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  1. Arsenal account for almost half the difference, and they're an outlier because of Wenger. And while it's not exactly fair - FM 2019 does start in 2018, after all - Manchester United and Chelsea both changed managers after the 2019 season. What do your numbers look like if you expand the pool to include PSG, Atletico, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, Dortmund, Bayern and perhaps Napoli? The top 10 or 15 clubs by reputation. I'm going to guess it's still high turnover, but mostly driven by Team A sacking their manager after under-performing, and an internal merry-go-round starting. And I wonder, too, if it's at all connected to the wage issue that gets brought up every now and then. Players often report that their teams, especially big, rich teams, will not give them raises, no matter how high the reputation. High managerial wages and buyouts would be one barrier to the chain reaction of managerial moves that can happen.
  2. I'm not sure, but I think players may 'know' after the last game of the season. One piece of evidence is that there are regular bug reports about players being unhappy that promotion or European football goals haven't been achieved, even when there are still ways to accomplish those goals. Players get upset that they haven't been promoted before the playoffs or that they haven't achieved Champions League football right before the final of the Europa League. That suggests the official end-of-season date for these things is the last regular league game.
  3. This should be the highest priority for new animations, in my opinion. It's difficult to tell what's happening when your player stumbles a bit and stands still, and it's frustrating as heck to watch.
  4. That is a very cool lob and also what the heck why did that defender just completely stop moving? I'd have Alt+F4ed on the spot.
  5. Most of the time it's just Small Sample Size Theater. A few years ago I was convinced Francis Coquelin was underrated. I was wrong; the researchers had him right.
  6. Alternately, English players are overrated in FM because English players are overrated in real life. Alternately alternately, English players are overrated because English clubs are slightly overrated in facilities and produce better youth classes than some of them might be expected to. In a typical save there might be twice as many English clubs as French, Spanish or German clubs, leading to more top-level English players over time. There are explanations that don't involve you forcibly inserting words in another poster's mouth.
  7. I think I remember Cesc Fabregas scoring this exact goal for Arsenal against Sunderland in 2008 or so.
  8. I didn't say perfect, and there's a big space between perfect and 'don't use throw-in routines in FM2019' (though in fairness, that was a mod, not a developer). I'd be much, much more positive about all of this if the tweaks and changes being worked on for FM2020 would be pushed to FM2019 as well.
  9. In the specific, I haven't been reporting bugs since the pre-release beta because I refunded the game after the final beta patch. I didn't think it augured well for the future direction of the 19 match engine, and have enough other entertainment options without spending time and money on FM. In general, though, lack of PKMs or saves isn't the reason striker movement, throw-in marking, new contract demands or defensive heading and backpass decisions aren't up to snuff. There are dozens of save games and PKMs for these issues.
  10. Here's the thing though. We all understand it. Understanding it is why we don't like it. I'm sure there are plenty of knock-on effects and thises and thats, but it is not unreasonable to expect bugs reported during the pre-launch beta to be fixed sometime before the game is abandoned.
  11. You know what Valve do, though? They don't ever just stop fixing things. When a patch is released with problems, it gets hotfixed. When the Dota team, for example, release a big balance patch, it's not uncommon for it to get three or four tweaks in as many days. New hero or feature patches will have a similar number of hotfixes that day. A lot of us would be more forgiving of these problems if there was any chance they'd be fixed in the current version. But the patching cycle is just about set in stone, so stuff that's been in the game since beta is going to stay there and if we're very very lucky it'll be fixed in 2020. This isn't just an SI thing - it's a trend across PC gaming. Look at the reception to Imperator: Rome from Paradox. People don't like paying full price for games that feel unfinished. Valve's two big titles, at least, are free-to-play.
  12. Striker movement remaining as it is would be fairly disappointing. Issues were reported by multiple people as far back as the second beta patch.
  13. I think this went away in 2013, maybe, or 2014. It was tied to the slider system, and getting your customized striker role to work. I'd like to have it back, but theoretically it shouldn't be necessary with the role system functioning properly.
  14. I've definitely had similar issues trying to add columns on the general squad screen. If I add more than two - I think it's two - columns, they start getting added off the right edge of the screen, even though half the screen is still available. Always takes a bunch of fiddling to get them right. Was like that in FM 17 too.
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