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  1. KingCanary

    Bringing on Subs

    Agree that should be the default. I can see the occasional player coming on and feeling complacent at that point but not to the extent it happens (certainly in 17 anyway).
  2. KingCanary

    Bringing on Subs

    I can see how players could be complacent- if they are being sent on with 15 minutes left to see out a 3 or 4 nil win then it isn't exactly meaningful action for them. However it seems to be the default, regardless of personality.
  3. KingCanary


    I got the 'all EU players need work permits' brexit in FM17 and it is pretty frustrating. Has led to me focusing my scouting on players playing regularly for smaller nations (my top scorer is an Iranian for instance).
  4. KingCanary

    Bringing on Subs

    I do have a problem with youngsters looking complacent on their debuts- I like to believe a young player getting his first taste of first team football would be looking keen or pretty much anything other than complacent or uninterested even if we were 4-0 up.
  5. It is also confusing and mildly dispiriting to congratulate a player on scoring his first goal for his country and randomly see them go from Very Good to Poor morale. I just can't get my head around a situation where a player in your team who you have a decent relationship with would be put out by a call to say 'congrats on your first international goal!'
  6. The outnumbered in midfield thing is such an obvious point which is my issue- the opposition is set up 4-5-1, I'm set up 4-4-2, I know I'm outnumbered in midfield- I'm not stupid. I've accounted for it. It might be useful if the AM pointed out the opposition changing formation but that isn't how it seems to work.
  7. This is one of my major bugbears in the game- the assistant should be really useful tool and help fill in the blanks if you're watching a game on highlights yet they are useless. Pre match they want me to blow my entire tactic up despite in great form, during the match they just state the obvious. 'We're being outnumbered in midfield' is a particularly annoying example. I'd love for feedback such as 'winger x seems to have the beating of their full back- maybe we should exploit that' or 'the opposition are trying to exploit our high line with balls over the top.' Something that you can't see unless you're watching full games.
  8. There will always be one negative. I once one the double and the only negative they could find was selling the reserve keeper too cheaply. Just ignore it.
  9. I was one of those who skipped FM 18 completely, having previously been a devoted pre-orderer of the game. I thought 17 only became a decent after the final patch and in the end the version has kept me happy. I looked at the 18 demo but couldn't get on with it. I sympathize with the OP- there are certain 'quirks' that have been in the game for years (keepers pushing crosses over the bar/round the post 4 or 5 times a game for example) that I'm always disappointed to see return. The core issue for me remains in the AI of players and seeing players do things routinely that just don't happen on a real football pitch. For example, my fullback gets pressured in his channel and rather than doing 'football 101' and putting it out of play if he doesn't have any options, he instead turns inside and punts it 30 yards into an open space in-front of my penalty box. Professional footballers have that beaten out of them from day one yet it is pretty regular in the FM 17 match engine. Or having my team set to contain to see out a one goal lead and then noticing one of my three central defenders is taking an attacking thrown in level with my opponents penalty box, leaving just two men back. Doesn't make any sense. There is also an issue of a lack of match engine variety- watching a game vs a Pulis managed West Brom doesn't look noticeably different in style to watching a Pep managed Man City. I understand it is complicated and there will be always be flaws or issues but too often what I'm watching doesn't really resemble actual football. There have certainly been steps forwards- someone mentioned players actually pulling the ball back rather than shooting from ridiculous angles for example- but it feels like the pace of it is too slow to justify £30 a year every year, especially when the major new features are just things that sound like they'll make the game more of a drag for me. I might buy 19- I've learnt now to at least hold off until I've played the demo. But I'm hoping that having skipped a year the amount of change from 17-19 will make buying the new version feel justified.
  10. That to me sounds like a striker who doesn't offer much when he isn't scoring- so his all round play isn't enough to to give him a good rating without a goal.
  11. Still playing FM 17 and had a glorious win over a regular title rival. Unfortunately the game then crashed and I lost it. I'm now stuck in an endless loop of trying to win that game as I'm not willing to drop the points due to a crash. Currently losing it for the 5th time in a row. Losing the will to live. There is no point to this post, I just wanted to get it off my chest....
  12. One thing I'd say is whizzy new features are often not what makes the difference to a game. For example on of the changes that has made the game much better in recent years (in my opinion) was the match engine finally working out pull backs. So rather than knowing every time your player got to the byline that he was going to shoot from a stupid angle, you could actually score goals! Yet I don't think FM would have marketed that addition of the game with 'pullbacks work now!'
  13. Second half subs in pre season friendlies almost always come on 'looking uninterested' if you're a goal or two up.
  14. I'm just wondering if anyone has a way of making 'stopper' work if you only have one defender set to it. I've found every time I try to use it in a defensive pairing it simply leads to the one set to stopper rushing out at the first sign of an attack leaving a nice pocket of easily exploitable space to put the ball into, while the other central defender plays everyone onside. Is it better to keep the central defenders set to one mentality? I've had success with two 'cover' defenders but would two 'stoppers' actually create a higher defensive line or would it just lead to defenders hairing all over the place?