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  1. Episode 2 of his series went up over the weekend. If you would like to find some new FM YouTubers that have smaller channels, this is a great series in which he hopes to bring some attention to smaller channels. Episode 2 is here: (and yes....I'm featured in this one; sorry. LOL)
  2. I don't see anything about a mandatory number on your squad (match squad). However, it does state that U20 Players must play a minimum of 45 minutes or you suffer a points deduction. So my confusion is... is this ALL my U20s that are on my reserves as well or just players (U20) that are on the Senior Squad?
  3. Sorry to post this here but no answer on the main question forum and this is related to this DB. I've moved to my second club in Bolivia. Anyone familiar with the U20 rule on playing time? Is this just U20 players on the senior squad or all U20 including reserves that have to meet Senior Squad playing requirements?
  4. Hopefully someone can help me here... In Bolivia (Premier Division) there is a rule about U20's having to play a combined 45 minutes during the season. If you fail to comply then a points deduction will apply for every 90 minutes of violation. Each club has a Senior Club and a Reserves. So to the query: Does this rule apply to ALL U20 players including the reserves or just the ones that are NOT on a Youth Contract and/or on your Senior squad? Thanks in advance for any insight.
  5. I'm a big fan of Loki Doki. He is the one that motivated me to start doing FM videos.
  6. So there are the Big Dog FM YouTubers out there. We all know who they are. Then there are the rest of us that put up content with nary a view, lost in the shuffle. I want to give a shout out and a plug to A Custard Prophet, a small YouTube creator that has come up with the idea to push...not his own channel and videos but to try and garner interest and support for other small FM Content Creators. He just released Episode 1 of his "Meet the Managers" series where he will spotlight a couple of smaller You Tube content creators that do Football Manager. Kudos to him for his support of the small frys. Hopefully you'll find a few new content creators to follow. Check out Episode 1 at
  7. So I haven't updated in a little while. I've been busy plugging away at my craft on the pitch. I'm just ending my current journeyman with my first club and getting ready to move to my second club. That episode comes out on Wednesday. I'm nearing the 1500 episode mark for videos on my channel so I've been a steady and consistent content creator. For the current journeyman I've detoured and am taking a tour of South America. My first club was Minasoro FC in Venezuela and we are moving to Bolivia for our next stop. The end goal in this journeyman is to gain either the Santos job in Brazil (primary goal) or possibly the Newell's Old Boys in Argentina (in homage to Marcelo Bielsa). Here's a link to Episode 1 of the current journeyman save:
  8. One item in the game currently is the ability to do a DoF Challenge where the GM does all the player acquisition and signings as well as Staff Signings. However, the GM does not adhere to any semblance of budgetary restraint or working to stay solvent in any way. I'd love to see a tweak to the AI for the GM position to be more fiscally responsible like a real person would (have to) be.
  9. When you go on vacation as a Manager you should get a game pause and interruption of the vacation for important circumstances. An example is when the board contacts you with a new contract offer. As it stands, the game just blows through that and automatically accepts the contract offer. Face it, you'd interrupt your vacation or at least answer the phone/check the e-mail if your boss reached out to you.
  10. Just wondering if there is anything odd or unusual about South America and/or Brazil in particular? I'm used to playing in Western Europe for the most part; England, France, Sweden.
  11. Thanks. I'm setting up a new journeyman and thinking about a South America series. I just want to check a few things out first.
  12. Is this available to play? Also, where exactly do we put this in the game folder to access?
  13. Hugo, I am uploading that now. File save is Ragin Cajun - Workington bug submit.fm
  14. Playing a Director of Football challenge, I have my Asst. Mgr. selected in option to select the starting XI and bench with one option (90% or better overall physical condition). He is consistently selecting my AMC to play M(C) and he had no ability in that spot. (He has developed a small ability due to playing so much). In return, he is selecting one of my main M(C) to play AMC although, again, this player has no AM abilities. My AM has JPA as 12 and JPP as 11.
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