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  1. Hi folks, Complete novice here so please go easy [and bare with me] So i want to get the matchday showing a real life stadium as the match background, i would also like to read only commentry of the game. How in the simplest terms possible can i do this? I have a day off work tomorrow and want to spend it playing FM like this, Are there specific skins/stadium packs i will need if i manager to change other settings etc to get my game showing up like this? thank you
  2. Thank you for the reply, I have tried the pre game editor, cant seem to get the hang of it lol, Never used the editor before this season.
  3. Hi, Is there any way of viewing players at their clubs or leagues [this would be better for me] and sorting them by CA? all on the one page? or any editor that you can use to do this? so you can compare the CA's of all players at a club or even better a league at a glance? thank you.
  4. Edouard has downed tools due to not being allowed to leave in the summer, Griffiths aint getting a start as his attitude and professionalism have been appalling seemingly. Did Nesbit really put a transfer request in as reported last week? Poor form if thats true, hes only been at hibs for what? 8 months or so? Perhaps lower his loyalty?
  5. He is not the best finisher in Scotland, cmon. Edouard and Griffiths are much better. The boy does have lots of potential tho.
  6. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/top-scorers He is the second top scorer in scotland.
  7. that is a thing of Beauty, fantastic work, just wish i had the knowhow to make my game like that as i much prefer the stadium and commentry on match day. i should have stuck in at the computer lessons as school
  8. Hi guys, would this thread be of any use? https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/544186-fm21mod-match-screens-mod/
  9. Hello, what background pack is that? would love one with the large stadiums. Thanks
  10. I think Keiran Teirney is underrated with his atts, Crossing, Marking, Passing, work rate, natural fitness, stamina and determination could all be improved slightly, He imo is a better player than Andy Robertson and will go onto be the best left back in the work soon, he isn't far away from that just now.
  11. Hi lads, As you may remember i got my new laptop the other day, Last night BLUE SCREEN WITH A KERNAL WARNING ERROR POPPED UP. WTF how do i check/fix this? it seems to be running ok this morning, what anti virus etc should i have, i have malywarbytes and windows defender on it just now, many thanks
  12. Hello, Can any of you reccomend a skin/background [with stadiums in] that go together perfectly? I downloaded flut skin dark v6 and a mini stadiums pack, but i dont think they match as some of the stadiums only have a coming soon image? Also some of the txt in the boxes on the skin looks cramped and squashed up. Can somebody help? thank you
  13. Got a laptop with a SSD, how do i find the folders in FM? i can find the FM folder in my documents, but there is no data folder inside it? cheers
  14. McGregor is Celtic vice captain in real life, There are a few players ahead of him in FM with higher leadership. Should he not have the 2nd highest leadership in the squad? cheers
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