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  1. Well that sucks, I hope fixing this issue is a top priority for FM22 though.
  2. Youth intakes are still broken... I have a save (only Swedish leagues loaded) in 2040 in FM21 and England, the nation with the best ranked league in the world at this point, received a grand total of 31 players the year 2040. With a save on FM20 with the exact same setup in terms of the player database, England got 142 in 2040. Not only that, but in FM21 the 31 players were spread across only four clubs. And in FM20, the 142 players were spread across 112 clubs! The way it worked in FM20 was perfect, why change it? Who wants the few players that only some nations get through intakes in
  3. Interesting, doesn't seem to work for me though, although it works on weeks with games on sunday
  4. I've got a similar setup but since games are played on saturday I only get 2 training days and I also don't do friendlies in mid week. This is my schedule: I can try to incorporate the mid week friendlies and see how it progresses
  5. So I'm managing a semi pro club in the Swedish 3rd tier and I'm in my 2nd season. I'm now 5 months into the season and I've noticed that players are declining in attributes, literally every single player in my squad i declining, even the young prospects. Is there anything you could do to prevent this? My coaches are good enough for this level and I'm doing pretty well in the league so far.
  6. This is the weirdest thing I've seen on FM ever.. My team (Hudiksvalls FF) scored a goal, a perfectly legal goal, in the 75th minute of the game. But it didn't count. Did the referee just forget to count it? I have no idea. There was even a kick off after the goal so I'm 100% sure it was a legal goal. Further, when I click "watch goals" the goal is there! Not only that, but it also says on the XG Match Story and on the Shot Map that we scored. Please investigate this further, this should just never happen. pkm file is attached. Norrby IF v Hudiksvalls FF.pkm
  7. This wasn't what I was intending to research in my simulation but I can give you some information on it. Click to view the national squad: Argentina | Brazil | Chile | Uruguay The best players have moved to Europe which is realistic so I think it's fine. I wasn't aware this was a problem before so I'm not sure what to think tbh.
  8. I ran a test for 10 years with the advanced database option with players from all top divisions loaded (about 90k players at the start of the game) and only one league set as playable. After 10 seasons, the player pool had been reduced to 74k. Here is the comparison regarding the total number of youth players coming through intakes before and after the update. Year 21.2 21.3 2020 3349 4445 2021 7982 6760 2022 4559 5167 2023 3677 2902 2024 2440 2621 2025 2205 2550 2026 2085 2758 2027 2281 2847 2028 2276 2914 2029 2240 2837 Total 33094 35801 Average 3309 3580 After 5 seasons wh
  9. Sweden u19s at June 2024, 12 out of 19 players generated in the UK. This is very unrealistic, seems to only happen to Sweden which is weird.
  10. Having the exact same bug. Other teams in my division just don't register enough players so they play greyed-out players in games. Game breaking bug for certain.
  11. Seems like the issue with unplayable leagues has somehow got worse after the update. I loaded Sweden as the only playable league and all players from top division clubs from all continents. At the start of the save, the player count was 90 000. Five years in it stands at 80 000. Total amount of players generating from youth intakes: Year Pre update After update 2020 3349 3412 2021 7982 6252 2022 4559 4588 2023 3677 2605 2024 2440 2101 2025 2205 2046 Avg 4842 4200 Obviously there is a lot more testing to be done but these numbers do not look promising to me.
  12. It does seem like the more players you load from the start, the more newgens will generate each year. So my advice would be to just load every player in game if you want the newgen pool to be as big as possible whilst not having to activate every league. The player count will still go down by a lot, but you will at least get the most newgens as possible with the current state of FM.
  13. I have reached the year 2040 in my test simulation, with one league loaded and all players from all top divisions all over the world. When I started the player count was about 90 000. Now, 20 seasons in, it stands at 42 000. More than half of the player count was "removed" in just 20 seasons! The drop of the player count each season has been fairly linear, with about 2500 players being "removed" each season. Here is a table that I put together that displays the total amount of newgens coming through the youth intakes each year, and the distribution between the different continents.
  14. I think I've found something that might be related to this. When I started a new save with only one nation loaded (Sweden with all divisions playable). I searched for players aged 15-16 in the player search and found a surprising amount of free agents. They are all newgens, 15-16 years old. In total I found 2319 of these players. I didn't even advance in the save so they must have generated at the start, even though I didn't tick the "add players to playable teams" option. In terms of my advanced settings, I just loaded every player with the nationality of or based in Sweden, Norway, Germany a
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