDF, je ne doute pas qu'il puisse l'etre un jour, mais son CA ingame doit aussi refleter cet aspect.146 de PA est un beau PA, il doit confirmer et nous serons pret a le revoir si besoin. Meme si Youssouf Fofana a un CA plus important, il a aussi 1 an de plus, ca change beaucoup Diop. Rien n'est jamais definitif la non plus, lui aussi devra confirmer. Merci de ton apport neanmoins, j'espere que le feedback sera utile.
  12. Hi, Buying prices being lower is a representation of the covid impact in the code I believe? Many other thing can impact a selling price ingame, as who was transfered in the club, was he unhappy or so on. I need more feedback please, is that happening with a fresh game after update? I ask as his reputations and CA has been reviewed over winter patch. Regards
  13. Hi, This is a data issue over a league issue. Thanks for the report though, it should be fixed in the future. Regards
  14. Hello @Varera, No worries, our pleasure. Feedback around affiliations, almost 30 of those clubs are playing in a level we don't represent. We won't be adding those teams to the db as it's definitely too low in the pyramid (some are level 9 or 10). It is the same for a couple of other French clubs from L1 (Lyon, Marseille, ASSE are missing a few of those very local affiliatilns). Thanks for the list though, I've been through and reviewed with what we had. Alibert's dual job should hopefully be fixed for the future version. Regards
  15. Aucun probleme, toujours ravi de fournir du feedback quand c'est possible.
  16. A remonter dans le sujet Belgium stp
  17. Salut, Alors c'est une excellente question. J'ai vu passer l'info de loic Tanzi concernant l'accord entre les clubs pour la vente du joueur. Il y'a en effet de grandes chances que ça se fasse mais à ce stade je n'ai aucune officialisation, ni de Leipzig, ni de la LFP , ni de la Bundesliga. C'est pour ça que rien n'est encodé dans la base. https://www.dierotenbullen.com/fr/actus/news-rbl.html Le joueur devait passer une visitie médicale (et trouver un accord contractuel avec Leipzig, mais sa blessure au genou l'en empéche. A mon avis, ça sera officialisé d'ici cet été ou cet été, mais nous devons attendre que ça le soit avant de pouvoir encoder ça malheureusement. J'espère que le feedback sera utile. Merci à toi.
  18. Yeah, his parent club has been set to extinct which probably causes the issue ingame. I'd ask some feedback to the dedicated researchers and try getting that fixed. Thanks for the spot and report, appreciated.
  19. Cheers, nice spot. Should be fixed in the future version of the db.
  20. No worries at all around Larguet, the configuration might be confusing indeed. Needed for the code to handle the situation. J'ai verifie, il est bien considere comme un interimaire. Merci encore pour ton aide sur ce cycle.
  21. Aucun probleme vraiment, nous sommes la pour tenter d'ameliorer ce qui peut l'etre. Merci pour les spots, j'ai envoye quelques tweaks concernant les affiliations. Merci encore pour ton aide.
  22. Hello, I've got him on loan to Clermont, ID 49060803. I'd investigate the reasons why he's not appearing in your game. Thanks for the report.
  23. Bonjour, Merci de ton apport. Droits tv mediapro, en fait ils avaient ete inclus, mais un bug causait le probleme. Et en effet, suite a la decision recente, le changement a ete retire afin de coller a cette nouvelle realite. Bonne question concernant le prochain appel d'offre. Tout dependra si les chiffres sont publies comme ils l'avaient ete pour Mediapro. Dur de te repondre a ce stade. Interessant concernant la prime a la relegation. Je verifierais, je pense que simplement le code n'existe pas en effet dans le jeu. Aucune promesse pour ce cycle car il ne s'agit pas d'une configuration de la base, mais d'un code dans le reglement. La demande sera faite afin de l'integrer aux reglements le plus rapidement possible pour les prochaines iterations. La part variable est surement une limitation, tout comme la part des droits tv variable en l1. Mais je suis d'accord avec toi qu'avoir la part fixe representee serait une evolution positive, merci de l'avoir remontee. Prime de classement absente en l2? C'est ennuyant, j'etais persuade que nous l'avions. Idem, c'est un reglement, donc quelque chose sur lequel nous n'avons pas la main. Si tu as des sources a ce sujet, n'hesites pas a les partager, j'ai trouve quelques chiffres mais il est interessant de recouper les informations. Pas grand chose que nous puissions faire directement, ni meme aucune promesse possible pour un fix sur ce cycle. Neanmoins, je te remercie vraiment de cet apport qui contribuera a ameliorer le jeu. Bonne journee
  24. No worries, my pleasure. Yeah, at the moment, Alvaro's wages are incorrect in the patch. That should be fixed hopefully for the next deadline. I'd review again the wages before the deadline to fix any potential db issues in big clubs. Sampaoli, it's going to be tough. It all depends when the move is officialised compared to the schedule. We aware of what has been announced, but the contract is not official yet. Let's see, not much we can do apart from 'wait and hope it happens before the end of window'. This is on our radar for sure. Larguet: I'm not sure what you mean here. He's set as Interim in the db (job as to be set as Manager for the game to handle the situation). Can you clarify in French please?
  25. Hi @drogbanasri63, Salaries: indeed there are some changes. Simply adjusted values to the latest sources released. And indeed, most of the recent sources have been released around 'big clubs. Some decreases, simply reflects what the current salaries are, maybe our previous sources were a bit too high (l'equipe) , or simply some players have lowered their wages. It's always tough to find reliable source around salaries in France, we simply use the most recent ones to update when they are released. Mandanda definitely has lowered his wages when renewing (as for Payet). Pele, surely a typo there, Alvaro is told to earn 2.2 M a year. It was simply a data issue on both, which I fixed now. I'd go through again the recent sources before the deadline , thanks for raising it. Milik, weird, I was sure he had a setting for Marseille paying wages. I'd review that before our deadline, sounds like a potential database issue. Clermont, ratings have been reviewed by the Assistant, which is our best source. As you said, it might be subjective, although I agree the decrease in CA might be generous. I'm happy his PA has been lowered to be honest, I think the rating is okish and reflects probably what the player would reach. I'd review the CA, although at this stage, I might have higher prios to fix in the time I have (not much). No worries around your feedback, I didn't feel it was cristicism at all. I hope the feedback would help. Regards
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