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  1. Why not just update your store region to Korea? I assume the European keys won't work for you because even though your steam account is still UK, your IP address is in Korea.
  2. The way I usually do it is through other divisions. So you have the regular leagues for each country still, reduced to around 10 teams with only 1 round of matches or something (I did experiment with 0 matches and taking results from the joint league before, but couldn't get it to work) and then set up other/secondary divisions in one of the 2 countries, assign teams from each country to it as their other/second division and then set up promotion/relegation for them too. Unfortunately you need the separate national leagues still if you want them to have separate European places, so each team h
  3. ugh, hope it's very soon. Haven't played a single minute of the game because there's no point until I've finished my editing, but I can't do that now either so the game is completely useless to me in it's current state. Thanks.
  4. I know OOTP does it. So that's a sports management game that allows importing saves from the previous years version, in which case I don't see why FM shouldn't be able to do it too.
  5. I won't be buying FM19 and the main reason for that is because I'm enjoying my FM18 save and don't want to start all over again. So I'm wondering if there's any chance FM will ever have a feature that lets you import your save from the previous year's game and continue it on on the new one?
  6. Intel Core i5 CPU 650 @ 3.20 GHz (4 CPUs) 6GB RAM GTX 1050 Ti
  7. So processing times are really long for me at the moment and I'm wondering if I were to upgrade my PC what would affect that the most?
  8. Ah, that's a relief about the prize money. Hopefully that will be enough to see me through. It's kind of annoying dealing with it though, I've been limiting players appearances so I don't have to pay transfer bonuses to their previous clubs just to save a bit of cash. @bold it's pretty funny that transfer fees have actually become much more ridiculous since FFP was introduced then :P
  9. I'm in Turkey, but it's just the general UEFA FFP. There isn't a separate Turkish one. I'm not sure on the details but I think there's exemptions for stadium & training ground costs as well as youth development.
  10. Would tax and dividends even come into FFP though? I know there's a bunch of expenditure that is exempted from it at least. Plus I'd also assume that if the dividends would mean the club getting kicked out of the Champions League then the shareholders would be willing to forego them for a season. As for transfers I've got 1 player coming on the 1st July (so that should count as next season anyway right?) for 3.4m. As well as 5.76m worth of instalments for previous transfers due, I'm not sure when they actually get paid though.
  11. It's currently February, I'm top of the league and looking forward to playing European football next season. The only issue is FFP. I'm allowed a 4.45m loss for the period. I currently have a 8.62m profit and I'm projected a 15.08m loss. So how accurate are those projections? I just can't understand why they expect me to lose 23.7m between February and the end of the season.
  12. I've got two separate issues with cup history at the moment. I've added a new cup for teams from the Netherlands/Belgium. The cup runs fine, records a winner and winning the cup is also recorded as a milestone for the players, yet the cup doesn't show in the winning teams honours list. I've also added a new cup to Germany, where no history is recorded at all. The final is played but no winner is recorded for it. Anybody have any idea what I need to tick/untick to try and get these working properly?
  13. Would I rather SI get licences for what would effectively be a completely different game, or more licences to expand the existing game? Pretty easy choice there
  14. Gotta say I really don't like the UI changes. The all caps looks atrocious, some of the options on the side bar being moved is pretty annoying. Squad and schedule right next to each other last year was perfect! I feel like it was much easier to get from the squad screen to the club screens in previous versions as well. Actually, it still is.... for every team except my own? Looking at another team I see a bar along the top with Overview, News, Players, Tactics, Schedule etc with drop down menus to get straight to the section you want as well. Why on earth isn't that available for my team as we
  15. Atrocious way to announce features. Annoyed that it took so long, and even more annoyed that it was in a video so bad I simply don't want to watch it. That said, the features do sound good, especially the match engine overhaul. Of course if it wasn't for The Telegraph I wouldn't even know what the new features were... so thanks for nothing si.
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