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  1. I'd recommend David Selke. I played him as an Advanced Forward on his own, and also a Complete Forward, and hes scored over 25 goals in all four seasons ive had him so far. Wanted £100kpw though, and he's not so great against Bayern.
  2. I had a ~15 season game with St Johnstone, ended up dominating the SPL and reaching CL Quarter Finals, before randomly getting bored of the players and having a purge. Next season I was sitting about 8th for the majority of the season, before a decent January window helped me surge back up the table. The board never really questioned me though, the fact I was a legend by that point maybe helped.
  3. FM 17 - Paulo Dybala

    I genuinely believe he could stroll in any league, in any attacking position. Hes obscene.
  4. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    Hugs the line more often than not, due to playing him as a Winger. Gives me the option of changing things about if he's not getting much luck on the outside though.
  5. FM17 - RB Leipzig

    I signed Burke for Dortmund.. First choice right winger, can post his full stats later, but he averages over 15 assists in the three seasons I've had him.
  6. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    Not someone I've come across before. He starts at Boca, and must be down the pecking order as he got loaned out early on in this save. Would be interesting to see how available he is at the start of the game. I'd also recommend this guy from Porto. No idea if these are well known players or not.
  7. Dybala or Griezmann

    This is Dybala in 2020 of my Dortmund save, if it helps you decide... If my FM morals didn't get in the way, I'd happily be spending the £155m they want for him.
  8. FM16: Rate My Regen Thread

    To me, he looks a great prospect. Performances so far aren't great. I only play one up top and both Vietto and Selke can score ~20 goals while still being rotated, but I feel like he can force the issue. I got him for free when his contract expired.
  9. Not played as much, due to moving house, but have just finished my fourth season... In season three, we finally won the league... David Selkes 21 goals in 22 games was a massive help, while Laporte really steadied my backline. We lost to Man City in the First knockout round of the CL, and then lost a last minute goal in the German Cup Final against RBL, ended up 5-4. Yet another kick in the teeth, to add to the last game loss of the title the season before. Into 2019/20. The Summer saw a raft of younger players let go to let the next batch have a run at things. Biggest outgoings were Emre Mor who joined Atletico Madrid for an initial £15m, with scope for it to reach £20m. Also leaving was Mateo Kovacic in a £20m move to Manchester United. He'd only joined for £6.5m the previous January, but I really struggled to get him working effectively within my tactics. I prefer my DLP to sit deeper, as I play Kessie and a BBM and he leaves areas exposed sometimes. Weigl covers him effectively, but Kovacic seemed to roam around more, despite instruction. Coming in was Ryotaro Echigo, a Japanese forward signed for free from Urawa Reds. Looks a massive prospect, and I've brought him in with the knowledge that Vietto is started to get unsettled by Real Madrid. He'll be first choice within the next 2-3 seasons. Rui Pires also joined from Porto, for £5.5m, he takes Kovacics role as understudy to Weigl, and his natural position of DM, plus his preferred moves, means hes a perfect player for that role. Still a bit rough but looks very good for the fee. We made a few more incomings and outgoings, but mostly just youths being shuffled about, and me taking gambles on younger talents, so I won't bother going through them all. In the league we finished 3rd, CL we reached the Quarters and we lost in the Semis of the German Cup. A fairly poor season. All in all, I made a profit of £43m last season (£12m spent, £55m sold)
  10. This, usually seems to be 4-6 weeks after the end of the window, dependent on the player.
  11. FM17: Gems of Fm17

    I had Amiri in my Dortmund save, never really reached the levels I'd hoped, but his deliveries late in games was a huge asset.
  12. Good Young SPL Striker

    Kris Doolan at Partick. Virtually a cheat code.
  13. I've always felt it's too easy to go on losing runs, one bad defeat can destroy the morale to the point you never recover. Had been on an eight game winning streak, played the top team, went 3-0 down and lost two players (injury and red card), and my nine men ended up losing 5-1. No matter what I done I couldn't get the morale back up from being negative and we lost the next eight, including a game against the bottom of the league side, leading to my sacking. I understand I'll have played a part with the tactics, but in those eight losing games we were dominating, but my strikers were fluffing everything and my defenders were making goal costing mistakes in most games, the same players who two weeks earlier were smashing sides above me 5-0.
  14. Unrealistic Expectations

    When I had the problem originally, the lowest expectation was "continental expectation". Started a game a few days back and "mid table" was now available. Finished 7th, missing out on the split on goal difference, and never once had to have a board meeting. Whatever the problem was, it seems to be sorted now.
  15. Wonderkids from across the globe

    Kessies better, IMO