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  1. @Rainbowz Great work on the file. Some away kits aren't to set in the db file (see the above posts) so custom kits won't show.
  2. @lukeeggy Just had a quick look and the file that cel uploaded has two errors in it. If you locate the normal logo folder and open the xml you'll find the below. The part I've highlighted needs to say logo as does the row above, (I imagine Cemaes Bay logo is massive in game too). Then reload your skin. I'll get cel to change the file for anyone else downloading it. @cel1234
  3. Severe issues would've been fixed in the alpha stage. A beta is then released to iron out bugs in the same way early access games are released. With how complex the ME coding is, changing certain aspects would have a knock on affect so things like the AMC may not have been an issue in the early stages until something else was adjusted in the ME. Also further builds to the ME will be in the works, even if not released yet.
  4. SI would've been aware of issues that needed fixing during the alpha stage. However, a private beta helps them to obtain save game/pkm files to be able to look at the coding in multiple examples. Many of the public beta threads were raising things that had already been raised in the private beta (I was a tester) but that doesn't mean to say that fixes weren't already in the process of being rolled out.
  5. Your referring to a file that someone has created themselves, not SI. I could add Hitler into my db (clearly I wouldn’t) which SI have no control over.
  6. grff

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    An online game where you can progress through ten games whilst the rest of the game world stands still just isn't feasible. On one hand you want to be able to have fun playing online with friends/randoms but at the same time you want to be able to play 10 games/2 months further in the same world without them being present and and without any change/result/transfer you make effecting their game on return. It is a nice idea if that's what suits your play style but it just isn't practical using the current FM world/build and would probably involve SI creating a game engine from complete scratch to even adapt to such a play style. In essence, it would be like saying that you love playing Monopoly with 3 friends but want to be able to have ten turns in a row without them needing to be present. However, the player further into their turns would always have an advantage (buy properties sooner/can build houses & hotels quicker) unless the the other 3 players had their turns simulated by AI (which is the very thing you already have in FM now).
  7. grff

    Something is really wrong with some matches

    Hard to say without seeing further in-depth match details but 41% overall possession doesn't help, which I suspect was when they had the ball in their own half following a goal-kick or keeper save
  8. grff

    Something is really wrong with some matches

    Do you use "shoot on sight" in your tactic? What were the amount of clear cut chances?
  9. What is your screen resolution set to as this may influence the zoom options? I have mine as 1920 x 1080. You might want to hide your IP details that show on your screenshot.
  10. Try it in windowed mode if you've not already done so. The 125% option is definitely present....
  11. grff

    So whats new ? (nothing)

    Imagine buying a football simulation game and moaning that it's too realistic with not enough fantasy aspects
  12. I found that loading the match highlights and clicking on the referee in the 3D engine is the only way.
  13. The greyed out lines (team selection and role/duties) are sub headings.