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  1. Guys if anyone is able to help @Daveincidwith a test save re. Realism, then he would really appreciate it - fire him a DM.
  2. I have finally started what I hope will be my long term save. Not sure I will do a full update in the career updates forum or not so will just be doing small updates here for now. Have started in Turkey with Karabukspor. No manager at the start, but certainly wanted to play as them so didn't start unemployed. Although I haven't searched extensively, I am struggling to see how they are not the biggest challenge on the game at the beginning, particularly since my previous saves in Turkey have ended in tears due to chairmen being a bit trigger happy. Here is why I think they are likely t
  3. Yeah, this is a shame. My understanding is that this can be self modded, but seems a bit like hard work. Hoping one day that the stadiums are fully moddable.
  4. Absolutely right, which is why I didn't want to go down that route in the thread. I just want everyone to have fun. Would prefer no player naming on this thread if possible, but I can't really do anything about it if people do it, I'm not a mod. Just hoping for a bit of good faith. My view is that if it's out in the open, you can't miss it, whereas if it's hidden, people can DM if they want the info.
  5. I hadn't, but if there is not a skin out which hides attributes soon then I guess it's an option!
  6. I would rather play and then have to start again than just not play tbh.
  7. Comprehensive for me, don't speed up. My brain doesn't think fast enough for the quicker speeds
  8. Not getting much time to play at the moment due to work. Thought I had decided on my team, but this post might change that!
  9. If it's only with Wigan then this might be because if finances. I've seen a few people mention this and the off has said something along the lines of it being a financial decision. If you think it's a bug I would post it in the bugs forum although it may well have already been raised.
  10. As I tend to look to move them out asap, I don't use this options personally.
  11. I'm not sure I would consider the game world shrinking to the level that the top clubs have empty youth squads would be a minor issue in my view tbh.
  12. This is literally the prototype post for a LLM save for those that have never done one. £5k for a hot prospect
  13. On the fence re an upgrade at the moment, this thread will swing it for me one way or the other this year. Will be popping back in the new year to see if I'm about to become a fair few hundred £'s lighter! Thanks all. Maybe. 😳😂
  14. On a side note as a fellow Forest fan, I hope you sold a few before you started bringing people in. You'll fast run out of available squad numbers if not
  15. They haven't asked them to determine the rules. They've asked them for proposals. The proposals have been made and not yet accepted. It is still the home office which ratifies those proposals so it remains a home office decision at the end of the day. It might seem churlish that I'm arguing this point because I think we are both saying the same thing in a slightly different way. But experience on this thread tells me that saying that "the FA decide the rules" will lead to another round of people being determined that the game is unrealistic in respect of what the rules will look like.
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