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  1. How are Teams of the Year and individual awards determined in game? My LB who was nearly flawless all season and averaged a 7.8 in the league and racked up 12 assists didn't even get in the Team of the Year for the Premier League. The LB who got in averaged a 7.2 rating all season. Both LB's had over 30 apps. How are these things determined in game?
  2. I see all the time people looking for advice on how to keep players if you are managing a lower reputation team, but if I'm managing one of the top 10 teams in the world and other clubs like Chelsea, PSG, Bayern, etc are scouting my top players causing unrest, what is a good way to counter that interest? I know it's impossible to stop a player from wanting to go somewhere completely, but currently I'm in my 3rd season with Man Utd, we just won the Champion's League/Prem and Chelsea & Bayern are interested in signing Mason Greenwood and he was furious I didn't let him leave in the summer. If he wants to go he wants to go, but what's the best way of mitigating this interest?
  3. Been looking everywhere, is there a definitive answer on whether important matches/consistency can be improved? how to improve, and by how much it can change?
  4. Ok I understand where both of you are coming from, so how do editors determine PA for a player? @Nacaw @Freakiie
  5. Going through the editor for FM I was wondering if there is a known "scale" on how players are rated on CA/PA. I know this is subjective but opinions would help. Is there anything like this below? (I just made up these numbers) 190+ Generational talent 178-189 World Class 165-177 Elite 155-164 Good Top Division player Etc, etc. I just made up those numbers, any advice would be great!
  6. I do that when I can but should start doing more, thanks
  7. Hey guys, I've been looking around for ways to increase player fitness throughout the season. I play an extremely high pressing tempo game, and looking to improve here especially during the Christmas season in the EPL and end of season. The general consensus seems to be that rotation, common sense with rest, and a heavier first 2 weeks of pre-season training with a focus on physical are the best ways. Any unique ideas or things I'm overlooking? Thanks
  8. Does anyone have a list of the new features for FM21?
  9. Ok great, so if I play only in Europe, then any stat changes/transfers are all done and no further changes?
  10. Now that the Winter Update has dropped, curious to look at how the researchers have changed some players stats since release. Is there anyway to see these changes?
  11. On the info page on Steam says that "The February Data update will follow shortly after the closure of the transfer window on February 29th." What is the February Data update?
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