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  1. Belgium would be fine with a special Playoff system. Anderlecht have all the youth prospect but Standard and Genk have fine youth academies IRL. Antwerp is the new contender for the top 5/6 , they are rebuilding their youth . So this could be a big challenge.
  2. thanks, i read this topic since the start of 2019 and started a save with a team from Poland(and posted after i started about it) but now i'm playing CM0102 network till the start of FM20.
  3. idd , good features and good requests from you ! i love them and i'll do a youth only save (like i tried with FC Andorra) !
  4. I'm confused.. so the pictures and crest won't be in the normal FM edition ? Like before ? I'm using facepacks but this is strange ? Please give me the Royal Antwerp Edition
  5. Widzew Łódź After my FC Andorra trial (youth only) , i think i should start with this proper challenge and follow the rules. Never managed in Poland , and i know this is a fallen giant . They went bankrupt at the end of the 14-15 season, started in the 5th tier in 15-16 and now got promoted on FM from liga 2(3th thier) to liga 1. Lodz won the league , four times. And played Champions league in 96-97. Current squad - youth intake 18-19 - season preview - database setting Two good players from the first youth intake : Best player in first team: Is this update ok? can i post images directly in each update or should i only use links ? PS: we won 4-2 in pre-season against Lech Poznan, so i'm optimistic
  6. Thanks , idd Belgium. The one you recommend has 16GB ram, the one i'm thinking about 20gb ram . Does the RAM makes no difference at all (for FM) ?
  7. is this a good laptop for FM ? my current one is four years old and getting slow + need to replace the battery. http://shop.formatc.be/product/acer-aspire-5-173fhd-i7-8550u-20gb-256ssd1tb-mx150-2-w10/NOTAC0000289 Acer Aspire 5 17.3"FHD I7-8550U 20GB 256SSD+1TB MX150-2 W10 1249 € NOTAC0000289 Scherm : 43,9 cm (17.3") Resolutie : 1920 x 1080 Pixels CPU : Intel® 8ste generatie Core™ i7 RAM : 20 GB Opslag : SSD 256GB + HDD 1TB VGA : NVIDIA GeForce MX150
  8. He's great ! he was my WBR for 3/4 seasons with Brondby and he was an assist king .
  9. It hurts.. I should have started with the policy : sign Andorann + youth ony , this could have worked ! Enjoyed it and this will be indeed very popular on FM20 ! good luck to everyone .
  10. January 21 - June 21 : review A big update, probably the last in this topic. F.C. Andorra is a nice challenge and club but with FM 20 on the horizon, i don't feel the urge to continue anymore. Mixed results. Espanyol and Reus out of this league.. Riverola leaving on a free , Martos retiring . The chairman gave a loan for 1M , Pique stays hidden I enjoyed posting about my save, so I think i'll do it again on FM20 .. with a lower league team from the UK and probably youth only. But with more time on my hands. If anyone have some tips, please shoot !
  11. I played with Bilbao last year and i did a 'normal' game so youth intake + looking for players with the basque nationality from Sociaded, osasuna and lower league teams from spain(and France). With only 1.5 month left i'm thinking about starting a YOUTH academy only game with Bilbao (i'm playing with FC Andorra but it is to extreme at the moment). Who did this with Bilbao and when does the real challenge start ? The first 5/6 seasons u'll keep the best first team players i suppose ?
  12. You forgot Antwerp called the 'great old' , played 13 years in the second tier, now finished 4th in their second season in the 1a( 1th tier).
  13. Great choice, playing with them on FM19 (story in career updates). they are playing in the 3th tier in real life and are indeed playable from the start at FM20 . I'm thinking about a youth only game with a non league English team or a normal game with a non league English team. My last long term save was with Aldershot, and i loved it.
  14. I don't think so. i'll lose my best player at the end of this season and no good players arriving from the youth so the 4th season could be my first without eleven 'good' first team options .
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