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  1. I'm having fun with Barnsley. Pinned down for relegation, they actually have a decent time. Currently 8th in January 2 points away from play offs. Forced a FA cup replay against Chelsea when we were away. Signed no one. Very young team also and cannot sign anyone over 28.
  2. Bought the game tonight hoping beta was out. Start work at 12pm tomorrow, was hoping to get 14 hours in before then. Oh well, let's hope again tomorrow
  3. just a quick update: what i missed out is normally i play fm19 streaming from my main computer to a laptop (using Steam of course). The crashes happen on my main computer just to make this clear. But i did recently update Teamviewer to 14 recently and when i was looking at the history this is when the issues started (4 days after the update from 13 - 14). I did play FM19 on my main pc after and still expereinced crashes. I have have now uninstalled Teamviewer 14 and will you an update if the crashes continue
  4. Ive never had crash dumps ever in FM before... Alot of these dumps are happening at random times. The most recent one happened after i finished a game. The earlier files were from a save that had become corrupted and i had to load from a previous save. The most recent save, i saved over the previous file that was corrupted. Hope this helps.... Just for your info, im using the Pr0 data update and also have the graphics added pack (footballers players faces etc). I have always used these in previous FM's with no issues... I had crash dumps on occasions with 19.5 release, reason being i started using the beta release. It was ok but now today alot of random crash dumps The previous earlier 2 crash dumps happened a few days after the Atletico game The most recent crash dump happened after the AGF game finished winning 4-2, once i hit continue I have emailed you Belarc report also My system is: i7 5930k (not overclocked) ASROCK x99 Extreme6 32gb Corsair 2400 500 Crucial SSD Windows 7 Pro 64-Bit Geforce 970 I run with all the latest drivers FM runs from my SSD I cleared the cache etc. Feel free to advise me on anything you require me to do to help with your testing FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.09 20.35.46).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.09 19.54.23).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.09 19.29.05).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.09 16.12.19).dmp FM 2019 v19.2.0.1173367 (2018.12.09 15.15.03).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.28 10.56.41).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.25 15.39.48).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.25 13.51.14).dmp FM 2019 v19.1.5.1166322 (2018.11.25 13.50.06).dmp
  5. Try set pieces... Try direct attack... There many options in training now. I'm Brondby IF and we totally dominate set pieces... Have my full backs taking corners, great corner takers and set up my corners as a ruthless attack. I imagine because teams are so defensive against you you must get corners etc...
  6. I had something similar. A defender had a 5 week injury (I forgot what type) but his stamina dropped by 2 points instantly. He is only 24
  7. To be fair, probably more likely to win something domestic... Cheaper cost of living... And his missus wanting to be wined and dined in a country of wine and bread... (Made the last bit up). On a serious note, whats his personality? May influence the move too..
  8. Maybe the guys at SI can post a sticky to show the masses... I see too many comments about players not performing like real life, teams, possession etc. When I reach the day same as the present, i will post a lot of stats, team possession, league tables etc, but will also look out for major injuries, red cards or players played in teams to see why such results didnt match up
  9. I know in Football Manager the French teams are only 5 games in, the date being the 23rd September, but i think its great that the top 5 teams are very similar to the stats on WhoScored, with the French teams being 10 games in...
  10. Basically its from 8am one day to 8am next day, everytime i have to interact i stop the stopwatch....
  11. Some test results The rule: Everytime i interact with the game, i stop the timer August Saturday August 11th 2018 - 5 Premier Matches Played Total: 8m 27s Sunday August 12th 2018 - 3 Premier Matches Played Total: 4m 43s Monday August 13th 2018 - 1 Premier Match Played Total: 1m 7s Tuesday August 14th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches Total: 1m 22s Wednesday August 15th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches Total: 5m 47s Thursday August 16th 2018 - 0 Premier Matches Total: 1m 34s Friday August 17th 2018 - 1 Premier Match Played Total: 1m 43s Saturday August 18th 2018 - 6 Premier Matches Played Total: 16m 7s Sunday August 19th 2018 - 2 Premier Matches Played Total: 5m 29s Saturday August 25th 2018 - 8 Premier Matches Played Total: 13m 48s Sunday August 26th 2018 - 1 Premier Match Played Total: 6m 38s September Saturday September 2nd 2018 - 7 Premier Matches Played Total: 20m 8s Sunday September 3rd 2018 - 2 Premier Matches Played Total: 9m 25s Saturday September 15th 2018 - 6 Premier Matches Played Total: 23m 18s Sunday September 16th 2018 - 2 Premier Matches Played Total: 8m 16s Saturday September 22nd 2018 - 6 Premier Matches Played Total: 23m 35s Sunday September 23rd 2018 - 3 Premier Matches Played Total: 9m 26s
  12. Update: Transfer Deadline Day I hear people complaining about some transfers on their games are too low for players. These are the players that were signed up to deadline day I think the prices are a bit more higher than they were when i ran the default details on all the leagues except England last time Anyone care to compare? And please note i did not bid for any of these players to influence the prices
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