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  1. Is it worth doing individual position training for a player even if I am not trying to switch their position/role/duty? For example, Anthony Martial is natural at AML-inside forward-attack and that is where I play him as well, so is it worth selecting individual training for the position AML-inside forward-attack for him (to reinforce the attributes needed for the role) or is there no point? Thanks.
  2. Is there an advised limit i should stick to with regards to the number of players per mentoring group? I currently have a group with seven players in it (two players with significant impact, three with average and two with light) and am not sure if this is over doing it. Thanks.
  3. I'm playing as Bayer Leverkusen and in the Responsibilities section I have told by u19 manager to arrange a friendly every week yet he never seems to do this. The only u19 friendly that have been arranged are the ones I have arranged myself.
  4. This is something I was wondering in FM18 and am still not sure if it is possible in FM19. Is there a way to get a B team for my German league team (other than adding one in the DB)? Thanks
  5. @Christopher Lewis I can't see this change in the latest patch. Do you know if it might be added in future patches or will it not be fixed until FM 20? Thanks.
  6. Hopefully this is the right place for this question (it is pretty stupid): Which is more severe (i.e. closer to injury): High injury risk or Increased injury risk? Thanks
  7. I'm trying to find out how scouting works with regards to a scout having multiple assignments. If I have a scout set to scout the Premier League, can they also scout the Champions League/Europa League, as these competitions very rarely conflict with each other? Also, if my scout is set to scout the Premier League, can they then also scout the World Cup as the competitions don't conflict with each other? I know in FM19 you can set you scout to scout multiple competitions but I'm wondering if there are any consequences to it. Does the scout get tired and become less effective if they are doing too much work? Thanks.
  8. @nick1408 Did you need to do anything specific with the FM18 version to get it to not switch between home/away teams? I've just reverted to the FM18 panels and it is still switching between home/away teams. thanks.
  9. I got a warning that a player might want a new contract, so I then negotiated and offered him a new contract. A few days later, I get a message saying the player would like to discuss a new contract. Surely, if he has a new contract offer that is pending, he should need to ask for one as well.
  10. A few of my players are unhappy at the lack of tactical defending training so my coach advises me to do more tactical defending training. To clarify, does that mean they want more 'Defensive Shadow Play' training, as that is the only defensive option under the Tactical training section? Thanks.
  11. Playing as Arsenal, Koscielny wanted to leave to go back home so I sold him. Ozil was then unhappy that I let a dressing room leader leave, so I spoke to him about it but none of the options allowed me to say that it was Koscielny who wanted to leave and that is why I sold him. I think an option like this would be beneficial as it would help the unhappy player understand the situation better.
  12. On the Attributes page (Overview > Attributes), there are three panels, just above the statistics box, which can be changed between a few options (fitness, dynamics, plans, training etc). Is it possible to add another option to this? For example, I'd like an option for scouting so I can see my players current and potential ability. Thanks. (panels in the red box are the ones I'm referring to)
  13. A slight bug I've noticed, my top right panel is set to Overview (small) but sometimes, at he beginning of a game (the first time I see in between highlights panels), it is set to league table. I then change it to Overview (small) and it stays like that for the rest of the game.
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