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  1. I've never seen a keeper punch the ball in the game. And I mean, ANY game, and I've had every one.
  2. I gave myself £30mill in the editor But seriously, you might have failed FFP or something, although it would take outlandish spending in the Scottish Championship with that backing to cause this. There must be some sort of notification for it somewhere.
  3. Dagenham_Dave

    A bit silly?!?!

    It would be unrealistic if it was happening regularly. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is the one and only time it's happened on your save.
  4. Nope, unless you play FM Touch where it still does this. No idea why they removed it from the main game. There's ways you can get the overall scouting email sent in different frequencies, but that's not for individual reports.
  5. Not tried it on FM18, this was on the older games, it maybe works properly now.
  6. It's always happened, and the worst part is, if you send the player back early, you don't get any of it back. This is why I rarely pay a monthly loan fee if I can avoid it.
  7. At Luton (my last club, also League 1), in about 95% of games I had the most possession and way more passes than the opposition. So, to that end, the tactic is almost doing what I want, I just need to unlock the key to not having so many long shots.
  8. Thanks, I'm a bit loathed to use 'work ball into box' as that is how the team is set up fundamentally anyway. I might try wing backs though, it should offer some sort of option out wide when it gets congested.
  9. Looking for a bit of help here. The 4-3-1-2 formation is probably my favourite formation to use in FM, and it worked to great effect in my FC Hacken save on FM17. I don't like playing with wingers and my style has always been based on a possession based passing game. This year however, I'm having some difficulties with it, namely an insane amount of long shots most matches. I'm just away to start season 4 and I have a new club (Ipswich) who were just relegated into League 1 so will be among the favourites to go back up. This is the basic set up I generally use with the roles. I'll normally play with a flexible shape with a mentality dependent on opposition. I don't use any team instructions, and only ever tweak this in-game. The only player instruction I use is for the goalkeeper to distribute to the fullbacks and to pass it shorter. With all that in mind then, is there any roles, TIs, PIs or anything else that's jumping out to be changed that will help cut down the amount of long shots? Watching in game, every opposition team seems to crowd out my forward players leaving them with no space to pass. There's something I'm clearly missing and would like some help before this new season starts. Thanks
  10. That feature may only be on the PC version of FMT, as there's no restrictions on the amount of leagues you can have. The OP is maybe playing on a handheld device.
  11. The hotfixes were there to fix stability issues in the main game, hence why there's been no update for FMT
  12. That's because of your graphical settings.
  13. I notice since the update that on the scouting cards, they've removed the estimated cost of a scouted player and his likelihood to join the club. You now need to hover over the 'score' for this information, or click to the report. Used to be handy having this information right there so you could make a quick decision on whether to discard the player or not. I can't see any upside to this change. Are SI just trolling customers this year with the UI changes, making it more awkward instead of more intuitive?
  14. Apart from anything else, De Gea is still relatively young for a goalkeeper. What would be the sense in giving him 20 for this stat just now only to see him improve in real life, where would you go from there?
  15. I can't believe they never fixed that. This is another example of what I was saying above, too many little errors have crept in this year compared to other years. Sloppy.