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  1. John Fleck is a fine Scottish example. 16yo when he broke through at Rangers, dubbed the next Rooney, then vanished into the English lower leagues.
  2. I found Serie A got weaker as time went on, purely because poor squad building from Juventus. Since the winger update teams seem better at solving weaknesses.
  3. Liverpool seem to, for spells. The only width they have us from the full backs.
  4. In my Leipzig save hes not joined them Summer 19 and is listed as joining Summer 20, so I think you're right, but I don't know if the AI manager that choice. Started what will be a lengthy pursuit of Kai Havertz. I want to replace Forsberg and Kampl within three years and he looks perfect for that in my set up. They guy Wolf that's a pre arranged deal doesn't look too great.
  5. £300k isnt that elite anymore, certainly not for an attacker. Players like Marcelo earn more. Just for the sake of things, I checked Rashfords wage in my Leipzig save, and he agreed a new £210k a week deal with an AI manager.
  6. Is it unrealistic for players to demand huge wages these days? Did Callum Hudson-Odoi, with less than five senior appearances, not demand over £80k a week from Chelsea?
  7. They've got Leon Bailey and Guedes on the wings in my Leipzig save, Kovacic in the middle, so they tend to try and counter me.
  8. In match that must be fun. I noticed Bayern changing formation against me, took ten minutes for my assistant to tell me it looks like they've changed shape.
  9. I think they have to have a form of cap, otherwise by the time you reach a year when it's all regens, youd have a lot of elite players due to how most clubs max out facilities and coaches by that point. Don't forget players like Francis Jeffers, who scored 20 goals in less than 40 starts for Everton before joining Arsenal at 20. You could argue he was EPL ready at a young age, yet never improved much.
  10. I'm not having a go at anyone, but it sort of annoys me that so many people are trying to get around Bayern signing Arp. He'll be incredible there and make them a force, surely half the fun of managing this league is trying to overthrow them?
  11. Worth remembering Arp isnt available if you're starting a save on the new database.
  12. As I mentioned, Bayern and Dortmund have gone crazy this Summer.. I didnt bother trying to keep up, as I cant match them for wages. Only major Summer signing I made was this lad... £37m up front, rising to £56m based on goals/appearances and winning the Bundesliga. Feels like a lot of money to spend on him, but for his age his physicals look unreal to me, and he'll provide a genuine alternative to Werner.
  13. If a player who isnt from your club, is on loan at another club (if you're Arsenal, and a Man U player is on loan at Chelsea), if you go into the "transfer" tab on their page, there is an option to take over the existing loan deal. I think it's only active during windows, and I think it has to be a loan deal that doesn't involve any wage contribution/monthly fee.
  14. I enjoy stuff like this. I'm Leipzig, finished 3rd last year, have over £150m in the bank, transfer budget of £80m and wage budget of £250kpw. I cant offer wages higher than 80k a week. Led to losing out on players to both Bayern and Dortmund.
  15. First season with Leipzig ended with me 3rd, we fell away after the winter break, and Werner struggled for goals. Bayern won the league easily, Dortmund inbetween us. Won the German Cup with a 3-0 win over Freiburg in the Final. Made the Europa League Semi, but lost 2-1 over two legs to Besiktas. Won 1-0 at home but conceded after 8 minutes second leg, Werner was then sent off and we conceded a free kick later on. Signed Timo Horn in the Summer, apart from him my only real signing was in January for £13m... Not done much in the Summer window so far. Bayern have spent £80m on Leon Bailey, while Dortmund have signed De Light. Think I'll struggle to keep up with them this year.
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