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  1. It's removed from the picture for goal line review replays.
  2. If you promise to loan a player out and you reject an offer that comes in the player comes to you saying you've broken your promise when you've just rejected one specific offer and there is still months left to go in the transfer window. See "Bari 2025-27 Postseason" and loan Matera once the window opens.
  3. And just as I say that Juve do this. So... who knows. Diouf I already know well - he scored a 30 yard rocket in injury time to force us to drop points again Barcelona in the CL a few years ago, and I blame that for us failing to make it out of the group.
  4. My chairman sold the club to another chairman and yet the old chairman still appears. See save "Bari 2026-27 Postseason."
  5. I guess "third time's the charm" only applies sometimes! At least I finally got my first top flight trophy, even if it wasn't the best one. For the second straight season I only needed a point from the last CL group stage match but lost instead. In the league I broke all club records en route to ANOTHER silver medal, due to Guardiola's Juve just being too powerful to catch. Compare that to 2016-17 when Roma also broke their all-time points record but still finished 2nd to Juve - we even had more points than Juve did that season! In any case, I still have an incredibly talented and cohesive squad filled with almost exclusively young players that are getting better all the time. It's not the fastest way to glory, but with the 2nd youngest average age of 23.37, we're playing the long game, and I know it has to pay off eventually. I've given new contracts the the best without a release clause in sight, and many of those who arrived as teenagers from other nations have now earned HGC status. I have a very promising Italian center back (whose name means "trousers") arriving on a free: And I finally got the amusingly-named Pitbull, whom I've been chasing for years, to fill the one hole I had left in the squad: If I can hold on to everyone in the summer the team will remained largely unchanged. Considering I usually am the best team in the league in the 2nd half of the season but fail to win the title because of slip ups very early in the season, I think my only real issue is too much turnover causing chemistry issues in the opening matches. Next season that won't be an issue. So the goal? SCUDETTO!
  6. Why does Jose Luis list Carlo Ancelotti as a favorite person because of a managerial connection when Ancelotti never managed him once in his career? See any save starting with "Bari 2026-27."
  7. No I mean just click over to Napoli and select affiliates and see what it says in your save. If they're in your game database you can still see it.
  8. Interesting. I think the Napoli/Bari partnership may have already automatically changed, then because I now remember it used to say something about us sharing the same board before we both went through takeovers. Can you see what it says in your saves? I haven't seen them offer a player for 0 since it happened, so perhaps we used to be a joint ownership of the same kind you're showing me, but are no longer.
  9. Just to test I saved the game and then asked to renegotiate. The board didn't want to, I had to force them into it, then it happened, and nothing changed. Still confused. Before: After:
  10. But what did you change and what happened exactly? What are the possible options for this?
  11. Yeah they need to work on this. As Bari, Napoli has been too willing to give me players in the past, so I made a personal rule to not sign anyone above a certain squad status from them. Wish they'd fix it so we didn't have to police ourselves by guessing what is or is not realistic. Ironically, they then got relegated right after we both had a change of board, and now they won't sell anyone to me at all except for massively overblown fees, which now seems unrealistic in the other direction. Oh well... What exactly did you change about the agreement and how did you do it?
  12. Why would it be <23k? Seems like this is not being calculated right. Not counting this year for obvious reasons, it's always much higher than that. See before and after saves:
  13. This was later changed to a Dimarco own goal because it deflected off of him
  14. Our boy Dimarco with an assist in under 2 mins against his parent club!
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