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  1. They can wait as long as the player doesn't sign elsewhere. As soon as a player commits to a contract elsewhere the option of extending his current contract isn't possible. I always take the approach to trigger the extension as soon as I know another club has offered a contract for the player to consider.
  2. As soon as a contract is signed elsewhere, the extension option becomes null and void, otherwise you could see situations where a player signs for another club, prepares to move on 1st July (for example) and then his current club trigger the extension the day before.
  3. I must be the only one that really enjoyed Italia 90.
  4. A generous 4. The worst tournament I can think of since the days of Italia 90. Too much cautious and negative football. Too many teams not wanting to lose rather than teams wanting to win.
  5. I'm no lip reading expert but I'm sure Ronaldo was shouting "Ackter! Ackter!"
  6. Terribly dull tournament won by a terribly dull team.
  7. Noooooooooooooooo
  8. Ffs this has sunk to new depths of woeful. Walking pace.
  9. Just start the penalty shootout now.
  10. Quaresma's hair?
  11. He'll come back on in the second half and score a bicycle kick. Stallone will then save a last minute penalty.
  12. Stade de France collects another Ronaldo.
  13. Looked like Fonte and Moutinho.
  14. Oh Jesus, not that **** Guetta again.