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  1. The budgets were set when I wont the league, I think, but then I had no money, so they were low. Then I negotiated a contract and asked for more budget, and it was like 100k which I just put into wages which are already over budget. Then when they set concrete budgets with competition expectations it was 0. I just feel like at some point it was supposed to kick in and I usually get everything refreshed at a certain point...
  2. I've played ahead to 13 July and I've still not been given a proper budget, and it doesn't even have next season's budget shown which I can't remember ever being "N/A" before. I have a massive 65 million transfer to PSG lined up that I've been delaying in hopes that I can get the percentage of transfer revenue retained above an abysmal 50%, but the option won't appear. Am I missing something here, or are we really just doing that bad financially..? I feel like there should be some cash injection coming in at some point in the offseason, no?
  3. All good points! I just was shocked to see such a drastic change because I've had longer / worse injuries with little to no lasting impact, and this guy was only out 5 weeks, but I guess it was a pretty intense issue during that time.
  4. Thanks for your reply, @Ben Kenney. I'm confused by the last part, though. The game says that you can free up a spot if a non-EU player sees "their contract expire/terminated." You say that "releasing a contract non-EU player will not free up a slot." There are two options, "release on a free" and "mutual termination." I've tried both, and neither work. It seems like the game says the latter should do it and you're saying the former will not. What's the deal here? In the meantime, is there any way to get around this and get the game to prioritize the correct player? It won't prioritize Bukievskiy no matter who I click or what I do.
  5. I pre-signed two non-EU players, but am only able to register one until one of the other non-EU players in my squad "leave to a foreign club, see their contract expire/terminated, or gain an EEA nationality." I was given this option to prioritize which of the two signings would occupy that first slot already allotted: I chose to prioritize Bukievskiy, but FM chose to make José the registrable player, and make Bukievskiy ineligible and not registrable. This is annoying enough - it's a weird bug, and I don't understand why either need to be unregistrable until you actively register the other, but no matter, I will simply terminate the contract of another non-EU player at the club and then we're good to go, right? Wrong. That's a bug now, too. I terminate the contract of Tchetchoua, freeing up a non-EU slot, BUT IT STILL WON'T LET ME REGISTER BUKIEVSKIY. WHY? I prioritized him, AND then met the criteria required to make room for him. Why are these issues STILL happening? What can I do to get around this? It looks like the only thing that works is using the editor to force him to join a foreign club since no one will willingly sign him. This is beyond frustrating. I have uploaded two saves, one before prioritizing a player ("MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON IV"), and one after prioritizing but before terminating a non-EU player ("MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON V"). Please, please advise how I can fix this problem and continuing playing with both my new signings registered as they should be.
  6. I am not being offered any transfer budget despite bringing in a lot of money to the club. Is this a bug, or is there some other explanation? I've uploaded "MILAN 2024-25 PRESEASON II."
  7. I do but I just signed two great players for that position.
  8. This is still happening. I just won the treble (well, EL not CL, but still) in my first season at Milan, and am being courted by Man Utd. Using that as leverage, we've entered contract negotiations for a renewal, and they won't even give me $2,500,000! In fact, no matter what I try, I can only get them to go up about $25,000 from their initial offer. Crazy. I've uploaded "MILAN 2023-24 POSTSEASON II" for reference.
  9. I won Serie A but the graphic / cutscene showing the scudetto presentation never appeared. I've uploaded a save from right before I won the league called "MILAN 2023-24 XII."
  10. Sadly I think you're all right. I was hoping he'd be a solid backup for a few years but looks like I should move him on in the summer, just 6 months after signing. Too bad, too, because I already have pretty high turnover. It'll be interesting to see if I can make a profit off of him - his value has tripled since he went from Serie B to us, the Serie A champions, but in reality he would probably not fetch that high because other clubs would be aware of the injury situation.
  11. I recently signed this CB after which he promptly injured his knee ligaments. Because of this he took a huge hit to pace like I've never seen before. Normally "Bravery" gets knocked down a few, but this was extreme. I remember getting an inbox message notifying me of this and saying that it would come back, but so far it has only improved something like .2 in several months. Should I expect him to start recovering some speed, or should I cut my losses and sell him ASAP? I play a relatively intense, high-pressing style, so he's a liability. It only just occurred to me to start training him specifically on quickness (I should've begun this instantly, but I guess I got distracted) so it's too early to tell if it will make any noticeable difference.
  12. For some reason the "Job History" screen is missing the 2020-21 season I spent in Serie B and showing a 2022-23 season on Milan that never happened. I've uploaded a save called "MILAN 2023-24 XIIV."
  13. I have 549 results for "faceinthegame." How are there so many?
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