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  1. I’ve only ever seen 1 goal being awarded after originally being deemed offside (I’m currently 20 years into my current save). The thing that’s annoys me the most is when a phase of play immediately stops for a VAR decision rather than the next stop in play.
  2. Do you think that SI just randomly choose which leagues they add in the game? SI will know full well that the Gib league add on from Steam has only a small amount of downloads (9,400). Now you're just making up things At the end of the day, you could quite easily ignore the women's section of the game in the same way most users ignore sections of the world that aren't important to them (for me, the Asian, African, South American leagues). Boycotting the series means you'll lose out playing FM whereas SI will just replace the boycotters with a whole new female customer base.
  3. You're in no way being pushed to support women's football, in the same way you're not being pushed into supporting Canadien football when SI announce the introduction of said league in the game. Why would SI make a standalone game when they've got the structure of the FM model in place. In addition, men and women's football are far from standalone as they regular overlap in terms of staffing, facilities etc. The leagues you mention will have less followers than the whole planet's followers of women's football.
  4. Except the cross over is more than just very little. In terms of facilties - Half of the teams in the WSL groundshare with men's teams. Man City Ladies use the academy/training facilties at the club. Staff wise - from doing a very quick wiki search, there are at least 10 ex-players from the men's game that are or have managed a team in the WSL. We aren't talking unknowns either...Neil Redfearn, Chris Kirkland, Gareth Taylor, Scott Booth. Not to mention Phil Neville once being the NT coach. Pretty much every team in the WSL have a connection to the men's game in terms of infrastructure and staffing. The above occurances will no doubt increase in number as the gap narrows between the standards of the men/women's game.
  5. Genuine questions... did the introduction of the rainbow flags/gay players stop you from playing the versions that include them? If not, will the introduction of women's football stop you playing? As for how the changes will affect the current FM format, SI have made clear multiple times already that the new work needed will not take away from the game as we currently know it. There is no reason to believe they aren't telling the truth on this.
  6. The footage posted in most places is before the game (still daylight coming through the windows). Those getting a hiding were the ones without tickets trying to get through a disabled entrance.
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