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  1. Don't let it worry you. Just make sure you try to renew their loans before the season ends and the transfer window opens. There will always be other players to bring in on loans next season, too. Eventually you will be able to sign some of them on frees as the clubs get tired of renewing and loaning once they realize they aren't good enough to play for them. On my journey from Serie C/C to CL finalists we no longer have a single loanee, but at one point we only owned ONE player in the entire first team! Pro tip: Sometimes if you move the slider so you have more money for transfers th
  2. I've always been bothered by this chain of events: Player asks for new contract. You promise to offer him a new contract. You offer him a new contract as promised. He rejects the contract offer (often because he's asking for an exorbitant amount that is not what you promised for). You go to offer him another and he refuses to even entertain the idea. Time runs out and he's mad that you've not offered him a contract even though a) you did, b) he rejected it, c) you tried again, d) he wouldn't let you. But I just realized that when you ask the board to off
  3. I don't literally autopilot - I play every match but friendlies - I just mean it feels like I'm on autopilot because no domestic club can put up a fight. I don't think rotating is hurting me because I have very little turnover, so all the players are familiar with each other and still playing a lot of games. We go into every midweek match the other team did not rotate for with 5-10 more percentage points of fitness, which should give us an edge. I know how you feel though, I was a close 2nd for 4 years before I ever won! It's fickle - Juve went from unbe
  4. I don't recall ever signing a player from Paraguay before FM20, but I have a striker from there as well who remains one of my best ever signings. I've gotten similarly ludicrous offers but never sold - every time he thinks he wants to go I remind him he's a team leader and he's happy to stay (this always works almost too well). I absolutely love nothing more than signing a young player for very cheap at the beginning of the game (it was a few seasons in but he was one of the first players I ever paid a transfer fee for) and then having them grow in ability and value alongside the club so
  5. Apologies for posting so much in a row (I usually just wait until the offseason and then get it all out in between), but this is probably the most absurdly talented player I've ever signed. Took years to pry him away. I wish I could play him in 4 positions at once!
  6. The gameworld has now progressed far enough into the future that there is no immediate record of Inter ever winning anything, which is nice to see.
  7. I'm truly left to uphold the reputation of Italian football all by myself!
  8. Amusingly, Napoli actually won the league twice, then got relegated, then came back. Roma have just always been trash, not sure what happened. (Note that the just-completed season doesn't appear on the below charts yet.)
  9. Well, we did it. Won our 3rd straight scudetto with our (and my) first ever undefeated Serie A season, tying the all-time points record (Juventus, 2013-14) in the process. A draw on the final day kept us from surpassing it. I got a bit of a scare when my laptop froze whilst saving post-match, and I thought I'd have to replay the last game, but 15 mins later it came though... We narrowly missed the 100 goal-mark again, though we still scored quite a bit despite my usual top striker having an uncharacteristically dreadful season. At the other end, my keeper beat the record for most clean sh
  10. Unless I'm missing something, I mathematically secured the scudetto in record time, yet the game didn't recognize it and hasn't told me I've won. I beat Milan both times we played, so there's no way they could win a head-to-head tiebreaker even if we lose the next 8 and they win the next 8...
  11. What a run of fixtures coming up! The non-league ones are the Coppa finale and CL semis...
  12. Lazio overperforming on meme pages as well!
  13. I don't understand what you mean. I'm saying you should basically rebuild entirely.
  14. Don't buy! Sell, loan, and sign free agents to flip for cash. I never buy anyone until I get to Serie A:
  15. You should put this in the bug forum so they can take a look at it. In general the fixtures have been wonky for years, too close together, following predictable patterns, and being the same order as other clubs', etc.
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