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  1. Getting utterly sick fed up of crash dumps now. Had more in this version than the last few combined.
  2. In FM15, I was 5-1 down to Man City with my Hereford side in the Champions League. Won the 2nd leg 5-1 by scoring in injury time to level the tie. Then proceeded to smash four goals past them in extra time to win 9-1. Unbelievable scenes.
  3. I reckon he only did that to show the H2H record between the two clubs, I'd be amazed if he has it that way normally.
  4. Of the four injuries I've had, the longest was for four days.
  5. Injuries are just a joke now they've been nerfed so much because a few people who weren't able to squad manage cried like babies when the game came out. I'm in January of the 2nd season in my latest save, and I've had a total of FOUR injuries for the entire season. Hardly any injuries at the other clubs either. As much as I'm usually alright at avoiding injuries for the most part, this is just ridiculous now. It's killing the immersion, and I've now got unhappy players (rightly) complaining about lack of playing time as they aren't getting a chance due to my strongest XI always being fit. Injuries may have been higher than SI wanted when the game first came out, but at least it was manageable.
  6. Yes, but that cap changes based on how much you are over the wage budget. Might not be that of course, so we need more information. Given no-one else seems to have brought this up however, I suspect the situation has been created by the user.
  7. Every club will have a wage budget regardless of finances. You go wildly over that and it doesn't matter if you have billions in the bank, you'll be restricted with what you can offer players. I suspect that's what's happened here, either that or you've failed FFP.
  8. You're one of the best teams in the game to start with. You've then added more great players. You're basically playing the game on easy mode.
  9. It absolutely is relevant. You have absolutely no frame of reference if it's realistic or not, because you simply can't replay real life. People always make the same basic error every time this topic comes up. "It's the team playing '63' different games". No, they're playing the exact same game 63 times. A crucial difference. I'm surprised no-one's touched on the real issue here, however. Why on earth would you ever replay the same match 63 times? That's almost two seasons worth of matches to play. It takes me weeks to finish just one season!!
  10. In Serie A this season, Napoli are 2nd with a goal difference of +18 at home, and +3 away. The top 6 sides in Italy have lost a combined total of 8 games at home so far this season. with Juventus and Napoli unbeaten and Inter & Roma having lost just one each. AC Milan sit in 6th place having won just two of their nine away games.
  11. It's not really that mysterious. Familiarity of surroundings, no travelling, and the majority of the crowd behind you are all factors that go into this.
  12. When you say you deleted them, did you do this in-match or during the week? Any in-match changes don't save universally. Also, check your player instructions, have you got players set up to swap roles/positions during a game? Is your tactic downloaded from the internet? Something is causing this, it won't be happening by itself. Maybe upload your save somewhere and let the community take a look at it.
  13. That's my view on it, personally I'd hate a save like that. One of the reasons I never take over a top team straight away. It's a top effort, mind, but not something I'd enjoy.
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