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    I'm an American soccer (Yes football..lol) fan. I've spent 11 years playing organized football in the states with two high school championships, two state championship finals (one win, one loss) and I've had the privilege to meet Pele. These days I play Football Manager for my You Tube channel (www.youtube.com/ragincajun77346).


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  1. looking for nation coefficients for the world rankings by nation. Pretty sure there is a screen that shows this along with how many slots each nation gets in the various international tournaments (Champions League etc)
  2. As your emoji hints...I'm old. Honestly, I've never converted a beta to full in any game. Never figured it was worth the risk. But my full save will need some time and I was just trying to use my free time over the weekend to my advantage. If you had corrupted files last year that worries me so I'll likely hold off.
  3. As the title says, will a beta save be compatible with the full release? I'm actually finishing my beta save recording today for a Tuesday release but would like to start prepping for my full release save that will take some time and wondering if I can do that now in advance of the full release Tuesday?
  4. OK, didn't realize it was a bug, I thought there was some factor in the analyst ratings but couldn't figure out how to beef up analysts to get a better look. Thanks Hunter.
  5. So in looking at scouted players I see three ratings. One is a Scout Rating (eg 74); one is an Analyst Rating (eg 25) and one is the Overall Rating (eg 49). Where does this analyst rating come from? Is there a way to show ONLY scout ratings because a 25 point swing is huge when evaluating players and only seeing the blended rating on your search screens?
  6. The work permits also affect coaches as they must have a Continental Pro License. Those guys would not normally be assistants or staff coaches they are running their own clubs.
  7. So, no real clue how work permits work...lol. I tried to sign a few guys with great ratings that would be first team or first off the bench options for my club but had 0-2 international appearances and got the work permit warning. With the change over to Foreign registry I wasn't sure if the WP would change....they didn't after my science of signing a couple of them to see what would happen when they actually joined the club. But I just had a 29 year old Angolan with 57 caps get a WP rejection. How? LOL
  8. Doing a save with Leeds, they have Jack Harrison on loan from Man City with a optional future fee of $12.88M. I don't see any option to exercise this to buy him permanantly however. Any insight? I'm at May 28 of the year. Possibly it will show up at the end of the season? But no idea and don't want to lose him.
  9. Just starting Year 4 of my channel with the release of FM21. Beta Save is "Staying Up" - A Leeds United save to see if they can stay up after a 16 year absence in the top flight. When the full release comes out I will do my "+30" save that is my niche and do a journeyman in the style of Marcelo Bielsa (for the first half of the year) and then the second half (of the year) save will be a single team save. Here's the link to the debut episode for the Beta Save
  10. Just a heads up, CP is still rolling with this series and just featured Zeiland of all people in his latest episode.
  11. Appreciated Hunt3r glad to see you still around...lol. I hadn't clicked the box in the holiday tab. Strange, I don't recall having to do that before, thought it was part of the setup for staff.
  12. So in Beta I'll sometimes vacation through lower end games just to get through some matches. I'm noticing that the AI is not using my default tactic like it has in past versions. I've gone so far as to set the same tactic in all three tactic slots and the AI still chooses another tactic. I've also checked in the responsibilities tab. I seem to recall when taking over a club (in the past) you'd get that as a question from the AM during the first couple of days. I don't recall seeing it this year. I'm assuming I'm just not seeing the option but any direction how to trigger this would be gr
  13. I am really missing the fitness/match sharpness circle and/or numbers. The heart is not easy to read and I'm having difficulty interpreting who should be subbed off and more importantly those that are fit enough for the match day squad. I had one player with a full green heart so I assumed he was ok...until I actually clicked on him and saw his Fitness was listed as Tired. Is there a column to add in that would show Tired?
  14. Thanks guys. This makes sense. It's not a huge amount but I do have a couple of clauses where I carry part of the wages.
  15. Never really noticed this before but what is Transfer Debt and how is it determined? It shows up on the Debts & Loans tab under Finances.
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