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  1. Anyone able to update originally created Reece Willison 61073663 and move it to Celtic,and remove his doubled one 61085364?
  2. He is at our Serbian\Montenegro\Slovenia db,so we will fix it,tnx for the info
  3. I'm sorry,I've might been too harsh,but what else I could do in situation as this mate?! In the past 3 years I'm pointing these things to them,and nothing.In the meanwhile they are making more and more trouble,and doing it worse and worse from game to game,update to an update.As a matter of fact,they asked our help back in time,since many players from our Serbian database are playing there,we gave them all info,even adding clubs in history for easy find,etc. and nothing.Nothing have been fixed.There's a huge mess there,and in that mess they are deleting people from database without any control.At least someone have seen this and had a finally reaction.
  4. I wanted to ask is there any point of posting things in these threads,since 0 of these mistakes are corrected?! In the meanwhile Bosnian researcher took Nikola Vasiljevic 62003966 (they needed Nikola Vasiljevic 5779808),and again after they realised that's not the correct guy,they deleted him from db,so we needed to create new one with 62235583. Last summer we put new created club Sloga Crnjelevo in to the history of some Serbian players who are gone there,so they could easily find them.No matter that they took Dusan Ristic 62191711 who is playing for BSK Borca in reality,and they didn't took Dusan Ristic 62146796 who is playing at Sloga for real.So what should we expect in the future?! If they are realise that he is the wrong guy are they gonna delete him too??? He don't even know who is playing at his own nation. Tarik Isic 21027675 is playing for Radnik Bijeljina,but they took Tarik Isic 21031088 ( https://www.fupa.net/spieler/tarik-isic-1626065.html ) ex Velez player and put him in Radnik. I don't know who is the most responsable man for Bosnian research,but guys like him should get fired.Bosnian database was working better without anyone in charge than now.Guys like their head researcher shouldn't be on that position beacause he don't know how to work his job on the right way.It's embarrassment that someone is doing such a sloppy\bad job,and getting paid for that...Please people,do something about that,and fix these errors!JUST PLEASE!
  5. I've sended this to Adam Squire few months back,but it seems like it's not fixed yet. In FM16 there's a huge mistake made by Wales\Haverfordwest researcher by just changing the name of Kerry Nicholas 74017477 (GK of Haverfordwest in that moment),into the Craig Morris,and after that he is using him as Craig Morris with changing all data,even we had original made Craig Morris with 74002019. Now we should put all correct as it was,and should be from the start. Craig Morris 74002019 is born in Carmarthen. History to be added to the current: 2014 Aberystwyth Town 1927 2015 Haverfordwest 114804 13\0 2016 Llanelli Town 74032559 2017 Llanelli Town 74032559 2018 Llanelli Town 74032559 Kerry Nicholas 74017477 is born in Neath on 24/10/1992. History: 2010 Neath FC 359291 2011 Neath FC 359291 3\0 2012 Carmarthen Town 1301340 4\0 2013 Port Talbot Town 350027 1\0 2013 Haverfordwest 114804 2014 Haverfordwest 114804 2015 Swansea City 724 U23 Physio 2016 Swansea City 724 U23 Physio 2017 Swansea City 724 U23 Physio 2018 Briton Ferry Llansawel 74009639 Sports Science\Head Physio
  6. Of course,this summer many our guys was going to Macedonia,and coming from it,but as you know many of them retured after month or two.Anyway all research teams from EX-YU should be conected to get best possible final resault in db.
  7. He knows that,I've also contacted him few times about these problems,and nothing.Since you're Macedonian researcher what happend with Milos Tasic,is he still part of Macedonian research team?
  8. After many years of having trouble with log in into the site,most of the problems I saw and noticed on testing Project Fear are fixed,same as beta,since I was sending those reports to my Head Researcher,as I'm doing for a very long time.Many tnx for letting me to be a part of this project! Now,I'm here for the problem,right.Problem is with Bosnian research team.In last 3 years before every update,I was sending mails or PM at Facebook to them to fix some issues and after 3 years those mistakes are still there.I wouldn't care that much if I wasn't from Serbia,and large number of our players is in their db,or should be.There is a huge problem,that if you don't send them a certain player,they probably won't order it or search it in db (even in their own),they just gonna create new\double one.I'm not sure what is the status for these,but they are first at my list,since some others are finally orderd from our db,and they removed their duplicates. They should order originally Dzenis Suman 43212584 from Italy and update his history,instead of that they created new one with 21029918.They should also check their own database and update for Dejan Plisnic 8502543 and Marko Rastovic 8408296,instead of that they created them with 21029654 and 21029656.Same thing is done with Emir Plakalo 21020373 who is later made with 21025159.So if these original created guys still exist in db,they should be updated and placed in correct clubs,and their "new born" duplicates should be removed. Many of their transfers are baised on rumours,instead they just search official documents on their national football site,with all trasnfers,as I'm doing with Serbian transfers (that's why we had them so much in past years). This summer they ordered Ivan Jovanovic 62192238 from our Serbian DB and after they realised that that's not correct guy,they just deleted him from db!Should they do that and does they have permission to do that?! Aleksandar Vasic 5757131 is not a player of Radnik Bijeljina as they made it.Aleksandar Vasic 5757131 was player\coach 'till 2015\16 season at Drina Zvornik,after that he become Under 18 coach,and past year and a half he is Under 18 Head Coach of Drina Zvornik.He was playing with my friend Stefan Colovic.This is https://www.facebook.com/aleksandar.vasic.353 that Aleksandar Vasic. They should create new Aleksandar Vasic who is born 21 of May 1991 in Bijeljina,and his history should look like this: 2011 Mladost VO 2012 Mladost VO 23\3 2013 Mladost VO 25\2 2014 Mladost VO 15\0 2014 Radnik Bijeljina 9\0 2015 Radnik Bijeljina 11\0 2016 Radnik Bijeljina 2017 Radnik Bijeljina 2018 Radnik Bijeljina This is that guy https://www.facebook.com/aleksandaraco.vasic.7 Also,some of their club are not active almost 10 years,for example NK Zlaja 8403758. NK Celik Zenica 1945 UID 8408401 is also wrong name,it should be FK Celik Zenica 1945 wich should be just "dummy" team for original NK Celik Zenica 1300143.For example they should look like this in editor. Staff member of that team Goran Peles 8403366 had died 8 years ago. These are only things I can remember now,and ofc things that I had pointing out to them in past 3 years before every official update,as I said on the start.This is a game,but if someone took some job to do,then he should do it the best way he can and know,if he is not good at,he should just stop and let someone else to do it.I did this only because I hope at final someone will fix these things.
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