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  1. At 29:44, there's a throw-in taken deep in the corner. The throw leads directly to a cross, which lands at the feet of Ruben Neves, who has plenty of time and space to shoot - except Deulofeu's slide tackle causes Neves to stumble, even though it occurs before Neves actually has the ball and doesn't touch him at all. The ball falls to Moise Kean, standing on the penalty spot, who has one man between him and the goal, yet chooses to play a first-time pass back out of the penalty area to a defensive midfielder running back towards his defensive half, well away from play. The tackle shouldn't have affected Neves, and Kean should probably shoot on the turn rather than play a 20 yard pass away from goal. Man Utd v Arsenal 3.pkm
  2. Really strange goal scored at 64:36. The move starts with Saka having a cross blocked by what seems to be something about six inches away from Deulofeu's face. Deulofeu chases the ball down on the touchline, stops it and runs out of play, allowing Kean to take it away. Kean nutmegs Diogo Dalot (I think) and shoots; the shot is saved directly back to Kean, who teleports into a sliding animation and pokes the ball to Lindelof. Lindelof is central in the six yard box, facing his goal, and under light pressure from Nketiah dribbles into his own net. The goal goes down as a goal scored for Nketiah, who slide-tackles twice without standing up between the two tackles. There is also a goal scored at 69:27 that involves the goal scorer going into the shooting animation before the free kick he ultimately scores from has gotten anywhere near him. I know this was an issue in previous editions; I reported it in FM19's beta. At 82:51, James Garner scores after slide-tackling the ball into the net. It is his fourth slide without standing up. The first one makes Ruben stumble and lose the ball without making contact with either the ball or the player. The second makes the keeper, who has gathered the ball with both hands, fall over and drop the ball. The third knocks Bukayo Saka over and does not touch the ball. The fourth knocks Leocadio over and pokes the ball into the net. The scoring team commits what appear to be five fouls in the box before the goal is scored. Man Utd v Arsenal 2.pkm
  3. Try turning the tempo down and not worrying about it too much.
  4. Modeling our owner needing revenue to pay for his massively expensive NFL stadium is a bit outside FM's scope, unfortunately. So is our hiring process basically being a pyramid scheme of garbage.
  5. Can you post either a PKM with times when you thought they should have crossed in this thread, or your tactics in the tactics forum?
  6. Generally agree with this. Press conferences are one of the most skippable elements of the game. Tweets I think are just there to give some versimilitude. They don't much matter and are easily ignorable. Since scouting, training and development have all gotten overhauled in the last few years, I'd like to hope that the interactive side of FM gets a look sometime in the next few versions. That might include another pass at some issues with player interactions as well - "I'm not prepared to go over this again" when a guy has averaged a 10.0 training rating for the third week in a row. @davehanson I can't speak for Dave, obviously, but I've put a few PKMs up in the bug forums that include quite a few missed 1v1s. It's a thing that happens, and hopefully the next patch will make it better. Generally, I've dealt with it by trying to create goals in other ways in other situations. The update that decreased the number of penalties hurt my team a lot - I didn't realize how much I was relying on tricky wingers drawing fouls in the box. It turned into a good little wakeup. I got some good feedback from Scott about what he does with his AMC that's helped. In the games I've played since making a role change to that player, I've seen a couple slick passing moves and two very sexy passes slid through defenses on the ground for goals. I still see a lot of 1v1s, but I get a better variety of chances and more goals playing with a tactic that suits my squad and the ideas I want to implement than picking some hyper-narrow, hyper-attacking downloaded shot-festival.
  7. I mean, I don't mind the power fantasy of just getting and being really good with one team, so I'll just pick one that I already like and go from there. I also choose clubs based on history. I'll pick a team with an interesting, long history - Dumbarton, Kilmarnock, Wrexham, Genoa, Le Havre, Pro Vercelli. It makes the climb more interesting to me if I have a 'reclaiming past glory' narrative.
  8. FM doesn't do a great job of simulating managers and owners being completely awful, so Arsenal are going to over-perform. Wolves have a couple really good players and their default tactics are pretty good.
  9. It was, and some of the issues weren't present in the beta. They came up at the end of beta and early in release with those patches, which addressed issues identified in the beta.
  10. Literally one of the top, like, three threads in the Match Engine bugs forum says they're looking into it. God knows I complain about stuff. There are problems, the game isn't perfect, and I really question why some issues persist year-on-year. Yet I can see real progress, and I appreciate the heck out of the people who, positive or negative, are posting detailed bug reports with timestamps, PKMs and saves. But there's the thing. Uploading a PKM is incredibly easy. It's a lot more work to take a screenshot or upload a video. Maybe it doesn't satisfy an urge for public outrage, but it will actually help.
  11. So I made some tactical changes to mess with a few ideas in tandem: In two games, Fernandes has scored four goals, and while this is close to my first XI, I have upgrades available at the CF and both midfield positions. One of the goals he scored was this one.
  12. 44:50 --> for Valon Berisha's goal, Ruben Dias charges out to close the player down. Berisha has just cut inside onto his stronger right foot, but Dias runs towards his left side. Berisha wouldn't really have much of a shooting or passing angle with his left foot given how he's moving. Additionally, Berisha has an Opposition Instruction to be shown onto his weaker foot - not his stronger one. Willock's run out to the fullback on the left side makes no sense either - it creates the space that Berisha runs into, but Bellerin already has that fullback locked down. Without Willock's participation, Luna's only option is to play the ball backwards. Sheff Utd v Arsenal 3.pkm
  13. 64:48 --> Saliba backs off, allowing Jovane to control the ball from the long kick. After backing off several steps, he charges forward and Jovane walks past him without trouble. Sheff Utd v Arsenal 3.pkm
  14. More shots or headers over the bar in the 19th, 28th, 29th, 34th, 38th, 42nd, 45th, 55th, 67th, 70th, 81st and 86th minutes. Sheff Utd v Arsenal 2.pkm
  15. Corner offside at 45:45. Throw-in offisde at 70:45. Sheff Utd v Arsenal 2.pkm
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