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  1. Fix I got it was a error on my side with the Register teams in the 1st year for the UFEA champions league .
  2. I use one @Carlito85 UFEA files and for the country lincs and cambs the 1st year west Ham is always the to get the champions league seeding for lincs and cambs for that year but after it goes all back to normal but what I notice that west ham doesn’t qualify For European competition no more but when I take off the Continental cup Nation off west ham , no teams from lincs and cambs qualify for champions league . I hope I Explain well I’ll try send u pics when I get home .
  3. Quick question why does west Ham has continental cup nation to lincs and cambs ? this doesn’t let west ham qualify for European competitions , but if I take it off no team from lincs and cambs qualify for champions league.
  4. There a issue with the dates idk how to fix it . That’s why I am still playing fm19 lol
  5. i got chuu broo . let me know how it works out. Fifa Concacaf and conmebol Combine.fmf
  6. It still works for fm19 u just have to import it . Unfortunately it Unfortunately don’t work for fm20
  7. Update , it looks like if I switch out the Europe league 2 too the UEFA Cup winners cup it works . I just have to pick out one your other files that have the UEFA cup winners. Thank you for making so many files to pick from bro 👍🏽
  8. Yea I know what you mean bout drawing the wrong teams , I seem to have all the other tournaments right but when I try to add Europa league two winner to qualified for the FIFA club World Cup It always draws the highest rank European football club. I have all the teams In stage 0 .
  9. Hey @Carlito85 hope all is well friend. Just wondering is the FIFA world club cup file working with the concacaf and conmebol file
  10. In teams move the last 3 rows up 3 places and that should fix that issue .
  11. Is it possible to change World Cup qualification for concacaf ? I really dislike the new formant they have now .
  12. If anyone can plz do a Greenland date base , I wanna play with them in North America
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