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  1. I loves this, but is it possible to let them stay in the champions league or Europe league?
  2. I think a lot of people want to now, so please tell.
  3. Wow, great, can't wait to begin with Manchester Central
  4. Looks great, but why did you choose to call it summer cup, because it's played in December?
  5. Great work thanks, I will definitely try this
  6. Thanks Easier than in the editor from FM 18?
  7. Is it possible to make in Europe a 6 +5 rule?
  8. Is there a easy way to change rules in the Dutch league's, I want not 3 substitute but 6. And change for minimum stadium capacity
  9. I love this But is it possible to put it on steam?
  10. Okay thanks I will wait for when claasen is ready with Europe
  11. erikeagles

    Another San Marino Story

    Okay thanks for your quick answer Yes I looked it up and no there is no other club, maybe I make one myself
  12. erikeagles

    Another San Marino Story

    Great story I played a lot with San Marino (country and club) One question is there a other club from San Marino that played in Italy?