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  1. Through the "Home-Grown Status" condition you can select to search for "Trained at club" players. However, in the dropdown to the right, only nations are available to be selected. You can not search for an actual club, only nations. This is pretty annoying for me, as I would like to search for player that have come through at clubs local to mine.
  2. In the staff responsibilities I have set my reserves and u19 managers to arrange a friendly if no fixture during the week. I've gone a month into pre season and both the reserves and u19 are yet to arrange a single friendly. This means my youth and reserve players don't gain any match sharpness during pre season which is a big problem. I think this is a bug, I don't know what else it could be. If I choose to manually arrange friendlies for my reserves/u19s through the calendar, there are teams that are willing to meet us, so that's definitely not the problem. Please have a look into this (or tell me if I'm doing anything wrong). Just for context I'm managing a professional Swedish team in the 2nd tier in the first season.
  3. Just ran a test simulation with all the files from this megapack and noticed that the leagues in North America never change in reputation like the ones in Europe. I presume this is because of the Concacaf Continental Club Cups file. But doesn't this mean it's impossible to have a "building a nation" save in North America (for example making the Cuban league the best in the continent), since the qualification places to the Concacaf Champions League will remain static throughout the save? Or is this an attempt at reflecting real life (is the qualification places to the Champions League really static or do they change like in Europe?) Edit: The same thing seems to happen in Oceania I appreciate the good work, this database genuinely looks incredible!
  4. Interesting, doesn't seem to work for me though, although it works on weeks with games on sunday
  5. I've got a similar setup but since games are played on saturday I only get 2 training days and I also don't do friendlies in mid week. This is my schedule: I can try to incorporate the mid week friendlies and see how it progresses
  6. So I'm managing a semi pro club in the Swedish 3rd tier and I'm in my 2nd season. I'm now 5 months into the season and I've noticed that players are declining in attributes, literally every single player in my squad i declining, even the young prospects. Is there anything you could do to prevent this? My coaches are good enough for this level and I'm doing pretty well in the league so far.
  7. It does seem like the more players you load from the start, the more newgens will generate each year. So my advice would be to just load every player in game if you want the newgen pool to be as big as possible whilst not having to activate every league. The player count will still go down by a lot, but you will at least get the most newgens as possible with the current state of FM.
  8. I have reached the year 2040 in my test simulation, with one league loaded and all players from all top divisions all over the world. When I started the player count was about 90 000. Now, 20 seasons in, it stands at 42 000. More than half of the player count was "removed" in just 20 seasons! The drop of the player count each season has been fairly linear, with about 2500 players being "removed" each season. Here is a table that I put together that displays the total amount of newgens coming through the youth intakes each year, and the distribution between the different continents. Year Total Africa Asia Europe N.Am. S.Am. Oceania Sweden (only loaded nation) 2020 3349 348 658 971 167 1072 42 364 2021 7982 916 1438 4210 655 537 82 171 2022 4559 796 1328 1385 437 397 113 182 2023 3677 581 1143 1043 425 205 204 156 2024 2440 317 632 808 294 257 83 109 2025 2205 301 526 775 213 293 59 102 2026 2085 253 495 777 201 259 59 108 2027 2281 371 506 779 236 271 69 99 2028 2276 421 499 724 235 281 73 83 2029 2240 383 464 741 233 299 76 99 2030 2372 410 569 797 208 259 81 86 2031 2174 327 549 713 237 242 70 98 2032 2328 387 619 722 233 215 91 82 2033 2084 284 507 739 183 250 75 50 2034 2181 295 541 835 140 242 98 65 2035 2209 234 490 943 139 277 92 57 2036 2173 247 439 957 127 265 94 70 2037 2294 241 463 1049 135 296 78 49 2038 2437 260 497 1198 119 243 83 48 2039 2773 347 613 1153 230 288 84 53 2040 2738 392 656 1123 234 208 83 49 Avg 2943 406 681 1122 254 333 89 109 Avg/nation 13 7 14 20 6 33 7 (note that some of the numbers may not add up because I may have missed to include a few nations, but it wouldn't make a big difference) It is clear to see from the data that the first three intakes are the biggest. It then seems to level out at about 2200 players (this leads me to think that the total player count will start to level out as well). But when we reach 2039 there is a sudden boost to the amount of newgens. My guess is that around this year most of the regens that came through the first big intakes are retiring. When looking at the national teams I found that most of them do have full senior squads (the exceptions to these are nations that start of with only a few players in the game). However most of them do have empty youth squads, especially on the u18 and u19 side. u21 and u23 squads are still fairly populated. Most of the top clubs in each nation still have squads with 10-20 players. Even in the obscure nations. Similarly to the national teams, the issue is that the youth teams of these clubs basically don't have any players. Bayern Munich for example, have only got two players in their u19 team despite being ranked as the fourth best club in the game at this point. There are a few nations I found that stand out amongst to the others with extremely few newgens coming through. These nations should get way more newgens than what they did in the simulation and seem to be affected the most by this bug: Australia Austria Canada Egypt Germany Greece Ireland Japan Morocco Portugal South Korea Turkey I will continue to run this simulation and see how it develops. To be honest I thought the bug would be worse than this. As long as most nations get future national team players coming through their youth intake I am satisfied, but I am a bit worried about the constant decrease to the player count. I still think this bug is game breaking, because the less populated the player database is, the less immersive the game feels, and for me that is the most important thing about FM. The player count you set before the save should be kept relatively intact as you progress in the save.
  9. I think I've found something that might be related to this. When I started a new save with only one nation loaded (Sweden with all divisions playable). I searched for players aged 15-16 in the player search and found a surprising amount of free agents. They are all newgens, 15-16 years old. In total I found 2319 of these players. I didn't even advance in the save so they must have generated at the start, even though I didn't tick the "add players to playable teams" option. In terms of my advanced settings, I just loaded every player with the nationality of or based in Sweden, Norway, Germany and USA. Surely this isn't meant to happen? EDIT: Tested this in FM20 and the exact same thing happened, with about the same number of players. Maybe it's not related after all.
  10. Same here, paused my save when I found out about it. After the update today I tested it to see if it has been improved (spoiler: it hasn't). Started a simulation with only the Swedish league loaded and all players from top division clubs all over the world. Initially, the player count was about 90 000. I simmed to 2024 and saw that the player count was now 82 000. So I looked at the youth intakes. A top league like the Bundesliga got a grand total of five new players through the 2023 youth intake. Hope they can fix this bug soon as it is game breaking in my opinion. UPDATE: It is now 2030 and the player count has been reduced to 67 000. The pattern I'm noticing is that the player count goes down by 2000-3000 players each year.
  11. I found the rules (on the Faroese FA's web page) and made my own database: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2012772202
  12. So I am creating a database for the Faroe Islands but there is one thing that I have been unable to implement. Faroe Islands has a rule which makes players that have played in the country for 3 consecutive years count as non-foreign. (in Faroe Islands you can have at most 4 foreign players in the match squad, exclusively players from the Nordic countries). You could solve this by setting the 'years to gain nationality' to 3. But this would counteract the real time period of 9 years to gain nationality in the Faroe Islands. Does anyone know a solution to this? If so, I would be very thankful.
  13. Thanks for a very good read! I was planning to start my own save in the Faroe Islands but I could't find a realistic database, every one I found had different rules... What database are you using in this save?
  14. Wondering if anyone has found or created a realistic Faroe Islands database? Every one I have found have different rules... Doesn't need to be the latest patch.
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