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  1. Came back to this game after being completely bored with ebery AI side defaulting to 3-4-3 with a central front three as soon as they went behind, a system that is unbeatable with the ME flaws. First 5 games back and every single match has gone to the tune of me taking the lead, opponents going with a central front 3, and them coming back to win as no matter what I do, they always have an overload by simply thumping the ball long and I'm outnumbered somehow. Even when I camped 5 defenders at the back and put everything to park the bus, they simply had to knock the ball over my defence to
  2. Just preference really, wanted to go in completely blind in a way and have to "guess". Considered having just two colours, below/above 10 and might still go that way. Just feel like its more realistic to use Scout reports for a players strengths, and their stats, rather than still being able to vaguely see their attributes.
  3. Its easy to avoid them, you have to change the view in player search to see them, apart from that they're invisible. If you advertise for staff, you see their attributes too, but I leave my DOF to do that to avoid any issues there too.
  4. Using the no attribute skin this year, and changed the colours so there's not even a guess at the attributes. No star ratings either. Can see the numbers in player search but I don't use that function at all, so that's fine. Means I have to plan signings for next season during the season, otherwise I won't be able to see their radar and rate them against their fellow players. First transfer window about to come up to test it, as I need a back up LB, but high chance I end up signing a dud. I'm verging on going for an experienced player who's played at the same level as me this se
  5. Not sure really. Play 4-1-4-1 almost exclusively, with wingers and an AP getting forward to support a DLF. Like to go mid-table sides and build them up over multiple seasons and then stick with them to whatever end. Oddly though about this a few months ago and found a manager I thought was perfect, but forgot who it was.
  6. Downloaded MozzaPlays Scottish Pyramid database. Started at the lowest level with Kinnoull. 3 players. 0 staff. £0 budget. £1k bank balance that runs out after a month. Only allowed 4 players earning over £30pw before the board refuse to allow contracts over £7pw. Only 4 loans allowed. No league clubs willing to loan players to your level. No club wants to affiliate. Around 8 divisions worth of clubs all without players, and all after the same players. Players are likely the worst in the game. Average stamina of 7. Strikers cant score consiste
  7. I don't think scouts in game have any knowledge of the PA at all. They're just guessing.
  8. Maybe there's players like Caputo in the game? Same with Vardy. People mostly just don't see them because they're not signing players aged over 25 from the lower tiers.
  9. If you're playing 3 central strikers then I'm not entirely sure what outcome you were expecting tbh. Biggest exploit in FM history.
  10. *starts a fire* Blame the people who said the game was easy and strikers were scoring too much...
  11. The argument would be that FM21 isn't even out yet. You're playing a version set up so people can test every part of it and find bugs. Ever considered that, you know, finding issues is the entire point of the beta being released to the public?
  12. There's your issue in a nutshell. Football Manager is a game, and is restricted almost entirely by that simple, basic, fact. There is zero way they can ever replicate real life managers, there's not a single game in existence that has human level thought process AI. There will always be a weakness in the game due to this. If they sort out one problem, then another will appear as a consequence, thats why every game spends the entire span of relevancy releasing patches. Some issues people are moaning about will be resolved for the full release. Some won't. At the end of the d
  13. Seems to depend on your staff. At St Johnstone i get told everyone is playing 4-4-2, or that there's "not enough knowledge", while at Inter/Barca I got more detailed ones, including expected opposition roles.
  14. I'm not at my laptop but it happened at about 2am last night and I was too tired to remember the log it, but is a side signing a player, then selling him a few days later a bug or by design? I know some clubs in real life have done this on occasion, like Aaron Mooy joining Man City then straight to Huddersfield. Transfer was a GK who had interest from Real Madrid and Zenit, who joined Real Madrid, then within a week he moved to Zenit and it came up as the exact same fee on my timeline. Feels like a bug so I'll log it tonight if nobody tells me otherwise on here.
  15. All this thread has done is make me think up potential challenge ideas. Like a PCA challenge. You can only sign players on pre-contract agreements, you cannot renew a players contract until his final 6 months, and if a player requests a transfer unless you renew his deal, you must accept the transfer request. Be challenging the higher up you are id imagine?
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