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  1. Season 9 (28/29) Season9 Review G1nho’istas Rejoice This year was to be the pinnacle of the club’s long history. With the disruptions just before the January deadline window, not many could have guessed how this season would end. Italian Cup - Winners We defeated Juventus in the home tie of the semi-finals 2-0, and despite suffering a 0-1 defeat at their place it was enough to see us through to the final. Meanwhile Inter breezed passed their bitter rivals AC 5-2 on aggregate to setup a final date with my side. Pro Vercelli 2 – 0 Inter As in
  2. Season 9 (28/29) February 28/29 Update Spanner in the Works I had my squad settled for the year, and I also had certain names as ones to immediately make my team sheet. My best midfielder Argentine International Martin Paz had an 88 million release clause. I have to admit, I completely forgot about this as I did not expect any side to place a bid for this much….and so in come money bags Man City. Sore after we beat them to the European Super Cup at the start of this season, they obviously put their cash together – and offered him a wage that we simply couldn’t compete
  3. Season 9 (28/29) Season9 Preview Media Prediction – 3rd Transfer Budget – GBP 101mil Board Expectations League – Qualify Champions League Italian Cup – Semi Finals ECL – 1st Round Knockouts Player Trust I mentioned about the increasing expectancy from the board and fans, and this will be the most pressured season for me at the club, with the media expecting us to finish 3rd and our board demanding ECL qualification. I contemplated whether I should invest in a real top class centre-back after last year’s problems at the back and to
  4. Season8 (27/28) Review Epic! This has to be my finest end to the season on a Football Manager game, and most challenging. There were so many obstacles I needed to face this year, and all the signs pointed to a likely disappointing season for the Bianche Cassache. So how did this season end up playing out? After two minor trophies in the bank, despite disappointingly going out in the Italian Cup earlier on in the year, I now had both my wingers back with both the Serie A and ECL to play for… Serie A – Deadline Day Drama The season continued from February where it was i
  5. Season 8 (27/28) February 27/28 Update Easy to Beat It’s been a poor season so far when it comes to the major competitions. Sampdoria have already dumped us out of the Italian Cup 0-2 at our home place, and at one point we were six points behind the league leaders, languishing in sixth place. Horrific Injuries There has been a good reason though. Our right winger and dead ball specialist was out for 4 months, and our star left winger who got all the goals and assists last year Mateo Sanchez was also out for a couple of months too. Unable to invest in t
  6. Season 8 (27/28) Season8 Preview Media Prediction – 6th Transfer Budget – GBP 76.61mil Board Expectations League – Qualify Euro Cup Italian Cup – Quarter Finals ECL – Be Competitive A Productive Summer The plan was to try and refresh our squad a little to keep the squad on their toes, and try to recruit some better offensive players. I’ve desperately tried to find a more offensive backup winger, but no one was available at a reasonable value which was highly frustrating. I’ll need to continue to look out for one, and with a new scouting
  7. Season7 (26/27) Review Sustainable Success? This was to be our debut season in the Champions League. We were in a position to fight on all fronts these last few months of the season, and there were no changes to the squad in the January Transfer Window. So how did we end up faring? Italian Cup / Juventus 3 - 2 Pro Vercelli By the time this game came around, we were still top of the league – but Lazio and us were neck and neck, points tied at 70 a piece, with only our head to head record keeping us above them. And so we headed into this game, with huge pressure placed u
  8. Oops Cheers mate, well spotted! Sweet, gl with that yeah just seen your thread...looks like a suicidal challenge! If it ends up too tough could always expand it to Italian players only, say after surviving the first year in the top league innit, or having made it into Europe once? Can fill the national team with Italians then innit No idea, but you always need a bit of luck for that. We should take the league, but cups are always a lottery and it'll depend on injuries too.
  9. Season 7 (26/27) February 26/27 Update Fighting on all Fronts It’s been a good solid first half of the year. I felt with our better squad depth we would be capable of competing in all competitions, and that has proven to be the case so far. Despite missing a number of players across the first half of the season, and a rough patch of form pre Xmas, with other teams also dropping points we sit five points clear going into February. A key victory was dispatching Juventus at home 3-0, and we have already played both Lazio and Juventus twice in the league. We did have a problem
  10. Season 7 (26/27) Season7 Preview Media Prediction – 10th Transfer Budget – GBP 26.5mil Board Expectations League – Top Half Italian Cup – Quarter Finals ECL – Be Competitive ECL Debut Season Despite our surprising success last year, the media predicts us to finish in 10th spot which I find a little surprising. With that said, the maximum value of our player last year was at 26.5 million in our January signing Paz, in comparison to Milan’s Tonali at 62 million. This is also reflected in the board’s objectives in our debut season in the C
  11. Season6 (25/26) Review An Enthralling Finish Going into the last few months of the season, there were still many twists and turns in the league. We had surrendered our five point buffer at the top, with injuries and fatigue also starting to creep in. We went out the Euro Cup in the 2nd round knockouts against Schalke. Our first team was looking knackered at times, and so I had to replace over half our team for these legs. This undoubtedly cost us, but if we were to continue to push for the Scudetto we needed to focus our efforts on just this competition and the Italian Cu
  12. A lot quicker than I had expected too! I've never spent so long in a game scouting and trying to find capable enough players in line with our budget. I've been very fortunate that the players on forced release clauses when bids have been put in, ended up rejecting the other team's offer. Otherwise we'd be nearer to mid-table mediocrity I think or worse.
  13. Season 6 (25/26) **February 25/26 Update** Fans Turn up in Droves / Something Special on the cards? I have a sense that something special might happen this year. At the end of December we were second within 3 points of AC Milan holding top spot. Reevaluating my squad, despite my central midfield investment I still felt we were lacking that bit of quality in the centre. We battled with AS Roma for the signing of 18 year old wonderkid Martin Paz… and he decided to join our club on a 4 year deal. Any more changes I thought it may ruin the balance and harmony within the sq
  14. Season 6 (25/26) Season6 Preview Media Prediction – 10th Transfer Budget – GBP 26.5mil Board Expectations League – Mid Table Italian Cup – Be Competitive Euro Cup – Reach 1st Round - New Stadium is Here! After a long two year wait, we've finally been able to move into our new 20,000 capacity stadium. Named the Mario Ardisonne Stadium, I'm hoping we can debut it with a good season. And there's no better way than to bring European football to the City of Vercelli. More Respected The club are definitely becoming more respected amount th
  15. Season5 (24/25) Review More Fortune…and Misfortune The past couple of years we had missed the European spots by a whisker, where our team faltered at the backend of the season after at points being in a good position. Unfortunately for us, the same has happened again – but this time around missing out on a top 4 spot, which if we had achieved it would have been a great achievement. Injuries to a couple of key players certainly cost us, a long with that lack of leadership I had pinpointed. We dropped some points in games we really should have won, and when going a goal down
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