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  1. Hi folks, Is there a latest database update for FM15? or have most people moved onto FM16 now? At a loose end and only have FM15 on this laptop, was gonna kill a few hours with an up to date version of FM15 if it was possible? thanks
  2. hi lads, is there a section where you can give feedback on individual countries? cheers
  3. when watching a game, how much of the hoghlights do you watch? i have just been watching key, but i thought of watching more to see how players play etc instead of just looking at their match ratings?
  4. what are the best ways to develop your own players? do you get them out on loan plenty when they are young? or are there special ways of training them? cheers
  5. Hi folks, you know at the start of the game your assistant subscribes you to news from other leagues, do you all leave them running or unsubscribe? All i seem to do is click through news from other countries. just wondered how you all do it? cheers
  6. i would like in time to add my own photos instead of other peoples [good though they are] pics, and that will obv include overwriting some. i just need a guide about wtf i am doing lol lol. cheers
  7. thanks, so are all stad pics in fm not a standard size then? and what about a config so they show up in game?
  8. also lads, if i want to download a new stadium pack, or kit pack etc. Do i need to delete the old one first before the new one will show up?
  9. will do mate, thanks. like i said, total new to this side of things but want to learn as much as i can. as it stands i don't even know what type of file you save the pics is? im guessing jpeg of png? or what size etc etc? i know its prob gonna annoy a few folk on here with the questions, but we were all new to this at one stage, please stick with me...lol
  10. don't even know how to do that mate, like i said, im a total newbie to this stuff lol. what is the latest/best background pack out there? i seen one that was about 10g? that would take forever to d.load would it not?
  11. can some kind soul tell me how to add a stadium background pic to the game please? im still playing 15 and would like a new velodrome marseille stad pic, i fancy trying to add it myself but have no fkn idea wot to do.... do i delete the old one first? can you have more than 1 photo of a stadium in game? or will the game just show the same pic all the time if you add more than one? keep it simple lads as this is a step into the unknown for me... lol. and im fkn brutal with computers haha. cheers
  12. any way of watching the game with just txt only and a picture of a modern stadium when showing the commentary? cheers
  13. Mate, have you seen the zombies this season??? Derby would take about 6 off them irl.
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