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  1. I found the rules (on the Faroese FA's web page) and made my own database: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2012772202
  2. So I am creating a database for the Faroe Islands but there is one thing that I have been unable to implement. Faroe Islands has a rule which makes players that have played in the country for 3 consecutive years count as non-foreign. (in Faroe Islands you can have at most 4 foreign players in the match squad, exclusively players from the Nordic countries). You could solve this by setting the 'years to gain nationality' to 3. But this would counteract the real time period of 9 years to gain nationality in the Faroe Islands. Does anyone know a solution to this? If so, I would be very thank
  3. Thanks for a very good read! I was planning to start my own save in the Faroe Islands but I could't find a realistic database, every one I found had different rules... What database are you using in this save?
  4. Wondering if anyone has found or created a realistic Faroe Islands database? Every one I have found have different rules... Doesn't need to be the latest patch.
  5. AFC Ajax - 2031/32 report A very good season saw Ajax reclaim domination over the Netherlands, winning both the league and the cup. The total of 83 points was a new league record. The Euro Cup II didn't really go to plan though, as we lost on aggregate in the 2nd knockout round to Legia Warzawa. Looking forward I'm thinking that I will stay here until a good job becomes available. Manager Profile Season Review League Table CLUB CAREER ----------- Season Team Country Leagu
  6. CF Monterrey - 2030/31 report (Club change) I have absolutely hated my time in Mexico and decided to leave for the Eredivisie side Ajax. My tactic stopped working as the patch came out and I had bought players to fit that tactic only, which meant nothing else I created worked either. I need a new beginning, a clean slate. I think the 32% win rate is the worst of my career yet. Goodbye Mexico, I'll be back later. My key players from Monterrey: Francisco Murillo Leonardo Huarana Enrique Ramos Manuel Montoya Maximiliano González Deiner Gómez Mana
  7. Boca Juniors - 2029 report (Club change) I have decided to leave Boca as Monterrey have offered me a job. The aim of winning the Copa Libertadores was not met this season as we lost to River Plate in the semi-finals. And we wont be in the competition next year, because we finished 10th in the league 2 seasons ago. So, I decided to jump ship to Monterrey, one of the best clubs in North America and the aim there is of course to win the CL. I feel like I had a successful spell with Boca, winning the league and the cup. I will come back to South America if a good Brazilian job becomes avai
  8. Boca Juniors - 2028/29 report Last season we finished 10th, this season we won the league. Not competing in any continental football definitely played in our favor this season. We ran away with the title, finishing 15 points above 2nd in the end. Next season we will challenge for the Copa Libertadores, which will be a big ask because some of the Brazilian clubs are really good at this point. Manager profile League table Season review CLUB CAREER ----------- Season Team Country
  9. Boca Juniors - 2027/28 report After a successful spell in Asia with Guangzhou, I decided to go for the Boca job since it was available. They were really in some deep **** at the time, sitting in 16th place after 20 games. Considering the fact that they had won the league the season before, that was under all standards. So I came in, the dressing room obviously wasn't a healthy place at the time, but we adopted my previously successful tactic and the results were getting better, still not good, but better. We managed to climb up all the way to 10th place when the season ended, which I am f
  10. Guangzhou Evergrande - 2027 report Last season we won the league comfortably and this season I had a 400 million (!) transfer budget to work with. The aim for this season was to win the Asian Champions League, and we did exactly that. We splashed the cash on a 21-year old Australian striker from Liverpool for €97 million. I think that is my most expensive signing ever on FM. Unfortunately we didn't win the cup or the league, but I'm very happy with this season and my time in China. Time for a new job hunt! The best players from my time here (some players are nicknamed because Chinese
  11. Guangzhou Evergrande - 2026 report I decided to accept the offer from Guangzhou as I saw the potential to win both the Chinese league and the Asian CL with them. Having finished in 5th the previous season, we didn't compete in a continental competition this season, which meant we could focus on the league. This was a big advantage for us, and we won our first 9 games. Then our form dropped as we lost a few games but we turned it around and went 19 games unbeaten to end the season. I am really happy with how this season went, and next season we will try to win the ACL. Manager
  12. Hammarby IF - 2025 report I finally managed to make some progress in this challenge as my patience started to run out. I've managed to take a team that finished 13th the previous season to win the league, which is my best achievement so far in the challenge. We were given a transfer budget of 8 million euros before the season which is a lot of money for a Swedish team. I also finally managed to get a tactic working on this years FM. Best players: Alef Rewan Amin Ezequiel Gimenez Augustin Chochobar John Björkengren Felix Eboa Eboa Manager profile
  13. Hudiksvalls FF - 2024 report Sweet revenge. I have finally managed to win something, and even if it doesn't count in the challenge I'm really glad to have smashed the league. My players was much better than everyone else, and my plug-and-play tactic was really good. Achieving a record points tally of 74, it's fair to say I was pleased with the season. I finally got my strikers scoring as well, my front 2 scored a combined total of 37 goals. Very happy to get the manager of the year award as well. This is likely my last season here in Sweden as I want to go and actually make some pr
  14. That's basically what I wanted to know - I was wondering if there was something in the game which could increase the chances of my players converting opportunities in every situation, as you might understand my frustration when I have the most created chances in the league by far yet don't score that many goals. I can't get my head around tactics this year, everything I create is just so inconsistent for me. I created some good tactics in FM19 that worked all the time, but this year it seems to be different which I like. I guess I will go and use some plug-and-play tactics just to see what
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