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  1. Hi Tonao Thanks for the work on this, looking good. However, I have noticed, in the Bolivian second division starting in 2019, there are two sides both called "Club Social 24 de Septiembre" Is this correct?
  2. For me, it depends on what is going on elsewhere in the formation. For example, if I have an attacking CM who is very one sided, I would likely play the striker who is further forward on the same side to make sure that players don't occupy the same space.
  3. Just had this happen to me. .PKM attached - disallowed goal is somewhere around the 20 minute mark. Bishop's Cleeve v Gloucester.pkm
  4. I had this on a save some years back. Pretty certain it was because of virus protection deleting some sort of temp file the game used. Was a long time ago though so may be wrong.
  5. Scores first goal for club against human controlled teams
  6. Morning all Having a problem whereby every time I boot the game up, the skin has reset to FM Dark regardless of the skin used last time I shut down. This continues to happen even if I remove all custom skins. Any ideas?
  7. Bump - any ideas anyone?
  8. After another few hours of trying to get this to work, think I have actually given up. Cant get past this error of Serie C Group A only having 17 teams, even though the maths all adds up to it having 18. The editor doesnt clearly show you what is happening at times like this, and it would be brilliant if the tests you run actually showed you who gets promoted/relegated and who those 17 teams are. Anyone know of a file already out there that reverts Serie b back to 22 teams from season 2??
  9. Hi Khalev, thanks for responding. However I have now removed all other skins aside from the standard ones and this is still happening.
  10. Yep, latest file attached. Thanks for taking a look, Slevinr87. isb1.fmf
  11. Still not much further down the line with this. Keep beginning again as I am worried I have made major mistakes and then get hit with a different reason for verification fail each time. Currently, have Serie b reverting from 19 to 22 teams season 2, with 4 relegated to Serie C & 7 Promoted to make up the numbers. This would leave me with Serie C divisions of 19, 19 and 18, so need to relegate one more each from Serie C groups a and b. When I do this, I get either the error message about 11 teams relegated Vs 9 promoted (intended) or told that Serie C group a cannot run with only 17 teams, which I don't understand as there should be 18. This shouldn't be this hard - seriously frustrated.
  12. Does anyone know if it makes a difference if I select my team prior to doing the actual briefing? The game indicates who has reacted positively/negatively to my briefing - am I only completing the briefing with people in the team? IE, if I leave the team unpicked, am I essentially talking to an empty room?
  13. Yes, attached Have moved on from the original file now & started again. Attached is where I'm at now. Thanks so much for anyone who can help with this! ISBF.fmf
  14. I have a problem where regardless of what skin I am using when I exit the game, when I restart it the FMDark skin is selected by default & I have to change skin again. Any way to fix this?
  15. Hi all Hope someone can help. I have been trying to rebuild the Italian league structure for some time & can't get it over the line. I am using Claassen's file as a base. I want the divisions to stay as standard in season 1, and then revert as below; Serie A - 20 Teams Serie B - 22 Teams Serie C - 3 x 18 teams I am not bothered what happens to Serie D as I wont be selecting it. I think I am nearly there, the only issue I have is that I am having to relegate 2 more teams to Serie D than are being promoted to make up the numbers in Serie D. I get an error message saying that the number of teams relegated from Serie C (11) does not match those promoted from Serie D (9), however this is intended. Why is this a problem? Is it because Serie D will end up with too many team in it?
  16. Hi all I am considering starting a new save where I chart how many of the games Steam Achievements I can obtain, however I do already have some. Is there any legit way to reset Steam Achievements? Thanks
  17. Foss - hope you can help, had this problem last year too. Using your file means that I get English newgens with Japanese names. Get approx one per intake per club, so 1 in 20-25. Examples below - as you can see they do not have Japanese as a second nationality. Any ideas on how to stop this happening please?
  18. Been trying to get Serie B in Italy to revert to 20/22 teams in the second season for a couple of days, and cant get it. Anyone have a file?
  19. Anyone got any ideas? Just want Serie B to revert to 22 teams in second season & Serie C to revert to 18 teams per group - so three more teams in Serie B & 5 less in Serie C?
  20. Morning all After some help - I have downloaded Claassen's update files and he has two versions of Serie B in his file - one with 19 teams as per this season, and one with the default 22 teams. I am trying to edit the file so that only the 18/19 season runs with 19 teams in Serie B & then allowing it to revert to 22 from 19/20 season onwards. Could anyone give me an idea of how to do this?
  21. But you're still talking as if there is a further feature, and I don't think there is. The German National Team is it.
  22. Yes, that was said re. the German Third Division. Then it was identified that the German National Team was playable, which is clearly the new feature. Or "Feature", if you're that way inclined.
  23. This is true, it can't. First division seems to work, but second division not selectable and error with FA Cup in the editor so dont think that'll work in game...
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