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  1. Great job @dafuge , i hope i can join you in the challenge on FM22 .. tired of doing youth only challenges but to late to start a proper dafuge challenge on this edition.
  2. I'm thinking about starting with 1860 , tried a youth only with them , two times.. maybe i should start a normal save or region bound save with them.
  3. Did you use the editor to edit the regions with a tag ?
  4. Wow just found this thread now. You know i'm a fan of that region and playing / buying from a limited region (i did it last season with Paris FC in Ile De France for some seasons). I was on holiday in Bretagne and saw almost every stadium this year (or two years ago when i was also on holiday over there). Going to follow this !
  5. (31a) Iacob (ROU) looks great. His Determination and Personality could be better. You are doing a good job, lovely thread.
  6. I'm going to take a break from FM for a few weeks( holiday). Not sure if i'll continue this afterwards. I want to see my new stadium and i still have a challenge in managing the national team but i'm not sure yet.
  7. Own stadium - end of season 6 The first time that i get my own stadium with my name. Please build something like this.
  8. I have one good goalkeeper prospect, i'll promote him next season (with playing time in U23) . I have four or five homegrown YT players ready to step into the first team but everybody of the (real) senior players are staying and not retiring yet. Boro Mr Europe is 34 but i think that he is the only one i can't replace with a good youth prospect. No right footed wingers in Gibraltar... not in my youth , not in the country.
  9. Review - Season 6 - 2025/2026 League Fixtures | Play-off Fixtures | League Player Stats | Best Eleven| Accolades | Finances | Transfers | Loaned players | Youth intake | Gibraltar National League We keep going ! Gibraltar Rock Cup Pepe Reyes Cup Europe Our best run ! Intermediate League (U23) They won it again. Squad Key players Annesley: Our best player and Gibraltar's best defender. Olivero: A great season with many assists. Britto: Second best defender . Academy Accolades F
  10. What a beast ! i have some good prospects but not one like that , at the moment.
  11. International duty - March 2026 First Belgium international : Chahiri 25 The new Gib manager called up two of my U21 hot prospects, one of them never played in the highest league yet, the other one is out loan at Europa FC. They are both very good but lacking personality. Middleton 24 and Nicholson 24 And Robinson YT gets a senior call-up but is in my U19 . A big GK prospect.
  12. Youth Intake - Season 6 - Class of 2026 This seems to be a great intake ! Best of class 2026 Hunt 26 has the abilty to become one of our best midfielders. His personality and determination could be better. Wright 26 and Brown 26 give me two new great options fot he DL position. Wright has the best personality. Hernandez 26 could challenge for the winger position in the future, not the best personality. New Nationality: Denmark Our best intake at every part (not physique)
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