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  1. Getting 144 FPS at all times, and I've attached my file. Thank you! chad 2192 dxdiag.txt
  2. Hey, so during a match (I'm using the 3D engine at Very High settings) when players move there is almost a black like blur behind their movement for a split second. It's subtle but kind of distracting. Any idea what's causing this? I'm playing on a really good computer and 144hz monitor.
  3. Ok great, so if I play only in Europe, then any stat changes/transfers are all done and no further changes?
  4. Now that the Winter Update has dropped, curious to look at how the researchers have changed some players stats since release. Is there anyway to see these changes?
  5. On the info page on Steam says that "The February Data update will follow shortly after the closure of the transfer window on February 29th." What is the February Data update?
  6. Is there a list of attribute changes from the Winter Update?
  7. I've been wondering about the underlap as well. Would that help me get my striker more involved in build up and scoring goals? It seems like everything comes from the fullbacks.
  8. Hmm I might try that. Might also post this on the feature request forum, because it seems silly you can't actually be the current manager in a game called Football MANAGER.
  9. Do you guys feel the player ratings at start of the game reflect real life pretty well? Trying to decide if I should make any changes in editor.
  10. I like experimenting with these OP tactics for fun. What do you guys have so far?
  11. So I want to do a Man Utd career and I want to BE Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Is this possible? I know that I could make an avatar that resembles him, but I wouldn't have all the history within the database that the already made Ole profile does. Is there anyway to do this? Would be fun to roleplay as current managers instead of making a new one.
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