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  1. I get that isn't ever going to be perfect but there is quite a bit of basic stuff that is missing and I don't totally know how. Take square passes- this isn't a new development in football, it has always been part of the game. Yet we still see players shooting from ludicrous angles. I'm not a programmer but if you claim you're trying to replicate real life football and yet this is still a thing, I don't blame people for criticising a lack of realism.
  2. Yeah, I've never had an offside 'reviewed' and then kept as a goal, and I've only once had an 'is it in the area' review end in a penalty. You can pretty much predict the decision the second VAR gets involved.
  3. I know- I'm not suggesting they do this instead of headline features, I'm suggesting they do it along with it. Out of interest do they usually release an extended video of the match engine in action? Can't say I've seen one but I've also never really looked for one.
  4. I do feel like SI could head off a lot of these issues by also just putting out a youtube video of the match engine in action- just 20 minutes or so of game time played in 'full game mode.' I don't care if I can hug a player or throw a water bottle, but if you show me a match engine where wide players square the ball or pull it back instead of shooting from stupid angles then I'll make my preorder today.
  5. Looking forward to this playing out to be the cherry on top of the 'questionable' sandwich that has been FM20. I'm an icon at Norwich City. I've taken them from a relegation battler in year one to a Champions League regular, with the clubs first two Premier League trohpies, first two FA Cups and a Champions League final along the way. However, apparently saying they'll sack me if they buy the club (currently sitting top of the League right now) is a move to get the supporters on their side.
  6. This isn't a knock but I'm constantly surprised when I pop my head in here and see people referring to this forum as 'toxic' or similar. It is probably one the tamest and politest forums I've seen on the internet and often feels a touch over moderated.
  7. Mike Duff was incredible on 01/02! I can't remember which version it was but I had a winger called Chris Hackett who I signed from Oxford- stats wise he was pretty poor but was stupidly fast so tore up every division including the Premier League- you could even see him on the 2d match engine just knocking the ball 10 yards beyond his fullback and then running past him every single time.
  8. Disagree with this. Most complaints I've seen about the game being frustrating are based around the match engine. As far as I'm aware that doesn't change depending on the version you play. For me, FM 20 is the best game I've played for everything outside of the ME- it has the right balance in general of being able to delegate things to other staff members (I never touch training for instance) and I've generally been able to minimise annoying extra stuff much more so than in previous versions. I don't see many others complaining about the game being less fun for reasons outside of the
  9. Honestly never occurred to me that anyone plays with the sound on.
  10. Always slightly gutting when someone you admire IRL is a rude to you in the game. For instance Thierry Henry is managing Arsenal in my save and has taken against me for no reason, he's one of my favourite ever players in reality! Also there are always weirdly chippy lower league managers who you play in the cup and always slag you off post match even if you're nothing but polite to them.
  11. Anyone know where recordings go? Wanted to post a short clip but no idea where I can find it now.
  12. Oh yeah, especially in later rounds when you play the two legs in two weeks- you want to rest players in the league game but it almost always seems to be a team you need to put out your strongest XI to beat.
  13. Ha, yes I'm aware the final is not a draw per se, hence why I put the rounds in there. But all the others are earlier rounds- there are 32 teams in the FA Cup 4th round and 16 in the 5th yet somehow I keep drawing Liverpool (my main title rivals). I actually let out an audible 'oh for **** sake' when the latest Carabao cup draw came out. It also isn't that I lose- I've won the FA Cup twice and the League Cup once in this spell. It is just a bit boring playing the same teams over and over again,
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