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  1. Because he's an assistant in a 'non-playable' team, you're probably not going to get him in your game unless you go into advanced database and load up all players/staff from Scotland or Lowland League. Their chairman, GK Coach and 1st team coach are also in the db.
  2. Cheers. Got these fixed for whenever there's a data update.
  3. You are right, cheers. I found this article where he says his right foot's ok but he tries to avoid it where he can. We'll get him sorted whenever we're next able too.
  4. Thank you. Its what we ask. Play and see how he grows. If he doesn't then its something we can look at.
  5. Mod not researcher. Opinion on 2016 attributes and match engine, not 2020 attributes, match engine and research guidelines.
  6. Ah Robby McCrorie, I don't want to hear that name again for a while but we no doubt will . I can't remember a player that has divided opinion in the research team such as Robbie and that includes both our Rangers and Livi' researchers. It would have been a concenus, of all 3 in rating him, though Ter's opinion holds highest regarding the potential (and obviously Stuart). McCrorie was performing as a Gordon Banks/Andy Goram love child at the start of testing, he was the CM supakeepa, so as I say, there's been alot of talk and discussion regarding him internally.
  7. So now you realise that EVERY POST YOUVE POSTED HAS BEEN ABOUT BALANCE 10 and your argument was wrong, you throw a tantrum and try to change what you were arguing about in the first place to make us look the eejits. Gotcha. You maybe NOW have an argument when we're talking about strength as he is a brick but a 14 at his age is a great attribute rating, plenty room to grow in game as he gets older just as he should irl. Now if his strength isn't rising as the in game years advance, then yes, its something we can look at but as we always, always say, do not just look at the attributes as so
  8. All you need to do is quote the Daily Mail and you have the full set I do understand where you're coming from regarding Dembele but we're in a difficult position as we've been here before, if you've been around the research as long as I have with Feruz, McGeady, MALONEY, where they all broke through at Celtic as superstars and we were getting pelters and petitions for our sacking for not giving -9s, -10s . And as their careers panned out, they never did reach the highs that a -75, -8 PA would give, never mind a -9 or 10, so in cases like this, where we do maybe have the next best thing co
  9. Third time. Third researcher. No matter how many different videos you post on here, doesn't change the fact that BALANCE... IS... NOT... A... HOW WELL BUILT... HOW STRONG HE IS... ATTRIBUTE!!!! The Swansea boy gave you it word for word
  10. No idea, that's way above my station, but they do . Its an interesting wee insight into how clubs think, when you see what they come back with. We are lucky though, the SPFL give us a lot of free reign, when you see what other licensed countries need to put up with.
  11. No problems bud, you responded way better than some of us *cough* @ATW *cough* when we found out, as it makes us look daft . Iirc its the same with the Dundee Utd and Aberdee vice-captains.
  12. Aye, there's nothing we can really change here data wise as the game doesn't understand the significance of 10 in a row. We could lower Gerrard & Lennon's job security, but then that might see them both getting replaced immediately. We could also change the 'Winning the league' ambition rating, so it's required, but could you imagine this thread if you're all getting sacked from Rangers and Celtic after one season ?
  13. This unfortunately is down to licensing. Ter had Goldson down as vice captain, the SPFL asked for it to be changed to McGregor.
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