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  1. Sorry man, I can't figure out what are you saying. Can you write it in Slovakian maybe?
  2. So you can't open FM? Can you tell me what message do you get when you try to open FM? Where did you buy it? Maybe it's region locked version and it's not working in your country.
  3. Sorry to hear that buddy. Funny thing is, most crash dumps have little to do with FM alone. It's mostly due to some error on your PC/MAC. I know it's hard to appreciate what SI team has done so far with the game when it's not working, but SI is relatively small team with limited budget and they still create amazing game every year. Their support is amazing as well, always helpful and in most of the cases they give helpful informations. But for them to do that, they need our help as well. We can do that by reporting bugs and issues like this (crash dump). I would suggest you to upload your save file and your dump file (you can find both in documents/SI/FM15) and give it to Miles so he can take a look and give you some advice. I hope you'll fix your problem soon buddy
  4. Either deleting my preferences file or verifying my cache fixed the problem. I'm pass that date now and it's working like a charm. Thanks a lot
  5. BluesAreReds is name of the save game. Let me know if you need something else.
  6. Hello, I'm getting infamus CD on exact date, twice in a row now. When it closes FM, steam starts FM again with message 'Installation.... 1%" and then it closes it self with another message "Steam servers are too busy to handle to request.... error code 41". I've uploaded my .dmp files, they're named RosesAreRed321 and RosesAreBlue123. Also worth mentioning is I'm using custom logos, this is save from the Beta and I've edited some stuff trough In-game editor. I'll try deleting the graphics now and I'll post the result. OK, didn't help. I also cleared my cache and crash dump is happening on 8th of September, 2016. If you need anything else, please tell me
  7. Yea no problem. They gave me dodgy explanation how I ordered code from different IPs. I mean, really? Not only I have static IP adress, whats the difference if I order the game from different PCs trough one account? They are not even rewording for buying the game. Anyway, watch out for them guys.
  8. Retailer won't respond to my mail. First they asked for my ID card and then they gave me number to write on the piece of the paper and I needed to take picture of it and upload it to them, and now this. Some people are utterly unprofessional. Thanks Neil for tip, I doubt they will ever respond to me.
  9. I bought 3 copies of FM for my friends through Unlimitedgamestore.com. They said they would deliver codes today, on release date. However, they refunded money couple hours ago without any explanation why. Now I'm wondering what can I do? They could have refunded it 10 days ago, but no, they did it today with out reason. Can someone tell me what should I do now? Wait till Monday so paypal will return money or I should do something else? Thanks.
  10. Ok, only happens when I try to stream. It might be on my end, but keep it in mind. When I connect Twitch with FM, stream is working fine till I click on continue. After that, stream ends on it's own. And then when I alt+tab, that issue happens. It might be my graphics card tough.
  11. It was perfectly fine till the update (from Beta to Full). I'll try to update them and I'll let you know. Thanks.
  12. Also another thing. When I alt+tab I can't get back into the game. To be precise, I can and I am, but it shows background programs, not the FM screen, even though I can click on continue. Black mark on top of the left side is everything I can see from FM.
  13. I did find the bug when you try to stream and you click continue it stops streaming. Anyone else experienced this?
  14. You don't happen to know name of it? Didn't find anything like it. Thanks.
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