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  1. 'Wonderkid' doesn't mean they're going to go on to be one of the best players in history. In FM terms it means they've cleared a certain CA bar at or under a certain age limit. They won't necessarily develop much beyond that. A 19 year old who's 140 CA/145 PA counts as a wonderkid, I believe, but isn't anywhere close to Mbappe.
  2. One of the things FM doesn't simulate well is bad ownership. United are bad in real life* in large part because of Ed Woodward making poor transfer and staffing decisions, yet keeping his job long-term. Arsenal are bad in real life in large part because the ownership hired a crook to run their recruitment. Those factors basically go away in FM's simulations (and some of it, like Arsenal paying backhanders to friendly agents, doesn't exist). So it turns into Team A having Weakness N and addressing it by buying Player X. It's all logical, and means that generally Arsenal, United and other b
  3. A lot of people were saying that the Arsenal prospects and young players were rated too low, and it was mostly a dispute over their ceilings rather than what they are now. Many of those same people were saying that Arsenal's experienced players, like Alex Lacazette, Hector Bellerin and Granit Xhaka, were rated too highly. And fortunately some changes were made, especially to Lacazette's and Bellerin's speed stats.
  4. And against eight different formations in those 11 games. Diamonds overloading the center, 4-2-31, 4-4-2 presumably slinging in crosses and a couple back threes. I think the one Peterborough played is two central midfielders and an attacking midfielder, and the one the AV U23s played is two banks of three with two CMs ahead. Wild. I wonder what the midfields looked like in that game against Crewe's 4-3-3 2DM, which only has one central midfielder. Sunderland are, I think, playing a back three, wingbacks, two CMs and two AMs in most of their games, so I wonder if both teams are just sittin
  5. Holy crap. I've never seen anything like that before. Usually they just come back with the exact same offer you've already rejected five times before.
  6. I only spent an hour or so with FM21, so I don't have the biggest range of experiences, but I'd take the FM20 UI in a heartbeat. It was rough looking at it on a big monitor in 1440p.
  7. @Tony Garvey Thanks. @upthetoon's feedback will be more valuable than mine since I'm not on FM21. The issue this thread is about sounded very similar to something I had in FM20, so I wanted to know if that was still occurring.
  8. My issue in FM20 was on the default zoom and 2560x1440 resolution. @upthetoon seems to be experiencing it on FM21, too.
  9. Are you guys having issues changing from back 4s to back 3s or from midfield 2s to flat midfield 3s? That was something that was a huge issue for me in FM20 - taking a DM and trying to slide him up into a CM position would just swap the player with one of the CMs. Likewise for CBs.
  10. @Pav_Makarov Stupid question, but have you played six games yet? I do think there's a moderate issue with making it so central to feedback, and with such a simplistic model. Currently, the xG feedback is something like "we had a good performance according to xG, with an xG that was higher than that of our opponent" or "we had a bad performance according to xG, with an xG that was below that of our opponent". That's so simplistic as to be almost pointless. xG is already in the other panel; we don't need a second place that just compares them. Making this feedback useful requi
  11. I think this is a big part of the answer. Pretty sure keepers view long clearances as low risk, even if they will concede possession, and short passes as high risk, even if there's a fairly reasonable option.
  12. The Arsenal researcher also maybe has some non-standard ideas about what attributes mean - he said in the Beta thread that he'd dropped Kieran Tierney's Determination attribute because he had differences of opinion: And he compensated by changing squad morale. I find that kind of extraordinary, especially as they've apparently got a policy of not revising PA for young players down.
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