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  1. What are you expecting? Surely it's good AI management to refuse to overpay for players? PSG regularly vastly overspend on players so I'm not sure you can call that "fair value". I think you're confusing your idea of value with realistic value tbh. Do you regularly spend over players values to sign them? If not, why would it make sense for the AI to do so?
  2. Yeah I'm sure they got upgrade in the Winter patch last season. Liam Gordon and Ali McCann the latest youngsters to break through, McCann 19 but been the best player this season, not expecting any major upgrades for them yet though.
  3. St Johnstone for me, as always. Been a solid side for a decade but now falling behind as the bigger Scottish sides sort themselves out. Currently sit rooted to the bottom of the league without a win. Exciting as local bou done good Stevie May has returned after a hard few years away, in which time injuries savaged his career. The attacking depth is arguably enough to challenge for Europe, but the defence isnt close to it apart from one highly rated youngster. A turn to home grown youths has seen 5 of them as regulars this season, with a 5th local lad also in there. If you fancy a middling Scottish side with a hint of youth, a hint of attacking quality, but plenty of flaws to work on, I'd suggest them.
  4. This. Theres a demo available for free, so you have every chance to play the game yourself before buying it. If you buy it, and dont feel its worth it, that's on you not SI. Would you go into a shop, eat a free sample, then buy the product before throwing it in the bin and demanding a better tasting one? Folk seem to act like they have absolutely no choice but to buy every year, and then complain that they've bought it.
  5. Have any of them been thrown out a league after the season has already started? Genuinely dont know, was just a suggestion.
  6. Just guesswork, but I cant help but feel Bury collapsing has caused issues. It's been about a month since they were expelled and the league decided how League One would be run without them. It's possible theyve had to extend the deadline to rework the league rules, and cup rules, then go through the testing process.
  7. Theres also massive bugs with the new Volta game, and Ultimate Team, with people losing their entire team for absolutely no reason, and EA are clearly taking the day off as nobody is responding to anything this weekend.
  8. Aye, for all FMs flaws, and all the complaints, at least they sell you an actual game. You literally cannot play FIFA this year unless you spend actual money in the game.
  9. People complaining should cast an eye at FIFA 20. £50 and theyve not even updated the squads for the new season, they've not updated the European Competitions for the new season, if you try and sign a player but dont complete it before you're next game he just stands in the centre circle for the whole match. The big teams in the league are randomly playing full teams of reserves, and a huge majority of players are seeing Liverpool or Man City being relegated in the first season. Be thankful SI dont obsess over lootboxes and ignore the majority of their customer base.
  10. Yeah hes got a permit until 2023, then you'll probably be able to offer him a new contract and he'll get a new one before it expires. I wouldnt overthink it.
  11. Loving the sound of the new features, just hope they're exactly what they look like they are in game. The club philosophy one is huge, hoping you can be halfway through a plan towards youth development, with a board who aren't too pushy, only for a takeover to happen and they demand instant success with big signings. Do you wilt to their demands? Try and keep your own way going and hope they change their mind? Or move on to a club more willing to agree with your ideals? They sort of had it before, but this makes it far more obvious what the board are actually wanting from you. Like the ability to see your best youth prospects, and which players your coaches believe are worth working on, at a glance too, will help in Italy when you have about 80 players at each level. Far more realistic approach than sorting the squad of players by star rating... Not sure why theres always so many complaints about the same things in here. The argument about making the AI more realistic is fair, but not to the levels some people are wanting. Guardiola spends the majority of every day studying his own teams training sessions, and opponents matches. Do people think the majority of players want to finish a 9 hour shift at work, and then spend hours in front of their laptops doing that, simply to try and compete with the best manager on the planet, who in AI form would barely make mistakes?
  12. Hit the Winter break. Solid enough season, although barely scoring any goals. League title is already settled but the top four fight is incredible. Suso is saving my job single handedly. Piatek finally hitting form just as we hit the break, annoyingly.
  13. I think I've decided against the Italian only signing rules already anyway Only made one signing so far, as first window transfers were turned off. Free agent Montolivio has rejoined the club to provide cover in the DM position. He'll compete with Bennacer until Biglia returns from injury.
  14. Started an AC Milan save. Restricting myself to only signing Italian players (trying to talk myself into Brazilians too due to the links there). I can keep current players until their current contracts expire and then theyll have to go (Paqueta...), and same with youths who come through, only Italians will be kept on. Saves me ruining the save by making huge signings every windows.
  15. Was thinking of exactly this last night, so this thread is perfect for setting out rules. How do people act with youth candidates? Just release them if they're foreign?, or keep them around and try and sell them without playing them?
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