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  1. Yes, I was challenging; I was in first or second for the majority of the season, and lost because of a loss in game 36 to the eventual title winners with my two starting forwards both injured. Turns out this has been a very long-standing issue, and Weston has reported it in several incarnations in his Bari save.
  2. Also: The Community Shield is a friendly. It is not a forking trophy. Virgil van Dijk is not "living the dream of many a supporter as he lifted the Community Shield". It might be a very slightly more important friendly, as it usually is between two Premier League teams (and usually between two good Premier League teams) fairly close to the beginning of the season, but it's not a trophy. It's extremely silly that it's treated as such.
  3. Yeah, I thought high reputation players would help (which I have! I think).
  4. My board is giving me a B- for performance. They're upset that I haven't increased commercial revenue. They won't agree to an affiliate club to increase my overseas profile, which is as far as I know the only thing I can do to affect this.
  5. Does anyone know how to actually fulfill this promise, other than winning the league? My board and best player are both unhappy that I've broken a promise slash failed to fulfill the expectation. I finished three points behind the winners in second, and could have won if final-day results had gone correctly.
  6. I'll do what I did with FM19 and FM20 - I'll pre-order as soon as it goes on sale, play the full beta and decide whether I'm going to keep the game or refund based on the state of the game's final beta patch.
  7. Seven seasons in the PL, with five Liverpool wins. I've won twice with Arsenal. United have three runners-up. Chelsea have one third, and haven't finished higher than that. City have one runner's up and a couple third places, and three fifth places, which is crazy with their squad - Ruben Dias, Federico Chiesa, Rodrigo Bentancur, Thiago Almada, Luka Jovic, Foden, Florentino Luis and Mbappe, among others. Liverpool's front four in 2026 is Lukaku, Jude Bellingham, Jadon Sancho and Rodrygo, with Sebastiano Esposito and a couple of regens as backup. Liverpool also have two European Cups and an appearance as a finalist, four FA Cups, and four League Cups in those seven seasons.
  8. My team's top tacklers/game for the season (13 games in, with rotation), are in order: RB, other RB, LB, LW/emergency LB, other LB. The gap between the fullbacks at the top and everyone else is pretty big - the drop from #3 to #4 is almost a full tackle per game, the same size as the gap between #4 and #12. I do tend to sub heavily in CM and on the wings, though; I wish there was a tackles/90 option. For reference, I play a 4-1-2-3 with extreme pressing in the front three but a standard LOE, and I'm super possession-oriented, so I don't have a single player in the top 20 league-wide. In the PL, it's all over the place: the top five are LB, LW/RW, LB, AMC, DM, all within 0.5 tackles/90 of each other (except #1, who's nearly 1.5 ahead of #2).
  9. Obviously I am talking about team fluidity, as indicated in my screenshot.
  10. Current tactic has been excellent when I've got everyone healthy. Losing the first-choice IWs can be rough; the right-sided one is my second-highest goal threat, scoring from a mixture of back-post headers, long shots and placed shots after cutting inside. I'm hoping to keep as much of the possession orientation as I can, and the Very Fluid mentality. Possession is a big part of my defense, and I had by far the best defense in the league. I had the best attack, too, but tied with another team with two more within two goals. Focusing on training 'cuts inside' PPMs is probably a good idea.
  11. Advice Sought: scoring goals with a front three including two natural wingers For the last six seasons I've been playing a lineup with two inverted wingers on support. There are no player instructions, except when a specific player players in the left IWs slot. I'm going into the 2026-27 season, and both of my IWs are in their prime and quite expensive. The players I've found as the next generation are both naturally wingers - left-footed on the left and right-footed on the right, and not very versatile. When I've tried making the front line Ws - PFa - Ws, it's looked pretty bad and results have been pretty bad. Lots of 0-0s against bad teams and no really impressive attacking performances. What tactical changes should I consider making to get a dual-winger formation working effectively?
  12. The biggest problem here is that my set piece instructions keep getting reset, even though I'm using the same 4-1-2-3 shape in every game.
  13. The standard (I think) one, with a 17/8 split and existing foreign players grandfathered in. I'm kind of avoiding playing right now. I was unbeaten until December, then got month-to-six-week injuries to four of the five players I have who can play fullback effectively and my goalkeeper and my backup goalkeeper and my starting striker. In the period these players have been and will be out, I play RB Leipzig, Tottenham and City in a row, then Everton, Liverpool, Chelsea and Everton again. Other than Chelsea and the first Everton game, all of those fixtures are away.
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