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  1. erikeagles

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Oh, no I want to play with a lot of leagues So I must look further....
  2. erikeagles

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Only the FM Games
  3. erikeagles

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    https://www.bol.com/nl/p/-/9200000095136877 Hey is this a good gaming laptop?
  4. erikeagles

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Bedankt ga even kijken
  5. erikeagles

    New Laptop/PC- Help Needed

    Hello, I want a gaming laptop only to play FM. I liv in the Netherlands so I don't think I want to buy in England. Thanks.
  6. erikeagles

    Game laptop

    Okay thanks
  7. erikeagles

    Game laptop

    Hello What is the best laptop for FM 19?
  8. Thanks but what did you do with the players already in the game?
  9. How do you started this project? I want to start one with only the Dutch clubs. Do you first remove all the players?
  10. I love the idea But I have really no idea how to do this
  11. erikeagles

    I need a DataBase

    Look at steam Maybe you can find it there
  12. Thanks for your quick response I hope Timo61 can work it out
  13. But if you do that. What's happening with the champions league and Europe league, because there are no clubs only countries
  14. So it is possible to change in itch database a other country? Example Anglesey removes Israel Yorkshire remove with Kosovo