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  1. I think this has been an issue since SI separated the inbox and news feed a few years ago. It would be nice if we could pick certain message types we want forwarded to our inbox.
  2. The missed penalty symbol that used to appear in the notable events section of the match screen seems to have disappeared in 21.4. Could this be a skin issue or was it removed on purpose?
  3. I have a couple of suggestions to improve the player card in the dugout section on the match screen. Using the screenshot as a reference: 1. In the green box, where you see the players position, it would be nice to also include the players current role and duty i.e. DCL - BPD (de). This just offers an easer overview of your players and roles. 2. In the red box, it would be helpful to make the player's name at the top of the menu a clickable link, taking you to the players profile/attribute screen. It would offer a quicker way to get to this screen instead of going to the tactics
  4. Since the update to 21.3 the game seems to be working my computer harder. The fan is used more often and is louder as well. This occurs both during a match and outside of a match as well.
  5. I'm still struggling to get this to work and have re-read your original post about it and just want to confirm something. Do I need to remove "PcOI" and "PftI" and replace them with the old "PRCF"? Thanks.
  6. Hi. I want to try this out but have a question about exactly what I need to do. Looking at the original file, I see: <record id="PcOI" auto_hide_priority="6" navigation_focus_target="false" /> <record id="PftI" auto_hide_priority="6" navigation_focus_target="false" /> Based on what I can see from your screenshots, I need to change the "6" to a "3". Is that correct? Is adding "width=30" needed? Do I need to make any other changes? Thanks
  7. Which skin are you using? I really want a skin with condition percentages. Thanks.
  8. I've just started using this skin and cleared the cache but I am still not seeing the condition %, I still get the heart symbol. Is there anything I need to do to get condition to show as a percentage? thanks.
  9. This is an issue that existed in the beta but was then fixed for the full release but it seems to have come back in the latest patch. I'm struggling to see the ball in the 3d match view, the white ball blends into the light green grass. When it was fixed for the full release, it seems like the ball was made a bit thicker/or the white was more radiant but this isn't the case any more.
  10. I'm trying to get the fitness/condition to show as a percentage on the squad screen but am generally happy with the dark version of the main skin. Is it possible to take a panel file from this skin and add it to the dark skin to add fitness/condition percentage? Thanks.
  11. Has the 'Mistakes' stat been removed from the game? I feel like FM20 had Mistake and Mistakes leading to goals but I can only see Mistakes leading to goals in FM21.
  12. Just a small thing which I find annoying that has been introduced in this patch, when you acknowledged a scouting report, the bottom of the report shifts downwards (see video). Not sure if this is considered a bug so have raised it here first. FM video.mp4
  13. In my first team Coaching Responsibilities view I see u23 coaches as well as my regular coaches. Do the u23 coaches perform in the same way as a regular coach, in terms of time and effort they can provide? I just want to check because I have a u23 coach assigned to one of the training areas and I don't want players losing out because the u23 coach actually spends more time with the u23 team and less with the first team. Any advice on how this works would be much appreciated. Thanks
  14. I feel like this is the best way forward. I understand the reasoning to get rid of the percentages as it is a bit unrealistic, but having a gap of 15% for the first colour band seems like too much to me. 10% gaps (and adding a 5th band) would make more sense.
  15. Thanks so much for making this mod. Just a question about how to install it. Your instructions say "Now go to the Panels folder and the match folder"; my panels folder doesn't have a 'match' folder, so should I just create one? Will the mod still work that way? Thanks.
  16. On the scouting report page, the name of the scout who provided the report can be seen towards the top left. On previous versions of FM, the scout's name would be clickable but it isn't anymore. It's helpful to have it clickable as it is an easy way to quickly see the scouts attributes so I know how accurate the scouting report is.
  17. Go to this page and download the dark skin, https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/fm2021/skin/fm21-base-skins. Once you've downloaded it, unzip it and place it in your skins folder (probably here, C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\skins). Then open up FM21 and in preference, select the new skin.
  18. This is an issue I didn't have in the beta but am having in the full version. During a match, I have the touchline tablet set up for three specific panels: 'Arsenal Stats' (I am playing as Arsenal), 'Match Stats', 'Opposition team formation' I issue I am having is when I go to an away game, the Arsenal Stats becomes the Opposition stats and Opposition formation becomes Arsenal formation. I then change them back to what I want them to be, but next time I have a home game, they are the other way around again. Essentially, it is setting these panels based on Home Team/Aw
  19. I raised this issue during the Beta so not sure if I should be raising it again, so please delete this if needed: Not sure if this is a bug or is as designed, but it's annoying that you can't go from one tactics section (In possession, In transition, Out of Possession) to the other anymore, without going back to the formation screen first. For example, if I click on the 'In possession' box (on the tactics screen), make changes in there and then click on 'In Transition', I am first taken back to the formation screen and I need to click 'In transition' again. In FM20 I could go from on
  20. That might be the issue. I'm playing in the Bundesliga and I tried changing the colour of the ball in the skin settings but it wouldn't change in the league. The colour change only worked in the champions league.
  21. How do I get this mod to work? I downloaded the file majesticeternity provided, put the four files in \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\mesh\ball, reloaded the skin, I have use skin cache turned off and I restarted the game, but I still see the original ball. Thanks for any help
  22. It would be a nice feature if we could decide what we want to see in the "dugout" alerts from the assistant manager. I know there is an always ignore option on some message types but not all. For example, I'm not interested in seeing score and league table updates mid match (and as there is lots of talk about realism, it doesn't seem realistic to me that my assistant would update me on league table mid match for a game in the middle of the season).
  23. Is there any way to automatically skip this screen that appears at the end of every game? It doesn't add any value to me and is an extra page I need to click through. Thanks
  24. When I start a game and go to the team talk screen, it is assigned to my assistant manger, but if I then click on Tactics to make any changes before the match and then go back to the team talk screen, I am assigned to give the team talk. I need to click on the button to make my assistant do the talk. If the responsibility for team talk is assigned to the assistant, it should always be that way, it shouldn't revert to me.
  25. Some feedback on the news items you get when you have a player shortlisted. In FM20 I got transfer/contract news about players I had shortlisted but not too much else, which was great. In FM21 I am getting news items about my shortlisted players winning player of the month awards, which I am not interested in. I remember a few versions ago you could decide what news you wanted about shortlisted players, is there a way to do this in FM21? If not, would it be possible to get rid of some of the less important news items, so my inbox isn't clogged up? I understand this is my persona
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