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  1. Updated to include the 10th tier and revamp of US FA Cup (renamed to Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup)
  2. That's what I was afraid of. I made some good headway last night and continuing today. Now trying to get 403 teams down to 116 in a fair manner is tough. Agreed. Whoever does this as a job is a genius in my eyes
  3. I'm trying to make a custom FA style cup and having some logic issues. I can add the leagues into the Editor and it creates the rounds fine but I want to mimic the English FA Cup style as close as I can with different levels of leagues entering at different rounds. I'm having a hard time with the logic to do this. I have 651 teams and want them all to play but trying to think this out hurts my brain. Is there a tool that others use for this or do I just struggle through it? I know I can figure it out but wondering if there is an easier path. Thanks
  4. Have you ever wanted to play Football Manager in the United States but don’t because of the weirdly difficult MLS rules? Have you ever wanted to play one of the hundreds of non-MLS clubs in the US but couldn’t because they aren’t in the game? Well, wait no more. I have released my FM21 database that turns the United States into a football pyramid that mimics most of the European league systems. I have created a 10 tier, promotion/relegation pyramid that gives the United States some fun teams to play within a pyramid system. United States Premier League (20 teams) 0 promoted
  5. Hey there. I'm glad you're a fan. Try this for 20.0.4 - https://www.mediafire.com/file/j5i42y9jmpk6ppf/FMDigi-USA-ProRel-9Tiers_v200_20.0.4.fmf/file Also I did see a situation at times where you have to specifically set the start date on the country choose screen as for some reason it doesn't pull one in by default. That might fix the game crash. Lastly, now that the editor is fixed, I will be releasing the FM21 version of this soon so keep an eye out.
  6. And it's a custom league as well? I tested this with a few countries a couple of weeks ago and anything custom just starts 2021 regardless
  7. I am having the same issue with Nashville and Inter Miami being hardcoded to MLS when I have deleted any mention of MLS in the DB that I can find. It seems so weird to do something like that knowing that the editor exists for the sole purpose of allowing the flexibility to make updates and change things to our hearts' desires. Hopefully this is looked at and resolved quickly.
  8. Yeah it's been radio silence since Nov 24th here. I'm having a lot of people ask about my DB and I have to tell them I can't release it yet. It's frustrating as they are updating the in-game editor every few days but this one had the one update and didn't do anything about this.
  9. Hey @Freddie Sands is there any update on this? I know you have other issues and as fellow developer, I know you pain. But any idea on an ETA on this? I'm waiting on this fix to release this DB and start my YT series.
  10. Go into FM20 Editor and export at XML and update that. Then take that updated XML and import into FM21 Editor and recreate FMF with FM21 Editor
  11. Same with me. I'm prepping to do a Pentagon challenge so I loaded 72 files and it took a few mins to get it to load and then checking/unchecking boxes has a 30 second delay about.
  12. I have moved back USA starting in January of 2020 yet the Start date of my first season is April 2021. Pretty sure it's hardcoded unless someone can show me in the editor where to toggle this off.
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