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  1. How can you be dis-satisfied with a product that's not even out yet?
  2. You say that, but in the season I just played, I had a winger on loan from Celtic (I was in SPFL2). I won the league, therefore was promoted and tried to get him back for the following season, but got the message 'would prefer to play with higher quality players'. As soon as the leagues were updated, I tried again, and both him and the club were willing to do the loan. And I've seen that happen a few times.
  3. Another thing I'd like to see is a way to track your manager attributes. A few seasons into the game, I can never remember what scores I started with, so I've no idea if they've went up or down. If we can track the changes for players, surely it can't be difficult to add that for yourself.
  4. This clamour for 'big' headline features does no-one any favours. There appears to have been lots of smaller improvements this year, but IMO that was needed to improve on FM19, which I thought was an ambitious upgrade on the year before, but faltered with too many little annoyances throughout. We've not even heard about the ME and/or AI improvements yet. That will come over the next week or so (probably) The features we have heard about will improve the depth of the gameplay. Because it's not a radical change to the game doesn't mean it's 'underwhelming'. Personally, I think the changes announced so far have been great, and will enhance the experience for people who love a long career.
  5. Career mode in FIFA has hardly changed in about 5 years now (apart from getting worse) - Yet EA have serious competition from PES every year.
  6. This is the thing I hate most about social media. The abused is the problem, not the abuser. What a time to be alive.
  7. You'll probably getter a better response posting in the editors section of the forum https://community.sigames.com/forum/26-editors-hideaway/
  8. Sunderland's chairman in real life deleted his Twitter account over the weekend because of the abuse he was getting from our own 'fans'. There are too many morons in the world for social media to be a force for good.
  9. One thing I'd like to see changed one day is the day of the year that the game updates the promotions/relegations being earlier than it is. Either that or improve the AI so that if you've won promotion to a higher leaguer, better players will be interested straight away as opposed to having to wait till late June (or equivalent) for your team to 'officially' move up a division. It's been a bugbear for years now.
  10. Sweden is quite short also. I had a cracking save with FC Hacken on FM16.
  11. 5th November beta then, or thereabouts. I'm off work w/c 11th November, so that fits in nicely.
  12. I can picture the mods in a Tasmanian Devil-eque frenzy at the first car analogy of the season
  13. You don't 'deserve' anything. Urgh, this new breed of entitled gamer is insufferable.
  14. That's already in the game. If you make a mess of it, you suffer the consequences. However, it usually can be fairly easily rectified by your subsequent actions, there's no need to keep repeating the same things again and again.
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