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  1. Queens Park are no longer amateur. They are now semi-professional with a view to turn fully professional soon.
  2. The board set you a clear objective, you failed to achieve that objective, so you lost your job. It happens. Different chairmen may be more lenient, it depends on a number of factors including your reputation, etc. It's pretty harsh given how well you were doing in the league, but if that was a desired objective, they're within their rights to get rid of you. It's really important this year to check the objectives before you sign with a team. That's never really been in FM before, at least not expanded in this way.
  3. Amateur Plus several hours on the Stadia version, the mobile version, and also the tablet version of FMC (fmt) All with a full time job, wife and daughter. At least I think I have a wife and daughter, just don't ask me their names....
  4. Without wanting to sound too obvious, buy the full game if you want the choice of league to manage in. The demo is what it is - a demo of the game. You get six months game time with a choice of a couple of countries. It's there to help you see how the game plays and how the mechanics work so you can decide whether it's worthwhile shelling out for the full thing (it is btw, massively).
  5. This happens in the later games in the series.
  6. If your current stadium only has seating for 200 people (ergo the rest is terracing), this could be why, as the PL has to be all seated. I'm not sure if the game had the feature then where you moved to a temporary ground whilst the new one is being built.
  7. Whilst it looks nice, it's not really practical. I'd imagine the vast majority of 2d players will use the space around the pitch for all the stats tabs. I daresay that's why SI removed this.
  8. Nothing screams downloaded tactics louder than 40+ shots on goal per game.
  9. Depends from version to version, however since FM Classic was introudced in FM13, I always have at least one save on that mode as well as the full game. For FM20, I played 3 seasons on my Classic Beta save, and I'm 2.5 seasons into my Classic journeyman save at the moment. In the main game, my beta save lasted 3 seasons, and I'm in the 4th season of my main save, which has also (inadvertently) turned into a journeyman save!! So, that's almost 13 seasons done. Just split across various scenarios
  10. Will the squad view with the shirts, numbers and faces be in the next update? It looks really smart.
  11. I love the vibrancy of this skin, much better contrast than the original. Excellent work, sir.
  12. No, it comes off the transfer budget. If you have a budget of £1m and the loan fees would cost £1.2m, your transfer budget is wiped out. (assuming the board would allow it)
  13. It comes out the transfer budget instead. It's a perfectly legitimate strategy, but not one without risk. If the player doesn't perform or gets injured and you terminate the loan early, you don't get the money back in your transfer budget. Whereas if you're paying wages and have to cancel it, then you simply no longer pay any wages.
  14. Do a Director of Football challenge, where the DOF is in charge of all transfers. You openly admit you sign all the best wonderkids (another reason why it's easy for you), so if someone else is in charge of transfers, this wouldn't happen.
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