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  1. Literally every goal I concede is a full back crossing to the back post and the winger heading it in. Got so ridiculous I put a 6ft5 CB as left full back to prevent it, still lost a goal as Andros Townsend can apparently beat him in the air...
  2. Cant explain that one then, was £1.3m when I scouted him. Around September in first season I matched the clause, but then he renewed his deal there and the clause became £10m?
  3. Yeah Levante are pretty quick to renew his contract once you start a save.
  4. His names Alex Blesa. Edited the post so his names in it now.
  5. Suspect these three are probably already well known, I'm usually behind on these sort of things, but can't see them mentioned. Looks a decent CB option for the money. Has a £1.3m release clause at the start of the game but Levante are quick to renew his deal to increase that, so you'd have to be quick. Seems a decent prospect for a mid-table/lower half EPL side for that money. Can negotiate a deal for £3m plus a sell on clause. Looks a decent prospect to put on a wing eventually.
  6. I'm Man U. Game ended 2-0 with me having just over 30%.
  7. Not that much, but I'd have to double check. Have it in my mind it was around £8m in the second season. They're absolute monsters in my St Johnstone save though. Took until 2023/24 for them to lose two games in a month. They went undefeated in the league for 20 months and had over 100 points in the previous season. They've got Ross Barkley and Christian Pulisic on contracts around £100k a week, and just spent £35m on a CB from Porto. Their front four is Jack Harrison, Barkley, Pulisic and Mapauy, and they play a high press, high tempo game. I've won once against them in 5 seasons. This was from a beta save though, so they're maybe a bit calmer in new saves.
  8. 19/20 - 1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) - 25 goals; 2nd: Odsonne Edouard (Celtic) - 33 goals; 3rd: Wissam Ben Yedder (Monaco) - 22 goals 20/21 - 1st: Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus) - 31 goals; 2nd: Maxi Gomez (Valencia) - 25 goals; 3rd: Ciro Immobile (Lazio) - 21 goals 21/22 - 1st: Kylian M'Bappe (PSG) - 24 goals; 2nd: Robert Lewandowski (Bayern) - 22 goals; 3rd: Duvan Zapata (Inter) - 22 goals 22/23 - 1st: Kylian M'Bappe (PSG) - 29 goals; 2nd: Fedor Chalov (Monaco) - 27 goals; 3rd: Neal Maupay (Celtic) - 30 goals Major 5 European leagues and Scotland in full detail.
  9. Haven't played for a while in the hope this had been sorted... So, so frustrating to come up to a huge game to a team you're directly competing with late in the season. Spend time analysing their weaknesses, set up your own team to try and dominate that. It works perfectly and you batter them. But for some reason, your strikers can't score four times when they're standing alone in the box because theyre completely incapable of doing anything other than shooting straight at the goalkeeper, even when theres no pressure on them. Makes the game feel completely pointless tbh.
  10. Has anyone ever seen an AI side as dominant as this Celtic side?
  11. Has the ME been updated? My last minute winner was a 1v1 scored.
  12. Just won 1-0, my tactic now is simply to push my side as high up the park as possible and press teams back. Scored through a long shot as my midfielders are so high up the park, gave away 7 instances of the opposition being clean through as the simply knocked it over my defence, every single one saved by my keeper. Feels pretty poor you can exploit it that easily, was a genuine challenge in previous patches to find a tactic that worked for me.
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