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  1. Striker movement remaining as it is would be fairly disappointing. Issues were reported by multiple people as far back as the second beta patch.
  2. I think this went away in 2013, maybe, or 2014. It was tied to the slider system, and getting your customized striker role to work. I'd like to have it back, but theoretically it shouldn't be necessary with the role system functioning properly.
  3. I've definitely had similar issues trying to add columns on the general squad screen. If I add more than two - I think it's two - columns, they start getting added off the right edge of the screen, even though half the screen is still available. Always takes a bunch of fiddling to get them right. Was like that in FM 17 too.
  4. I also recommend submitting a save and PKMs if you can. When I played, I was surprised by low conversion rates as well. It won't get fixed without being reported.
  5. Also, my goodness are players good at diving in two-footed from behind and getting the ball! It's frickin' miraculous; they come away with the ball even when the player they're tackling doesn't have it yet. Speaking of clairvoyant players, I conceded a goal from a shot by a player who started shooting before the rebound that gave him the ball had happened because the guy who did the original shot hadn't even gotten the ball yet. The sequence is free kick comes in -> header knockdown -> scorer starts shooting -> winger volleys knockdown at goal -> keeper blocks shot -> rebound is scored by the guy who started his shooting animation way back at the front of that chain.
  6. I think this affects raumdeuters as well, at least in the attacking phase. In a 4-4-1-1 Asymmetrical AML based on the Fluid Counterattack preset, Welbeck and Aubameyang (AFa and raumdeuter, respectively) take up essentially identical positions on the edge of the six-yard box during possession-based attacking play. Welbeck is halfway between the center and the right corner with Aubameyang halfway between the center and the left corner. It's not quite as bad as usually the two CDs mark the center forward. With the Vertical Scrolling camera, I see Ozil (AMs), Torriera (BWMd) and Xhaka (CMauto) playing the ball in a little triangle about halfway between the center circle and the D. When the ball is played to Torriera, who isn't marked and is the deepest of the three with the least creative freedom and duties, both Aubameyang and Welbeck make purely vertical attacking runs into offside positions. When Torriera passes square to Xhaka, both walk back to their starting places on the edge of the penalty area, without any lateral movement.
  7. Players are still choosing to run towards the corner flag, stop and cross rather than running towards the endline or turning inside to cross on the move. It doesn't happen all the time, but it pretty much shouldn't happen any of the time, especially when the guy with the ball is faster than his defender and has a step on him. Taking the ball to the corner is something players do late in matches to waste time, not as part of a normal attacking sequence.
  8. I'm committing to using only the presets with position and role tweaks to suit the squads I'm using for the duration of the beta. I want to see how they work compared to the tactics I've used in other editions. They have a lot more instructions, and many more attack duties, than I've used in the past. I've used Tiki-Taka, Vertical Tiki-Taka, Gegenpress, Fluid Counterattack and Catenaccio so far - generally feel like VTT and Gegenpress are pretty good, Tiki-Taka not great and deep positional defending is weaker than aggressive front-foot tactics. Many of the tweaks I've made have involved strengthening the wings and taking central attacking midfielders out, since I haven't found them to be particularly effective so far.
  9. I'm interested to see the training reports tell me that players are improving a lot or significantly, but the attribute changes screen showing me only slight improvement or no change at all.
  10. I've received a report about 17 year old Bayli Spencer-Adams, who has trained well over the last 3 months. His progress is IMPROVED and he "has made some improvement as a footballer over the last two months", and is "progressing well in training". However, the summary screen actually shows decreases in Crossing, Heading, Decisions and Off the Ball. While two of these are not particularly important for a center back, two of them are. Looking at the Attribute Changes screen summaries, he has "no significant change in overall ability" for the Technical, Mental or Physical categories. Maybe what this means is that his Hidden attributes have improved, but that seems like it needs to be separate, more specific feedback keyed to, say, a change in personality. By definition the player can't see Hidden attributes, so using them as a component of development is unhelpful unless we get a summary of those changes.
  11. Is a disallowed goal appearing on the timeline a new feature? What's going on there? Should I have done a VAR thing or something?
  12. Speaking of what SI have confirmed, they've confirmed that there are fewer injuries in training than real life. Match injuries are high, but not omg all the time a cruciate tear high without bizarre work from the user.
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