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    I'm an American soccer (Yes football..lol) fan. I've spent 11 years playing organized football in the states with two high school championships, two state championship finals (one win, one loss) and I've had the privilege to meet Pele. These days I play Football Manager for my You Tube channel (www.youtube.com/ragincajun77346).


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  1. So playing an LLM save. I have a semi-professional club that has made it to the Vanarama Natl League South and I have taken them over. I have youth players (current one is 17). When I offer them a contract they will ONLY take a Non Contract with an appearance fee and an unused Sub Fee. I cannot get them to take a part time contract. This leaves them open to being poached on Frees and frustratingly enough from other clubs in the South/North level. As I am doing a Youth Challenge, to build around the young players coming up in our system this significantly impacts the ability to
  2. Hey guys, I am currently unemployed and just trying something. I am trying to go in and watch game highlights for league matches. I go to the league table, click on the score for the match I want to watch and the screen changes to show the lineups (to the left) (see attached screen shot). However, when I hit WATCH GOALS to the top right, the screen doesn't do anything. The five leagues are listed as playable. I've tried several different matches, different days, and the goals never come up. I do note that it shows Paused to the left of the score but I've clicked on that with no chang
  3. Thanks Hunter. Yes, development is what I meant. As I mentioned, I was led to believe that development only occurs in training so just looking for clarification for a new save I'm looking at.
  4. If I have a young player, not sure if age matters, but say 17-21 years of age...if he is good enough to be in my starting XI does it benefit him to have that much playing time in his overall development OR does training improvement ONLY HAPPEN in training and not in matches? I've heard that in someones YouTube video that you can hurt a players development by playing him in actual matches rather than letting him develop in training only. What do you guys think?
  5. Yep, that's what I'm doing. Appreciate it!
  6. Found a fix. There is a mod on the Steam Workshop that freezes transfers for a set period. Called Embargo.
  7. I want to do an experiment but to run it I would need to force the AI to play a specific player in the Starting XI. Is there a way to do this (short of me managing the team)?
  8. Hey guys, so never really mess with the database but what i want to do is sim the same season multiple times with consistent rosters. How would I set up the league to disable all transfers? I've started a new league to look at this but the only option seems to be to disable the first transfer window. I'm only simulating one season over and over so the clubs don't need to sign anyone for the following season. Any tips or suggestions on this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Good addition to future versions. Lol
  10. I can't find the tactic using the search function...I think this thread broke it. Just finished the 2054-55 season with Leicester in the Championship. They fell out of the Premier Division after the 2036/37 season drifting down to League One for two seasons before climbing back to the Premier for one year (2052/53) and then back to the Championship. I took them over after they lost in the playoffs and sacked their manager with a 5th place Championship finish in 2053/54. First year with the squad using the 20.4.1 Beowulf 424 Knap Vol3 P105 All Cups: We took the league by 7 po
  11. Is there a way to look at historical records in the game? I can find the records list but it only shows the record holder. I'm trying to see if I can see a Top 10 or Top 20 list for each category. Something to reflect back on after a 50 or 100 year advancement.
  12. I won the Championship in the next to last game of the season. We never got the trophy animation, just the players walking off the pitch post match (but not the cartwheel animation from prior winning seasons). We did get e-mail confirmation that we were champions and gained promotion. I thought maybe the Championship didn't present the trophy until the final match so played the final match, won that, and again, only the walking off the pitch animation...no trophy stand or confetti. I feel robbed.
  13. I hadn't noticed until my current season but multiple players I go to fine them, hit the CONFIRM button and the screen advances but says "You decided not to fine the player for their behavior."
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