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  1. NK Zadar: 2036/37 season review WINNERS! A season to remember as we stormed to our first ever league title! We headed into the winter break with a 12 point lead before coming slightly unstuck. Dinamo and Hajduk had poor seasons by their standards which helped us clinch the title. Our Champions League campaign saw us come second in a group of Real Madrid, Feyenoord and Gent. We lost to Benfica in the first knockouts. Lots of great performances which secured some fantastic results during the season. Youth intake was quite good. Hopefully some of them can break into the first team over time. Transfers. I resisted a bid for my wonderkid seeing as we no longer need funds for the facilities and already have £51m in the bank. In other news, I was wanted by the nation team
  2. I had to make them myself due to no kitpacks covering the Croatian third tier. Home kit is accurate, away kit is a bit of guesswork as couldn't find a pic of the 2020 away kit anywhere....
  3. I don't think he was in my game due to his age, as I my save was started before the Winter update. Have you got the kits for Zadar?
  4. NK Zadar: 2035/36 season review Another season, another 3rd placed finish I can't complain too much though as we qualify for the Champions League thanks to the reputation of Croatian football. We also finally won the Croatian Cup after two previous final defeats and celebrated in front of some static away fans Some really pleasing performances which helped towards our achievements this season. Player of the Year going to our right-winger again, however, Spurs are chasing him and he is refusing to extend his contract that expires next season. Youth intake was pretty dull. I've switched HoyD to see if we can improve what comes through the ranks. Facilities and coaching standards are now maxed out. A few deadwood players were set free.
  5. NK Zadar: 2034/35 season review Another decent season as we clinched 3rd place again, whilst also achieving the most points in a season for the club. The Europa League campaign saw us fly through a group containing Lille, Slavia Prague and Wolfsburg, before losing on away goals to Juventus. A pleasing amount of players were above the 7.00+ mark. Tin Deak coming in with an average 7.41 which saw him clinch player of the year. Youth intake was nothing to write home about Shipped out a few players again that weren't up to scratch, bringing in a little bit of cash.
  6. NK Zadar: 2033/34 season review A season to remember as we managed to equal our best finish of 3rd in the league but the real highlight was being crowned champions in the European Conference League! Next season will see us start in the Europa League group stages. A great number of performances from the squad, consistently posting good numbers. Youth intake saw us take a few more decent defenders which we need. The highlight of the intake were these two... Shipped out a few players that weren't up to scratch. Facilities have been boosted again as the youth facilities are now state of the art. Future plans have been granted for the training facilities to also became state of the art.
  7. NK Zadar: 2032/33 season review We made real progress this season by achieving 3rd place, our best finish so far in the challenge. Frontrunners Dinamo are still the team to catch and it will take some doing. Next season will bring domestic and European football so I'm hoping we can cope with the fixture congestion. A number of players put in consistent numbers in across the duration of the season which was very pleasing. Youth intake landed us with a couple of promising strikers, which I know seem to be stockpiling. This midfield beauty did come through which shows promise... Nothing to report on the transfer front. A number of clubs tried to pinch newly promoted youth players but I was able to secure them on pro contracts. Facilities have been boosted again, draining pretty much all of our bank balance. I'm hoping the European Conference campaign can bring in some much needed revenue.
  8. NK Zadar: 2031/32 season review Another season of two halves as we started off terribly in the league, before finding some consistency after the winter break to secure a sixth place finish. Our European Conference campaign ended in the first knockout round after an heartbreaking away goals defeat to Galatasaray. Not many players were able to attain a 7.00+ rating. My main striker did set a new goalscoring record for season goals. Youth intake was pretty average, which was disappointing when taking into account the quality of the youth set-up/facilities. Our best youth prospect from last season was stolen by Napoli. We did receive £500k+ in compo. Facilities are now at a very good standard. The Simic transfer money has stretched a long way. Incidently, Liverpool didn't play Simic in a single game and lost him on a bosman to Schalke
  9. NK Zadar: 2023/31 season review A season of two halves as we left for the winter break in 3rd place. We then came back and won just 1 game for the remainder of the season. However, we did squeeze into European qualification with pretty much the last kick of the season, scoring a 92nd minute equaliser. Only a few players were able to post a 7.00+ average for the season. Much improvement is needed for the new campaign. Youth intake was promised as a golden generation again. Lies. LIES!!! This striker does look an excellent prospect though. Transfers below. Decided to get rid of the 22/23 year olds that had not developed enough for the first team. Facilities upgraded again with further improvements planned by the board. The forced sale of Simic has really helped.
