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  1. In December I ended up getting an offer from a semi-pro side in the relegation zone of Spain's 3rd tier.
  2. I've started unemployed with Nation A license and semi-pro experience. This is normally what I give myself when I start in Serie C or Serie D. I've loaded leagues down to 3 for big nations, 2 for medium ones, and 1 for smaller ones. It's December and I've been rejected after the one interview I've gotten - a club in 17th in the French 3rd tier. Is this normal? Did I not load small enough leagues and will never find a job? Or are there just not enough openings yet? How long does it usually take to land a gig? Should I be doing anything in particular?
  3. Then this needs to be made more clear and/or players need to not reject loans so often when they have a 0% chance of seeing any playing time...
  4. After a few seasons I gave up and used the editor to send them back to their former clubs on free loans where they played many games, which begs the question, why didn't those clubs ask to take the players back on free loans if they would use them so much?
  5. I'm really hoping this sort of thing is fixed in FM20 - it seems that Italy is always messed up to a level far beyond that of other major European leagues somehow...
  6. One more to add that I forgot to include: I know players under certain ages can't be included because of age restrictions, but it seems silly to revamp entire youth systems (U20 and U18 vs U19 and U17 in Italy, for example) when you can just create newgens at the start of a save as placeholders and populate the youth tiers normally, just as you would for players you are unable to include due to licensing issues. Especially considering you can get newgens as young as 14 later in-game, it just seems weird that this starts abruptly instead of being eased into from the start with the appropriate-aged players being generated as necessary. You could even offer a box to check at the start of a save offering this option vs the current option which just avoids the issue altogether, albeit rather unrealistically.
  7. I still am amazed that you've managed to do so well without managing in-match or even handling signings yourself. I'm not trying to discredit your fantastic achievements, but how are you consistently winning everything when it seems largely AI-controlled? Are you just really really good at setting up tactics before each match? What's your secret? I feel like if I didn't handle signings or in-match instructions I would do miserably.
  8. Agreed! I think I raised the same thing in the feature request forum ages ago but I can't remember now. I don't understand why they can't just generate placeholder players for those who are too young just like they already do for those they don't have the rights to or those that are used to fill space in empty sides.
  9. I want to elaborate on this one since I couldn't find the original post to link to:
  10. In general I wish we could see better data that tracks players' progress beyond just that line graph for individual attributes within a set time period.
  11. I totally agree! I made a feature request like this once, and while I mention it in my master list I can't seem to find the original specific post. If I'm going to start a match I'd love some sort of cutscene or load screen that shows a map! Or even just a map in league screens. It's such a simple but beautiful idea that makes the game feel more immersive and real. Imaging it zooming in on the new location your team is traveling to in the buildup. We don't think of it much but travel is a massive part of being in football. Make us feel the enormousness of our little club's first away match in European competition, etc. Like this for travel: Like this for leagues. Beautiful: Even the simple ones are cool: Even general data visualization is a step up from the spreadsheets (keep those too, but why not spruce them up a bit also?):
  12. Interesting concept. I worry this could become too rigid, but I do think some tweaks should be made in this area. I've long thought there should be a more proper financial analysis of your transfer/wage dealings, and I think this would tie in nicely to a real board review of your work. I tend to check the board and fan responses to my transfers in that window deep in the board confidence menu, but unfortunately the info can at times seem completely illogical. To that end it would be cool to negotiate with your board more regarding desired signings and budget increases - say a scout reports you should sign a player "whatever the cost," you should be able to introduce him to the discussion in which you request an increased budget to accommodate the deal. If the scout has good determination or data presentation or whatever he could help pitch the idea through. In a more general sense, there also needs to be a coherent way to allow future deals to come out of future budgets, yet the board seems completely disconnected with this reality at present.
  13. Yeah, in general I find keeper ratings bizarre. If a striker scores a goal and we take the lead why does the keeper get a bump in his rating? Etc.
  14. Agreed! The loaning feature could use a few fixes across the board - they need to allow loans to be negotiated/arranged before the window opens like you can do with transfers, make loans with purchase clauses more common, make it easier to loan players out, make it so loaned players renewed don't lose all chemistry, and allow you to ask players to actively seek a loan move, not just a transfer.
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