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  1. @Ronaldo Beckham, it's Alkmaar not Alkamaar.
  2. Proper from NEC And IRL van de venne or something from Volendam And a DC from nac
  3. No FM20, only my tournaments are not compatible with your DATABASE. The tournaments with random teams from MLS.
  4. Yes!! I did it. Is it possible to add more American clubs for FM21?
  5. @UncleSam, do you know if there is a fantasy database with promotion / relegation from the MLS?
  6. Hi, what is the best USA database with promotion and relegation? I've looked on Steam and here but I feel none of them are working properly. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, Too bad. Maybe a completely different discussion, but it is strange that SI releases a game that does not include lower leagues, shirts, logos and faces.
  8. hi, I can only download the logo pack the other 2 cannot. Do you have another download link?
  9. Thanks, strange that there isn't a topic here. Yes Sortitoutsi is a very good site, I shall take a look at Twitter.
  10. Hello everyone, Is there a kits request topic on this site? I can't find it anywhere.
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