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  1. What I'm saying is that people still need to accept that excessive injuries can also be down to the user, rather than simply hide behind whatever bug they may or may not have found.
  2. It's easily proven, why don't you upload one of your saves where you're getting loads of injuries and see if I also get them.
  3. Having 16 long term injuries at once is almost certainly, at least to some extent, the fault of the user. EDIT - Also, I almost 100% guarantee if he uploaded his save, within a month, I'd have the same amount of injuries I've got in my own save. Now there's a challenge, willing to accept @Boomer Ang
  4. Is it not also the case that teams will start with a shortlist hardcoded, eg in almost every save I've watched online, De Light moves to Chelsea?
  5. As much as there might be an issue with injuries to some extent, to have that many is pretty much your fault I'm afraid.
  6. Because these teams are adding these players to their shortlist. I'm sure you add players to your list that you can't afford during the season you're in.
  7. Also, the amount of leagues you load compared to the size of the database you've got loaded can be a factor. Dude who used to post on here, Cougar, was an expert on this.
  8. You''re not really getting this are you? When the game starts, the majority of sides have already spent most of their wage budgets for the season. It doesn't matter if you offer a top player for nothing if the other team can't afford his wages. The transfer system tends to open up a bit from the 2nd season onwards.
  9. I wish I HAD a star striker. An injured baboon would be more effective at the moment. I'd happily take a few injuries if I could win the odd game
  10. Injuries across the whole of Serie A where I'm managing are about spot on at the moment. Perhaps it's dependent on what league you're in, although I have another save in the lower Scottish leagues, and I've hardly had any injuries there either. The fitness and condition of my squads are something I pay very close attention to in-game, always have been. Other than the odd injury crisis, I've never had an issue with them in any FM game. That can't be a coincidence.
  11. People who are finding the game too easy are generally those who have taken over at top teams. Also, people are more likely to brag about winning than vice versa. The game is as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. It's only really data updates than can affect a beta save morphing the full game. My beta save is usually my long-term save on FM
  12. Good for you, perhaps you can share your secrets, because I'm struggling badly.