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  1. I agree. The franchise mode on Madden is crap and an FM style game reflecting the real world complexity of roster building and play calling would be so much fun.
  2. Thanks, I did wonder based on the fact I'd got quite a few 'home grown at club' type players in the first team squad. Guess I just have to keep winning.
  3. I've had the odd save where I've been at a crossroads and been offered a new managerial role I want but also wanted to keep developing my current club. In those I've sometimes created another manager to take on the job my existing manager doesn't so I get to do both.
  4. In my save I've had three seasons at AZ Alkmaar abd everything is going smoothly except for the fact my board is apparently 'devastated' by my failure to develop players through the youth system, something I'm looking to address. However I'm not totally clear on how to acheive it. Firstly, who counts as a player from the youth system? Do they have to have come through the announced youth intake? Or do they just have to meet the 'trained at club' homegrown criteria? Secondly are the board going to be going for volume of players or games? Ie will I be more popular if I develop two players into regulars playing 25+ games a season or give 5 or 6 players debuts even if they only play 3 or 4 games each?
  5. I've asked this question before- it feels pointless to have a 0-10 rating when really only 6.3-8.0 really only ever get used with much frequency- 8.00-9.00 also occasionally shows up but seeing anything below a 6 is rare and anything below a 5 is almost entirely unheard of.
  6. This has long been my bugbear in FM- the feedback you get is, quite frankly, useless and often actively bad- telling possession based teams to just kick it long for example. One of the reasons I just haven't been able to get on with FM21 has been the already measly in-game feedback you got from the analysis screen has been stripped away.
  7. I feel your main issue is that a mid-table Ligue Un side probably won't have enough lure to unsettle a Bundesliga prospect unless his club refuse to give him playing time.
  8. Out of interest why is 'player search' considered unrealistic? I get it at the very lowest levels but once you're getting into professional levels then services like Wyscout are readily available to provide databases of players.
  9. That is a bit sexy. Going to give them updated demo a try this weekend and see if I can overcome my aversion to the new matchday UI.
  10. I don't understand the maths going on here- 10 clear cut chances + another 11 shots but an xg of 2.03? That suggests chances with an xg of less then 0.2 count as CCC?
  11. No worries, likely just a quirk and may correct when the loan ends! Just wondering if I was missing something obvious.
  12. No he's contracts with me until 2033 so got another 3 years. I do wonder if the game has somehow got a bit confused as I extended his contract after the loan started.
  13. I'm a bit baffled as to what is going on with this players valuation in FM 20. As you can see he's a young (21, I realise I've obscured his age in my screenshot), talented attacking midfielder that I've loaned out to Derby for the season. His contract with me, his parent club runs until 2033. My coaches and scouts seem to be keen on his ability, saying he's Premier League level with room to improve in the future While Derby are having a tough season (bottom of the league) he's still managing to perform pretty well (5 goals and 4 assists in 29 games, average rating of 6.82). So how has the game decided he's only valued at £1m?
  14. Duncan Watmore signed for Boro this season on a two month deal initially so it does happen in the higher reaches.
  15. I've been messing around with the demo and the big negative for me is the matchday UI. I hate it. I feel totally powerless in game as the feedback provided is so minimal that I don't actually know what is going on. Things like average position used to be a huge help, now I can't have them until half time. I get the realism argument but this is one of those examples where the realism v fun pendulum has swung waaaay to far in one direction. The info we had previously filled in the gaps from not actually watching the full match- now I feel like I either have no real sense of what is going on or I have to spend 20/30 minutes on each match.
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