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  1. Couldn't you just create the club, add a new manager for the club you want to play as (or unemployed) and then retire the manager from the created club?
  2. I don't really see what the problem is. You say yourself it has a 3 in 10,000 chance of happening. That is a chance, so it's absolutely a possibility. It's funny and interesting, but it's certainly not a problem. As for the point of xG in game, it's a statistic used in real life so that alone is a reason to include it. But it also helps show the problem. It quite clearly shows that the biggest issue with your team is your strikers, rather than the creative players behind them. Whether it's a quality of confidence issue it's definitely down to the strikers. That said, an xG of 8.07 over 11 games isn't exactly good, 4th worst in the league actually, so the rest of your team could certainly do with some improvement too, but still, strikers should absolutely be the priority. To put it simply, if you're asking the question of "why am I not scoring more goals" looking at the xG can help show you why. A high xG means your strikers just aren't good enough to convert enough of the chances, a low xG means you're not creating enough chances in the first place.
  3. Maybe the journalist had just heard rumours he's having an affair with another manager and was trying to ascertain if it's you?
  4. The big problem for me is wages. They wage demands just don't go down, they continue to demand what they got at their peak, or even more despite not being as good a player. I'd definitely be more willing to keep 30+ year old players if they weren't demanding like 300k a week in wages.
  5. It varies massively. 1743 hours on FM13, then 718 on FM14 and as low as 33 for FM17. FM20 is at 935, but I skipped FM21, so that's really 467 hours per year. Only 4 of the last 10 have been >1000, but 2 of those were closer to 2000. Never got to, or went over, 2000 yet though.
  6. Don't supposed it's under "World" rather than "Asia", similar to the Club World Cup? I mean, it includes a bunch of African clubs as well as Asian ones. Also, have you got any leagues that would participate in it loaded? Maybe the cup doesn't actually simulate unless there are some leagues running that would be in it, similar to stuff like the FA Vase not being shown on England if you've only got the EPL running.
  7. I'd like to see maps showing where the teams are located on competitions and in the pre-match build up. I love looking at the maps on the wikipedia pages (eg. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2020–21_Bundesliga#Teams) and seeing where in the country (or continent) all the teams are located, would be nice to be able to see that in FM too. Would also help highlight local derbies when you can clearly see that your team and the opposition are right next to each other in the pre match buildup. It also helps show regional rivalries/differences in countries such as the north/south divide in England or the east/west divide in Germany which I feel adds to the immersion.
  8. I've done this before (and will again) and it's a lot of fun. Definitely get a database for the Regionalliga, I'm sure there'll be one available pretty quick. It's pretty fun starting out at that level. Difficult to get up into the 3. Liga though given how few teams actually get promoted. I definitely enjoy trying to make east Germany clubs competitive in the Bundesliga again, pretty crazy how little success they've had since re-unification.
  9. You don't need to replace teams in a country, you could just shift your current league setup over to another country instead. ie. keep all the teams in the US leagues, but have the US leagues based in a European country. No need to take over a big country, either. If you want to get rid of France, sure go ahead. But due to UEFA coefficients good performances in Europe could get you up to 4 UCL, 2 UEL and 1 ECL places eventually anyway. If you wanted to minimise the impact you could base the US leagues in a country like Gibraltar. Just set the prize/TV money to be in line with the US (or more) rather than copying Gibraltar's and the country wouldn't matter in the long run. You could even boost their coefficient points over the last 5 years so that it wouldn't matter in the short run too if you wanted. The only downside is you'd get the flag of whichever country you've taken over next to your teams in the European competitions, but that's just a cosmetic thing really. That would work. And as long as the clubs are still set as based in the US they'd still generate US youth players. If you have the league structure all set up already then it may even be possible just to edit the country that it's all in rather than recreating it in the new country too. Not exactly sure of what you'd have to do, it may be very simple (ie. just changing everything that says USA in the rules to the new European country instead), it may not, but I expect it's possible at least and it'd save a fair amount of work.
  10. It's definitely possible. There are probably some overlapping changes that are messing it up. Try saving your superleague file under a new name, removing the rules and then changing the Italian rules there. Then load both the original superleague file and the new one with Italian changes when you start a game. That should mean that all of the changes for the superleague are also present in the Italian file with the exact same ID numbers which should prevent issues. At least I usually use one file with all the database changes and just make variations of that for rule changes when I do it and it always works for me.
  11. hmm, you can switch the USA over to Europe on the nations page. As long as you take a different nation out of Europe so the numbers stay the same, and also give them some coefficient points to start with it'll work. 2 issues though, firstly while UEFA competitions are pretty dynamic and can work out the changes for you, the other continents competitions won't. US teams will still play in the CONCACAF Champions League too. I just did a quick test and I believe all the teams picked for the CONCACAF one were disqualified from entering the UCL so it picked the next best team for that instead (in my case LA Galaxy). Additionally the CONCACAF fixtures don't actually show up on the teams fixture lists, so you don't notice unless you look directly at the competition. So you'd probably need to recreate the CONCACAF one from scratch to exclude the US teams from it, and maybe fiddle with the league file to make sure the qualified teams are taken from the correct section (should only be necessary if you're using the conference/playoff structure). The 2nd issue is that it would affect international competitions too. The US would remain in the CONCACAF Nations League and Gold Cup. But they'd be in Europe's WC qualifiers instead and would also participate in Euro qualifying. If you don't mind them being in both the Euros and Gold Cup and going through European WC qualifying rather than NA though then it's not too much of an issue.
  12. All the leagues I'm managing in, obviously. But also all of the major European leagues, like the top 8 or so. I like to compare stats from them and see how players are performing. Plus I may eventually manage in one of them and want the stats to be consistent. In my experience goalies get much higher ratings in leagues that aren't full detail than when they are, so it's kind of annyoing if the goalie was averaging like 7.3 before I came along and now only 6.8 with me as the manager, make it full detail all along and a decent goalie would be around 6.6-6.9 before, during and after I'm in the league.
  13. WTF? The attendances aren't there, but the goalscorers are in FM20. Why did they remove it for FM21? I love seeing the goalscorers by the scores, especially if there were any hattrick scorers. Having to click on each individual match to check would be a nightmare, especially since I typically check all scores/goalscorers for the top 5 leagues (and any other league I'm managing in) every week.
  14. They're most likely hardcoded and can't be changed. The TV money is pretty complicated and depends on the country/number of teams etc, so it would be a bit much to have all the possible outcomes editable.
  15. Any rough idea of how big is too big? I typically play with all the leagues running, so that's a lot of data each season.
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