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  1. Just to let you know, I'm back and able to do some work on the site again. Site's been a little bit dead recently but hopefully that'll change soon enough.
  2. The thread hasn't been very active for a long time, but there's been a decent amount of work done on the site recently. Jammy's still doing his bit on the site, he just doesn't post on these forums anymore.
  3. Anyone else here got the iPhone game? I've taken a load of screenies and uploaded them here. Will upload the more important ones to the site later on. Also is anyone here playing FML these days? Not sure when the old FML wiki pages will be brought online, but it should be in the next few months.
  4. Please pick me! Please pick me!
  5. Done, thanks Cheers. Whoops, never saw those. I'll try and get around to putting those two up on the site tomorrow as well as Intercept's Barca thread.
  6. Harryseaess' MLS thread and BenArsenal's Singapore thread are now on the site. Is that all of them up then?
  7. Done. Let me know if I've made a mess of it anywhere.
  8. FM Weegie have one that was released at the end of the transfer window back in September <snip - site is censored on here>. That's the most up to date one I'm aware of. You need to register in order to download the update, though. Edit: The link to the site is blocked, it seems. Anyway, search for 'fm weegie' with google and click the first site that comes up. You should be able to find it from there.
  9. You can add Sampdoria and Toulouse to the list as well now, stig. FM10 Club Guide Index
  10. A page linking to league files? I made one months back, but really didn't have time to keep it up to date. By all means do it yourself if you want to, mate If you need help with anything on the site, let me know. Have a bit of free time on my hands for the next few weeks.
  11. Nope, they still haven't got back to us on it. I doubt we'll ever get a response from them, but it doesn't really matter tbf.
  12. Try running the game in Windows 98 compatibility mode. Right click the CM shortcut on your desktop, click properties, click compatibility, then run in compatibility mode with Windows 98/Windows Me. Worked for me.
  13. Not sure. Just changed it so all admins have the same privileges.
  14. God, never realised you had stig
  15. Cheers, ssestig should be opening the new one shortly