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  1. Is it possible that the game has flagged those two to retire and it hasn't been communicated to you yet?
  2. This looks great. Must be lots of work though!
  3. Probably the same groups and fixture order, but not the same results and standings as irl
  4. On my computer, there are two sports interactive documents folders - one public and one private. Is there any chance yours is similar and your file is in the wrong folder?
  5. Is this happening when you go to start a new game? If so, it seems like the database is in the wrong place?
  6. Not been posting much as still not playing much, but so glad that lots of people have found a home in this thread. Really enjoying reading about everyone's saves and chatting to kindred spirits. Keep it up all
  7. I agree that this is a problem. What is in dispute is why that is. Do you think SI has accidentally created an out of the box tactic which exploits the ME? I have most success on the counter, and have had for many versions. Anecdotally, I used a version of Gegenpress as Como earlier in this version having read lots of these threads. I lost nine league games in a row and drew the tenth before giving up. I am honestly not sure it is as simple as an all encompassing "the AI doesn't attack enough". For the record though, I'm not saying there is no problem.
  8. I mean people can just not download said tactics if they want a challenge. This is where there is disconnect within the thread. I want a challenge and know those tactics exist. I just don't use them. The issue is that people are coming across the exploits directly and accidentally in their own games. Can't help but feel that one way to decrease the impact whilst the match engine is improved would be to stop tactic sharing via steam. Granted this would be unpopular and people could just write direct instructions via text, but would be preferable to rubber banding imo.
  9. I am not 100% how the game works, but I suspect that the reason pressing is overpowered is because individual players don't adapt during the game. I suspect (again, might be wrong) that each "press" is an isolated event and eventually mistakes are forced by random chance, or other calculations. In a real match, a defender would adapt to being pressed, or those around him would adapt their positions to give him an "out" without being told to do so by a manager. This would be natural behaviour.
  10. This is literally the best some of us can hope for
  11. I generally don't disagree with what you are saying. And I 100% agree that some tactics are overpowered and should be fixed. And I want the challenge to be as great as possible. But playing as Wealdstone using a tactic which relegation threatened sides at that level use is going to produce similar results. It's just that it shouldn't be as easy as telling the user to switch to an attacking/pressing tactic. But the issue is going to be that not everyone wants a realistic experience. They just want to win. Although we have disagreed at times across these multiple threads, I think we
  12. Yet at the same time there are users reporting that it is too easy to get better jobs which reputation shouldn't allow the user to get. Which has been logged and is being looked at. If the manager of Wealdstone is relegated, reputation shouldn't take that much of a hit as relegation is expected. So agree that is an issue.
  13. See this is what I don't get. You are having a realistic experience using realistic tactics with a side that is 19th IRL. It looks to me like you are only 5 games in. Their real manager is battling against relegation, as are you. Wealdstone will not be playing a high press attacking tactic IRL. This is about the level of club I usually manage at and the results I tend to get. Winning the champions league with Wealdstone as a starting position should be ridiculously hard. Winning it with Wealdstone should be nigh on impossible. This is why I am not convinced that the game
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