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  1. Just started a Man Utd career mid season. I want to add Ole and Phelan as coaches on my staff but since they left Utd once I joined I can't sign them. And if I move them to my team using the Editor Ole will replace me as manager and Phelan will be DOF since that's what they default to. Is there a way to make them coaches on my staff using the Editor?
  2. Playing as Man Utd and it seems like every transfer window I get a team like Chelsea, PSG, etc. scouting my players, telling the media about my players, etc. How do I tell them to go away? All my players are signed up with 3 year contract extensions so they are going nowhere, and if they do it's because I let them. Especially players with Perfect morale and with us winning, it makes very little sense for players like Rashford to be "desperate" to join Chelsea as I see from these press releases. What gives?
  3. Playing as Man Utd with Rashford up front. His current role is an Advanced Forward-Attack. Would like him to be more involved in scoring goals...what roles are the best? I've tried Pressing Forward and Poacher but haven't noticed much difference.
  4. Well that's a start, I can always go in and make some changes myself haha
  5. I do the same thing, but we had the Euro's this summer and most of my players were involved. So they come back jaded from all the games at the start anyways. Int'l football screws me!
  6. In November of my 3rd season and getting a lot of jaded players this time around. What can do I do during pre-season(or during breaks) to build players fitness and ensure good conditioning throughout the year? Playing as Man Utd
  7. There' s a player I want to buy from another club and am trying to unsettle him. How do I go watch his game and have it show up in the press? FM19
  8. Obviously we have to start a new save to get the CA/PA changes, but will my existing save benefit from the bug fixes? I'm specifically concerned about players asking for new contracts all the time.
  9. Agreed. I sent Pogba on a leadership course at the start of my first season and it was "not a success."
  10. I'm at work but if anyone could note any Man Utd changes that would be great. Would be curious how the researcher has looked at things since Ole has taken over.
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