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  1. As he quoted, @ATWmeans your "St Johnstone are absolutely tragic. Ross County are dominant match to match, which seems like a poor reflection of both team's recent history." You couldn't have picked a worse team to compare with, as St Johnstone's CA16 is a massive 9 points clear of Ross County's. While St Johnstone's CA16 is also the highest rated for the 'best of the rest,' so we do know how both teams have been performing recently. Mistakes happen, opinions vary, but in the main, we know what we're doing. Hyperbole like "Absolutely tragic" when as ATW points out, that simply isn't true, isn't going to get you anywhere, as it just makes us ignore the rest of your 'valid' points. You're obviously right about Wotherspoon, although he has a MC14 rating, but you're right, with him playing more in the MC/AMC role last season, that should get upped and also an AMC rating added. I've done that now, but our data lock was Monday, so it won't make the release database. Sorry. Chris Kane's jumping attribute, as @ATWpoints out, depends on a players height and it's currently rated as 'Good' for a player of his height. His PPM of 'beats offside trap' could probably be removed now too, now he's changed the way he's playing since that got set. O'Halloran's pace has been upped as well, but I'm not sure if it got caught in time before the data lock. Martin Boyle's pace got fixed a few builds ago, as Stuart said earlier in the thread.
  2. Yeah, cheers. It was brought up in the English Championship thread and as far as I'm aware, the English have fixed it.
  3. No changes to the Favourite people can be made to any of the 42 clubs, until FM23, because of licensing. Stuff like the favourites, get sent to the SPFL, then onto the clubs to approve/disapprove, add/remove and this is the list Celtic have gave the ok too for 22.
  4. Nah, we want to try League 2 next season Cheers. Added Wilson's injury now. Martin's was already in the database, as a calf injury until January 22, but game wasn't picking it up. I think this might have had to with type of calf injury set, with the shorter expected time out, so I've had to change it to an achillies type calf injury, with the longer expected time out and hopefully it picks it up.
  5. All be it 5 years ago now, although he did play centrally at times, he played more games at Wide Right than he did through the middle, in Mark Warburton's 4-3-3 system at Rangers. Kenny Miller usually had the no.9 role.
  6. Cheers for that. I've altered the injury end date to 23/8/21. Hopefully it gets in in time.
  7. It won't change until FM23 mate, with it being a non playable league.
  8. Unfortunately, Transfermarkt isn't one of our reliable sources for DoBs, bud. We already know that they're off with Rocco Vata's date of birth and we know it sometimes takes our randomly generated DoBs, as the players DoB, so we'll need to go with the random, any birthday before 31.8.2005 option, until it goes up on a more reliable source. Sorry.
  9. Now that we've ruled out the database size, the problem of the players missing is due to their age. They just have a Year of birth of 2005 entered in the database, as we don't have a concrete Date of Birth, so because of the 16 by September rule, the games not extracting them with the fear of them being to young. If the players have played for the B team in July or August, I think we can safely assume they're 16 (as as you say, I'm sure you need to be 16 to play up here) and we can add a 'latest DoB of 31/8/2005' to them.
  10. Thank you. Its what we ask. Play and see how he grows. If he doesn't then its something we can look at.
  11. Mod not researcher. Opinion on 2016 attributes and match engine, not 2020 attributes, match engine and research guidelines.
  12. Ah Robby McCrorie, I don't want to hear that name again for a while but we no doubt will . I can't remember a player that has divided opinion in the research team such as Robbie and that includes both our Rangers and Livi' researchers. It would have been a concenus, of all 3 in rating him, though Ter's opinion holds highest regarding the potential (and obviously Stuart). McCrorie was performing as a Gordon Banks/Andy Goram love child at the start of testing, he was the CM supakeepa, so as I say, there's been alot of talk and discussion regarding him internally.
  13. So now you realise that EVERY POST YOUVE POSTED HAS BEEN ABOUT BALANCE 10 and your argument was wrong, you throw a tantrum and try to change what you were arguing about in the first place to make us look the eejits. Gotcha. You maybe NOW have an argument when we're talking about strength as he is a brick but a 14 at his age is a great attribute rating, plenty room to grow in game as he gets older just as he should irl. Now if his strength isn't rising as the in game years advance, then yes, its something we can look at but as we always, always say, do not just look at the attributes as soon as you load up, play the game, see how the players develop or not and then we might have something we can work with. But to also repeat what Ter and Bryan told you, he's a new signing, we trust the previous clubs researcher as they've likely to have seen him more than we have and that's both the Leicester boy and our very own SI employed, Rangers supporting researcher, giving him a 14, that's good enough for me as they know what they're doing.
