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  1. Morning all I am currently not managing in the UK but have all UK countries as "View Only". Could anyone confirm for me please what I need to "follow" to get the news story about the Brexit announcement when it happens? Thanks
  2. Leaderboard not updating

    it doesn't update if you have used the editor or are using any additional leagues - maybe it's that?
  3. After a few months on holiday, I am approached by Soproni Vasutas Sportegylet of Hungary on 25th November 2016. Their previous manager had moved on to bigger and better things with Paks, who are in the division above. He leaves Soproni slightly underperforming in 12th, with a media prediction of 7th. The board seem ok with this though as they only mid-table. I have signed a contract until the end of next season, so will see where this takes me! The first team squad seems pretty balanced, and there are a couple of good prospects in the youth team too - seems a reasonable place to start!!
  4. thanks for the response, vikeologist. I wasn't aware of that challenge but mine is similar - I may look at the challenges board if this doesn't take off. I am using a couple of addons aside from claasens, however, so wouldn't qualify for that one.
  5. This is my first ever update thread, despite having been a member of the forums since 2004. I have been playing the game since the first Championship Manager on the Amiga, but in recent years have struggled to get into a save. I love adding as many leagues as possible, and getting everything "just right", but then when I sit down to a save, I rarely get past pre-season or the first 10 games or so. This year has so far been slightly different, me starting a game on the Beta and sticking with it until the 4th season which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, since the new patch I arrived, I have been attempting to get into a new save, and failing. I have spent the last few weeks lurking on this forum (and others) and reading other people's career threads and enjoying them, and being insanely jealous at the fun everyone but me seems able to have. Then I decided that I would try and share my career and see if this inspires me to stick with the save. Not only that, but because of the "grass is always greener" attitude that seems to constantly result in me starting again, I have decided on a challenge which a) has a clear and defined goal, b) is unlikely to result in me ending up at the same club for too long, and c) is massive. The challenge is to win 28 competitions, some specific, and some region specific. Using claasens excellent league pack, I have increased the number of leagues in the game to 103. These have then been divided up by region, as below. I plan to win one top division per region & then move on using the add/remove leagues feature; 1- Middle East & Central Asia (Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Uzbekistan) 2- Indian Ocean & Oceania (Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore) 3- The Far East (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand) 4- North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia) 5- Southern & Central Africa (Angola, Congo, DR Congo, South Africa, Zambia) 6- Western Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal) 7- North America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, USA) 8- South America (Northern) (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela) 9- South America (Southern) (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay) 10- UK & Ireland (England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) 11- Former USSR (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) 12- Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia/Herz, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) 13- Scandanavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) 14- Southern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey) 15- Austro-Hungaria & Eastern Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) 16- Benelux, Germany & Switzerland (Belgium, Germany, Luxemborg, Netherlands, Switzerland) 17- South Western Europe (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain) As well as a competition from each of these regions, I aim to win the following competitions; Continental 18- AFC Champions Leage 19- African Champions League 20- NAM Champions League 21- Libatores 22- European Champions League International 23- World Cup 24- AFC Nations Cup 25- Cup of Nations 26- Gold Cup 27- Copa America 28- Euro Cup of Nations Bonus 29- O-League 30- OFC Nations Cup Rules; Randomize Regions All leagues within region as playable, all others as View Only Start Unemployed with Sunday League Rep & no badges, Take first job offered Cannot Leave Region until National League won Cannot Start in New Region until all leagues added/removed date has passed (Leagues will disappear completely after removal & don't turn view only, which will hopefully help keep the game reasonably quick as the save ages) Can move clubs within a region Champions League to be "played for" when in the final region for that continent - so if the final European region I end up in is Scandanavia, I HAVE to win the European Champions League with a Scandanavian team. This means that the roll of the dice will really influence the difficulty of the challenge. Also, as there is only one North American region, I would expect to see my reputation get something of a rise if I leave that region having won the North American Champions League early in the game. Can choose a manager of any nationality - I will be creating a fictional manager for the save born in one of the countries of the first region to make getting a job a little easiser. It is also worth noting that I play quite slowly, so the thread is unlikely to move particularly quickly . I'm also pretty terrible at the game which will no doubt contribute to the time this takes So, with this in mind, the dice has been rolled and number 15 means I will be going to one of these countries first; All other leagues are view only, running a large database including all current internationals, Players from top & top division clubs with national and continental reputation, as well as players from clubs in continental competitions. This leaves me with around 107,000 players. So, with all the will in the world, Maciej Nemec, a 35 year old Polish/Czech who admittedly doesn't look very good on it, begins his journey!!
  6. Scouting a Team

    Thanks for replying Ben I've just attempted a number of teams and it now seems to work. Feel free to close thread.
  7. Scouting a Team

    No one used this feature?
  8. Morning all In FM17 there is a feature whereby you can scout a team and you get a report on them. When I first started playing the beta, these reports included a list of players who could be loaned, which was a great help when managing in the lower leagues. Recently I have used this feature again and never get any list of loanable players. I appreciate that this may just be because no one at that team would join me on loan, however I am concerned that this is linked to the scouting bug in the 17.2 update. Before I post in the bugs forum, I just wanted to ask anyone else of their recent experiences so that I can check this feature isnt just related to my game. Thanks!
  9. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    Not sure if this has been asked, but is there any way to change the colours of the names on the shirts on the tactics screen so that they are the same colour as the shirt numbers? As it stands, they all appear white
  10. Dead slow all of a sudden

    In game, don't have the editor. There are a number of threads about this issue in the bugs forum.
  11. Dead slow all of a sudden

    My game is doing exactly the same. Was playing this morning and all was fine, now cannot search for staff because of this. Number jumping when "find realistic options" is ticked.
  12. [FM16][SKIN]Alavanja 16 Alternative

    Excellent Skin! Does anyone know how to get rid of the blurring effect on the player picture on the overview screen?
  13. Thanks Claassen - and for all your work. Another thing with Haiti is that players in my team went on holiday before the start of the super 8 at the end of the season. The AI teams seemed to have a full compliment of players though.
  14. Currently managing in Haiti, league goes from 20 teams to 18 in the second season. 4 relegation spots in the first season, 4 promoted, however the 2 teams finishing in the spots directly above relegation in the first season are not in the division in the second season, league now has 18 teams. Is this correct? Or something that needs changing?
  15. Club Colours

    Evening all Anyone know of a way to edit club colours WITHOUT using the editor? I want to still appear on the online leaderboards. There used to be a way to do this with an LNC file but doesn't seem to work anymore. Any ideas?