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  1. thank you for the answer , can you make group stage for the CONCACAF and conmebol Champions league? Like Something mirroring the UEFA champions league
  2. Yo Thank you @Tonao for all these data base u made this year , you definitely made the game more fun for me this year . 👍🏽
  3. thanks bro for all the work you putting into this it makes the game way more fun .
  4. @ryanlion28 hey did you ever manage to fix this ? I am running thu the same Problem?
  5. Hey have you ever found the solution to this ? I have the same Problem reloading my skin with new logos it crashes my game .
  6. Does anyone have a date base for the Africa champions league by any chance ?
  7. Hey nice file , is there away to play it in fm19?
  8. h0o0oly shitt thank you for the info . i been spending all day trying make a american champions league but dam its hard.cant wait to see your future work .
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