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  1. Marko Miskovic 62192941 is playing for Gerolfing. Ivan Pete 62092113 is playing for Ampfing. Goran Antelj 5779262 is playing for FC Leverkusen. Ibis Renda 62164632 is playing for Fortuna Koln 2. Vladimir Bogdanovic 62096142 is playing at FC Germania Schwanheim. All of them are in Serbia,also check NFE.
  2. In FM16 there was created Stefan Stojanovic 93069410 (MC,age 16) with all wrong data.In FM18 he was updated with other data,wich matches with other guy in Serbian db with same name. https://sortitoutsi.net/football-manager-2016/player/93069410/stefan-stojanovic I would kindely like to ask Sweden researcher to delete fake Stefan Stojanovic 93069410,and order original Stefan Stojanovic 62093895 from our Serbian db . Stefan Stojanovic 62093895 is made a lot before with all correct data and have fully updated playing history in Serbia same as in Sweden,etc.Also,as far as I know he doesn't have Sweden passport yet,maybe he got it in meanwhile,but anyway his primary nationality is Serbian. https://sortitoutsi.net/search/cutout/62093895 Hope you don't mind,and hope this will be sorted out.Many tnx in advance.Also,if there's any help needed with Serbian lads in Sweden I'll up to help.
  3. Nikola Sladakovic 62179412 is a player of Zeilsheim 91174230 .Right now he is in Serbian db,so please order it.
  4. Branimir Spasojevic 62181198 is a player at Gabcikovo 63025681.Right now he is in Serbian db.
  5. One kid for adding, Jake Jovanovski (Central Coast Mariners FC) born on 07.03.2001,position AMC 20 AML 13 ST 15 ,born in Sidney ,his idol is Ronaldinho,and he is a fan of Pelister Bitola,he have North Macedonian citizenship also. Career: 2017 Sydney Olympic FC 123005 2018 Hakoah Sydney City East 425381 2019 Central Coast Mariners FC 1300491 2019 (2) OFK Beograd (loan) joined 25.01.2020 'till 30.06.2020
  6. Ivan Doderovic 62073543 is playing for Spielgemeinschaft SV Stripfing/FC Angern 16325694,yesterday he joined them Nebojsa Simikic 62108931 is playing for Union Taufkirchen an der Trattnach 16075037.
  7. Djordje Simikic 62076436 is playing for TSV Kottern-St. Mang 8700533. https://www.fupa.net/spieler/djordje-simikic-1690046.html
  8. Bojan Djordjevic 43093035 (right now in Serbian db) is playing for Monselice 43048783.
  9. Since these two have incomplete profiles in game,and transfermarkt put them in one,it's time for update. Abubakar Hadji Sadick 13194904 (Sadick is most likely in Ghana,and Sadiq is most likely in Nigeria) born on 23 December 1992. in Kumasi. Career: 07/2009 - 06/2010 Berekum Arsenal 8627090 07/2010 - 06/2011 Cape Coast Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs 5340901 07/2011 - 06/2012 Berekum Arsenal 8627090 07/2012 - 12/2014 Aduana Stars 13106397 07/2015 - 12/2016 Berekum Chelsea 12025691 01/2017 - 06/2019 Bechem United 1311723 06/2019 - 01/2020 Kuşadasıspor 130349 01/2020 Cape Coast Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs 5340901 Abubakar Ibrahim Sadick 43271069 born on 16/05/1991 in Accra. 2016 Luparense San Paolo 43267660 2016 Luparense San Paolo 43267660 12/1 2017 Unknown 2018 Unknown 2019 Darna 2019 FC - Spain (but since they are not in db,still unknown)
  10. Milan Blagojevic 62167885 play in Slovan Galanta 63037932. Nenad Mitrovic 62162337 play in MSK Fomat Martin 63023671.
  11. Vladimir Bogdanovic 62096142 play in FC Germania Schwanheim 91148320 . https://www.fupa.net/spieler/vladimir-bogdanovic-539673.html Ibis Renda 62164632 play in SC Fortuna Köln II 91148586 . https://www.fupa.net/spieler/ibis-renda-1299738.html Both in Serbian db.
  12. Nedzad Jasarevic 5759857 manager in FV Wien Floridsdorf 16324931. Sasa Zivkovic 62093411 play in Fussballclub Klostertal 16074671. Goran Pejovic 5759154 play in SC Berndorf 16033006. All 3 in Serbian db.
  13. I'm not sure is this the correct thread,but I've just noticed Alan Shearer with "temporary" UID 1915386159 so it's the best to re-activate him by his original profile with UID 2005477 .
  14. Thank you too mate,and you're welcome. Craig Morris 74002019 must be deleted this summer,since he was in FM19.Before creating new Kerry Nicholas ,not Morgan take a look in English DB if there is still Kerry with UID 29074663,so instead creating new maybe you need just to update that one.
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