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  1. Yep. When I managed Brazil in the 2034 World Cup cycle, it felt like all of their central midfielders were CM/ST, and all their strikers were CM/ST too. Now in 2038 managing RBL, I've been trying to buy a left winger - the guy in question plays for Leeds and at the start of the season was Natural at AML and Accomplished at ML. In the four months since the start of the season he's become Makeshift at CM and Awkward at AMR, despite only playing AML. So it's not about how the AI is using him, exactly; it's about what he's doing in training. Leeds also has a guy who's a natural CD and an Acco
  2. Followup to my post - that's the day after I said I'd had 12 loan offers for Pelaez in ten days. Admittedly some of these (which are automatically rejected by the DOF) have different terms, though none are good enough to be worth accepting. Edit: Got one more that same day.
  3. Honestly, going into 2022 I'd prefer effort be put into improving transfers over improving the match engine. I am so so so so sick of fielding offers for the same players every day. In the last ten days I've received twelve loan offers for a player who is marked as unavailable for loan. They're all for 70 or 80% of his wages, the ones that're 70% have a small fee, they're all offering Squad Player status, which is the same thing he's got at my club. He's not even unsettled or on a short contract. The entire world has just decided that it's time to sign him on loan, and it's been like this
  4. My head is getting absolutely done in by transfer offers for two players. One's a 27 year old winger, the other a 24 year old RB/CB/RWB. They're both pretty good. Not great, not Champions League first XI material, but decent enough squad options in my system. Since I signed them off the transfer list for Leipzig a season ago, each has probably had, without exaggeration, a hundred offers made for 'em. Every few days when the windows are open, it's three or four or seven or eight more offers. And they're all to take these players on loan, no fee, Fringe Player or Squad Player status, a fra
  5. My experience, playing primarily in the third-ninth tiers of English football and the top level of Italian football, has been that AI managers are very particular about this. I've had several players recalled by their parent clubs, both for playing the requested role in a different position (advanced playmaker in central midfielder rather than attacking midfield, for example) or different roles in the same position (central defender instead of no-nonsense central defender).
  6. And there should be some fluidity built in there. Arsenal hired Mikel Arteta as a head coach under Raul Sanllehi as DoF and Edu Gaspar as Technical Director. Raul left/was fired, and at the end of the season Arteta was promoted to manager. And it's now unclear whether he works for Edu or vice versa - it's entirely possible he's now the technical director's boss. There does probably need to be a look at how managers and clubs fit together before any of this happens. The situation where a hugely successful manager can't get a pay raise off their current club suggests there's some wonki
  7. This should be part of the hiring process. Some clubs already ask the player to commit to retaining certain staff. In an ideal world I'd like FM to split the manager role up, where some clubs hire old-style managers and others hire head coaches. I'd also like to be able to take jobs as a DoF or technical director. FM's interpretation of the manager is a role that's very rare these days at the top level.
  8. Total value of Lee Bowyer's Merthyr Town squad in League One this season is £12.1m, counting five loan players valued at £1m or more. The Championship is just a rough, rough step up. If you've done the back-to-back promotions from League Two, which is hard-but-not-impossible, staying up feels rough. It takes a long time for reputation and income to catch up with promotions, and there's very little allowance made for preseason expectations or past performance.
  9. So I haven't been posting here because, uh, I got fired. After winning League One and going up, Merthyr Town had a takeover. And there wasn't any money available. I went into the Championship season with the lowest wage bill in the league, about a quarter of the second-lowest. And it showed, especially up front. I started the 2029-30 season by winning my first two games, then went the remainder of August, September, October and November winless before picking one up at the end of December. By March, I hadn't won again, and was underperforming my combined xG against and xG for by about 15
  10. Frustrating interaction today. A player was concerned that he won't get a work permit, and wanted a loan. The player has a work permit, and while I would be happy to loan him out if he doesn't get it renewed, that's not an option I have - I can only promise him an immediate loan, immediate sale, immediate termination of contract, or nothing. He's in my squad! He plays nearly every game! But now he's unhappy over something that shouldn't even be a factor right now.
  11. There's a 19 year old Irish AML at Derby in my save on a month-to-month. It's November 20208, and his contract ended in June/July 2028. Derby won't go lower than £600k + future fee percentage, and compensation for signing him is £800k Looking at his history, he's not played a single game, including during a loan spell in 2026/27. There's another guy at Southampton who plays striker; I wanted to get him in my summer window, but Southampton want £7.75m for a player who isn't under contract anymore. It's kind of bizarre! Is this a thing that happens in football? I know there are comp
  12. Agreed with all of this, and it's very strange. I've got staff who've been on month-to-month contracts for literally seven years now - they've expired at the end of my first season, I forgot to release them and now I'm morbidly curious how long they'll stay. My backup keeper has been on a month-to-month for two and a half seasons. I know he's pretty bad, but still!
  13. 23 teams for two spots, only one of which is guaranteed, is hard. And the fact that if you've just come up from a regional league you're probably still semi-pro, and at a training and money deficit compared with the full-timers who've come down in earlier seasons. The AI's new insistence on loan players being played in specific roles, and aggressively recalling them if they aren't, is another wrinkle; I was going to come up in my second season in the VNL until I had three players yanked for playing wingback instead of fullback or centerback instead of no-nonsense centerback or whatever.
  14. I'm just about to start the L1 season as well. Getting out of the Vanarama National has been the hardest part so far, but four teams getting relegated out of L1 will make that pretty spicy. I'm expecting each successive promotion to be harder than the next.
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