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  1. I know it's not ideal, and there should be a timeline, but when you click on the yellow card and the highlight starts, click the rewind 10 seconds button and it'll show you what happened, or keep clicking to go back in 10 second stages.
  2. If you have the full game on PC, you get the classic mode with it, so try it for yourself. Game speed is quicker as there's not as much depth, eg no press conferences, stripped back media and dynamics etc. Core game is the same though, uses the same match engine, same graphics, same tactics, same players. This year in particular the difference between the game modes is closer than it's ever been, so if you want to zip through seasons whilst having around 70% of the depth of the main game, it might be for you. I always have saves on both game modes. I actually enjoyed FMT20 mor
  3. It's not all about the Tourist League you know.
  4. The biggest compliment I can give Classic (PC version) could also be its death knell on this platform. It looks and plays almost like the full game this year (minus a few more indepth stuff, of course). Most years there is a clear difference between the two versions, but they are now closer than ever. I wonder if we're heading towards the end of Classic mode for PC and if they'll simply concentrate on Touch for handheld devices/consoles going forward. I hope not, as I've always loved Classic mode since its introduction in FM13, and always have at least one save running concurrently with
  5. 1600 x 900, however getting a new laptop tomorrow, same size screen, will prob stick with that resolution.
  6. Mate, I've used the pre-game editor about three times in all the years I've been playing this. It's also the first time I've opened this year's one. Clicking on 'stadiums' seemed to be the logical choice when looking to edit a stadium. Call me crazy. Also, my 'development' experience stretches no further than being able to have the word 'hello' appear several times on a tv screen using my ZX Spectrum in the early 80s
  7. Used to play windowed as a few versions ago, if you were on full screen then tabbed over to something else for anything longer than 5 minutes, it would crash when you tried to go back to the game. The last few editions have been seamless however, so I always play full screen now.
  8. Yeah, I get that, but I think it should be worded better. It does give the illusion of work permits not being required if you're in a league with squad registrations.
  9. That's what I thought, but they still need to be able to get a work permit first. It's very confusing.
  10. Took me less than a minute to find the page in the editor. Takes another few seconds to change the seat colours then save the changes.
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