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  1. Thank you for replying. I keep loading old and new games. Those clubs still have no players. Even when I make my own league
  2. Hello, USA clubs don’t load players. I do load all USA players and leagues. The clubs are Forward Madison FC FC Tucson Indy Eleven Reno 1868 FC San Antonio FC and Im sure some more that I haven’t looked into. Please fix this. making a USA league is one of my favorite things to do and it sucks that the nation clubs aren't 100% usable.
  3. Hi everyone, I really want to make a save with a club that i could add cantera policy into it. I really like how Athletic Bilbao and Chivas can only sign home grown players. Is there a way i could add that in editor? Would appreciate the help if you did or point me to the right direction.
  4. I’m pretty dumb when it come to this stuff. I’m confused with the instruction above. Can someone dumb it down for me?
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