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  1. I must be the only one that really enjoyed Italia 90.
  2. A generous 4. The worst tournament I can think of since the days of Italia 90. Too much cautious and negative football. Too many teams not wanting to lose rather than teams wanting to win.
  3. I'm no lip reading expert but I'm sure Ronaldo was shouting "Ackter! Ackter!"
  4. Terribly dull tournament won by a terribly dull team.
  5. Noooooooooooooooo
  6. Ffs this has sunk to new depths of woeful. Walking pace.
  7. Just start the penalty shootout now.
  8. Quaresma's hair?
  9. He'll come back on in the second half and score a bicycle kick. Stallone will then save a last minute penalty.
  10. Stade de France collects another Ronaldo.
  11. Looked like Fonte and Moutinho.
  12. Oh Jesus, not that **** Guetta again.
  13. I also think a factor could be that whilst other countries tend to have players that will go abroad and ply their trade, it's almost non-existent to have an English player move to a foreign club in their prime. Yes, the Premier League is of an high standard but that's because of overseas players. English players on the fringes of first team football would rather drop down to the Championship and therefore a lower level standard than take a chance on playing abroad.
  14. And yet Rashford dribbled past more players than any other player, despite 4mins of game time. Let's face it, Sterling is in the team for his dribbling skills especially as his creativity, passing and shooting isn't the best. I do admit having him on the left wing with no left foot does him no favours at times. I thought Sterling was pretty mediocre last night which was a stand out performance seeing as his team mates were dreadful in comparison.
  15. The damage we've done over the years is irreversible.