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  1. A fair point, tbh. I often forget its not a solely British audience/forum.
  2. You're contradicting yourself. One minute you want gay players treated like everyone else, the next you're delighted that FM has highlighted a player coming out as gay, in a game where millions of other players sexuality never gets mentioned. I feel like we're making the same point, just in different ways, but I don't think the majority of football fans care in the slightest whether the players at their club are straight or gay, so it seems a bit strange for SI to wait until 2018 to start bringing it into the public eye.
  3. RandomGuy.

    You're a Manager of a top 20-30 club

    Yes. People turn their nose up at anyone over 26, but they're well worth signing. I've lost count of the amount of saves over the years where I've built a young squad, had a rough patch, and then a quality experienced player, with incredible mentals younger players haven't reached, manages to turn things around.
  4. I don't particularly care for the feature either, and I'm far from homophobic. Players shouldn't need to make public statements about coming out as gay, it's a personal life choice, and there's no real need for it to become major news. I understand why FM has it, to raise awareness, but it probably just emphasises how big a deal people would make of it, and it's a worry that that could potentially scare people off being the person they want to be. Fwiw there's a lot of "fluff features" which just seem a bit needless, again though, it stops the game feeling "clinical" by adding a more personal touch, so can understand why it's there.
  5. RandomGuy.

    3 up front

    The more people who use three central strikers against the AI the better, pretty much every game they do it to me, and if I don't change to a back three in time, they'll more than likely score. Has me seething.
  6. RandomGuy.

    FM18 Rate My Newgen Thread

    Just signed him on a PCA, £70k compensation. Bargain, and he'll rip the Scottish league apart.
  7. Im in 2023, and Grimmer has the same thing when I look at him. Hes still at Coventry and is playing for them in the Championship
  8. RandomGuy.


    This. "Ive played these games since Champ Man 96 and this is the first time I've failed, game is obviously bugged" is a statement you see constantly on here.
  9. I had a 16yo left back rated 5* potential before he broke his leg. Physical stats and bravery seemed to take a huge dip (I don't have a screenshot of what he was like before and don't know if I can check), and 12 months later he's now at 3* potential. Don't use the editor so don't know if his PA has actually dropped
  10. RandomGuy.


    Be aware the AI will look at their recent form aswell now, if its below 6.5 they'll likely think they aren't worth signing
  11. Scotland - Lots of Ball Winning Midfielders, 4-4-2 and high tempo football.
  12. RandomGuy.

    Decent way to scout...

    Both. I'll only look at players in the Player Search function who have a Scout Recommendation. They dont always appear in reports despite being better than those who are
  13. The never ending FM circle of moans and groans. Players moan AI clubs don't negotiate on deals because it's totally unrealistic a club wouldn't sell a £2m rated player for £50m and its stupid they don't negotiate. SI adapt the game so the AI will always be open for negotiations, but if they value a player so highly they'll try to "scare you off" with a mental asking price. Players moan it's totally unrealistic the AI even tries to negotiate a fee of £50m for a £2m rated player, and it would be far more realistic if they accepted about £10m. SI adapts games so asking prices are lower. Players moan it's totally unrealistic that a 5* potential youngster is being sold for £10m and it would be far more realistic if AI clubs told you they didn't want to negotiate instead of accepting totally unrealistic low offers. And you're back at the start of the circle. Repeat forever.
  14. I can understand that, I'm not daft, it just seems ridiculous he couldn't hit the target there.
  15. It's mental. He'd scored a goal in the first half by beating three men and slotting in from an identical position. His morale was "exceptional", and he was "looking calm", he also "enjoys big matches" I understand that players can miss chances, but there's just no reason someone with all those boxes ticked doesn't even hit the target there. It's like I'd used up my quota of shots on target for the match.