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  1. Lost the dressing room

    Unfortunately I don't have a save from back then. Would be interested to hear if anyone else has had any similar experiences? Just want to make sure that there is no reason for this before I post in the bugs section.
  2. Lost the dressing room

    I hadn't broken any promises, no. I had had two talks, one was the one where I agreed more first team football for a player, and the other was where they called me into the dressing room to tell me I had lost it. 6 weeks or so on, still doing well in the league & support for me is slowly rising. Spoke to the board after the meeting and told them that giving me a new contract might help, and they did. Assume that @The Enforcer is correct and it is just a reputation thing, however it is clearly extreme and nothing triggered it.
  3. Lost the dressing room

    Media prediction is third, so over performing.
  4. I am currently managing Tranmere in the Conference, end of September first season. I am second in the league and am undefeated from my opening 12 matches. I have just been called into a meeting with a number of senior players who have told me I have "lost the dressing room". I did start with the minimal experience & reputation, however this seems crazy to me. If I was struggling in mid-table then maybe, but again, I have played half of the teams in the division and am yet to lose. The only discontent i have come across is from a first team striker who I wasn't playing. Knowing my reputation was low, I promised him more games, and he was happy with this and was not one of the players in the mutiny. I genuinely like features like this because they add to the challenge, but again, this seems crazy at this stage.
  5. I would really like a feature to change a league to view only. At the moment I run all leagues in view only with a few playable. However, if I want to change my playable leagues, I have to remove the existing ones fully. Would be much better if I could change them from playable to view only.
  6. Don't know if this has been mentioned, but using the DB (the one that adds players, not the leagues) causes a small number of newgens from most other leagues to have Japanese names but not Japanese nationality....
  7. Any one have any idea how these work? I am setting one in the pre-match tactical briefing, and it isn't working. Asking the players to retain possession and lower tempo if they take a lead in a game at any time, yet the shouts do not change and I have to manually change it. Any ideas?
  8. database

    I had this problem too - restarted, sorted it
  9. Hi Foss - Thanks for this - excellent work! There appears to be a long term issue in the JFL (4th tier) from the 22/23 season. A team ends up playing no games and being relegated straight away, as below (note - I know one of the pictures blocks out the full info, but as you can see, the team at the bottom have played 0 games);
  10. Interestingly, I am not experiencing this problem anymore since full version release, it appears. Previously, as Solihull, we wore our home kit in an away friendly against Worcester whilst they changed. On the full release, the kits are correct. Don't know if this will be the case in every game.
  11. Home team getting away colours

    And myself - assumed was a data issue. Couple of PKM's attached - Solihull Moors v Barrow.pkm Worcester v Solihull Moors.pkm
  12. Hi Jake I will do so if you want me to, but to clarify, this is not the same issue that another user has reported below - the team kits on the overview screen correctly represent what is on my pitch. https://community.sigames.com/topic/416758-pre-gamein-game-shirt-colours/ Actually, I may be wrong here. Will upload.
  13. Playing as Solihull Moors and the first 2 home games of the season against Barrow & Halifax, I am playing in my away kit. Against Halifax, who play in blue and a yellow away kit, this maybe makes sense, however Barrows third kit should surely have been used. Played a couple of away friendlies against Halesowen & Worcester too & they changed and I wore my home kit. Something wrong in the settings I would guess.
  14. is there any way in this years version to change 2d pitch view to vertical instead of horizontal? there is insufficient room for widgets with a horizontal view imo.
  15. Morning all I am currently not managing in the UK but have all UK countries as "View Only". Could anyone confirm for me please what I need to "follow" to get the news story about the Brexit announcement when it happens? Thanks