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  1. Hi Everyone, Looking for some help. I am manager of Scotland and every person I try to appoint as staff declines the offer. Even ones which are realistic.
  2. I also have this appearing. Reset databases and still have it appearing.
  3. Have the changes been made in the most recent update or the beta?
  4. thanks for the information @thedude also reading through your story on fm2019 o your blog. I am going to try your formation out and let you know how I get on, had a fantastic formation in fm2018 which included two roaming playmakers and a deep lying play maker but cant get anything to work on this game yet.
  5. Nice! Quick question about your Inside forwards, what specific position do they mark? Also would you be willing to share your tactic in an upload? I have tried to copy it however for some reason the inside forwards and CF don't hard press more option!
  6. Enjoying this thread, good discussion. @dude in your team above I notice its 2023/24 season, what is your team like? Does it have world class players?
  7. for some reason it doesn't let me select the drop down?
  8. Guys, please can someone tell me how do I opt out the beta?
  9. Hi Guys, Is there anyway to put the fm19 database into the fm18 game?
  10. I was just wondering if there was any links or ways to put 2018 default skin into 2019?
  11. What is the best way to test a tactic? Is simply setting up a tactic and going on holiday an effective enough way of testing?
  12. Guys, A couple of quick questions - 1. Does potential ability change during the game? Or is it preset to a value ? 2. Do hidden attributes change? e,g, consistency, attitude, etc ?
  13. Last two years I have managed to create a possession based tactic which dominated in 2017 and 2018. This year I am struggling big time. Previously I was comfortably having over 58% each game, even won the Europa League with Kilmarnock after two seasons. This year I can’t get my teams to have more than 52% of the ball. In the new tactical set up, how do you guys think would be best to set up with a disciplined possession structure until the ball reaches the final third? Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Since the update there is a promotion of the In-Game Editor on the main menu, is this now available?
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