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  1. I think you're going to have to give a little bit more information about what is happening. If you have created additional leagues yourself in the editor and verified them and saved them in the right place, they should appear for selection.
  2. He is a real player, so not quite To Madeira levels of weirdness (or ability tbf). Still very weird though.
  3. There is no way that adding the Portuguese top division will slow your save down by 60%, which is essentially what the stars are telling you. I don't think they are working properly in this case. Any slow down is gradual - one league won't have a huge impact. Besides - it's all relative. I play with every league running and my game tells me that my speed will be half a star. However, I am more than happy with the speed, not really any considerable delays between days, except at the end of the transfer window.
  4. 😂 I will report back - hopefully I've got loads of opposition managers into the same state by then. 👍
  5. My hope was that fullbacks may sometimes man mark and using swap positions would automatically give me multiple 2-3 minute periods per match where they were tracking a player who had switched to full back giving me space in behind them. If this is unlikely then I think I would probably be better off just changing players around as I am watching games to respond to what I see. With three players per flank at the new club capable of playing anywhere down their respective side, it really does seem like something unique to capitalise on.
  6. Evening all I imagine many of you guys have used the "Swap Positions With" option to swap wingers around, or maybe a winger with a striker. So far this has been my only use of the option. In my current save, I am about to take over a club which has a very good left winger who can also play as an attacking left full back, and a very good right full back who can also play on the right wing. I have a natural right winger at my current club that I had been playing as a wing-back, so he is ok defensively too. I am hoping to make him my first purchase at the new club. I am therefore considering a 4-3-3 / 4-1-2-3 system where the full backs and wingers swap positions down their own side in the hope of confusing opposing full backs. Was interested if anyone else had tried this, or anything similar. Also interested to hear how people think this might go.
  7. I thought they were in a better situation after the patch, but may be wrong?
  8. Anyone know if there's any clubs close to this situation at the start of the game? Many, many versions ago (99-00, maybe), I remember having some cracking games with Hereford. They started in the Conference with only 16 players and a huge debt. It was a real balancing act getting cheap players in who were good enough, and more often than not, administrators would step in and sell 3-4 of the players to the highest bidder. Remember having to play part of a season without a keeper due to this 😏 Was a proper challenge, would love something similar on FM20.
  9. Thanks, thought this would be the case. Probably would have moved anyway, I was just interested in if I got the option. I asked for end of the season as they were doing poorly against expectations and I didn't want to get caught in the crossfire. So completely my choice, and as I said - would probably have moved even if given a choice later.
  10. Morning all Long story short, the club I am managing was having a nightmare. Pretty much nailed on for relegation with nothing working, I was approached by another club to take over at the end of the season. I accepted. However, by some miracle, we are now heading into the final game of the season with every chance of staying up. Not sure what I would prefer to do now, but wondering about my options. Anyone know if there is a way to stay at my current club if I choose to despite having agreed to move? Is there a confirmation screen before I move, or am I committed?
  11. I think the op is right to say that an ACL issue is not as serious as it once was, but the chances of reoccurrence and future effects are huge. Not a top division player, but Chris Cohen at Forest retired two years ago at 31 having had three ACL injuries. Had to relearn how to run and jump in that time as well as change position to left back as after the second one there was a feeling that playing in central midfield required him to do too many quick turning motions, iirc. I would say that if the player concerned is young and going to be a back up to start with, it seems harsh to have the transfer rejected as there is time to test the long term effects with little risk to the club. But if he is going to be heavily relied on, on big wages and in late 20's/early 30's, the board are probably right to pull the plug and find a similar option without the same injury risk.
  12. Yeah, the bug is the level of player this is happening with, according to the thread in the bugs forum. The player moving freely is part of the agreement between the clubs. Interested how this works if you manage one of these clubs. Can you just have any player you like from the other team during a registration window like a feeder club? Or does the player have to agree terms, etc?
  13. Best part of that is that he is still "interim" 😂
  14. I am guessing you have the option ticked which only allows you to take control of teams without a manager in place.
  15. That'll be because of the 2022 World Cup. If anything, the game on 21st December seems a bit close to the final on 18th if any of your players are involved.
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