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  1. grff

    2018 World Cup Draft Game!

    Sorry for the delay chaps. Please can someone put in Hummels for me.
  2. Depends who you ask. Van Gaal was no fan of having to play the play-off in 2010. Lee Dixon has previously spoke about how nobody in the England squad wanted to play in the 1990 play-off.
  3. grff

    2018 World Cup Draft Game!

    GunmaN1905; 1. Messi (Argentina), 2. Andyh21; 1. Ronaldo (Portugal), 2. Wigmore; 1. Penedo (Panama), 2.  Pukey; 1. Salah (Egypt), 2. adhikapp; 1. Neymar (Brazil), 2. grff; 1. De Gea (Spain), 2. Citizen Kane; 1. johnhughthom; 1. Jakarooney; 1. Bliss Seeker; 1. The Rebel MC; 1. Baptista_8; 1. Scott1892; 1. james95; 1. Readingfanman; 1. JDownie; 1. Picked: Argentina: Messi, Brazil: Neymar Egypt: Salah Panama: Penedo Portugal: Ronaldo Spain: De Gea @Citizen Kane Go! Go! Go!
  4. grff

    2018 World Cup Draft Game!

    Sign me up, gizzmeister!
  5. grff

    World Cup Predictor

    In. France to beat Germany in the final. England knocked out in the QFs by the Germans. I predicted Belgium to get all the way to the semis.
  6. Giving this challenge a go as my long term Gibraltar save died. First job is with Thimphu FC. I didn't both attending all 141 interviews that I was invited to
  7. You've ruined my week and it's only Monday! Cheers, Neil.
  8. Is the save/dream dead? Not sure whether to start a new game or hope for the save to be revived.
  9. Any joy with the issue? @Felix Wilkie
  10. 28th October. 2 days after the save.
  11. Hi Felix, The file is uploaded as bruno (v2). The error occurs when the Tottenham fixture/result is generated. Since my initial post, I've updated my OS from windows 8.0 to 10. The same error occurs but here is a new dxdiag... DxDiag.txt
  12. Hi, I'm currently experiencing the above crash on the same date in my current save. The crash occurs during the processing of results. Please see the attached files for info on the dump and dxdiag. I'm using an Asus x552c so have both a Nvidia GeForce 710 and Intel HD Graphic 4000 running the graphics. I've tried to disable one and then the other but the crash still occurs. Please help! DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.17 21.34.14).dmp
  13. grff

    [Gibraltar] (Official) Data Issues

    Just had a strange occurance in my save where Glacis United became a financial power, stacking up 49m in the bank and playing in a 140,000 stadium (soon to be increased to 500,00)