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  1. respublik

    Pre game editor

    OK, it appeared after restarting steam.
  2. respublik

    Pre game editor

    Can anyone download pre game editor? Game is already out, I can see the Resource Archiver, but can't find editor in steam...
  3. respublik

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, and probably there are no point discussing this, but currently I'm already trying to take care of Wikipedia and to contribute to transfermarkt, and lacking time to efficiently do both of these things, so another project probably would be inconceivable. Just currently I'm collecting all the necessary data for my Lithuanian database, so the less changes I have to go through, the less time I'm required to spend to make it acceptable for my standards (and the better for the FM world database I guess :D). Nevertheless, sometime in the future (probably after pregame editor is released, as there's no point of doing this before 10th) I'll try to contribute on active affiliations/rivalries as the current representation of these things is lacking from the real world situation (If there is any sort of helpsheet for converting real world terms into FM terms/numbers, please consider sharing it), also potentially teams stadiums as there might be some data lacking/incorrect from B teams, training pitches... Lithuania Furthermore, after yesterday 5 Lithuanians left Stumbras (Stumbras article): Tomas Snapkauskas, captain Klaidas Janonis, Lukas Artimavicius, Donatas Konikas, Aldas Korsakas. Also the same article mentions that Stumbras might be moving to play in either Alytus or Birstonas for D&G reconstruction period. U-21 most recent squad probably should be updated. Zalgiris B plays in Senvages stadionas not LFF Stadionas.
  4. respublik

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Lithuania Andrius Bartkus (Atlantas) was injured/operated and won't play in 2017 Darius Sinkunas plays for Kauno Zalgiris B Aurelijus Staponka plays for Gargzdu Pramogos SC Rokas Sikorskis plays for Hegelmann Litauen Audrius Rackus plays for Silas Marius Miskinis plays for Hegelmann Litauen Renatas Petronis haven't left Nevezis, plays for the B team Arsenij Buinickij plays for Panerys Lukas Zukauskas plays for Trakai B Mantvydas Eiza played for Vilniaus Vytis in 2017, but left the club Deivydas Lunskis plays for Siauliai FA Marius Baziulis plays for Siauliai FA Gediminas Ceponkus plays for Siauliai FA Andrius Urbsys remained and plays for Silas Justas Gulbinas plays for Juventa-99 Mindaugas Zlatkus plays for Sirvena Julius Triuska plays for Gargzdu Pramogos SC Erikas Gedvilas is registered (?) for Minija, but he played in U-19 competitions (which are semi-seperated in Lithuania, but I guess he should count). Also his actual birthday is 1998-01-17, the set birthday is doubled from Gediminas Zilys. Gediminas Zilys played for Minija in 2017, but left the club Nerijus Jurkaitis plays for Minija Andrius Paulauskas plays for Minija Simonas Vaicius plays for Minija Dovydas Medziausis plays for Siauliai FA Andrius Arlauskas plays for Sirvena Linas Pilibaitis while moved to Sepsi OSK in history tab, contract isn't attached and as so can be signed as a free agent, plays for Sepsi OSK Also Erlandas Durslikas just killed himself, so there's that... Referee Saulius Dirda has also retired from refereeing.
  5. respublik

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    I'm not being tendentious about neither of these two, NFA are using these names themselves, they were used by LFF in licensing process, while for Dainava's case they were leading I Lyga in the middle of the season and had the highest profile players of the league in 2017 season. Also, what's the date when transfers are fixed for Lithuania, for example Zalgiris just signed Kaja Rogulj and head coach Dambrauskas was replaced by Alexandr Brazevich from BATE. (Sorry for doing this) Also, Sergejus Slyva (referee) and Sergejus Slyva (Stumbras president) is the same person, he retired from refereeing after 2016 season and just now left Stumbras . Also Stumbras' chairman should be added - Irishman Richard Walsh.
  6. respublik

    [Europe] (Official) Data Issues

    Lithuania II Lyga's FK Minija Kretinga is a completely new club established in 2017 and has no ties with the original FK Minija Kretinga, dissolved after 2016 season. NFA Kaunas full name should be changed to Nacionaline Futbolo Akademija (National Football Academy), while Kaunas should be removed from the short version as city isn't represented/used in this case. DFK Dainava should have a higher reputation than Nevezis/Vilniaus Vytis FK Sirvena Birzu full name should be changed to FK Sirvena Birzai Furthermore, Darius and Girenas stadium expansion project is started, it should be expanded into 15,315 all-seater with undersoil heating and be opened in Spring 2019.
  7. respublik

    City creation

    Thank you
  8. respublik

    City creation

    Well yeah, but I want to make it realistic, not just playable
  9. respublik

    City creation

    Hello guys, What type(unit) of measurement is used for cities altitude? At first I thought that it's metric system, but as I was looking through data there are many examples when the numbers differ several times...