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  1. I got the announcement about hard brexit and all players needing work permits from now on, EU or not. However they just seem to have disappeared? Scout reports now never mention work permits, even for 17 year old Uruguayans with zero caps. The last few transfers I've made I've had no new items about work permits. Is this a known thing?
  2. Got another one to add... Players in my U23's who've not made their first team debut whining about being left out of my European squad due 'to all the football they'll be missing'.'
  3. Does anyone else find scouting Brazil or Argentina almost like a cheat code if you're a higher level team? Whatever position I need to fill my scouts always seem to find a 3 1/2-4 star player in their later teens/early 20's, often with an attractive release clause between £15-25m. I have signed two wingers, a central defender and a left back in this way recently and I've just found an amazing central midfielder but I feel a bit bad about signing him as it seems hugely unrealistic that a Premier League team would have half their starting 11 signed from the Brazilian leagues.
  4. Yeah I think the lack of solid data/feedback is a cause of so much of the frustration players feel. I've played games where, in my opinion, every bit of feedback the game is giving me suggests my tactics are working fine- high shot count, possession, lots of highlights showing good chances and solid build up. Yet I'm sure if I posted them on here I'd be told 'it's my tactics.'
  5. Having a very 'FM' start to my 5th season (although I've won 2 and drawn 1 of my first 3 games). The opposition has managed 7 shots on target and scored 5 goals. In my first game of the season I beat West Ham 4-2- they had 3 shots all game, the only one that wasn't a goal hit the post and the rebound was tapped in.
  6. Don't sign staff over the age of 55 as I can't be bothered with replacing them after retirement. I also really fight to try and keep individual wages below £100k a week for as long as possible, even if this means multiple players on £99k p/w + various bonuses. No idea why.
  7. 1- When a player asks you to make the first offer on a contract. A small part of me dies when I realise this means I'm going to have to either have to blindly guess all his apparent bonuses or I'm going to ask my DoF to do it who invariably gets negotiations off to a bad start. 2- Players asking for absurd steps up in wages based on minimal game time. I'm signing you on £30k p/w but you want to go up to £80k after 25 league games? Not a chance. 3- News items about doubles/trebles that include the Community Shield or European Super Cup. Not real trophies, do not count in my opinion.
  8. I used to do this but have stopped myself for FM2020 as it makes it far too easy and I've found the experience much more enjoyable.
  9. Liverpool have just won they're 4th in a row, pipping me on goal difference, they're in the Champions League final and they were only stopped from winning the FA Cup by me. Also at the bottom of the table, teams survived with under 30 points again.
  10. Yep, had a bit of a dip in form recently but nothing major.
  11. I've had a couple of news items recently from my AM suggesting two or three of my team are concerned about a lack of depth in central defence. Personally I'm pretty happy with the depth I have- 3 very good players back up by two decent youth prospects. I'd like to avoid a mutiny though but don't want to have to go out and sign a player I don't feel I need. I do have a good youth prospect out on loan though- so my question is, would recalling him help address it? I always find these suggestions of lack of depth a bit vague when you try to solve them.
  12. Just ran into the 'games scheduled while players are away on international duty' bug. Carabao Cup game between me and Man U with a combined 13 first team players unavailable due to internationals. It is ludicrous this bug even made it into the initial release, let alone the final patch.
  13. I get this quite a lot- concerns dropped just because I spoke to them about it.
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