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  1. So this is a new one I haven’t seen or noticed before. I know this means the club is in financial straits. Besides not being able to pay for transfers is there anything else to be aware of before I take such a job?
  2. I just downloaded the Sympathy knap posted a few posts back. I'll likely use it next season as I like the DM instead of the AMC in the Parisienne
  3. For the most part yes. I've been using the Sicilian442DLKnapP101AllCups on the road or as an underdog (most matches). For home when I'm favored I've been using the 20.2.3Par1sParisienneWaalkways4231WP97.
  4. I've been sacked twice in three seasons. Never been sacked before. I guess that's a good thing. Realistic. But man, this is the first version with such inconsistent results even with the same team. I've gone from playoff range to mid table. Thank goodness the bottom half of the table was really bad.
  5. Thanks for the link guys. Knap, for LLM where I'm regularly underdog what do you suggest? We're picked to be in relegation battles. I was doing ok with Sicilian 442 but then have inconsistent spots where I've dropped 4 of 7 (4 losses, 2 draws, 1 win) and currently in a slump with 1W 2D 7L; both over my last 20 games.
  6. Any link to the Preachin Blues 451? I don't see it in the list on page one. But it's referenced in the list on P. 105. By the way, Knap you should add that chart to page 1, that will get so lost...lol.
  7. Any heads up on what these mean? They are listed twice in knaps list with different ranking numbers (guess they are rankings). But they appear to be the same category. Just trying to make sure how to read this. Thanks.
  8. They were one level lower, got promoted last season. So my fault for shooting too high. I'm going to ask for a new affiliate.
  9. They've only got 3 players under 2k per month and all three rejected deals. I wonder if I need to relook for a new affiliate.
  10. So I'm in the Vanarama South and have a senior affiliate with Sunderland in the Championship. They have about a dozen players loan listed on their U23 squad. I have put offers in for the second season in a row and have had every offer approved by the club yet every player rejects the loan. Is my senior affiliate just "too high"? Doesn't do me any good to have the affiliate if I can't get free players with an LLM save going.
  11. Really struggling with any tactics this version. Multiple sackings and relegation battles all the way. LLM
  12. So with my old tactic I was 0W 1D 3D in the National League South (England). Added your tactic at that point... Lost the first two matches then won back to back matches for the first time in forever. So to this point in league action: 6W 2D 7L in my first 15 matches. I'm scoring more but also conceding which is where I'm hurting at. I'm consistently getting beaten over the top or with through balls in the middle. On the attack I suffer the affliction where my players can't dribble well and seem to cross at the last second and always into the back of a defender. I've made a few tweaks; changed the two center halfs to CD/Defend instead of BPD/Defend; Dropped the left striker to a PF/Support to clean up some weakness in the attacking third (red boxes on the tactic screen) and with little to no pace plus consistently getting beaten over the top I did away with the Higher Line and Offside Trap; I've done that for years with success (FM18 & FM19). Still struggling in FM20 though.
  13. I'm struggling badly so I'll try anything. Just stayed up by one point in Vanarama South on the final day. Saved a penalty and an offsides staved off another goal in the final five minutes of the final match of the season to allow us to draw and stay up by one point. I'll give this a go in my upcoming season.
  14. Well, gave it a run. To be fair I dropped it in mid-season so no training camp to get used to the tactic. They never really picked it up. Started positive with a 3-3 draw against Frome but from that point we won two matches (3-1 and 3-2) and had one draw (1-1) with the other seven matches being losses ranging from 1-0 to a 5-1 drubbing to top of table Boreham Wood. I ended up getting sacked at that point. Well, going to give it another go at my next LLM club but hopefully have the offseason to train the tactic. I may make a few of the above mentioned tweaks as well.
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