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  1. Yeah, I get that - me and negative balance know each other well. I think I misunderstood what Dave was saying. @WilsonJuve is saying (I think) that either the budget should be gone from balance as if spent, or that it should still be in budget just with the window shut to be used to balance with wages or plan the next window. I don't disagree.
  2. @Daveincid Yeah I think this is the point the OP is making. If the money isn't in the budget then it shouldn't be in the balance either if the game is acting as if the budget has been spent. My confusion was genuine by the way, I so rarely have a budget at all. Like that time I didn't have an analyst and couldn't find a screen you were directing me too
  3. Hadn't thought of that either... Good point!
  4. So if I have a balance of £2m and spend £1m on a player, my balance doesn't change? Can't remember the last time I spent a transfer fee so genuinely can't recall - but surely the balance decreases?
  5. I understand what you are saying - if we turn the window off, the game acts as if budgets have been spent when they haven't but overall balance is the same regardless. So if there is no budget, the budget amount should no longer be in the balance.
  6. Not every club will allow non-contract offers. I would be chucking everything at going on a decent cup run if I were you - it's pretty much all that will save you. Exploiting friendlies doesn't work as well as it once did.
  7. The saved game would remain on your hard drive even if the game had somehow been accidentally uninstalled as an uninstall retains your FM folder in My Documents. Have you searched for it by name using the windows search function, or looked for it manually in the save location. Cannot imagine how this could happen accidentally without somebody doing it or a serious and coincidental disk problem which would be unlikely to be confined to FM. Have you upset a loved one recently and they have taken their revenge
  8. It's a firm "I don't know" from me. I have played with skins that hide attributes before but always go back. This is mainly because of staff attributes to be honest. I don't really use player attributes as anything more than a guide. In my current save I have a young fullback massively out-performing a player ten years older with much better attributes. The young fullback starts every game. Beyond helping me make decisions on set piece takers and getting an initial general feel for a player (ie. Is he generally pact/strong/determined) I just ignore them really. It's down to fo
  9. National League north and south = null and void with no promotion/relegation. Conflicted here because hoping the league is still active after the winter patch, but if there is promotion and relegation then that's unrealistic. Interested to see what happens.
  10. Yeah, at the end of the co-ownership term two offers were made with the higher one winning I think. Mad.
  11. Might come knocking for some Torpedo Moscow kits if I manage to stick to this save.... Going well so far.... Almost too well.....
  12. According to Wiki he moved to Cheltenham in 2019 from Oxford, firstly on loan & then on a perm. Is he not on their squad at the start of the game?
  13. You're telling me there is a team called "GRAP" and I've somehow missed it?!
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