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  1. We weren't able to do it, Lazio then won their game and took the final spot. Board are fairly unhappy. Willian Jose didn't score for the final few months, Schick stepped up to a point, as did Gomez, but its a worry.
  2. Inter lost the day before. My Champions League hopes rest on the final five minutes of the season.
  3. RandomGuy.

    Inside forward newgens

    Not a huge sample size, but I've just checked via Player Search for players 16 or under natural as IFs, and nine newgens have popped up, that's ignoring any who are 17 or 18, as older ones seem to pop up through affiliates. So it looks like there will be IFs "out the box" at AI clubs. This is May of the first season.
  4. Juventus top the league in my save, tied with Napoli but 10 points ahead of 3rd. Only signings were Victor Ruiz and Emerson, a 23yo Brazilian left winger. Not sure of their sales, but know they loaned Ruiz out in January and he's agreed to join that team in the Summer, can't remember who it was.
  5. RandomGuy.

    Transfer Listed

    Nathaniel Clyne is always transfer listed for £25m in my saves. "Doesn't feature in Liverpool's future plans" is the reason.
  6. Surprised to see Ronaldo still doing so well, had assumed he'd maybe started to fade by that point.
  7. Some of you should play in Italy. Regularly come up against deep defending strikers and I've had Juventus and Lazio go more defensive in the Final stages of a match. Had a Cup game against Inter that went to extra time. They scored first, went ultra defensive, I scored, they opened up again. I then got an injury that forced me down to ten men and they went far more attacking, and ended up scoring the winner.
  8. I'm planning on selling both those players so can see how our plans have differed with De Rossi. How much did Rugani cost? He's perfect for Roma.
  9. Enjoying the ME tbh, had plenty of variation in goals, including a move an incisive counter that saw my winger cut back to a midfielder making a late run who curled it in from just outside the box. Only annoyances for me are the length of the VAR review clip, takes an age, and you don't even see the incident again ( I have replays off, not sure if this effects it, might be nice to have a wee window in a corner showing the incident again in slow mo while the ref runs about, though). I also have an interface bug where half the team disappears every time I click, been like that since the winter update for 18, and has been in every stage I've played of 19.
  10. Football Manager, Serious Business.
  11. Always put a goalkeeper on the bench. I always have to my bench set up Gk Fb Cb Dm Cm Wide player Striker
  12. Aberdeen knocked back £7m for a young defender who'd only played about 10 games for them and who'd just suffered a fairly serious injury. That happens in game and it would seem unrealistic. It's definitely just a "scare you off" tactic as people moaned about flat out rejections as "everyone has a price". They'll likely negotiate to far lower the further into it you get.
  13. 1. Spend four hours picking a team, spend another four hours picking tactics/transfers and getting to the first friendly match. 2. Spend the whole day at my work planning things in my head. 3. Get bored of save halfway through first friendly. 4. Return to point 1
  14. Would make sense for the World Cup due to timing etc.
  15. I extended his contract. A Roma without Totti is bad enough, but having neither is unthinkable to me. I'm hoping to get him as a staff member when his time is up. Costs me £80k a week, a lot of money.