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  1. Has the ME changed in the past week? I've not played since Wednesday due to illness and it definitely updated the game before I started. I'm four seasons deep into a save, having spent most of that building a tactic and squad around it, had started the season on fire, and now I can't score a goal, none of players press and I can barely must 40% possession. Before, I'd had 3 seasons of dominating domestic games with this set up. I understand the issues with the previous ME people were experiencing, but it's stuff like this that prevents me ever having long term saves, and I don't have the spare time anymore to constantly be analysing everything to build a tactic whenever the game updates. Guess the point where the ME changed. There shouldn't be such huge variance between versions.
  2. Have you had much interest in Skriniar/Icardi yet? Always felt it could be a struggle to keep them at Inter early on.
  3. Roma 2021 Summer Transfers A few notable outs. Pereira was moved on to make space for Zaniolo. Signed on a free two seasons ago, and scored 9 goals in 54 league games, before being sold for almost £30m. Perfect. Nani, Bianda and Broughton haven't progressed at all, and were sold off without hesitation as I streamline things. Cutrone scored 0 goals in 27 games for me, then 2 in 16 for Bologna, who refused an option to sign him after a loan spell. Fulham the only club who offered anything for him. I paid £5m, but add in wages and the percentage I owed Milan, and I'll have made a loss. I'm owed 20% of any profit they earn. Raya was unhappy, took another loss but put a clause in there too. Rajkovic will be second choice this year. Incomings are more exciting. Kwadwo Asamoah Free from Inter - Will provide cover for Pellegrini. Sebastian Luperto £5.5m from Fiorentia - Wanted a youngish Italian CB to provide cover. I've not had any real CB cover for a while, apart from Ampadu on a multi-season loan. Cheap and cheerful. Emanuel Mammana £12.5m from Bayern - Bayern signed him for almost £40m two seasons ago, so was surprised he was listed for such a low fee. A clear upgrade on Llorente. Makes the Luperto signing a bit reduntant, but had signed him first. Andrea Belotti £23m from Tottenham - Demanded a transfer after "promises made when signing weren't met". Half of Europe wanted him, so I didn't hesitate. A real statement of intent I think. Shame for Maxi Gomez, whos been superb, and De Graca, who was breaking through, but Belotti is incredible for that money,
  4. How much money would people spend on this guy? I have Justin Kluivert as first choice on that wing, with an ageing El Shaaraway back up. Wanted a winger to provide something different as both are IFs. They refuse to negotiate but I've not tried pushing yet, can't decide how much hes worth.
  5. RandomGuy.

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    How much money would people spend on this guy? I'm Roma and have Justin Kluivert as first choice on that wing, with an ageing El Shaaraway back up. Wanted a winger to provide something different as both are IFs. They refuse to negotiate but I've not tried pushing yet, can't decide how much hes worth.
  6. I wasn't having a go at people, simply stating my experience with the game. I don't think it's correct that the only opinions/feedback are the negative ones.
  7. You can get this when players are loaned with an optional fee included. Barca loaned Lleglet to Napoli, with a £6m optional future fee, and I couldn't make an offer for him until his loan deal had expired. Not sure if that's what's happening here, but worth mentioning I think.
  8. Icardi has finally left Inter, in a £151m move to Man U Man U moved for Cendiz Under again, offered me £15m
  9. Roma 2020/21 - Review Came down to the final match. Needed to win and were 3-2 down with 20 minutes left. Da Graca came on, scored twice, and set up another. He ended up playing a major part with important goals, as he scored a late winner against Parma, and also a winner in what ended up a decisive game against Juventus. Ronaldo is a monster for them. Mertens the "worst", but thats hampered by numerous late sub appearances where he barely got a touch, he done exactly the job I wanted. Da Graca put in a great showing, and Berardi stepped right up. Left wing was an issue, El Shaaraway and Kluivert really poor. We've already agreed two signings for next season.. Asamoah on a free, as since we left Emerson move I'd had no real cover for Pellegrini. Wanted someone who'll happily be back up, but be capable of stepping in, as Pellegrini is injury prone. Perfect player for me. £25m. Didn't plan on this, usually have an idea of next seasons squad a year in advance, and next year was meant to be the same as this year, but with Da Graca being out and out second choice and Mertens third. Belotti is seemingly unhappy with Tottenham and demanded a transfer, and £25m seems like a bargain. Prolific, Italian, different to Maxi Gomez, available for far less than hes worth. I couldn't turn down the chance of that.
  10. RandomGuy.

    FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

    Do you save and reload until you get a World Class newgen?
  11. You're doing far better than me anyway I finished outside the top four in the first season. 1 in 3 sounds not too bad? Found strikers being a bit patchy with my set up, unsure if it's a wider issue or just the tactical issue, it's something I always try and find a way to resolve, then a striker goes and bags in a couple of games in a row so I forget.
  12. Best result of my Roma career so far.
  13. Hows Willian Jose getting on for you? And I just, just managed to get Manolas on a new deal before he left. Hope you have more luck with Pastore too, was superb, but just couldn't stay fit.
  14. RandomGuy.

    Teams to Manage - FM19

    Tbf he's not just done it to the team he's managing.
  15. Cragno is first choice, but Raya comes in for weaker games/Italian cup games/European group games after ive qualified. Rajkovic was loaned out and I'm looking to sell him at the moment, but Raya is demanding a move. If he's still like that in the Summer I'll give Rajkovic a go as second choice. Mertens is doing what Id hoped. He replaces Maxi Gomez when he's injured and provides a solid 6.8 rating and a few goals, I've started playing De Graco more than Mertens though.