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  1. I've found it better, in spells. Had Werner and Vardy both getting 20 goals in the first half of the season. Feels like it comes in runs of games, then a run of game without a goal etc. Before the update I couldn't get a striker scoring at all.
  2. Tbf it's a legal issue. Imagine the fuss a player would kick up if they were portrayed as an alcoholic.
  3. I'd rather not glitch my way to victory tbh. It's dreadful and has ruined a potential save I wanted in Scottish football. They beat Celtic 3-0 at Parkhead to go clear at the top. They didn't even sign anyone in the Summer. Saves been deleted as it's just a farce, dont think I'll bother with that league again this year.
  4. Hamilton of Scotland now set up under the AI with a narrow 4-3-3. Hamilton of Scotland are one of the worst teams in the country. I'm in December and Hamilton of Scotland are sitting top of the league.
  5. Players miss training sessions when they're on it, which is why you cant send an entire squad away at once. The course will only work with certain players, who have the right base attributes to be improve, otherwise everyone would send every young player on a course and ten years down the line youd have 20 model citizen players with 20 leadership in your team. In other words, they're making sure people cant abuse the system like they used to do with the old tutoring system.
  6. Doing okay. Topped my Div 3 Nations League group with Albania and Israel, then finished 3rd in a Euro Qualifying group with Holland, Wales, Albania, Macedonia and Azerbaijan. Got another chance to qualify thanks to my Nations League performance, and beat Finland, then Albania (I'm so sick of them) to qualify. Euro group was Wales (so sick of them), England and Austria. Lost 1-0 to Austria, 2-0 to England, and drew 0-0 with Wales. Obviously that knocked us out. Nations League Div B group involving Sweden and Bosnia was won, and I finished tied for first in WC qualifying group. It had Poland, Greece, Estonia and Hungary in it. We qualified as one of the best second placed teams. Nothing truly outstanding there, but it still means I'd be the best Scotland manager in over 20 years Finding it really hard to find a decent goalkeeper, but theres regens starting to pop up who look very decent, and a few young Scots going about are starting to peak.
  7. Playing as Scotland. Gave this guy his first cap at 16, before he'd made a club appearance or won a move to Liverpool. Hoping he continues to progress and becomes the star International striker I'm desperate for...
  8. Seems like its worth reporting, especially if it helps improve the reputation system. You usually get more in depth reasoning if it's there, for example I've had applications come up with a message saying the club wont pursue it as they dont believe they can afford me.
  9. What was his reputation set to? Global footballer level can lead to some strange job offers
  10. Higher the package, more expensive it is, but increases the amount of players visible in the player search screen. I think.
  11. This is just them saying they wont sell him. They used to just flat out refuse your offer, but people complained that "everyone has a price", so now this is how the AI tries to scare you off.
  12. That screenshot is FM2008. Newgens looked like this...
  13. This. Heynkes final Bayern side was perfect, absolutely perfect. Guardiola ruined them, and they've never recovered.
  14. It's not though, if you start a game now you'll start with a different squad than what the club did in real life. Do you refuse to play January signings until the date they signed on.
  15. I allow them, any realism vanishes the moment you press a button. I'd rather not go 6 months of the season with one dreadful goalkeeper because that's what my inept club manager decided to do.
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