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  1. Are they still plans for fm20 ? I really enjoy your files ,
  2. Hello is there any way to make a new Version of this for fm 20 ?
  3. I one enjoy your work , how much are u looking for to continue going?
  4. hey i have a old file from last year and it works fine but when i move it to the fm 20 folder the games dont are not schedule to play . 0000ihope p3frect w0orld r3ady t0o play 0o0o0o.xml
  5. Does anyone know how to unite CONCACAF and CONMEBOL together and and AFC and OFC merger ?
  6. Hey are you gonna do more files for the CONCACAF and CONMEBOL ? Like mirroring the UEFA champions league and euro league , groups stage then knock out rounds ?
  7. Wait so after the 2026 World Cup South and North America merger ?
  8. thank you for the answer , can you make group stage for the CONCACAF and conmebol Champions league? Like Something mirroring the UEFA champions league
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