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  1. A wonderfully helpful response. You've signed some good young players. As a Norwich player, I know Ben Godfrey and Max Aarons are absolute stars. I wouldn't be tempted to do much to your first team. I think you need depth, though. I'd be tempted to sign another striker, another central midfielder and another winger. You are two injuries away from a crisis really in each position. I think if I had money at the end of that, I'd try for another keeper too. I find myself trawling relegated sides and lower leagues abroad for my signings too, and try and supplement with loans from bigger sides. Can usually find a couple of bargains with relegation release fees or higher division release fees if you are clever about how you go about your scouting. Good luck!
  2. I'd go. But that's because I like a new challenge, rather than rehashing the old ones.
  3. One of the suggested fixes on that website seems to have done the trick. Thanks very much!
  4. Oh and the other strange thing is whenever it doesn't freeze after a continue, it automatically cycles through my news items as if I am pressing up on the directional keys. I'm not.
  5. Hi, Since upgrading to the new 16.3.2 version of the game, I find that my games are continually freezing. Sadly, they don't leave crash dumps either. It's not a particular date (I thought it was, so holidayed through it only to have it happen on another different date) and seems to happen when the game is processing. I try to close the program via the task manager (it shows as Not Responding), and this seems to freeze too. I'm left having to restart my computer. I've tried it on multiple saves, which are all at different points in time and different clubs. All have been affected. A few things; I do play FM Classic, rather than the full game. I've tried removing graphics and the edt files. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and followed every item in the FAQs. Nothing seems to work. I've tried playing in Windowed mode, which seems to help me close the program down better, but still freezes. Anything I can do to provide more info? I play the game on an MSI GE62 2QC Apache on Windows 10. Thanks,
  6. Fabulous thread. Wanted somewhere I can discuss my Norwich games. I'm playing football manager classic - as I always do. So, season 1 was a mega success. I won the league comfortably, undefeated and won the Capital One Cup. Which was a huge surprise. But I got very lucky - the only Premiership opposition I met was Arsenal in the final and I beat them on penalties after setting up ultra defensive to do just that. Gary Hooper and Lewis Grabban were superb. I played Hooper as an advanced striker and Grabban as a false nine. The two together were amazing. Hooper scored 35 goals and Grabban 21, with as many assists. Transfer wise, I added only one player - Todd Kane from Chelsea. Paid £800k for him, replacing Steven Whittaker who i got £3m for. The next season, I relied upon pretty much the same core group of players. I was somewhat unhappy with having just £12m to spend and a requirement imposed on me to finish in the top half of the table. I thought it pretty unrealistic. In this season, Lewis Grabban was again superb, scoring 13 goals and setting up a further 8. Nathan Redmond and Josh Murphy were also amazing. In January, I loaned Harry Kane and bought Felipe Caicedo. Caicedo was a poor purchase and quickly lost his place to Grabban. Harry Kane was amazing, however. I've paid £11m for him to join us next season. Finished 4th, amazingly. Can't believe how well I did. Season 3 has started roughly. A much bigger budget has lead to far greater expectations. John Ruddy and Seb Bassong have been injured. Two of my key players. Hoping I can cope without, but we'll see.
  7. So I've been promoted with Norwich, top of the league, undefeated and got very lucky with draws and managed to win the Carling Cup, putting me into Europe. My board want me to finish in the top half of the Premiership, which is entirely unrealistic. Still, I'm up for the challenge, and hope if I'm not too far off I won't be sacked. What is more worrying is I can't seem to sign players. Transfer listed players from other Premiership sides don't want to join me on loan and ask for stupid figures. Is this right? Perhaps even more difficult to understand is that I can't sell players either. I've got three players transfer listed and no one will bid for them. Anyone else experiencing this? I'm playing Football Manager Classic, to be specific.
  8. Season 1 on FMC15; won the Championship with Norwich undefeated and got very lucky and won the Carling Cup. The board now expect me to be in the top half of the Premiership next season? Isn't that a little optimistic? On top of that, I can't for love nor money sell players during pre-season. No one is interested. August, seems to be easier, but only at cut price.
  9. Can't say I'd ever use any of the unlockables ever. But happy to see training expanded upon. Might actually do it myself in this version rather than leave to my assistant.
  10. Yes, I must admit my first reaction to the sidebar was "Wow, that's large" - but the icons only one was far less intrusive and much better I thought. Looking good, can't wait for it.
  11. Anyone playing as Norwich? I'm really struggling this year. I'm finding I can't fashion a decent tactic. A lot of it is down to the squad inherited - I can't really find a decent tactic to get the best out of Fer, RvW, Hooper etc etc. Anyone got any advice?
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