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  1. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - April 2022 Money time 10 out of 12 after busy months is good. I'll need 2 wins in our final four games to secure top 2 . This looks good ! 2th place should be mine and that means a lot of money and Champions league group stage. I'll invest this money in Training and Youth facilities and could buy Sanogo (have a 1.5 clausule). Player of the month Kwateng the wing back beast ! scored 6 and assisted 20 . Really bargain for 1.5m. The month May and season review will unfortunately be for within two weeks, had too busy day . I will continue playing within two weeks and follow the other topics here ! Bye
  2. Yes idd, Fickle is also high on the list because of their ambition
  3. This is a little exploit.. Invited all the youth intake players born in Ile De france from every ligue 1-2 and national team from the last youth intakes , on trial for 4 weeks.. i can add them to my shortlist, see all their attributes and almost all the clubs accepts the trials. Sometimes those players have already a contract, sometimes not . But they all cost +- 1milj or more , compensation. so no real bargains . Beckham has a secret son in Paris.. This one is really good but costs me 1.6milj.
  4. Good afternoon Jimbo, The reason I put Mercenary among the good (not the best) personalities for youth development is indeed because they score high on ambition. For staff and senior players I wouldn't recommend it. In the meantime, I have seen in two topics that someone had a youth player with Mercenary who developed enormously well. It remains an experiment but I now have one with Mercenary personality and hope to confirm it within a few seasons.
  5. Thanks, leaving friday morning so i hope to finish my 3th season tomorrow I hope those three can become good. two of them aren't scoring high on the determination list..
  6. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Season 3 - March 2022 Tough month Winning against the No. 3 Lyon, draw on Marseille, hopelessly out against Roma in Europe and then derby... Derby First win ? They had more chances but 0-0 was a correct score after 45 mins. Thanks Virgil... a draw was possible. FInishing in the top two (automatic CL spot) is the ambition (capitale) now. Player of the month Fadiga was the best player this month.
  7. Decided to keep this one , 201cm, good determination and scores 45,83 as DC.
  8. Class 2020 - two years development Lower growth in the second year. Fabre (was out loan but i recalled him because he wasn't playing enough) - Dubois and Blanchard grew the most. Progress Fabre - Progress Dubois - Progress Blanchard Personalities tracker Two years development. Best Development first year
  9. Yes this youth intake looks good(not great idd) . I use Skin TCS 2020 v1.1.2
  10. Class 2021 - one year development Renaud - Sylla and Colin grew the most. This class grew 9.87% . Class 2020 grew 6.95 in their first year. Progress Sylla and Colin . Renaud is out loan so i can't show his progress. Personalities tracker Early days but this is the average overall growth from class 2021 for each personalty.
  11. Island of France - Une Ambition Capitale ! Class 2022 - Youth intake ! 12 of 16 youth intake players are from île de France. A nice mix of personalties. Let's calculate and rank them now. I only signed the 9 best players + one player with mercenary personality for a test and I ranked them on Overall attributes rating(s). Top 3 players : Youth classes tracker The third class looks good, 5 good personalties, 2 superb. a much higher DNA and technical and physical rating. Youth development tracker Top 15 youth intake players (ranked on their overall rating at the intake) 7 players of the third class are entering the top 15 with Lucas Sutter taking the first spot. Next update : Show the progress of the class of 2020 and 2021.
  12. I'll try to finish the season (and youth intake + development of the classes) this week. From friday i'm on holiday(Baleares, my original plan to play 'Baleares born only' ) without laptop so i won't be able to continue my save for two weeks.
  13. This is correct. But i see that Jimbo and Ben already posted all the feedback u needed. Good luck
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