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  1. Wow! Well, I suppose that can only be good for you if it means he won't be injured on international duty and is less likely attract interest from richer clubs (assuming there are any) if he's not winning World Cups.
  2. Is it possible that the match engine somehow does not know that passes backwards are never offside even if the receiving player is behind the last defender?
  3. I remember for sure there was one in the first 20 mins of the Viterbese match, the other match I think it happened 2-3 times with Gouri but I can't recall now. I'm pretty busy the next few days and won't have time to play the game otherwise I'd go back and sift through the highlights.
  4. I'm noticing the same thing... so many times there are one or even more players completely open and behind the player with the ball (so onside) and the player with the ball shoots at a bad angle instead of laying it off for an all-but-guaranteed tap in. I know that some players are selfish and/or have poor decision making, but this is ridiculous. Bisceglie v Bari.pkmViterbese v Bari.pkm
  5. Apologies if this has been discovered already... but wow haha https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2848630-flat-earth-fc-and-the-man-who-is-trying-to-spin-football-in-a-new-direction
  6. But I was able to sign and register other free agents as normal, though.
  7. Hm, the first I'm seeing is December 7 but that doesn't seem right, I thought it was before that, and I don't think this is what I said. Apologies I can't seem to pinpoint this better. Is there a way we could just look to generally improve the language that is used in these to make them more clear? It just takes the immersion out a bit to have to save before each team talk for fear that something will be wildly misconstrued or inaccurately received.
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I've uploaded several saves called "BRINGING BARI BACK" that show this issue. What are the existing issues with corners, so we're aware?
  9. I've uploaded every "BRINGING BARI BACK #" save I have. Is there a way for me to see when the team meeting took place? I would guess maybe between the Casertana and Reggina fixtures?
  10. I can't recall this rating ever not being "devastated." I've uploaded every "BRINGING BARI BACK #" save I have.
  11. "BRINGING BARI BACK XI" is the same window, before I offer him. Toronto negotiates way low, I counter-offer with a fee below his market value, and Toronto declines.
  12. The latest save I have before March 4 is the January 26 one I uploaded, sorry. Next save is April 1.
  13. I think I saw it for another player but if I recall he had already played for two clubs that calendar year, which makes sense, as that is the limit to my knowledge. But Paulinho only played for one club. It just blocked registration, not the transfer, as far as I'm aware.
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