  10. NK Zadar: 2029/30 season review A slump in league position for the season, as well as an early exit in the Euro Conference qualifiers after we met Rosenborg. Six places are now up for grabs in the league, which meant we were just pipped (I'm sure I should've finished above Rijeka due to head to head being the first sorting method, but then I would've been pipped by Instra). Another average set of ratings from the squad. It's worth noting that my best XI on paper is now fully from youth intakes. Youth intake was decent. A couple of potentials in GK and ST are much needed. Transfers below. Well, this was a frustrating one as the board decided to sell my best striker to Liverpool. On one hand his goals will be missed, but the transfer revenue has already been invested in facility improvement. Training and youth facilities are starting to really look good now.
  11. NK Zadar: 2028/29 season review Best placed finish so far as we managed to come 4th First half of the season was excellent before we ended the campaign with a dodgy spell. Nervous for next season as European football last season saw us struggle with the amount of matches. No real stand out performances at all as our only player with a 7.00+ rating was our right back. Youth intake was quite promising thanks to the both junior coaching and youth recruitment being at high levels. Transfers below. We actually sold our first player, raking in 220k as well as a generious sell-on percantage. Training and youth facilities have been updated with further upgrades to come.
  12. NK Zadar: 2027/28 season review Well that was a bizarre season Couldn't buy a win in the league most of the time, whereas we managed to get all the way to the Conference League final, achieving some crazy results on the way. No real standout performances this season, which summed up a poor domestic season. I resisted a £14m bid from Milan for our young striker. Youth intake was very ordinary. We could really do with a keeper coming through soon as our number one is almost 34yo. Transfers below. Shipped out a few players that weren't going to break into the first team, mostly 22 year olds. Training and youth facilities are to be upgraded thanks to £6m+ of Conference League prize money. Our attendances in Europe also went through the roof.
  13. Ah, I miss the days of struggling to meet the homegrown quota for European football Anyway, I managed to be drawn against a minnow of Europe so went through comfortably... I'm not sure now, either
  14. NK Zadar: 2026/27 season review A season to remember as we finally qualified for Europe! Silverware was almost within our grasp but lost once again in the Cup final. Looking forward to our adventures next season... Some fantastic performances from the squad as 8 players went on to acheive a season's rating of 7.00 or above. Top scorer was my 18 year old striker who is looking good for his age... Youth intake promised to be a golden generation. It wasn't. I did have this nicely rounded striker come through... Transfers below. Decided that some of the old-timers needed to be shipped out as they were no longer getting game time and weren't needed for mentoring anymore. Training facilities remain the same. I've now got no fewer than 5 parent clubs that help the finances. In other news I was approached by Rijeka...
  15. NK Zadar: 2025/26 season review Another season of floating around the 7th/8th place in the league. Thankfully the bottom team as pretty terrible (I lost to 5-1 to them). Need to be more consistent in order to achieve any kind of European place. More consistent performances from a number of players. We are now getting to the point where most of the match day squad are newgens. Youth intake was filled with unambitious players again. I've no idea why it keeps happening! Another player poached. He looks "akrap" player anyway Transfers below. Again, sent out most youngsters to help them gain first team football. Training facilities have dropped in standard due to tech advances. Took on another parent club to ensure £150k per season.
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