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  1. Hey mate, Lithuanian here. Love your adventure in my country, regardless the fact that it hurts my eyes every time I see that you somehow reverted my club's name to the "Vilniaus Miesto Futbolo Draugija Žalgiris" though it's unused since November 2014. Great presentation style btw, and obviously I enjoy that Žalgiris still can present a strong challenge for you. Personally would love if you could still continue until something like EL victory, though don't feel obliged, your topic has already prevailed to outlive the club your managing by nearly a year.
  2. Well yeah, but I want to make it realistic, not just playable
  3. Hello guys, What type(unit) of measurement is used for cities altitude? At first I thought that it's metric system, but as I was looking through data there are many examples when the numbers differ several times...
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