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  1. Now you mention it, the Leagues Cup doesnt show up either. Weird
  2. I have created a new USA pyramid and used the MLS (ID: 40) as the top division. Everything is working as it should, except the winner of the MLS, their history tab is not showing the MLS as a competition win. As show in the screenshots, Inter Miami won the MLS in 2023, the history is recorded in the competition, but not in the teams history tab. Any ideas for a fix?
  3. This looks amazing, anymore screenshots of the lower leagues?
  4. Can confirm that increasing the OFC Champions League's reputation to 200 does not allow the top rated Oceanic league to increase in reputation
  5. Thanks, will do. Can also confirm that my idea of an inactive league with 200 reputation does not allow the then top rated league to increase in reputation
  6. This page? Seems Asia, Africa, North America and Oceania have the same 0.850 rating
  7. Anyone know how i can get the top rated league in Oceania to increase in reputation? So in my current Oceania database/world the New Zealand league is top of the reputation list with 115. This seems to be the max it will ever get to If i make say Tuvalu's top league 200 rated, but make it inactive, will this allow the New Zealand league to increase past 115? This scenario is the same in any region - Africa, Asia, Europe etc
  8. You need to make sure the division level is set to 0 on the competition page within the advanced editor
  9. Did you ever figure out how to get rid of the red promotion text mate? Got the same issue with my AFL/VFL league structure. AFL reserve teams in the VFL, 0 promotions, yet that annoying red text is there EDIT: I think i've managed to work out how to remove the red "cannot be promoted" text Instead of having my division as level 2 in the basic editor, i created it in the "reserve" structure section, converted to advanced rules, then converted that division to Level 2 by changing division type and adding them to the comp section on nation page. This has removed the cannot be promoted text and all seems to be working fine. Just run a 25 year in game test and everything is working Hope this makes sense @themodelcitizen
  10. Doubt this is possible, but... Looking to see if its possible to have one League Division running August to May, and then another April - September, all within the same editor file and nation? Basically trying to add the Mexican Summer and Winter baseball league in the same database Summer League runs April to September and the Winter League runs August to May Is this possible within the Advanced Editor? Thanks in advance
  11. Anyone know of a way to rename reserve sides using LNC files? Got an MLB database where each team has Reserves, U21's and U18's. I wanting to change the names of these to each teams MiLB team. i.e. Arizona Diamondbacks Reserves --> Reno Aces etc These are the game generated Reserve, U21 and U18 teams, not a separate club with an affiliation link Each team has a unique ID but my current LNC file isnt making the required changes
  12. Anyone got a solution for this? Other than making separate clubs and trying to create an affiliate link, i cant seem to find a way
  13. Thanks for this, made the change, unfortunately still cant change team names
  14. What changes do i need to make to the editor?
  15. Trying to add MiLB teams to my MLB database, when im trying to rename reserve teams, it auto defaults back to "Team Name Reserves" Is this a bug with the database?
  16. @rusty217 @themodelcitizen Dont suppose you guy's could take a look at this please?
  17. I have created MLB with the American League, National League and World Series all recording their history correct (see screenshots) However when the league is not selected, the history is not recorded properly and is kind of all over the place I have attached screenshots for this and have attached a screenshot of how i've got the history set up within the editor Anyone have any idea how to correct this?
  18. Yeah they're all now the Top Division in each country. Would i need to change the existing Top Division for each of those countries to Level 2, to make sure it picks the correct division? Dont want an MLS team selected randomly instead of MLB Continental over International? Would i not have to chose a continent that way? Would i be able to select teams from Asia and North America in a continental file? Thanks for the reply
  19. I have created a multiple baseball databases for leagues around the world. MLB, Mexican LMB, NPB, KBO, CPBL, Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rico leagues Each one is created within their own editor file, so i have 8 in total I have simply created new teams and comps within each file. The UID numbers are all the same within the editor, obviously when i load them in game the UID's follow on in the order i have the editor files ordered within my editor data folder I want to create an International Competition that pits the league winners of each of these 8 leagues against each other, simple 8 team quarter finals, semi finals then final Is there anyway i get teams to pull from competitions without having the league or teams created within this International Competition editor file? Hopefully that all makes sense I can provide screenshots when im home from work in a few hours
  20. I have 8 super cups in my NCAA database for different division champs to play against each other. They’re all the same reputation. Is there a way I can just have 1 competition, some like “NCAA Bowl Games” listed on the competition reputation screen, but then that has all the separate competitions linked to it?
  21. Thanks, don’t think I was clear on my previous message. My database will verify in the editor. But then when I use the “Test Comps” feature it will always come up with the Failed to Create Fixture error
  22. Whenever i try a test in the editor i always get the fixture error AFC - Myanmar.fmf
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