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  1. @davie77 has it in his mega pack , it’s pretty fun
  2. In the nations league ? I know that the only issue I am having now . But at least it plays the World Cup qualifiers good and qualifiers for international tournament works too.
  3. This link didn’t work but the link u have on the other page work , I will defiantly be donating because this sucks you have to start from scratch again because of the update .
  4. How many Champions league and euro league slots would the country have ?
  5. I was debating if I should start a new save or not because of the update this convinced me to do it thank you for all time and work u put in this
  6. That sound awesome bro , I was beginning to worry bout your files this year
  7. na i moved on , i have a new file for my Concacaf competitions for my save . and i dont know how to fix it i am sorry
  8. Not that I am aware of , I try import the file to 2021 but it won’t verify in advance rule so I turn it back to basic rules and then then it will verify .
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