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  1. What I'm baffled about is it's taken him 22 matches to realise the points are wrong
  2. People only report bugs when it has a detrimental affect on their game.
  3. All that says to me is that as each new game comes along, you're more experienced in what to do to make your team win easily. If you gave someone who has never played FM before a copy of FM12 and FM24 and told them to play both, they would find FM12 a hundred times easier than FM24.
  4. FM12 was ridiculously easy. It's also the most popular of the older games You do the maths.
  5. Apologies chief, after all these years, you'd think I'd have learned by now how much of a humour vacuum this place is.
  6. You're not making your case for your own man management skills any better here...
  7. You aren't the manager in real life. Bit of introspection needed here, methinks
  8. I've nothing against modding the game. I use lots of mods myself. Mainly superficial stuff like skins, etc. However, opening up the match engine to modders would be absolute insanity. And not in a good way.
  9. Just don't install it in the first place, then you'll never be tempted to use it.
  10. Genius. It's almost as if SI haven't been trying to work out a way to do this for about four editions now. But yeah, Joe Public will fix that in seconds. This place, man.
  11. I've read some nonsensical posts in my time on here, but this one takes the proverbial biscuit.
  12. It's incredibly naive to think that's how it would work. Anyway, the FM match engine is a massively complex piece of code. Put that into the hands of the general public and all you're going to get is utter chaos. SI know this, and that's why it's never happening. Enough of the game is moddable to make the experience better as it is. There's no downside to modding games like that, because there's nothing in real life to compare it to, so you have a completely blank canvas to do what you want. FM is a completely different ball game, pardon the pun.
  13. THE single biggest placebo effect in all of FM's history. Making the Match engine moddable is an horrendous idea. People already change so much of the game by putting in wildly unrealistic input then crying wildly when they get the obvious unrealistic output. This would be 100 times worse if the ME was ever opened up to be modded. Thankfully I reckon SI will see the sense in this and never allow this to happen.
  14. To get the best from recruitment focuses, you need to, you know, actually focus on something. I see so many people just having open wide parameters and expecting hundreds of results. If you're doing that, you're as well just using player search and scouting players individually. Narrow your search down. Don't just search for players 15-18 without any other focus. Give your scouts instructions on the type of player to look for, otherwise they'll have no clue who to recommend. I've not had any issues with scouting in this year's game, and this is the method I use.
  15. They didn't remove them from the game, they are now tactical instructions which you can still very easily change in-game.
  16. Of all the hilarious bits of the post, this is my favourite. Tell me, what exactly were the mad advances in the game from FM09 through to FM13? There has been a far, far, bigger advancement in FM from Fm19-now than there ever was in the period you started playing. Bonkers.
  17. Never ceases to amaze me the things people find to moan about in this game. Developing nations??? Give yer head a shake, man.
  18. Won't be the same in everyone's save. as the reactions to the responses are based on various factors including things like morale, reputation, who is complaining, dressing room atmosphere, managerial support, etc etc And there will be occasions when only one possible answer will placate the players. Sometimes none of the answers will make them happy depending on other stuff. But yeah, 'broken nonsense'.
  19. One of these times when it's correct not to have exact numbers for something. Because if you did, it would become extremely easy to 'game' the system and never have any players complaining about game time, which isn't very realistic.
  20. As much as some of the game still needs improvement, absolutely nothing that you have perceived above needs to be. Plenty of people (including myself) have had strikers score bags of goals. Away matches will generally be harder to win than home matches. That's what happens. Home advantage is a big thing in real life too. And no, it's not scripted. For the gazillionth time.
  21. Just play the game. Enjoy it. Try not to focus on looking for things wrong with it. Stay well clear of the feedback thread. Sensible policies for a happier Britain.
  22. The reason for this is you've widened the parameters that much, your scouts have literally no idea who to recommend. The scouting assignment feature is designed to scout players with way more specific parameters, therefore you're just experiencing a case of unrealistic input = unrealistic output. If you're setting up an assignment like that, you'd be as well just using the player search and then manually scouting players that come up.
  23. You can use nonsense hyperbole, but... ...others can't. Nice.
  24. You forgot to add 'my expectations' into your rant there. Here to help.
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