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  1. Thank you. I was torn as to what to do about them. I left them but put in different leagues according to reputation. They can't be in the same league as parent obviously so it does setup some weird scenarios. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. I have updated the database file to add U18 and U23 teams as well as updated the payout in the USPL
  3. This can also be used in coordination with my CONCACAF Champions League database found here:
  4. Creates a 96 team Champions League tournament from 43 North American countries. Updates the existing 16 team NACL. FMDigi-NACLExpanded.fmf
  5. Turning the USA into a football pyramid, I have worked on getting the USA to mimic the English Football League system. 9 tiers in the pyramid for you to enjoy. United States Premier League 0 Promoted 3 Relegated United States Championship 2 + 1(4 teams) Promoted 3 Relegated United States League One 2 + 1(4 teams) Promoted 4 Relegated United States League Two 3 + 1(6 teams) Promoted 2 Relegated United States National League Premier 1 + 1(6 teams) Promoted 3 Relegated United States National League Division One 2 + 1(6 teams) Promoted 3 Relegated United States National League Division Two 2 + 1(6 teams) Promoted 5 Relegated United States Lower Leagues 1(8 teams) Promoted North Eastern Premier League 1 Promoted 4 Relegated North Western Premier League 1 Promoted 4 Relegated South Eastern Premier League 1 Promoted 4 Relegated South Western Premier League 1 Promoted 4 Relegated National Lower Leagues 4(18 teams) Promoted Atlantic National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated Central National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated Mountain National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated Pacific National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated Southern National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated Valley National League 2 Promoted 0 Relegated United States Football Association Cup Open to all teams in FA United States League Cup Open to all teams in USA Football League (USAL2 and up) United States National Cup Open to all teams outside of USA Football League (Under USAL2) United States Community Shield Preseason cup with FA Cup winner and Premier League champion This database took me about 3 months to plan and develop and has just under 7,400 changes. All teams are in the FM Database with the exception of one. I changed one as an homage to the inspiration to my story behind this database. Info on that coming soon. If you want to edit the database yourself, please feel free to do that. Just know there are issues with the validation system and it will give you an error saying "There are only 23 of 24 teams for stage 0 in the USA Championship". This is normal and if you keep attempting to validate, it will eventually pass. v1.0 Created 9 tiers Created new cups v2.0 Revamped to fix issue with no Youth Intake Renamed United States Lower Leagues and National Lower Leagues to remove word Amateur Added Promotion Playoffs to United States Lower Leagues and National Lower Leagues FMDigi-USA-ProRel-9Tiers_v200.fmf
  6. Hey Jack, here is the PKM from that match. I watched it again but it didn't do that but hopefully you can see something of help in there. Detroit City v New Stars.pkm
  7. Sorry I didn't see the reply until now. I was playing with Key Highlights and at the beginning on a highlight I noticed that a player near the ref was same color as ref. As more moved into view, some but not all turned to the black kits. I have looked at the match again and it's not doing it anymore so I can't send any file showing it unfortunately. Sorry about that. Also for future, what is a PKM file? Never heard of it.
  8. There isn't a proper intake done. On the Dev center it says it happens in June but June comes and goes and no intake. Youths do show up but not in the intake fashion.
  9. Well everything but nation is scratch build. I have considered "re-making" the United States but I feel like there's something I'm missing. Or hoping there's something I'm missing.
  10. Should I maybe just delete it from the database?
  11. No. I marked it (and all other existing leagues) as extinct and created all new leagues from scratch. I think it's the country that has the hard coded stuff.
  12. For the record, removing those files only gave a Youth Intake to all USA teams on July 1, 2019 and never again. 2020 and 2021 had none.
  13. I've been working on a USA database that gets rid of the MLS and all its other leagues and replaces them with a model very similar to the English Football pyramid. It's working very well so far but it's been noticed that there isn't any youth intake. Kind of makes sense due to the MLS draft existing but I figured once I got rid of all the existing leagues and built my own, they would act appropriately. I figured that because of the draft, maybe something was hard coded in the game to not have youth intakes for USA. So I took my DB I already created and basically moved everything in USA to Canada and low and behold, all the teams had proper youth intakes. So I know it's something with the USA in the game. I did some digging around and can't find anything online. If there is and I've missed it, I'm sorry. Looking at the files on my computer, I see the following 3 files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\2000\dbc\usa.dbc C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\2001\dbc\usa.dbc C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2020\data\database\db\2010\dbc\usa.dbc I am going through a year's holiday now to see if removing those files fixes the issue and will write back here once I find out but has anyone successfully gotten this to work? Seems like it should be something editable rather than hard coded. Thanks in advance.
  14. Summary: Kit Changes Color Mid Match Description of Issue: About 2/3 through match, my team had half of my players go from red kits to black. Steps to Reproduce: Came into a highlight and team was in 2 different kits. Continuing through multiple highlights now.
  15. So I have developed a 9 tier USA DB with US only teams. I removed all teams playing in the USA but based in Canada (i.e. Toronto FC). I have simmed a few seasons now and I see Toronto showing up in season 3 of my save randomly. Does anyone have any insight as to what would cause this? I have looked at the Club info in the DB and can't see anything telling it to do this in future.
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