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[FM24.3] CONCACAF teams in Libertadores (MLS+MX+)

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¡Viva América! This brings the 16 CONCACAF Champions Cup teams into an expanded Copa Libertadores group stage from 2024.

MLS and MX clubs were rumoured to participate at one point, but this has been confirmed not to happen IRL. Here, it goes ahead, with the CCC last 16 no longer played and settled by Libertadores group games instead:



The default CONCACAF qualifying is weird, it doesn't always call 27 teams, I've tried to account for that as best I can (same if they fix it in any patch).

USA expanded
TMC Megapack
2023 version

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I'm using the default qualifying, so as long as it doesn't break that, it should be fine. What's the nature of the custom USA file? I'm not sure but you might be able to copy the default qualifying rules from MLS (if they're in there somewhere) and paste them into your custom comp, then alter accordingly

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6 hours ago, rusty217 said:

You got it working? Awesome!

"Team mapping" seems not to work quite as well this year so I just haven't got the cool quirk where the group stage draws before the prelims are done, showing "winner of playoff 4" or whatever in the group standings until that team is known. That also allowed for the (rare but realistic) scenario where, say, two Brazilian teams could end up in the same group (but only if one came through the prelims). Will keep working on that

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Are you planning to add any concacaf teams to the copa sudamericana? Would help a bit with the Liga MX continental qualification being so convoluted to have a 2/4 more spots, Maybe a concacaf parallel equivalent to the sudamericana first stage with mls & mx teams playing each other and the same association match rule not applying for other qualifiers, with winners from mls/mx in pot 1 & 2 and other qualifiers in 3 & 4?

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