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  1. Playing as arsenal, second season, and it's Reiss Nelson. No save before it happened.
  2. Unfortunately not. Do you still want me to upload it?
  3. frank_olaf

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    @nick1408 Did you need to do anything specific with the FM18 version to get it to not switch between home/away teams? I've just reverted to the FM18 panels and it is still switching between home/away teams. thanks.
  4. I got a warning that a player might want a new contract, so I then negotiated and offered him a new contract. A few days later, I get a message saying the player would like to discuss a new contract. Surely, if he has a new contract offer that is pending, he should need to ask for one as well.
  5. A few of my players are unhappy at the lack of tactical defending training so my coach advises me to do more tactical defending training. To clarify, does that mean they want more 'Defensive Shadow Play' training, as that is the only defensive option under the Tactical training section? Thanks.
  6. Playing as Arsenal, Koscielny wanted to leave to go back home so I sold him. Ozil was then unhappy that I let a dressing room leader leave, so I spoke to him about it but none of the options allowed me to say that it was Koscielny who wanted to leave and that is why I sold him. I think an option like this would be beneficial as it would help the unhappy player understand the situation better.
  7. On the Attributes page (Overview > Attributes), there are three panels, just above the statistics box, which can be changed between a few options (fitness, dynamics, plans, training etc). Is it possible to add another option to this? For example, I'd like an option for scouting so I can see my players current and potential ability. Thanks. (panels in the red box are the ones I'm referring to)
  8. frank_olaf

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    A slight bug I've noticed, my top right panel is set to Overview (small) but sometimes, at he beginning of a game (the first time I see in between highlights panels), it is set to league table. I then change it to Overview (small) and it stays like that for the rest of the game.
  9. frank_olaf

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    What you describe above might be one of the causes of the issue but I don't think that is what is causing it for me. When the reset happens to me, it is always mid match. I don't think I'v ever gone to the pitch view of a previous match.
  10. frank_olaf

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    @michaeltmurrayuk What do you mean by what settings are we using? I haven't made any amendments to the code. It's changing once every few games and I have installed it in the base skin file that I downloaded from you. I'm not swapping between skins. I'm not sure what zoom mode is, so I don't think I'm using it. OS is Windows 10. Don't think I'm running any clean up programs. Thanks.
  11. frank_olaf

    [FM19][MOD] Match Screen Mods

    Is there a way to remove, or set height to 0 for some of the IBM panels that appear during the game when there are no highlights? I've adjusted them in game (so I only have one long panel on the left, one long one in the middle and two on the right) but sometimes they reset themselves (showing all eight, evenly spaced) during a game. Thanks.
  12. Here is a screenshot of what I mean. There is so much space for it.
  13. frank_olaf

    Travel after a home game

    Will do. I made sure to create a save of the game. The save is called "Arsenal - Travel issue"