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  1. I'm not really a fan of Jack's content so much now, but he absolutely nailed that video. Glad to hear there's more variation with VAR this year.
  2. It staggers me that after the widespread criticism of the match UI last year (I honestly can't remember a single person who preferred it to the previous games), they've kept it exactly the same this year. Actually, it's not really that surprising, seems as though almost the entire UI of last year's game has been used again this year. Lazy, lazy stuff IMO. It's probably the least excited I've been for an FM release ever.
  3. 22nd is my guess. Hey, I predicted the end of FM Classic, so I'm good at this game.
  4. I remember way back in on CM 01/02, I put the Old Firm into the English Premier League and managed both sides in the one save. Was a decent laugh for a while.
  5. There's a bit of a difference between updating transfers with zero deadlines and dealing with the whole database and its myriad of changes etc to have the main game ready for release, but still, you know best.
  6. Magnificent, two whole weeks of killjoys foaming at the mouth about this thread. Bravo for starting so early.
  7. Who do they come to? You? 50,000 other people all with wildly different ideas of how the game should be designed? I can see that being a great use of their time and resources. Maybe people should trust them to continue doing what they have all these years and butt the hell out. I'm really looking forward to Elden Ring being (finally) released. Am I desperate to have a meeting with From Software to discuss what features I want the game to have? No, would never dream of it. Some FM players are so self-absorbed. It's a game, buy it/don't buy it, play it/don't play it. By all means, use these forums to express dissatisfaction or otherwise, or voice your ideas as to what you'd like to see in future editions, but refrain from throwing the dummy from the pram when it's not specifically designed to your exact specifications.
  8. Perhaps because the developers have consistently produced a brilliant game every year for almost 30 years?
  9. Doesn't seem to be much in the way of new stuff so far, couple of bits of info either shuffled around or presented differently. Data Hub sounds interesting, but that's really the only new feature I've heard about so far that IS of any real interest, and it could also be a case of old info presented in a new way. Then there's the bad news about Classic mode disappearing for Steam users (and some others). I'm one of the loyal fans (mugs) who buy the game every year, but it's been a very stripped down build up this year. I'd even struggle to say evolution rather than revolution, as it doesn't even look like it's that. I mean, I'm 100% sure it'll still be a great game, they always are, but I was expecting a little more. Wait and see I suppose.
  10. None of them mentioned it last year either, but by that stage, players assumed it was a given, as it had been since its inception on FM13 I understand why this was done from a business standpoint, but this decision should have been made before any pre-orders were available. It's a poor way to treat your loyal customers.
  11. Milan for the beta probably, then I'm going to finally try and get Stirling Albion into Europe in the main save.
  12. How can you have Erling Haaland complaining about game time? Doesn't he become one of the best strikers in the game? Surely you'd be playing him week in, week out. His status is 'alienated', you only ever get that if a player's hardly played. Think a bit more context is needed here.
  13. Can only speak for myself, but when I'm playing the match, I usually change the camera angle to emulate real life. For example, if playing at Tynecastle, I'll have the camera looking towards the dug out with a higher angle. It just increases the immersion for me. I would love there to be a proper pre-game stadium editor that the modding community could get their hands on, and create as close to real life stadiums as possible. Nearly every other area of the aesthetics is open to modding in some way, why not the stadiums? Makes no sense to me.
  14. I would love it if the two people who voted 'other' could share their thoughts with the community.
  15. Do you play the game in 2D or 3D? Because if your answer to this is '3D' you will have contradicted yourself massively.
  16. It's clearly not going to happen this year, but the game needs a major graphical overhaul sooner rather than later. I know they have this ethos to make the game playable for the widest audience regardless of PC specs, but I think a decision needs to be made about the future of the 3D engine at the very least. It's well past its sell by date in its current state. How easy or difficult this is to implement in conjuction with the match engine itself or budgetary restrictions is something only SI will know.
  17. In terms of match engine, FM21. In terms of the graphical representation of the match engine, then FM17 or FM19
  18. The one area FM has gone backward on over the last few editions is the matchday visuals, there's no doubt about that The lighting, stadiums, and pitches were awful on FM21 compared to some of the older ones. I booted up an FM19 save earlier, and the graphics look so much clearer with more vibrant colours. I can't really understand why it's regressed so much in this area, given it's such a key area of the game.
  19. If that's the only difference from last year's game, you may have a point. It won't be though. And deep down you know it too. Get the moans in early though, that's the spirit.
  20. The game to be perfectly designed to their exact specifications.
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