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  1. The youth setup costs were high but if u get into europe, u'll be fine i didn't had the patience . Season tickets stayed '25' the whole time, not sure if this is still a problem ?
  2. Great club, i hope they are fixed but i faced two 'problems / bugs' with them at the start of FM21 . Season ticket number stayed the same and very large youth setup costs.
  3. Your last two years aren't correct in your list '2012/2013' I'm waiting for u to win the pl !
  4. Aalst - Season 4 - Poached Poached by a second tier club..
  5. yes ! and the guy that assisted is also shown in the game
  6. With a balance below one milj. this is good money he was a good coach but replaceable .
  7. Good luck ! that Milan Somers looks very good. His personality isn't good but his determination is great . And u got a guy from Norway , great !
  8. HOYD change - Aalst - season 4 Changed my fairly pro HOYD with 13/14 on jud. PA/CA ,16 working with youth and 13 determination for Model Citizen Hoyd with 14/15 jud. PA/CA , 15 working with youth and 14 determination.
  9. SC Eendracht Aalst - Jupiler Pro League - Season 3 (2023/2024) Fixtures 1 | Fixtures 2 |Player Stats| Finances |Transfers| Facilities | Best Eleven We were the number one relegation candidate but were able to fight until the last day for a top 8 spot (europa playoffs). In the Beker van België we reached the semi-finals and were held back from our first final after a goal in injury time. A victory in our final game and a draw of KV mechelen and we finished 8th ! We start with 50% of the points . Winner plays against the number 4 from 'champions play-offs' for an
  10. Ancelotti manager from my country, watching a game at the stadium of my favourite club (Antwerp - Bosuil) and watching my best central defender Andreas Burssens lovely !
  11. SC Eendracht Aalst - Youth intake - Season 3 (2023/2024) Best of Class 2024 De Bock 24-1 has potential to be a first team DC , and good personality. Van Driessche 24-3 is another creative option (i already have a few). Callebaut 24-13 will be promoted to the first team and he could become first team goalkeeper, his unambitious personalty isn't a good thing. No new nationalities. The same average as last year but no real outstanding players. Some of them could make it into the squad next season.
  12. First youth international - Academy - Aalst - Season 3 (2024)
  13. Aalst - Youth Intake preview - Season 4 Golden.. well we need a GK but i also need a winger and a striker.
  14. After a few season in Andorra and not finding a new club or a new country i'm going to continue my journey and save in Belgium . After two promotions i'm in the first tier in Belgium with Aalst.
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