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  1. So there's no way to do this or view it happening is there? Just the inbox messages when you lose someone from time to time? This is a random anecdotal sample, of course, but it seems like it happens fairly frequently based on me digging around my own players' histories.
  2. I keep noticing players that show clubs and date ranges in their transfers page that precede and do not appear in their career stats. Is this because they were poached by another youth system before appearing in the youth intake somehow? I've heard this can happen, and I think I once got an inbox message that one of my youth players was recruited, but I never get any more info or insight into the phenomenon or how it works. Below are two examples:
  3. Thanks! Perhaps the text in the game should be revised to make this more clear.
  4. Since we're keeping this thread for the future could you revise the title to not include [FM20] so newcomers don't get confused?
  5. Say you have a player who is out on loan and he fulfills a clause, like reaching 5 international caps, for example, and sees his wage increase a predetermined amount. Which club pays the increased amount? It's confusing because the language shows percentages and the actual number committed to. So if the loaning club pays 100% then that would imply they pay the additional amount. But it also says the $1,000,000, or whatever, which implies that they only pay that agreed number regardless. Anyone have any clarity?
  6. Yeah my Italian half is 0% Sicilian so I have no dog in that fight, but from a neutral standpoint it seems sad that not only does Serie A miss out on the Sicilian derby, but it misses out on any Sicilian representation whatsoever.
  7. Catania, so you can recreate this In all honesty sometimes I feel bad that the manager I replace is just unceremoniously sacked for no reason to make way, but you can easily imagine this guy was let go for being insane haha
  8. Forget throwing water bottles, where's the option to do this?
  9. Forget throwing water bottles, where's the option to do this?
  10. I still don't really understand why we need a new thread each year, can't we just take the FM20 out of the title and have this be the calcio save thread? I know some of us are still on FM20, for example. I'm interested in seeing stories of Italian saves regardless of the edition.
  11. My best two results are final losses, Milan v Monaco in FM18 and Bari v PSG in this FM20 save. I always start in Serie C or Serie D so it takes some time before I'm strong enough to challenge for the CL, and then I usually stop playing around the time I get that far along anyway.
  12. I'm in the same position. I've never continued a save for this long but the pandemic has given me more time, so now I'm in too deep to let go. I've never won the CL before and I think this is my chance - we've come so far from bankrupt Serie D champions...
  13. You should log this in the bug forum if you haven't already so they can fix it for the full release!
  14. I remember an old Sassuolo save very fondly, started the year they had Sansone-Zaza-Berardi up top. As a Juventino who loves Berardi I really wanted him to go to Juve in real life but not in my game. Well, he was injured the entire first season and then left for Juve, so I never got to play with him or watch him at my club IRL! But later on Zaza scored his 30th goal in the final match and we qualified for the CL by +1 GD, and then he joined Juve IRL instead.
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