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  1. What is that supposed to be? And VAR will say it's a penalty! Graphics? When I look at the position of both players? So in first position they are very close themself. On left side Valencia's player on right side Gijon's player. Suddenly Gijon's player before the ball and Player from Valencia going over neck of Gijon's player. Valencia player not fall after tackle, suddenly only remained standing. Referee stopped game and goes watch video! It is penalty! And the game said "It looked harsh! It is surprising And these are exactly the situations that, for example, bother me on F
  2. I think the game often can't recognize the rules: Player in offside position and Offside. Player in offside position can be. It is not disabled. But if the player in offside position wants playing in this position, he is in offside and it is disabled. In the last matches the game disallowed for my team two goals. I lost the match 1:0. First goal was regular goal, although the one player was in the offside position in the middle of the 6-yard box. Goalkeeper was in the middle also, but he cannot doing nothing, because player who scored goal was in the left side of 6-yard box and he had e
  3. Part two Transfers During the transfer window I picked players as needed. Two Slovak players came to the permanent transfer. Central defender Adam Obert (16yo) from Sampdorie and attacking midlefielder Patrik Myslovic (18yo) from MSK Zilina. On loan came Vincenzo Millico from Turin, Nicola Armini from Lazio, Dylan Levitt from United and at the end of the transfer window Manuel Gasparini from Udinese and Folarin Balogun from Arsenal. Matteo Brumat (24yo) came on a free transfer. Friendly matches I prefer lighter and moderate opponents and one or two matches with strong club
  4. Prologue Here is my second attempt for story. I started in Ravenna. Ravenna is very beautiful and historical town. Ravenna is connected to Adriatic sea by the Candiano Canal. Something from history of Ravenna In Ravenna Julius Caesar gathered his forces before crossing the Rubicon. After fall of Rome, Ravenna was capital city of Western Roman Empire. Later was capital city of Ostrogothic Kingdom. It is known for its well-preserved late Roman and Byzantine architecture, with eight buildings comprising the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna".
  5. I know, but now I try Ravenna. It will be more difficult as Padova, but it will be less pressure on results
  6. I think it does not matter the color of kits. But I prefer blue, white, or green kits with some combination of other colors.
  7. I like seaside towns as Santander, Gijon (Bay of Biscay), Pescara, Triestina (Adriatic Sea), or towns near mountains as Como, or towns with very old history or christianity history as Padova or Ravenna.
  8. England, but I played there in a lot of clubs already. Everton, Middlesbrough, Leeds, Preston, Nottingham Forest, Rochdale, Grimsby, Stockport, Shrewsbury, Ipswich, West Bromwich, Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace, Queens Park Rangers. 14 years of playing. I play also in Scotland and Germany. So I want try some clubs from Italy or Spain lower leagues. Padova can continue, Pescara, Catania. From Spain Murcia, Santander, Huelva, Sporting Gijon, La Coruna. Now I still play Padova, but I dont know, wich is the right club.
  9. Ah. Ok. But now I'm thinking about other clubs. I am not convinced that I should continue. However, it has nothing to do with this. Therefore, I am asking for some interesting suggestions.
  10. Well. No Answer. So it's probably not an interesting club, I won't go on. I will try another team in lower competitions. Any suggestions?
  11. Would anyone be interested of the story of Biancoscudati Padova from Italian Serie C? Full name: Associazione Calcio Padova (1910–1930) Associazione Calcio Padova (1940–1967) Calcio Padova SpA (1967–2014, 2015–) Biancoscudati Padova (2014–2015) Nickname(s): I Biancoscudati (The White-Shielded) The Patavini (The Patavins) Founded: 29 January 1910; 110 years ago Ground: Stadio Euganeo, Padua, Italy Capacity: 32,420 (often limited to 18,060)
  12. Here, I think that the creation of chances is influenced by tactics and commands to players how to play, for example, in the middle formation. I say, creating of the chances is about tactics and instructions to players. Goal scoring and efficiency of goal scoring is with sections on player interviews and motivation before match after match, in half time, but also training, and it is also decide by the game who wil scored goal and who not.
  13. So I say, that you are lucker. I am of the opinion that in such matches it is just about luck and not about tactics. This style may work in some matches in FM, but in real football, such a style of play quickly found opponents and quickly ended, when the team stopped being lucky in the matches. And from the lucky results for example 1: 0, 1: 1 was 0: 3, 0: 4, 1: 5 and so on.
  14. This is exactly what I'm saying: The game has decided that the opponent will score a goal from his one shot. In this match any tactic is irrelevant, as is the strength of the opponent or the form of the players. I think, that the game just randomly decided that the opponent will score, nothing more.
  15. Very well written. I agreed with you. I also consider it cheating when I take someone's tactics. I create my own tactics. Some tactics worked, some didn't. I always seen the team what I want to play with the team and how type of the players is in the team. For example, at Cambridge United, I played three midfielders and set them up completely differently. If something didn't work on tactics, you can easily see it from the players' passes. If there is something wrong with the tactics, then the players often do not even create a chance and they are already playing very badly in the middle of th
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