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  1. We are currently looking into this issue. It looks like some of the percentage values for fluency of English have gone a bit wrong when being taken into game. Cheers for raising it everyone.
  2. Hi @Prej. Is this only occurring in the Pre-Release Beta in FMT20 for you? I've checked these pitch sizes in FM and they appear to be correct.
  3. Cheers for spotting this @Asterionas13. We will find out what is going on there.
  4. Hi. Does it not look like this for you @bimblefishfmht? They don't seem to have a third kit. Could you upload a save game to the cloud for us if you are getting something else?
  5. Thanks @Morgan88. This is being investigated.
  6. Both of these issues are under review. Cheers @ClemB This is already known. Cheers for spotting it too @districtxeneize. This is already under review and we will sort the relationship. Cheers @Blade6119.
  7. They are both set to have long term injuries/unavailability in the data too. Can you find any info to say that they shouldn't have this? Looks like they are not currently in the team for Farsley Celtic.
  8. Just to check. This is only happening for all of you due to the Pique testimonial, right?
  9. Cheers @jlscsiago. This is not data related, but I have passed this on to the team to investigate.
  10. The majority of what you are asking for is not able to be set in data. We will look into why this is happening in save games for you, and thanks for amending your message.
  11. Cheers for raising that @Bennos. This is one that we are already aware needs resolving.
  12. At the moment it is just a building site. Here are the latest set of photos - https://www.afcwimbledon.co.uk/news/2019/april/new-stadium-update2 The new stadium should be finished around July 2020.
  13. Ha. Yes they do, although that doesn't stop people from still swearing when we are playing badly!
  14. Hi @Bilbaoboy. I would say that Wimbledon have quite a middle class fanbase, who are fairly affluent for the size of the club. The size of the club is obviously very small in comparison to others in England though, and especially in League One they are one of the underdogs due to their rapid rise through the leagues (5 promotions in the first 9 seasons). But because it is supporter owned and run by the fans there are lots of people who volunteer their time for free, and who donate all they can financially towards the club. This doesn't necessarily make them affluent though. Wimbledon as a town is very average. However, there are areas of Wimbledon which are much richer, for example where the tennis tournament is hosted. Lots of places in London have this same balance of richer and poorer areas. Where Wimbledon are currently building a new stadium - on Plough Lane, right near the site of Wimbledon FC's old ground that is now demolished - it is a more working class part of the town with lots of industrial areas. So I would say that most of the fans are middle class or working class and it is a very friendly and welcoming football club. In the current stadium we have 3 bars and nowhere that makes lattes if that helps you make your decision!
  15. Hi everyone. We have looked into this issue using the Gibraltar file above, but have not been able to reproduce the scenario you had. Please could you upload the save game that this occurred in please @zeus77? Details of how to upload a save game to our cloud are linked below.
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