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  1. It depends on the club. In some clubs the manager and DoF are on the same level and have equal power. I also think its a bit naive to think the manager at some clubs doesn't have input into the salary a player has. If its at Chelsea the coach won't have input, but thats also because they hire a first team coach and not a manager. But at Arsenal, Arteta will have input, not least because the wages you pay determine who else you will be able to afford and also because salary can affect a players performances and the manager will want to have some say in that. Sure he won't be doing the actual ne
  2. English is the primary language of the game and the English responses to questions are often odd/too constrained and lack context so it wouldnt be down to translation issues. However I imagine it could be worse in other languages the game supports
  3. @Abdullah PatelI dont think this is a discussion. I'm simply saying when a DoF is signing a player we have the option of setting a max transfer value and the players squad role, however this isn't possible when the DoF is doing contract negotiations and this should be possible.
  4. Ended up going on a bit of a roll and submitted a couple bug reports and a feature request lol.
  5. On the screen below the media prediction never changes. This has stayed the same for the multiple seasons in a row for me: However on the screen below the media prediction is dynamic and has a different media prediction to the first image:
  6. Currently during a match it only shows the manager and the subs in the dugout when really the assistant manager and the coaches/medicals staff should also be there. It would definitely add to the immersion if the people you work with are there on the pitch. During a real match the assistant manager plays a big role but by him/her not being seen it downplays the assistants role. As can be seen in the screenshot there is a massive dugout but only the subs in there, where is the assistant manager that gives me feedback and the medical staff ?
  7. Summary: The DoF can't offer a player a contract if the player is on trial or recently finished a trial as the DoF incorrectly says he made an offer for the player not long ago and it is too soon to make another. The game is treating a trial as a contract. How to reproduce: Add a player who is on trial or recently finished a trial as a transfer target
  8. I think on this screeen the media prediction never changes. This has stayed the same for the second season in a row for me (not that long a time period though): The screen you showed seems to be more dynamic:
  9. Im not sure but I would hope so, a players training rating is one of the factors I use when choosing my starting 11. I do have some players who are just poor trainers and they still play well in matches (Eden Hazard is also a real life example of this),.
  10. I think its missing two main things: - We can't view the assistant feedback at will (have to quickly catch it while it pops up on the screen or wait until an in between highlights moment) - Cant move the tablet around the screen or properly adjust its shape and size. All we can currently change is its width up to a certain size and the tablet is transparent half the time Those are two pretty big things to be missing imo and if they were fixed I think most people wouldn't mind the new design. I actually don't use the mod but it is one of the best mods for the game for sure.
  11. Here is an article published by Football Manager talking about why we should keep older players https://www.footballmanager.com/the-byline/why-your-squad-needs-older-players-wednesday-wisdom
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