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  1. Home Tactic Away Tactic Invincibles Season with only one loss in all competitions. Unfortunately, This is the FA Cup Final. it was the second leg of the Champions League Semi Finals against AC Milan. We won the home leg 2-1 and lost the away leg 0-1 giving them the win on away goals. We won the treble, Premier, FA Cup and Carabao. We were 7-2 odds in the preseason to finish 3rd in the league. Our leading goal scorer had 41 goals in 49 matches, 26 in 30 in the Premier.
  2. OK, that makes sense from a commercial standpoint. Seems there would be more big locales though...than the same four. Not a single spot in Europe was stunning.
  3. I'm currently at the end of the 2034-35 season and I'm noticing that for multiple years in a row there have only been four locations available for me to select for the next seasons training camp. They've been the same four locations each and every season. Singapore, China, Hong Kong and USA. Just seems wierd to not have some variation in there with the entire world at hand. Using most recent Steam version. Uploading file currently: Titled Solo Save (v02).fm File save is on current day with option for site selection.
  4. A strong season. Tons of goals but Man City had a beast of a year. Home tactic: Away Tactic
  5. So how viabile is it to play with a lower league club and build them up to a top level? Now a couple of clarifications... 1. I know this CAN be done as I've done it and seen it done. So What am I asking (for clarification)? ...The game does not seem to do a good job allowing a club to truly grow along with success on the pitch. Stadium expansion, fan attendance, none of that stuff seems to stay up to par with any success on the pitch. I've seen guys go from the Vanarama South (or lower) to the Premier League and still only be drawing 3,000 fans because they don't draw squat and don't have (and don't really need) stadium space for more. - So anyone have thoughts on this to how to better mirror success for these clubs without have to jump ship for bigger income and budgets?
  6. Yes. But I could promote an employee from within and he wouldn't turn down a promotion..lol.
  7. This season I was with Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic in the Scottish League Two. We'd just been relegated and were picked to win the league this year, my first with the club. I used RDF's tweaked tactics with the 442. Club records for clean sheets, fewest defeats, fewest draws and most wins. Had the league player of the year. Auto promotion to League One. I'll continue with these tactics, probably moving away from the "home" tactic and going with the Away and "Big Away" options.
  8. So I put out an ad for a new Asst. Manager. One of the applicants was my U18 Asst. Coach. I wanted to promote him, however when I click on Offer Contract, it tells me he just signed a contract and won't discuss a new one. So how can I actually move this guy to a new role?
  9. Home: https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=307181 Away or Home as a Dog: https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=297976 Home or Away as a Dog (against a much bigger team): https://community.sigames.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=307201
  10. Checks his Google Doc in the first post. He lists all the tactics down the left side and then shows the TOP, Sub Top, etc across the top. Top is the top four club (Liverpool, City, etc), the Sub Top is teams 4-7 and so forth. See where you are projected to finish in France and apply accordingly. I had some success using 442 tactics but going Cautious with the Trap turned off in getting out of the Championship. Also, RDF has done some tweaks (do a search in the Google list for RDF and it will highlight his tactics with tweaks) and using a Home and an Away option.
  11. If you get a team promoted to the Premier, at what point would you consider them to be a Top or SubTop team?
  12. So I've been doing OK in FM20, usually meeting expectations but never really doing better. I've won 3 trophies in 30 years of play. I just restarted my journeyman save with a new manager and after reading some info from RDF and knap the last few days I've changed my setup and gone with a home tactic, an away tactic and a third tactic for when I am a severe underdog or against a bigger club. The home tactic I am using is the Black Echo from 20.3.0 with the RDF tweaks that put up 101 points. I'm using the same tactic listed as "away" for my base away or home as a close underdog/draw option. The 20.4.0 Tequila Sunrise with 93 points and the RDF tweaks is my "Big Away" option. I'm playing in Scottish League 2 as Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic. We are expected to win the league by the board but were picked 3rd at 3-1 in the preseason preview. The Peterhead match on Aug 22 was the first match I switched over to these three tactics and it's been a strong run of form thusfar. By far the best overall run I've had with a club outside maybe my Karlskrona side a few months ago. What's been really impressive is the slew of goals, 32, which is 11 more than the next club and also the defense, 6 allowed which is best in the league although Gala Fairydean have allowed just 9. 11W 1D 1L after 13 matches in the league but 9W and 1D after the tactical change. The lone loss was by a mere 1-0 score to a club in hte Airtricity Premier which is the #25 rated league in Europe, just below the Championship in England. League 2, our league, ranks #115 overall in line with Airtricity First Division. I usually play Journeyman style saves so I'm with lower tier teams alot so reading into ranking with Liverpool and stuff has been difficult as best since this year has required various tactics at varying levels to work. Thanks to knap for all the hard work and I wanted to share my successes thusfar with the changes made.
  13. That was it. Thanks. Between that and your earlier post I was going to start my next season and try the Home/Away tactics that you mentioned. See if that helps me any.
  14. I was browsing yesterday and came across a post and reply (reply was by knap) on explaining the levels to the tactics (Sub, Away, Sub Top, etc). I'm looking for it again and about 10 pages through so far. Figured somebody might be able to paste it or copy it here might be faster. I'll keep looking in the meantime.
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