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  1. Big FM20 fan but i can't understand why SI is releasing a game with the attributes bug ? Was this bug also present on the last beta version ? This is a game breaker for many people who like to develop their own young players. The big features this year are all about developing.. not a good mix with this bug.. I understand SI is working hard on a solution but a lot of people are not reading here of on social media and don't know what is happning..
  2. So after every new youth intake, those players use the training facilities, not the youth facilities anymore?
  3. Anyone playing in iceland on the beta ? Any reason to wait till the full release ? the B / youth team(s) work better now ?
  4. Anyone playing in iceland on the beta ? Any reason to wait till the full release ? the B / youth team(s) work better now ?
  5. is this version out ? I know u don't like me for asking , but any change instant result is in that update ? Can't fix it myself , even not after the tips i received from a few users.. thanks
  6. does anyone know if this a bug or something wrong from my end ? my filters were created on fm20, they worked on my first test save, now on my next save .. i know for sure i saw them but suddenly i can't import them, because they are not their. something about the PFT and FMF file ? Please help, thanks
  7. Anyone had troubles getting players on trial ? my board is cancelling almost every trial bid.. maybe i tried to sign to many at once ?
  8. two small questions. in responsibilities - u can choose offer to clubs - allow him to play for your reserve team. what does this mean ? U can loan out a player and he'll play for your own reserve team ? Can u change the default trial period to 4 in stead of 1 ? i saw some scouting preference option but when i offer free players a trial it stays '1 week'.
  9. Poole Town Football Club - The start 24/6/2020 I'm going to try this challenge after doing a few youth challenges. I hope i can continue this save from the beta to full game . I'm going to start with Poole Town . I hope we can work together with our neighbours Bournemouth .. and one day become bigger i'll have to sign almost a complete new squad . The chairman was already talking about selling the club in the near future (club vision). Club profile- Current squad - Club vision - Finances Wish me luck ! PS : can i show and post the images about the table - fixtures - transfers - squad etc directly or should i use links ?
  10. this is my attempt. i want a wingback to do some overlap and the WM has cut inside. All of them have tackling harder and cross deep and to TM if possible. My GK needs to feed the ball to the NCB's and they should hoof the ball if possible. In my first 4-4-2 flat attempt i used a MC roaming playmaker, but i want the b2b to get close to the strikers.
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