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  1. On my 3rd season with Wolves. Game was running fine. Got an I7, 32gb Ram, SSD hard drive etc. Now halfway through 3rd season, the UI buttons are slow to react, eg after clicking 4 buttons, the 5th would be slow to react. Reloaded a previous save and that issue goes away. I have a 3rd party pack with logos and faces loaded. Also running maximum database limit. Most leagues loaded. But as i said a previous save is fine and does not suffer the issue. Is this a known issue or something SI is working on? And is anyone sufferimg the same issue?
  2. greenz81

    Ajax / Holland

    PM sent. And for everyone else, it does fix everything
  3. greenz81

    Ajax / Holland

    Google something like 'sort it out si' i dont think im allowed to give a direct link
  4. Playing a second fresh game and i noticed for the 2nd time Wolves history stats haven't updated I finished last season on 107pnts but on the club history its stuck on 103pnts from couple seasons back as i said this is a second fresh game Ive started with Wolves and twice it has hasn't updated
  5. thats a good shout. here is Stokes screen. I hope i havent ended up paying half for their stadium
  6. I've been groundsharing the 365 stadium as Wolves were upgrading their stadium. I finished the season when this message popped up Im confused?? Can someone explain what is going on?? Is Stoke paying for half my stadium upgrade??
  7. i have an i7, 16gb, 750gb 7200rpm hd. Ive played into big seasons with previous FMS, and this version before the new patch. And the saving is 70% slower than before. I do have 250,000 player DB, with graphics and icon add-ons, but this has never been a problem before. I am also playing with a save based on the full release.
  8. for some reason it takes ages for me to save a game now. anyone else with that issue? like nearly 10mins. whereas before 3mins id say
  9. On a night like this? Do you stay at HQ, all on your computers, waiting for the final push? All have a drink up celebrating the games release? Go home on your tod and play with yourself? Go to Sainsburys for the midnight release? Or do you actually go home, have a life, have a wife, and say goodnight to the kids before you sit in front of the TV watching eastenders on demand, thinking 'Im a grown up see...' Any comments from the SI crew?
  10. Have you on onboard graphics card?
  11. greenz81

    New Stadium (FM 14)

    I think the grounds are owned by the cities they're in. Not sure if u can in Italian leagues
  12. You sound a bit miffed you had to pay for the game. Anything that is software will always be cracked and copied on the net Its just down to us guys to keep these companies going End of the day, SI games has made a quality product, and well worth the money, and as long as they keep it up, there games will still be bought
  13. Had no problem with the game before this update, but has twice frozen at start up. I am currently verifying my cache. Anyone else with this issue?
  14. EVERYONE who has it non responsive at the start. Just let it load. I quit it 3 times, but the last time i just left it it loaded up
  15. greenz81

    crashing on launch

    UPDATE: It loaded after a very long time