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  1. Leonardo de Oliveira is not in the game for Famalicao Forgot to mention, he was recently selected for Portugals U17 https://www.zerozero.pt/player.php?id=697537
  2. Falkenbergs FF has two Derbies with HBK, El Custico and Hallandsderby
  3. Ikpe Prince Ekong does not have his son Shalom Ekong set as favourite personnel
  4. Emmanuel Ekong does not have his brother Shalom Ekong set as favourite personnel
  5. This was an issue last year as well, I pick 'Key highlights' and '2D classic' in the main menu in Preferences. Whenever I start a new game, boom, 'extended' and 'Director'
  6. Sorry if this if the wrong part of the bug forum. an AM and T in the attacking midfield strata can 'Aim Crosses At' while the rest at AM strata and CM strata can't, I think Mez should atleast be able to do it as well. Also, T can do it at ST while the rest can't even cross more/less
  7. There are 2 games in September for example. The last couple of tries has always been the same schedule, the only one that is just like my schedule is the opening match but that is because the season starts that date. Yes, 15/8. Not sure what you exactly mean, but I did not pick a weekday to play on in the options
  8. tried that, didn't work. removed every single Andorran club that shared an arena with the first divison, didn't work.
  9. I am having trouble with getting my specific dates to work. The matches don't appear on the dates I have set.
  10. Thank you, now I feel stupid that I made you do that work lol. thought you meant an 5-year plan like the one I found on FIFA https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/88176dce3738a428/original/cd3qpcttmbbjowbso2tz-pdf.pdf
  11. If you could be so kind, could you link it? Found the one for FIFA dates up to 2024, but no luck for a European Cups.
  12. So I want to play in a custom Andorra DB with 14 League games, 4 cup games, and 1 Supercup game. That is 19 games, with Continental cups that could exceed 30 games. I want 1 game a week so I can set up a custom training schedule without having to fuzz about with changes to it because of moved games. I know that it will be times where I have 2 games in one week. If not, is there any information when both International/Continental Club games are played. Like, is it that the 2nd week in September is always the first games of the champions league(non corona season)
  13. Thank you. Someone asked this in the other thread I made "Let me know what you find out. I’ve always been curious whether “game time” development is on more of a percentage basis in short leagues (e.g., playing half a season is the same everywhere, regardless of 14 or 38 games)"
  14. I have an Andorra DB with 14 leagues games, max 4 dom cup games and 1 super cup. with Europe involved it might reach 30+ but will ofc be hard for a couple of seasons. My question is, is this too few for development? Since I have read that players that are 20+ gets most of their developement from matches, will they stagnate around that age?
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