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  1. Lower the "Board Confidence" to 1 on both 'Board Confidence' and 'Fan Confidence'. It is under non-player data. I did every single board member(besides Zanetti, because he is Zanetti) just to be sure
  2. Update with teams that produce Croatians! @OlivierL Unfortunately, it seems that FC Kosova Zürich didn't produce a lot of Albanians or Kosovan players. Only 4 out of 40 possible
  3. @shimera Cheers mate, I knew about a team in Brazil that produces Haiti newgens but didn't know the name. Will add @OlivierL Can I add these to the list?
  4. Warning: You will probably have a hard time reading this because I had a hard time writing this. FC Andorra in Spain, FC Romania in England, FC Vaduz in Switzerland. They all share something similar between them, they all produce majority newgens that are not from the same nation they compete in. FC Andorra produces majority Andorran players, FC Romania produces majority Romanian players, and Vaduz produces majority Liechtensteiner players. What I mean with majority is not actually the majority, I think it should be around 50% of the intake that should be of said nationality.
  5. Oh ok, just wondering since I saw that you started a new post(love it BTW) before "finishing" this one so I started to get worried that this was over
  6. You could otherwise change his nationality to the correct one with the editor since you will be fixing a bug. But it is a lot harder(or rather, more annoying) to fix a players 2nd nationality than his main one.
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