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  1. Tactics screen > Analysis > Formations...
  2. Yeah it's unfortunate. The playoffs happen but then no final is played to determine the promoted team.
  3. A few game breaking issues... There are no promotions from the Superleague, Super Prem Division and East Superleague, so you can't get to the football league from lower down with this database. Being entered into the Scottish Cup didn't happen when I competed in the Super Prem Division but did for the leagues below.
  4. I've noticed that the Prem and Champ teams come into the the Scottish Cup a round too early.
  5. Runs like DayZ zombie Retreats to own goal area without ball
  6. You could possibly try and load the save before the fixtures are generated (around the 24/26 June, I think) and remove all the league below the Prem League. That's how I got around the bug in my save.
  7. Windowed mode gives more zoom options.
  8. You've misunderstood. He's in the year 20/21 so his game has advanced and Benfica are Champions League winners.
  9. You need to be looking at the club coefficients which determines club rankings/seedings...
  10. Have a look at your game status screen to check if the in-game editor has been used. SI changed the settings in recent editions to detect if a 3rd party editor was used. The 50% fitness is normally as a result of using a "destroy team" cheat in certain editors.
  11. Could the other user be using a 3rd party editor to ruin the fitness levels? I know this could be done in previous versions of the 3rd party editor.
  12. I've been able to get through to the 25/26 season by gradually deactivating the lower divisions after promotion. Currently running just the Welsh Prem...
  13. It might be worth linking to the below page for the kits as Hammer9 has collated them all together... https://fm-view.net/forum/topic/18321-ss-download-area-for-domestic-league-kits-packs-1819/
  14. Welsh Football League Division Three... Welsh Football League Division Three.rar All level 4 leagues are now done. I'm now off to actually play the game!
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