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  1. For years the Oceania Champions League has drawn the wrong teams from competitions Yesterday I created every qualifying OFC Champions League nation with their season running February to November and resetting on the 2nd of January every year This seems to have fixed the problem of the wrong teams being selected for the Champions League, I have holidayed for 40+ years and it seems to be working I know this schedule is not true to life for every nation, but its a decent compromise Can someone else try this with a nation to make sure that it works
  2. Currently have 324 teams in my Northern Ireland level 10 league system I am recreating the Northern Irish cup to include every team down to level 10 FM has created the cup rounds as seen in the screenshot I want small amounts of teams to enter at different stages, similar to the English FA Cup Ideally i would like 12+ rounds Can anyone figure out how many teams and games at each stage? Thanks
  3. In game the AFC Presidents Cup (Asias 3rd Tier Comp) ends at the end of 2014 just like in real life Is anyone able to stop this happening? I assume in just have to change the end date in the advanced rules, but my editor crashes whenever i click on convert to advanced rules If anyone could do that, it would be much appreciated Cheers
  4. nvm................................
  5. Basically, i have created the KHL in the editor, using Crimea as the base nation so they dont play in the Champions League or Europa League. Everything is working fine, i have set Crimeas continent transfer preferences to -1 for all continents, i have added crimea to every other countries nation transfer preference and set it to -1 so theoretically there should only be domestic transfers. However, every year there are a couple of transfers from teams in my league to other countries (england, germany etc) Anyway to stop this completely? Hopefully you understand what i have done
  6. Change the season update date to 1st of June 2014?
  7. oJMPx


    So i have just created the Canadian pyramid, there are 2 clubs, Toronto Croatia and Serbian White Eagles that are mainly made up of Croatian and Serbian players. Is there any way to make their regens Croatian and Serbian respectively?
  8. Did you download it from the Steam Workshop?
  9. Just recreated the US league system to include promotion and relegation. Noticed that all of the current MLS players in their playing history have the "Supporters Shield" as their division instead of MLS. Any way to change this? I know its purely cosmetic, but its pretty annoying
  10. Not sure mate, but i've created Greenland as a nation and moved Kazakhstan into Asia and Greenland are in the Champions League and Kazakhstan clubs qualify for the AFC Champions League
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