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  1. That'll be because of the 2022 World Cup. If anything, the game on 21st December seems a bit close to the final on 18th if any of your players are involved.
  2. Fine, comfortable with that. The issue is with the wording of the news item then - as you can see, it says "The ban will apply for all domestic competitions".
  3. Recently had a couple of players reach the yellow card limit during a League 2 game against Plymouth, leading to suspension, as below; However, they are not banned for the next game, which is a cup replay, but the one after - a league game. Is this correct?
  4. Yes but your transfer market will be strange because only the British leagues will have particularly active transfer markets. I would suspect that you will see an unbalanced number of French players coming into the British leagues.
  5. Yes but your transfer market will be strange because only the British leagues will have particularly active transfer markets. I would suspect that you will see an unbalanced number of French players coming into the British leagues.
  6. Tend to find simpler tactics work better, as a general rule, personally. I always look at 442 as a possiblity. The problem I am finding is that tactics I would consider "typically lower league" such as wing play, route one and direct counter attack seem to have loads of team instructions which I would usually try to avoid at low levels.
  7. Most teams will have enough first teamers, but this option also fills youth squads with newgens.
  8. @pheelf This is the player concerned. At the moment he has been playing as a Left Fullback on Support behind a wide playmaker in the midfield strata who cuts inside. He has previously played as a fullback on attack and a wing back on support. The results seem consistent across all three roles. I have recently dropped him due to performance, his last game - a 0-0 draw - he attained a 5.9 rating. He is still my worst trainer.
  9. @pheelf thanks for this - think there is certainly some merit in what you've said, but I'm not sure I agree with all of it. By that I mean you might be right about how it is, but I am not sure you should be, if that makes sense? I am certainly not expecting him to score or assist with any regularity, however he does have a couple of assists due to long throws. In those games he gets decent ratings, but the assists add to that rating and mask what in reality are further below par overall performances. In the games with no assists, there is no hiding the low ratings. Also, I get what you're saying about 6.4 not being that low, but everything is relative. This guy got a 6.4 rating whilst most others on the team were getting high sevens or low eights in that game, for example. Of course, I can forgive a few bad performances - he is young and not particularly technically gifted. However, to me, someone who is "complacent" is either being overly relaxed with their approach physically through lack of effort, or mentally due to lack of concentration. The "in the moment" options during a match - short of subbing him - I felt was to request him to concentrate. I tried this during 3 or 4 matches and at no point does that complacent flag change. Naturally, this leads me to assume he is lacking physical effort, or the will to try hard. So, via touchline shouts, I "demand more". This "frustrates" him. And then, 20 minutes later, we're back to "complacent" body language coupled with his usual sub par performance. So when this cycle is repeating again, I tell him that a 6.4 is disappointing, which stresses him out. Not only that, but he is consistently amongst the bottom 5 players at the club in terms of training performance. I think this is very clearly a poor personality, but I feel like I should be able to do more about this than I can. And, if i remind someone to keep their wits about them during a game and they ignore me, and then I demand that they try harder and they get annoyed with me, I find it weird that they then come over all anxious when I directly tell them to sort themselves out. How come I they're annoyed at me during touchline shouts but anxious after essentially the same conversation in the dressing room? I am on the lookout for a mentor for this guy, but in my latest game he's been sent off for two stupid yellows. Starting to feel his days are numbered....
  10. Thanks for this - I have changed his role slightly so that I'm asking him to do less, and am now on the lookout for a suitable mentor - hopefully this will improve him!
  11. Hi all, just after a bit of advice I have a player who is young (21) left back who is first team level and currently my first choice. He is performing ok, but the players around him are all performing to a much higher standard. We are currently third when we are simply aiming for a top half finish. Although early in the season (10 league games in), one of the early patterns I have noticed is that whenever we go in front, this player becomes "complacent" in his body language. I am then finding it impossible to do anything to take this complacency away. If I ask him to "concentrate" via touchline shouts, I see no change. If I "Demand More", he becomes "overwhelmed". In the last game we played, I told him I was unhappy with his performance in the half time team talk (2-1 up, 6.4 rating - next lowest on the team 6.8, no mistakes leading to goals) in the hope that he would buck his ideas up. Instead he "looked stressed" and then continued to under-perform for the rest of the game. This player also regularly trains poorly, and I think under normal circumstances I would consider dropping him. However, I do not really have able cover, and he also has a 17 for long throws. As I am playing in the Conference North, this is very useful, and indeed, the only games where he has received a decent rating are the ones where he has provided an assist or otherwise caused problems with his throws. Any advice on how I can get better performances out of him? It is clear that he is decent for his level but his poor mentality is letting him down.
  12. Well some of the cards mentioned as having issues have better specs than mine does which says it isn't just as simple as all Nvidia cards being an issue.
  13. Re. the NVidia issues - I am running "high" graphics on a GTX740. No issues what-so-ever.
  14. Played a bit more today, and have to say I'm getting a bit worried about the long shots too. I'm playing as Guiseley & still in pre-season - so I AM playing lots of very low level teams, however long shots are flying in. Currently 8-0 up against North Ferriby & 5 of the 8 goals I've scored have been screamers from outside of the area.
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