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  1. I used a custom Serie D database and didn't have this problem. Let me know which one you used and I can try to go back and find which one I did.
  2. Is there a patch coming out soon that will address these broken interactions? I have multiple other players currently saying "time is running out" to play them in their preferred positions when I have only ever 100% played them in their preferred positions. I can't afford to have another mutiny because of this bug, and I can't just sell my players every season when they get unhappy because I can only get them to agree to a new deal by including this promise...
  3. So normally when your player signs a new contract his value increases and the clubs showing interest in signing him become no longer interested as he's just committed to staying, however when using the in-game editor to give a player a new contract neither of these things happen. Is there any way to use the editor to convince him to open negotiations so that it can all happen naturally? Should I just wait another few months and see if this problem goes away? I just don't know how to go about this, especially as I wouldn't really know what a fair deal is for him at this point and would want to see where he would come in at in negotiations, which can't happen. What do you suggest I do?
  4. Yeah this doesn't make any sense. The clubs my board proposed the one time I finally got them to agree weren't that good, but when I recommend much better options myself they reject them. And of course I have to wait months in between attempts. I only let them recommend them so I knew they'd accept SOMETHING. Can anyone from SI give us some insight here?
  5. As I mentioned there is a decent amount of data in this thread about the quality of the newgens, and we haven't done any proper investigating into the number of teens (therefore, newgens) that actually feature in starting lineups a few years into your save vs at the start. Though I can say, anecdotally, the last match I just played, vs Stuttgart in the Europa League knockouts, I believe they had 3 in the starting lineup. They didn't even look *that* good, so perhaps that adds credence to the theory there is something else in play there. Though usually they are much better from what I've seen. Perhaps part of it is very young players are more of an unknown quantity in real life whereas in FM their attributes are just as easily seen as a 35 year-old who has been around forever. That means it's easier to trust them in FM than IRL. Also, it's possible that as someone who watches almost exclusively Serie A, where young players are very rarely trusted over experience, the amount I see in-game more closely resembles reality in other countries and the AI just hasn't nailed down Italian-specific nuance, so it feels more drastic to me from my own perspective.
  6. Awesome, thank you for that insight! I suppose I should use the editor to give him a new deal, though I have no idea what it should look like. That winter patch can't come soon enough! 😬
  7. He's even reacting well to me saying I won't let him leave! I'm really hoping you'll tell me this inability to offer him a contract is a bug haha
  8. Can anyone help me with this? Still trying to get an affiliate and still failing...
  9. I don't even necessarily mean coming through one's own academy, but just in general. Once you hit 2022-23 pretty much every single team has 1-3 very young newgens in the starting lineup at all times when at the beginning of the save it feels like you almost never see such a high percentage of players that age good enough for that much playing time.
  10. Seems odd - maybe you should make sure you're not making it EASIER for them to sack you by limited the amount of your deal they'd have to buy out.
  11. But... don't they automatically have to pay you 100%? Why would you set it to 90%? Do you mean, they would pay 100% remaining, but you set it to 90% of the TOTAL contract from start to finish? I also used to add a clause that waived part of the compensation needed for another club to poach me, but then quickly realized that any club big enough that I'd want to move to would have no problem buying out my very small contract anyway, and all it was doing was keeping me from getting more money in negotiations.
  12. Just uploaded my latest save "BARI 2022-23 X." Please let me know what you think! I'd like to use the editor to fix any issues that may be present if possible, but I don't want to cheat, you know?
  13. I just explained how the percentage went up for me. It's still not good, but it more than doubled. What is that clause? I'm not sure I know that one.
  14. Yep. My "job value" is at 21% when before my new contract it was in single digits. Still not looking great, though, despite being considered "untouchable."
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