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  1. So i've created a 10 tier fantasy league system in the USA. I have 540 teams in total. I want the US Open Cup to be like the English FA Cup with 3 or 4 preliminary rounds before the First Round Proper Basically i just want more than 10 total rounds, maybe 15 or 16? Can anyone work out how many teams should enter each round? Or let me know how to work it out Thanks
  2. So this just adds teams to the Champions League/International competitions? Holy ****, absolutely legend
  3. Thanks, How did you get Greenland teams in the champions league? Have you replaced a nation?
  4. I want to add a Greenland based team into the Danish league structure Hoping to have Greenland as a second nationality similar to Basque for regens from this new club Anyone have any idea how to do this?
  5. Anyone know if the OFC Champions League has been fixed this year? In previous years the competition didnt select the right teams to qualify
  6. For years the Oceania Champions League has drawn the wrong teams from competitions Yesterday I created every qualifying OFC Champions League nation with their season running February to November and resetting on the 2nd of January every year This seems to have fixed the problem of the wrong teams being selected for the Champions League, I have holidayed for 40+ years and it seems to be working I know this schedule is not true to life for every nation, but its a decent compromise Can someone else try this with a nation to make sure that it works
  7. Currently have 324 teams in my Northern Ireland level 10 league system I am recreating the Northern Irish cup to include every team down to level 10 FM has created the cup rounds as seen in the screenshot I want small amounts of teams to enter at different stages, similar to the English FA Cup Ideally i would like 12+ rounds Can anyone figure out how many teams and games at each stage? Thanks
  8. Do you have an early download link? I created Greenland using an extinct nation, but got a crash dump every time i started the game.
  9. I have just finished my second season (2015) won the league the first year, and won the opening and closing championships and the grand final in the second It now says i have won the league 4 times, 2014, 2015, 2015 and 2015 Surely this cannot be right?
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