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  1. I can understand that, I'm not daft, it just seems ridiculous he couldn't hit the target there.
  2. It's mental. He'd scored a goal in the first half by beating three men and slotting in from an identical position. His morale was "exceptional", and he was "looking calm", he also "enjoys big matches" I understand that players can miss chances, but there's just no reason someone with all those boxes ticked doesn't even hit the target there. It's like I'd used up my quota of shots on target for the match.
  3. Anyone any clue how a striker with 16 Finishing and 12 Composure, who's confidence is sky high because hes already scored, fails to hit the target from that? I'm having to deal with this from all four of my strikers, while the opposition strikers, who are worse, are rifling them in from twenty yards consistently.
  4. Jack Paterson

    He's no longer at Kilmarnock, apparently left Scotland with his family to live abroad
  5. Injury overkill yet again

    Are these long term injuries or just one week/two week knocks? Every team on the planet has at least one player who picks up a knock during a match
  6. Restricted Stadium Capacity

    There's numerous stadiums like that in the lower leagues of Scottish football too, i assume you'll have to end the season with 100% capacity to persuade the board to open up further areas of the stadium (which ups costs, so would need to be financially viable in their eyes)
  7. Wouldn't be affected by your managers stats on stuff like Discipline would it?
  8. Fwiw I've drawn and won the two games since I posted, probably shows how hard a job SI have rifling through the folk like me desperate to blame them for my own misfortune
  9. Seems to happen to me every year tbh, so who knows. Start beta save > do well, stay for multiple seasons and build squad > patches start coming out > can't buy a win > sacked Probably is coincidental.
  10. Started a save on the beta, three seasons and 63 hours invested in it. For absolutely no reason, since the latest fix, the tactics I've successfully been using, have gone from being one that sees me comfortable in mid-table to losing eight games on the spin without scoring a goal. Three seasons of the tactic been perfectly fine and now it's unusable, and nothing else has changed. Same players, no unhappy players, same AI managers and styles. I just get ripped apart now.
  11. Who are you all managing and why?

    First season they went unbeaten in their group (RBL, Sevilla, Basel) then lost 5-2 to Liverpool Second season they got out a group of RBL, Tottenham and CSKA, before beating Arsenal on away goals. Then beat Real Madrid 2-0, before Tottenham knocked them out at the Semi Final stage. Third season they sit third with four points from four games. Arsenal top with ten and RBL (again, should that be logged as a bug?) on nine, so probably dropping into the Europa
  12. Are the new fixes all save game compatible? Or will I still have issues with scouting costs in my beta save?
  13. FM18: Serie A - The home of Calcio

    I've just started a game with Napoli, somehow managed to stave off any interest for my players. First order of business for anyone managing them should be giving a new contract to Mertens, he has an obscenely low release clause. Mysaj was also sought after. Struggling to find my best attack though. Playing 4-2-3-1 with Allan and Jorginho the base. Hamsik absolutely superb as an AP, and I've got Callejon as a Raumdeuter working well with Hysaj overlapping. Insignes been injured so had Mertens as the left sided IF and he's been superb, but Millik hasn't had a single decent game as the striker. Problem is I put Mertens up top and he plays poorly, while Insigne isn't too sharp at IF. Need to understand what role me CF needs to get the best out of them.