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  1. We usually release the next data update after the winter transfer windows are all closed. The Italian researchers will be making any changes that they feel are required, in preparation for any future data update we can do.
  2. Hi @Horcajada. There's something odd going on when the game is created. It would be more suitable for Sergio Gercia to appear over some of the other players that appear in the Montañesa team. We'll look into making the logic behind what players are picked to be included a lot better, in this specific situation. Cheers for raising it to us.
  3. This is why they will be hidden on the Club Overview screen then, @matthrix93 & @wicksyFM. They will need to stay hidden in game for this reason.
  4. Hi @matthrix93. Please try not to post multiple messages in a row, and try to keep all issues you have spotted to a single post. I'll move everything you've said into one post, so that when the Head Researcher of Italy sees this thread, they will be able to review everything you've mentioned. As has been pointed out by @wicksyFM. The rivalries are there in data, but are being hidden by some code or possibly a UI issue. If you were to use the In-Game Editor you can see these rivalries are present. Cheers for posting your issue on the forums, and we'll aim to not hide the
  5. Hi @SaintsCanada. The names of the leagues are like this in the live build of FM21. Could you confirm if you're playing in a different language, other than English? I'm wondering if it could perhaps be a translation that has been missed. Are you using any editor files in your current save game, for example a "real name fix" of any kind?
  6. Strange one, indeed. I'll request for the team to add something to determine that people of their age should not be identified as players by the game, in these circumstances.
  7. Cheers. I've set Hilton Park to have the correct info now. It shouldn't be chosen for any stadium move in future. It's up to the game where it moves the team, really. But it should choose a more suitable stadium to move to now.
  8. Looks like an odd UI issue. We're looking into that one. Cheers @kensteidel & @swansongs.
  9. Understood. We can update him to be Interim Manager in the future.
  10. Hi @Fleaxel. You should be unable to select those numbers as Milan manager. This has been set up the same this year, as it was last year. Please upload a save game if that is not the case for you.
  11. Cheers, that one has been mentioned above. His age has been updated in the database.
  12. You're right that Pirlo seems to favour a two-striker formation, particularly in the league. That's one that I'm sure researchers in Italy will be aware of and be reviewing for the next data update.
  13. Cheers @saosinfan4. This is under review. Many thanks for reporting it to us. In future these issues need to be reported in the forum for country that the player is loaned into. So that would be Spain for Douglas Costa, Italy for Alvaro Morata. It appears that some of the details of the loan deals were missed off. Apologies about that. One that we'll correct for the next data update we do.
  14. It's been ticked in the database for quite a while now, so should be working as intended. One that@Freddie Sandsmight be able to assist with, in case it is coded to ignore squad numbers for the Vanarama National League North & South.
  15. If one of you is Sporting Lisbon B manager, you might already have yourself set to manage both clubs. It won't be a data issue though, and will likely need to be logged here, as it affect B team - https://community.sigames.com/forum/828-all-other-gameplay/
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