  14. All you need to do is quote the Daily Mail and you have the full set I do understand where you're coming from regarding Dembele but we're in a difficult position as we've been here before, if you've been around the research as long as I have with Feruz, McGeady, MALONEY, where they all broke through at Celtic as superstars and we were getting pelters and petitions for our sacking for not giving -9s, -10s . And as their careers panned out, they never did reach the highs that a -75, -8 PA would give, never mind a -9 or 10, so in cases like this, where we do maybe have the next best thing coming through, we still need to look at what's been before and try to reign in any hyperbole. The PA he's got just now could again, see him become one of the best prospects Scotland's had, if he reaches his full potential in game and as he's only 17, there's still scope where we could decide on upping his PA in the future if he does start looking the super-superstar folk think he may be. Hope that makes sense and reasonable
  15. Third time. Third researcher. No matter how many different videos you post on here, doesn't change the fact that BALANCE... IS... NOT... A... HOW WELL BUILT... HOW STRONG HE IS... ATTRIBUTE!!!! The Swansea boy gave you it word for word
  16. No idea, that's way above my station, but they do . Its an interesting wee insight into how clubs think, when you see what they come back with. We are lucky though, the SPFL give us a lot of free reign, when you see what other licensed countries need to put up with.
  17. No problems bud, you responded way better than some of us *cough* @ATW *cough* when we found out, as it makes us look daft . Iirc its the same with the Dundee Utd and Aberdee vice-captains.
  18. Aye, there's nothing we can really change here data wise as the game doesn't understand the significance of 10 in a row. We could lower Gerrard & Lennon's job security, but then that might see them both getting replaced immediately. We could also change the 'Winning the league' ambition rating, so it's required, but could you imagine this thread if you're all getting sacked from Rangers and Celtic after one season ?
  19. This unfortunately is down to licensing. Ter had Goldson down as vice captain, the SPFL asked for it to be changed to McGregor.
  20. It's been lowered to 2 for having the audacity to defy the cosmos and score a double against the mighty Bairns!! . Aye it's been upped bud. As I say, everything was taken on board. I'm sure O'Hara's finishing did go up a bit as well. Last season was his first prolific season, after not really doing it at Falkirk or his loan spells, so we don't want to make too rash a judgement, but as you said, there's a reason Dunfermline signed him to replace Nisbet for the 20/21 season. Cheers for the Martin link, I'll pass that on.
  21. Aye there is, it's ME !! *Maniacal laugh * Aye, there is a Dunfermline researcher, he was new for FM20 and getting in the swing of things and growing well for 21. PA -7 I'm not sure if he's signed up for here or not. Dow is now an MR/AM RC. Thomas AM RL and Martin a DL C with DL his natural position. Murray a M/AM C, with ratings for wide right and left. How dare yoooooooou question my McManus attributes , but I can confirm that your opinions were taken on board redgarding the different players and were altered where agreed necessary. Kevin Nisbet fee is currently set as -1, so it should say undisclosed. There's no injury set for Martin or addons for Nisbet, so we'll need to see if we can find anything and race the clock. Hope this helps. Oh and I can't remember if it was you that asked about Jock Stein and Bert Paton for the legends, unfortunately we can't look to get them added until FM22, because stuff like that has to be signed off by the clubs/SPFL for licensing and that's already been done for this years game.
  22. Aye it will be, the beta data hasn't and won't change. Like I said above regarding Rangers, the beta data was finalised a while ago and since then, there's been umpteen changes going on, still going, up until the final release. His aggression's been changed and will be 17 when the game is released. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.
  23. One thing that we've forgot about in all the madness earlier, was that the data we're seeing and using just now isn't the data being used in the beta. Infact, the data being used in the beta is probably 2, 3 updates out of date. I've no idea what the cutoff for the beta was, so don't actually know if there were any changes to Rangers since, what they were, what not, so when I said that Celtic16's 134 and Rangers 133, that's what we have in the databse NOW. I obviously don't know if that's what it was at the time of the beta cutoff, it might be, it might not. But the patterns we're seeing, I think it's safe to confirm that we aren't seeing Rangers finishing 20 points behind Celtic (watch that come back and bite me on the arse now ) in all our current testing. The database is a continual tweak until release. Hope I've made sense
  24. Not great when the team you play for doesn't get your info right . Brilliant, cheers bud.
  25. Just having a look and Gogic is currently set at 17 aggression in our db, so it has been upped since the data for the beta was processed.
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