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  1. Is there a way to fix it(in the settings perhaps). I don't want to start a game just to be forced to abandoned it because too many players were loaded in the YI. I also don't want to make 50 tests to see how many I can load
  2. They already do that manually to some extent, but I agree that having a PI for it would be useful
  3. In my eyes he is an actual upgrade(though that Anticipaction is shocking) BTW, your attribute "wheel" seems to be broken. Can barely see the description
  4. I don't think a DW would work since they share all the same PI's as a normal W(plus 2 more)
  5. I have been looking at some cooling pads, do you think any of these are good https://www.elgiganten.se/product/datorer-tillbehor/ovriga-datorprodukter/TRUST16813/trust-laptopstall-med-kylning-xstream https://www.netonnet.se/art/dator-surfplatta/datortillbehor/laptopkylning/trust-cyclone-cooling-stand/1012980.9513/ I have a gift card for 200kr for Elgiganten Also, would a normal bag/backpack be alright? As long as I clean it that is
  6. MATE, honestly, you are a legend. You might have written something about this and If you have I apoligize. What are somethings I have to do to keep my laptop in tip top condition? I will mostly/only use it in bed or on the sofa, do I need something underneath? Etc etc
  7. CDON, Elgiganten, NetOnNet. There also Webhallen and MediaMarkt but I have never ordered from there so only in the last case scenario I guess. If you want some more info, I currently have a Custom Setup that loads 97000 players at the start of the game. Hope all of this is helpfull
  8. Wondering if there are any Swedish experts that can help me. I want it to be a laptop Budget is 10-15K kr. Not counting on watching any movie or series. Will want to play Paradox Interactive games. No editing, and no Spotify and such
  9. The only option that shows up under the detail panel is Rule Type and Expired Contract Type. Under ECT the options are 'Expired contract requires agreement', 'Committee decides fee for expired contracts', and 'Committee decides fee if no agreement reached'. What does all of these do, are they like Bosman Rule removed but on sterioids?
  10. So I am wondering how the landscape of a nation changes if you remove the Bosman Rule. I have never tried it before, Mostly because I don't really know my way around nation rules, and my computer is not the best so it would take a long time to sim on my own to see the results. I have a Switzerland filé(more of a Liechtensteine filé tbh) that I am messing around with, so if this makes it harder for foreign teams to poach players I am all for it
  11. Mate this is tip top, the amount of effort is insane! Looking good and looking forward to trying it when ever it is ready Good luck
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