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  1. As always, unemployed and see where fate takes me! or perhaps load up the English lvl 7 that Dan is working on and manage someone local other than Newcastle, Gateshead or Blyth. EDIT: Actually, yeah just realised Spennymore will be in FM18... hmm. Shame North Shields, West Allotment Celtic or Forest Hall aren't haha
  2. Insane work. Good luck! Be fair to the Northern Alliance, it's a pretty decent standard despite its lowly league status.
  3. Delightfully cringe worthy! Also I had no idea WorkTheSpace was affiliated with SEGA and loosely affiliated with FM. Interesting.
  4. Although, having said all I've said I do notice their has been a mark up in base price from FM17 (£34.99) to FM18 (£37.99).
  5. Surely the fact that someone is saving money on the RRP is a good thing? I'm not sure how you see that as anti-consumer. Is it because some people won't be able to save that money after the offer ends? As that's just retail and offers, it happens in all aspect of life. I could perhaps understand if it was revealed that the RRP was artificially inflated to swallow the discount - so for arguments sake: FM 17 was released at £34.99, yet FM18 is suddenly released at £42.99, but those who order early get the discount. I can understand some anger towards that. However, on the bare face of it all we are being given a chance to be rewarded for our 'loyalty' (owning FM17) by getting a cheaper release price on FM18. Unless there are hidden conditions I can't see on first appearance, or the historical RRP base price per unit is suddenly jacked up, I don't see this as being entirely Anti-Consumer. I think you find I can pick and choose, or at the very least discern a level of preference towards how different publishers manage their preorders. As far as I'm concerned there is a marked difference between how someone like Ubisoft does preorders, with several SKUS on offer for essentially the same game each with a varying degree of content at base level, plus whatever they offer for preordering, and Nintendo, where you preorder and you pretty much just get your game or machine (hopefully). I'm not denying that there is a growing level of scepticism and apathy towards how publishers see and treat gamers (CONSUMERS) with their marketing and preorder campaigns. No doubt about it. However, the vitriol on display towards this offer seems rather misguided. It's not as if SIGames have come out and said: "PREORDER NOW AND GET 20%, PLUS AN EXTRA £1m in your transfer kitty, and Messi on loan for 5 games. Also, if you preorder now, you'll get exclusive preorder DLC packs for FM Touch!" I could understand the strange swirling mist of rage that has brewed if that was the case. Well that's fine, at least I have some understanding as to where your dislike for this is coming from. However, I'm fairly sure it was mentioned by Miles in the OP that the offer will be available for a significant amount of time to allow for all features and impressions to be released and published.
  6. I haven't read through this, but I just want to say I miss the days of Champ Man when you could hear crowd chants, rather than just the ambient shopping centre noise we currently have.
  7. I was referring to a discount for owning the previous year's title. I very much doubt there will be 20% off FIFA 18 for owning FIFA 17, nope you'll be asked to pay the normal £50 or £70 depending on what stupid version you want to buy. I'm not denying that people are against the pre-order model, I've been around long enough and worked at various levels of retail and game development to know how drastically the concept of preordering has changed. For those young uns out there, preordering was originally used as a way for shops to gauge how much stock they had to order. Of course that hardly matters now considering digital platforms. Publishers have adapted and used preorders and the likes as a psychological means to intice, which they are more than welcome to do - that's their job. To make you want the game. How they do it is up to them, and sadly it's often done in such a way that it is seen as 'anti-consumer'. The fragmenting of content across various retailers as EXCLUSIVE PREORDER DLC, The Day 1 Editions where you get 'extra' stuff for buying it on release, etc. All designed pull on the rather addictive nature some gamers have, it creates a sense of need/want and a fear of missing out. Of course, none of that is happening here as far as I can see. You're simply being given an option to preorder a game (granted you have to pay upfront via Steam as they don't do deposits but will give you a full refund if you change your mind) at a discounted price for already owning the previous year's version. You could, at worse, suggest that SEGA are playing at people's sense of BARGAIN drive, but as others have mentioned you can always cancel if you don't like the way FM18 is shaping up. So, really, in a world where you have Warner Brothers taking the **** with their pre-release marketing and incentives, this offer from SEGA, SIGames and Steam hardly looks sinister at all. Of course, you can always wait until Dec/Jan for when the sale discounts come around on Steam. And historically Football Manager gets a pretty hefty discount after release anyway across various sites. There are options, nobody is forcing this upon you or other people. I would like to hear your arguments against it though, and how it is an issue/problem.
  8. Cheaper FM is always welcome. I can't imagine anyone complaining if FIFA or other yearly released franchises did this.
  9. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe this year it matters what your coaching staff coach and prefer to do tactically? Do your coaching staff share the same ideals as you or are they all different?
  10. Freddy Pepper - A YouTube Documentary Freddy Pepper's football managerial career is followed in this YouTube Documentary, starting with the Radio Angus Podcast where it all begun. Pepper, 31, was appointed Montrose boss after a long career in the Northern Alliance. With no previous knowledge of life outside of the North-East, can Pepper adjust to the difference of coaching and managing a team in the Scottish League 2. Montrose, who previously avoided Relegation last season via the playoffs, are hoping the new Manager can help them avoid another Relegation Battle - but have they appointed the right man? Sit back and enjoy the Documentary. [video=youtube;m2GE2Ljw0_Q] Trying something a little different with his Career/Story update. The majority will be told via YouTube videos, as well as a twitter account. This might work, it might not!
  11. I'm trying to find the right place to post a story/update of my career as Freddy Pepper. It doesn't seem to fit any of the sections though. It's mainly told through Youtube (it's not just me sitting down playing the game), crude photoshops and a twitter account.
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