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  1. Sorry for the spam.. i received news about my stadium ! We go from 1200 (300 seated) to this : And they are upgrading my youth & training facilities once again..
  2. We did it ! Situation europa league season 7 after the 5th and last game : If we won against Bilbao, we would be 3th and be in Europa after the winterbreak (Europa Conference league). Santos scores in both games in the first minute. Good lad ! So we are going to play Europa conference league first knockout , at the start of season 8.
  3. I just saw an article about the 18 year old senior manager from Caersws. he is poached by Real Madrid
  4. IR Reykjavik - Season 7 - 2026 - review Table - Squad - Finances - Transfers - Youth intake Good performance in Iceland and a great one in Europe . After my first bad youth intake (and wasn't happy about a few things in the one from season 6) i was able to sign a HOYD with model prof personality and a tactical style that suits us . I hope i won't regret this. Iversen in , Jenson out Pepsideild: Couldn't reclaim the title . We lost points during our fixtures in the champions league qualifications. We qualified for europa league conference playoffs, no champions league qualification next season. Fixtures Champions league & Europa League : This time we did great in the champions league qualifications , beated richer teams but had bad luck in the final 15 minutes against Basel. This gave us one final qualification round for the europa league groups stage, and we did it ! i gained +- 3 million and this gave me the chance to upgrade my training(not youth, maybe this wil follow) facilities. Last two games in group stage will be played at the beginning of season 8 and if we get something against Bilbao or Sporting, we could become 3th (Europa conference League next round). Bikarkeppni Karla: Not a good year but not important this season. Deildabikar : We won this pre-season cup again Frabaer Bikar (supercup) : back to back wins in the supercup! Best players : Santos - Baldursson(24a) - Heidall(21a) Next season : For the first team in a few years i didn't get a good youth intake, so won't promote many players . I hope my youngsters can step up to become champions again and my squad will be good enough to compete for the league and Europe conference league. I'm also waiting for news about my new stadium (5k) . Captain Kostic is the only first team player that leaves IR. legend ! New young captain : Yes ! So i suppose we are going for average training facilities & good youth facilities.
  5. U really have bad luck, nobody poached any of my players and i produced a few semi wonderkids.
  6. IR Reykjavik - 2026 (season 7) - youth intake Preview : Wide midfielders that could be retrained to wingbacks are welcome. i need a WBL and central defender in the near future. The intake : An average intake with two potential new wingbacks and a star striker. again not happy with the personalites that i received. i'll sign most of them. Best prospects : A good pressing forward option. my future wingbacks ?
  7. Season 7 not finished yet but wanted to share this. we had a great champions league campaign and received +- 1.2 milj and a lot of gate receipts : conceded late at Basel or i would have been in the last playoff for the Champions league. Winning against Slovan = Europa League group , losing is Conference league. I hope i can finish my season this week.
  8. I was able to improve my YT recruitment once again(at the start of the 7th season) . YT facilities couldn't be updated yet
  9. Sure that it hasn't anything to do with licences ? Teams from lower leagues won't get promoted in Belgium if they don't have the right license (stadium, lights etc).
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