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  1. After taking a break over the spring because of a health scare and stupidly busy time with work, I have finally managed to complete a season on this version! Decided to start a little higher up the leagues than usual because of my lack of time, I went for Niort in French Ligue 2 - still playing by all my usual rules though. We did well having been predicted to come 16th by finishing 6th, 4 points from a play off position. This was mainly due to an excellent run of form at the beginning of the season, only losing one game until February but drawing far too many. A really tough Februar
  2. Agree with lots of this. Also worth noting that some of the clubs in leagues already in the game have already had female managers (Clermont Foot, one in Hong Kong too, can't remember which). I've also seen Emma Hayes get jobs with mens clubs on FM. Given her level of expertise and clarity and depth of her tactic knowledge on commentary (far more insightful than almost every other co-commentator) I would expect her to move into the men's game at some point soon if she continues coaching. For me, this is all part of a bigger picture. It is in my mind unrealistic that I randomly take a
  3. Out of interest, what team are you and what sort of attendances are you getting?
  4. Generalisation, and inaccurate. This has literally happened. "Accept it or get lost", essentially....
  5. The state of some of the replies on Twitter was/is an absolute disgrace. If his opinion is that people "accept or get lost", then fair enough. You seem to want your opinion to be respected unconditionally whilst having an issue with Miles' opinion on his own personal Twitter account. Good, because for the umpteenth time, I haven't even read your posts. Talk to those people about it then. If people ARE being sexist though - which they are on here and on social media - then it needs calling out. I am not completely sure what your argument is here. You don't want it impacti
  6. So you want them to come on here and say literally what they have already said in their press release? You can't go on about "building a dialogue" and then chuck your toys out of the pram if people disagree with you. Which is basically what you've done. And a witch hunt implies that things are being called out that don't exist. Like witches. The blatant sexism on this thread DOES exist and should be called out. My post wasn't directed at you. I've not even read your posts, mate. My position was that people were being sexist. If you weren't, I don't know why you're havin
  7. Except I didn't say any of that, did I? Nor did I direct this at you. In fact, I hadn't even read any of your posts since I stopped reading at page 4 before posting myself. However based on your response, I know exactly what the content of your posts were. The concerns you have were addressed by SI in their blog, from every angle. They covered the fact their are different teams working on the addition, and also acknowledged multiple difficulties with implimentation. Also, your language is quite aggressive - "provoke", "reaction", "bashed", "****". Why?
  8. State of some of the replies on this thread. People threatening boycots because women's football is being added is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. People who cannot stand to even have women in the same game as men is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. People saying it's not the same sport is EXACTLY why it needs to be added. Gender equality isn't "political" in the same way that racial equality isn't "political". It's fundemental to human rights and the fact we are in the 21st century and people are kicking off over this says it all. Veiling arguments against "But wha
  9. Glad to see this thread still going. Super busy at work at the moment (and have been for months) so not getting any time to play at all. Hoping to get back into my save soon!
  10. Welcome ☺️ IMO, scouting local u23 matches themselves would be ok from a realism perspective, but scouting u23 squads themselves, probably not. If they weren't playing in matches, how would the scout get to know about them?
  11. It will be because the kits are so similar and that almost every other team who plays in white will have black as a second colour. When this happens the game will force you into a third kit, or if none is available, force the home team into their away kit. You can make subtle changes in the pre-game editor to stop this happening, but it's a bit of a pain. I did have a file where I'd changed a few but will be a few days until I can have a look if that included Port Vale. Send me a DM if you're interested and I will have a look
  12. Hi all Really think this area needs reconsideration in respect of how scouts, ranges and costs work. As an example; - I am currently managing a Ligue 2 team based in western France. My board will allow me to scout anywhere within Europe. Within the game, "Europe" is considered to extend as far east as Vladivostok, which is just north of Japan and further east than North Korea. This is approximately 12,250 KM from Niort, where I am managing. I can scout there at no additional cost. - I have identified a player of interest through a scout recommendation who plays for Raja C
  13. Are you playing in Israel by any chance? I know there was a bug where squad numbers were getting reset in between games in Israel but I thought it had been fixed.
  14. Looks like an incomplete editor file, or one that was built on an earlier version of the database than you are running.
  15. I think anyone can have a relative newgen. Pretty certain that a couple of versions back I had a real player in the u19's and a newgen 2/3 seasons in was labelled as his brother. Also had a hoyd who's son came through.
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