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  1. It's under the reset menu in the bottom left corner...
  2. Search for Gibraltar as Gibraltan isn't a thing.
  3. Also make sure you're clearing cache and reloading skin in the fm preferences.
  4. I've noticed my Attenborough FC are down as playing at the Attenborough Cricket Ground which is technically correct as they play on the cricket pitch but refer to it as The Strand for football purposes. The DB also has the ground as being in West Bridgford, Nottingham which is a suburb over the other side of the city. The ground is in Attenborough village but having it as just Nottingham would be fine.
  5. This may be a related to the Qatar 2022 World Cup and the leagues coming to a halt whilst the tournament happens.
  6. I've encountered a problem during the 2028 season where no league squad registration happens. The rules are still in the league info but August passes by without me having to register any players for a league squad. Save game uploaded under "grff - GIB reg" Also the Brexit rules have been changed for Gibraltar following talks between the UK and Spain/EU. This should make it easier to sign non-Gib/UK players. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-55497084
  7. It's okay, they will never find Elizabeth from Tennessee without her given her details.
  8. Clearly the Trump supporters aren't happy with the Covid thread leading the numbers on OTF.
  9. People often turn to a fictional character when things get tough.
  10. My understanding is any retiring player that has staffing attributes set by the game will be open to taking up a staff role, otherwise the applied attributes are pointless. Some retired players will be quite fussy on what role and club/nation they will work for but I don't think it is a case of them never considering any job offers. It might be worth raising in the bugs section.
  11. @FMJoeyTheMan Which club are you playing as? Could be a reputation thing. In my save (currently in 2028), I'm able to offer Mascherano a job as Ass Man for the Gibraltar NT. He is currently unemployed but was a coach at Al-Ittihad in 2022-24. Messi and Dani Alves have left the game. Zlatan hasn't taken a staff role yet. Rooney is still a coach at Derby.
  12. Does the issue still happen as soon as the 30th June date passes as I seem to remember some weird coding issue where players wouldn't switch to being classed as staff until that date. I've seen it in past versions where I've been able to offer a reitring player a staff role but they demand a similar wage to their player wage, figures updaward of £75k for some players.
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