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  1. Analysis reports

    Let's get the obvious out of the way first. Do you have a data analyst at your club?
  2. Cannot win a league game!!

    The biggest advice I can give you about managing at that level is 'Keep it Simple'. I took over Chippenham who were tipped to finish bottom of the VNS but ended up creeping into the playoffs and winning them! During the season, I used a bog standard 4-4-2 and never used ANY team instructions. Played counter attack most matches as the team weren't the favourites to win many games. Bring in players with good mental stats for Determination, Teamwork, Concentration, Work Rate, and Composure. Don't worry too much about the technical stats as most players are poor at that level. The only player instruction I used was for the keeper to distribute the ball to the full backs. In terms of roles and duties, pretty much what the chap said before. A flat back four is best. If your fullbacks are comfortable with the fullback role (as opposed to just 'defensive full back') then use this with a support mentality. Both defenders on standard defend mentality. Two wingers in the MR/ML strata, both on support. A combination of playmaker/BWM or playmaker/BBM in the middle is usually suitable. I found it better to use a DLP on defend duty as they're good at covering the vacant DM position (and can also fill back into CB if a defender is caught upfield). It won't be the most exciting football to watch, but you'll generally get results. Getting players in with good mental stats is key, however. That's just one way to set it up at that level. The great thing about FM is about finding out what works best for you. But keeping it simple to start with can really help. Too many people think they have to use all the team instructions there. You don't. I'm in League 1 with Luton now (on the same save) and I still don't use any as standard and will only use them during a match to try and change things up.
  3. Favorite FM Series

    It's unbelievable that people still think this.
  4. Thinly veiled bragging post IMO
  5. Player Promises

    What were the options for a response when the player approached you again after him thinking the promise wasn't fulfilled? Have you reported this as a bug? If no-one reports them, they aren't going to know the feature isn't working as it should. I've never had any issues with promises myself, but then it's a screen I do check regularly to try and keep on top of it.
  6. Award Voting \ Golden Generation

    I got a golden generation in my first youth intake with Chippenham in the Vanarama South!
  7. Damn Brexit!

    Doesn't he have enough international caps to qualify for a permit? 15 by 18yo would suggest he's played in most of NZ's games recently.
  8. can't win

    There's your first mistake.
  9. The ME is exactly the same regardless of whether you're playing home or away. Your tactic may work differently in those circumstances, however.
  10. No, no, and thrice no. The game ever implements nonsense like that, and I'm done with it.
  11. You can offer him the new contract to begin at the end of the season, the budget for this takes into account players that you've set for release.
  12. If he's one of your best players, why haven't you offered him a new contract by now? That would stop teams trying to poach him.
  13. Cannot sign players

    It's got nothing to do with 'wage caps', FFP is 'Financial Fair Play', I can't believe you've not heard of this, it's been all over football news for a few years now. And it happens in the EPL as well. In a nutshell... The UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations (FFP) were established to prevent professional football clubs spending more than they earn in the pursuit of success and in doing so getting into financial problems which might threaten their long-term survival.
  14. Cannot sign players

    That would suggest you have a few players coming in on pre-contracts. When you go to the screen that shows the 65k wage budget, there will be a line underneath this that mentions 'committed spend', this figure takes into account any contracts you've agreed. If it's not that, it could be that a lot of your players had high promotion wage rise clauses which when triggered will put you well over the existing wage budget. My guess is it'll be one or both of those scenarios.
  15. Every Player Wants to Leave

    Whilst this part of the game can sometimes be illogical, it's usually isolated incidents. To have this level of player unrest in your first season hints at the full picture not being disclosed here. Something's happened in those first few weeks/months that you're not telling us about.