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  1. Oké thanks for your quick reply I will buy Arie Haan from anderlecht 😂😂
  2. Hey great work I was looking at my club, Ajax and I was missing Heinz Stuy he was the goalkeeper in 3 Europe cups. Also Piet van Reenen he is the all time topscorer of Ajax. And maybe Ronald de Boer, John van het Schip and Gerrie Muhren And who is Jan Jansen?
  3. I hope you can make it. Maybe Timo's Countries......... 😂🤣😂
  4. Yes I know But is it possible to make a cup for only your countries And maybe you cold it Timo's Cup?
  5. No no I mean the countries play the nation league Not the clubs
  6. May be is it possible to make a league of nations with you're new countries?
  7. erikeagles

    FM18 FIFA Nations League

    Ok, is it possible to replace them with another country's?
  8. Is it possible to give some random Welsh players the nationality Anglesey? And maybe also with the isle of man
  9. Where can I find the Anglesey download I have tried to make a new country but I failed.......
  10. erikeagles

    FM18 FIFA Nations League

    Great work thanks. One question is it possible to put the 9 new nations make by @Timo61 in the nation league?
  11. Make a new country is it easy to do, because a whana try.
  12. After the first season are there not coming enough regens in the game.
  13. Maybe isle of man or in Germany with Beieren The Greenland database can you find on steam
  14. Are you planning on doing more nations