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  1. I'd say morale is one of the biggest factors (as it is in real life), but I'm glad SI don't make this information available in binary numerical form, as it would be even easier to game the system than it is already. As a manager there should always be elements of doubt in any team selection, SI mirrors this the best they can within the confines of what is essentially a giant spreadsheet.
  2. This is correct. To watch matches in a league you're not managing, it's not enough to just have it as playable, you also need to have it on full detail.
  3. It wasn't everyone though, was it? Considering record numbers were still playing it up until the release of the new game. You need to get out the mindset that the yearly moaners on here represent the wider FM playing community.
  4. 530 hours gameplay, and I'm still only halfway through season 5. Swing and a miss, lad. The game's not perfect, no game is. But in its current state, it's perfectly playable. There is literally nothing that has caused me any grief to the extent where I want to stop playing. I do feel sorry for people like you who can't enjoy something unless it's been specifically designed to cater for you and you alone.
  5. Been away from this part of the forum for a while now. Player ratings bug? Can't say I've noticed anything major there. Certainly not making it unplayable. Seen people say this affects fullbacks. My LB has the highest average rating in my squad at the moment. Other than some UI annoyances, I've never experienced anything remotely gamebreaking this year, been very stable for me. It's amazing how good an experience you can have with this game when you steer clear of some of the threads on here. Don't think I'll bother opening up the feedback thread anytime soon...
  6. The moral of this story is not to listen to the regurgitated nonsense that people post on here about the game, and to just experience it for yourself.
  7. Made a couple of tactical tweaks. Started off with a balanced mentality, as away from home against a decent opponent (ie not a minnow) - Changed Witsel to a DLP on defend, and brought in Can to play as a BBM. Also gave Sancho an attackin mentality and moved Haaland to a complete forward on attack. This was the first attempt. Soz about that.
  8. It's a pre-season friendly mate, move on. If you're this agitated about a friendly, then maybe this game isn't for you.
  9. Just looked at the pkm there. First thing I'm noticing is that this is a pre-season friendly in the summer of the first season. Away from home. Your players are hardly going to have tactical familiarity or any real motivation or fitness to really push themselves in this game. I was assuming this was some time in the future in a European tie or something. It's early pre-season in the first season. I despair.
  10. I think tha majority of users will be able to manage that quite comfortably.
  11. I'm not sure how much more 'in between' it can get. This year's classic mode is closer to the main game than ever before. So much so in fact, I've not even started a save on it this year, something previously unheard of.
  12. I'd hazard a guess at YouthProspect (season number - list reference) eg, YP9h - Youth Prospect from the 9th intake, who is the 8th best one (h=8) from that year's intake. Perhaps not.
  13. Sorry to sound a bit dim, but I've downloaded the file, and your instructions say to put the panels file into the skin folder. There's already a panels folder in there with loads more files for other areas of the game, if I overwrite that folder, will it not delete all the other files? This sounded simpler to explain in my head
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