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  1. FM18 Kit Issue

    The xml file that I have shows the lines correctly as... <record from="clifton home" to="graphics/pictures/team/90063293/kits/home"/> but then when I send the config file by PM or Nottingham Forest edit's his own file to say the same, notepad scrambles/changes the lines to this... <record to="graphics/pictures/team/90063293/kits/home" from="clifton home"/> Any ideas @michaeltmurrayuk
  2. Unfortunately, I've not got a save from the day before. The issue plays out when Boyata wants regular football and I tell him I'll have to let him go, triggering a bid which when stalling on causing the crash dump. Hopefully you'll be able to replicate the issue. After reloading the game back, I save right before I was pressing the stall option again and no dump occurred. Save is named Celtic (v03).fm
  3. Do you want the save beforehand? (A few in game days).
  4. Using the full game version with a save started in the beta...
  5. [Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    Barry McNamee and his massive Afro have both signed for Cork City http://www.derryjournal.com/sport/football/derry-city/derry-city-barry-mcnamee-signs-for-cork-city-1-8235362
  6. [Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    Kenny Shiels has extended his DCFC contract until end of 2019. http://www.derrycityfc.net/2017/11/kenny-shiels-extends-contract/
  7. Stand with no roof

    My settings and next game showing crowds are present...
  8. [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    I'll post this here too as it's regarding stadium structures but does involve scottish teams...
  9. Stand with no roof

    Further to the above, just played Hearts away and the whole ground is under renovation, plus the attendance was over 17,000.
  10. Stand with no roof

    Wasn't sure where to put this issue. The below picture shows a stand with no roof. Seems very odd.
  11. This issue is still there, so not sure if being looked into. My current save is with Celtic which appears in white on a white background.
  12. Not sure if the data is missing as the record for in my save is from a scorer in 2020 of 8mins. Gary McAllister scored after 2mins in the 2001 match against Man Utd.
  13. Is the group naming also due to legal reasons? All the european groups are shown as group 1-9 instead of the correct A-I.
  14. [Ireland] (Official) League Specific Issues

    The 2018 season in my save has the correct 10/10 split with 1 team going down and the usual play-off relegation game.
  15. [Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    This is a weird one as my save also has Ireland losing to Wales but on the earlier date of 26th March. Ireland play against Georgia on the date you have them playing Wales.. EDIT - Seems all the WC qualifiers are messed up. Group C (or group 3) as FM18 has it shows that San Marino drew 0-0 with Germany in their first game