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  1. -Vatican City Football Championship(16 teams) -Vatican City Football Championship 2(13 teams) -Coppa Vaticana -Supercoppa (Vatican City) -All Logos download on this link -National team only play friendly Download
  2. Man, the editor update and I can use my comp editor file which has the option to change the continent, do u have this problem too?
  3. Hi rainbowz, i sent u a private msg for a doubt with country change in a country
  4. Today I will try to change a continent of a country, but with my custom comp editor. fmf which I use to do Greenland and Russia files making my editor open with a black screen, anyone is having this problem?
  5. I always do the royal league, but on fm 24 there is a bug happening in Sweden that instead of selecting the best in the country, she always sends these clubs in the photo, and they are clubs from lower divisions Does anyone know what can it be? I left the file to see if anyone can help me r1.fmf
  6. https://www.fmpreaseasonofficial.com/forum/extras/russia-back-to-international-comp-fm24
  7. I used a template file made in 2023 , I think its Kazakhstan moved to Asia
  8. Hi friend, I changed language of the country and regen name following the default country language
  9. -I put Russia in URSS old country to make them play again all international competitions -The flags and federation logo only will be like Russia if u open your logo pack folder and change all files related to Russia(791 id) to URSS(593 id) Link: https://bit.ly/russiafm24
  10. I tested a lot on FM 23 and my database had no bugs, 24 for now the same thing happened, so if you want I can make an alternative file for you changing the team level to amateur
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