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  1. The amount of people who think the staff responsibility section is only one screen is frightening. He goes on about it being colour coded...it literally is within the individual sections. That main overview is just that. An overview. Also, right clicking the Dev centre gives you easy access to all your youth teams. He's the same as Lollujo, plays the game for a whole year, and has no idea what half the buttons do. Lollujo still hasn't realised there's a quick sub button on match days.
  2. Have you ever wondered why the teams you are struggling to beat are 'weak' teams? Because they are consistently losing to other AI teams who play with the exact same match engine as you. So, if those other teams can beat them, and you can't..... Well, you can work out the rest.
  3. If football was as 'predictable' as you seem to be suggesting, betting companies would go out of business within weeks.
  4. Nonsense, the Scribe has fiercely defended criticism of the game in his videos, unless he's changed his tune over the last few days.
  5. You're comparing a prediction the game made in 2019 along with a season of simulated play to starting a new game on FM20, ie not comparable. Also, in real life, players don't have 1-20 attributes.
  6. With respect, unless you have the game yourself - which you don't - opinions like this aren't helpful.
  7. Of course not, a lot of people (not all) are just unwilling or unable to adapt to it. You have to work harder tactically this year, react better, and if you do, the long term rewards are great. Better than previous versions IMO. Also, If it was 'that bad', there wouldn't still be tens of thousands of people playing it. That is a simple un-arguable fact. And again, before the usual suspects jump in, no, it's not perfect. It does need tweaked here and there, but I'm sure they will manage it.
  8. Key highlights pretty much only shows goals and the odd other chance, so that is absolutely the reason you are seeing this.
  9. https://community.sigames.com/forum/28-football-manager-mobile-general-discussion/
  10. Been playing it since the red boxed original in 1993, and have been playing management games since the PROPER original in 1982. Looks like you don't 'AlwaysWin' after all
  11. I would seriously doubt that. No-one has said otherwise, just as others have the right to pull you up on your opinions.
  12. There is a separate forum for the mobile version, you may be better asking in there.
  13. That's really not how it works, but thanks for you input. And it's also highly disrespectful to the current staff.
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