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  1. Put up your tactics with your players. I believe scores are judged on how good they are playing in the 'role' more than just position.
  2. google the words 'staff roles fm21' and the first website that comes up explains all the roles. I cant link it as i beleive thats not allowed on the boards... good luck!
  3. Because their strongest attributes line up for them being best suited to that role. Doesn't mean they cannot play other roles. All depends on what tactics you play
  4. Training - Calander - Then click on any of the boxes and there you can change what sort of training you want
  5. how many are you guys playing with games running 'Full Detail'.... that may factor into it. I always run full detail in my games and Mourinios, Guardiolas, Artetas and Klopps last quite a few seasons in my game. In one Klopp left for the Germany job. Arteta was at arsenal for 8 years.,.. Mourinho left Spurs after 3 to go back to Madrid
  6. and its better to play with real players if you know nothing about football. after a while player names will stick in your head for future games and you start to create a world in your head of what players are good.
  7. go to the search function and look for the preferences option. there you can pick what players are set for loan. Delve into the search preferences, look through everything
  8. If you have no wages, the best you can do is find players on loan that clubs are willing to not taking any money from you for wages.... other than that, wait til the new transfer budgets are set
  9. whats your full system spec? OS, CPU, RAM, is it overclocked etc? How many leagues loaded & players?
  10. also take 'determination' and 'bravery'... them 50/50s when getting genpressed need them stats looking pretty good
  11. can people list the brexit they got here? mine is.....
  12. is it possible if we can see the possible outcomes? or is it just these 2?
  13. Hi guys, great job on the game. Been playing since CM2 days (that blackburn team!!!) Just a few suggestions i think would speed up the game a bit 1. Whilst looking at staff on search, a little window pops up as you hover over the potential interviewee, comparing to your top 3 staff with similar attributes (bit of comparing) and also in the corner of that box number of free positions available in the staff position (easier when building new backroom staff) 2. On the search box as your are editing what attributes you want, can you get the game to stop searchin
  14. bit off topic, promised its not photshopped, but is Working with youngsters 21 even possible.... I do only sign players u-19 for nearly 10 years in game
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