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  1. I've not bought since 17 but that was as much about laptop power as it was the games. I'm ready to dive back in for 20 but I learned a few years ago to not get swept up and pre-order. The game changes so much from Beta to first patch that I usually gave up on any early save games.
  2. Just to say, thanks for all the advice Smurf. I've got a new laptop and without your advice about processors I'd probably have bought something that doesn't do the job, instead this one is running the FM19 demo smooth as you like.
  3. Thanks- hope I didn't come across as questioning you, just trying to understand better. The processor stuff is all a bit of a mystery to me (I saw the i7 was ranked above the i5 on the opening post link so assumed) so good to understand a bit more. One (final I promise!) question. When you talk about the base frequency of the laptops- would something with 1.8 base frequency struggle to run FM? I usually play with 15 or 16 leagues across 5 or 6 countries and a large database.
  4. Is that one particularly more powerful than the one I first posted? I see it has less RAM and a smaller hard drive.
  5. My macbook air is 13 inch and extremely portable, I'm really looking to avoid anything much bigger and chunkier. Also that other one is about £700 out of my budget.
  6. Hi Smurf Payday on Friday so doing some browsing- any thoughts on this? https://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=6BG33EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB
  7. Thanks for the advice. I can probably go up to £1,000 but would rather stay in the £600-800 mark. The other reason I really like my Air is how lightweight and portable it is. Most searches I do for best lightweight laptops with decent power point me to Huawei Matebook but I've got no experience with those. I'm looking to strike a balance between weight and power- I've got no interest in the kind of chunky gaming laptops some people go for.
  8. I'm about to look at replacing my 5 year old Macbook air that has stopped me from moving on from FM17. I'm ideally looking to just get a new Macbook air but I'm not sure it'll be good for FM 19 or 20. RAM and processor look ok but it doesn't have a dedicated graphics card and I'm wondering if I'm better off going for a similarly priced windows laptop instead. Is anyone playing the current version on an Air?
  9. No we're not- the first picture shows his existing contract. Basically the agent has asked for an improved deal but that improved deal is actually worse than what his client already has. Added lolz for the agents demand that his payment be met in full for smooth talks then demanding zero £.
  10. I do wonder how common this sort of thing is IRL- is there a whole raft of under market value offers happening that we just don't know about.
  11. That is fine for you but just because you do it doesn't mean the AI should- most clubs don't turn over that number IRL.
  12. A turnover of 10-15 players a season is highly unusual, not sure why you'd expect the AI to be doing that.
  13. I'm still playing FM17 and have somehow only just discovered the 'top transfer target' function. I'm aiming to sign a central defender from Southampton and ha multiple bids rejected (he's valued at £11m but they've rejected deals worth over £40m) so I'm trying to unsettle him. It seems to be working so far and I'm now looking to get one of players to big us up in the press. My question is what sort of player I should ask? Someone who has a good relationship with me so would be happier to help? The captain or vice captain? The left back who is an established Scottish international (the player I'm after is also Scottish)? Or the player who is currently unhappy at the lack of depth in defense (wondering if the fact I'm targeting soemone to add to this depth might make him happy)? Or am I over thinking it and it doesn't really matter?
  14. On FM17 the players came across as dumb as bricks in the interaction. 'I can't believe you're refusing to let star player X leave- it isn't fair to stand in the way of his career.' 'Selling him will make the team worse and I don't want that.' 'Oh yeah I hadn't thought selling our best player would make us worse, I'm fine with it now.'
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