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  1. Update from my game, still enjoying it thoroughly! Won the league on the last day ahead of PSV. I only lost 1 game aswell and they ran me to the end! Just about to sign this 16 year old, probably one of the best i have seen in a game! he will be a backup for now but will be a good asset to the Jong Ajax boys. Bringing Kluivert back hasnt worked out so far, Neres was far more effective but it was a 35m net swing in favour of selling and buying back Kluivert. Nothing special tactic wise, this is always reliable for me in most FM's. although i do fancy a 343 with wing backs (the wolves way!) We finally had a small boost in the League rankings, we now have 1 qualifying for Champions league directly so no more playoff games! Looking forward to trying in Europe again and developing some more younger players!
  2. I didn't face too many issues first season, managed to reject and just offer new long term deals and made sure i removed all release clauses so i could cash in if it was required, like now it seems. Tempted to take the £50m for Neres, 40 upfront and 10 in instalments and try to implement a youth team player in the AMR role, however Neres has been absolutely brilliant for me. So replacing him could be tough but definitely doable for that kind of money. I also accepted and sold Ziyech to Inter for £32m as he just didn't play for me and was only a squad player. I have gone back in for Kluivert to bring him home, should he come back i will accept the £50m for Neres . Really enjoying this Ajax save so far, very rare for me to move outside of England on FM's but finally found an enjoyable change, not too hard domestically but PSV certainly don't go away, but a big challenge to conquer europe again with so many powerhouses now.
  3. Now i have been offered £50m from Bayern for Neres! Damn!
  4. Starting to get tougher to hold off the bids now, being battered for Neres, Dolberg, Ligt and Ziyech. Really don't want to let them go due to replacements and the philosophy i wanted to install on this save. But seems like it's going to be incredibly tough to do so! Already turning down 57m bids for Ligt from City. I need a backup plan ASAP! Sitting top just mid season 2, PSV matching my every result. Won the CL group with ease, 4-2-0. Thought I would get a favourable knockout draw, Man City didn't win their group and i got them! So tough one coming up. Would be gutted if i have to get rid of Dolberg, 24 in 23 for me he really has been the business! Hes signed up long term but the harmony in the squad is taking a huge hit with these rejected bids!
  5. Yep, no worries i will get it reported. I haven't used any any files etc, i don't like it playing the game when it doesn't count my score on the leader-board! I can upload a saved game if anyone is interested in playing a save with Jong Ajax in the same league. 2nd Season i am struggling a bit at the min, not clicking like it did in season one, however my champions league group consists of Zenit, Celtic and Leipzig so definitely have a chance to get out of in the top two this time. Transfers so far Antonio Marin, Svetozar Markovic and Christian Kouan who looks a cracking player. Got rid of Hunterlaar as Dolberg is incredible. How does Hassane Bande develop?
  6. I would imagine so, just wondered if anyone else encountered it, I am not complaining something interesting for this save definitely. i didn't thing it was allowed and never seen a B team/reserve team ever allowed to be in the same league, nevertheless. I am going to ensure they don't get relegated on this one and try and get them into Europe alongside my team!
  7. Hi Guys, also playing as Ajax, won the league first season and came bottom of the CL. I am trying a youth only approach only signing young players and using my own system. Currently only signed Antonio Marin from Dinamo to play AML. Got a couple of promising players through the academy so they are in Jong Ajax squad, who won the league. Now - i have never seen this before, but they have been promoted into my league? I didnt know this was allowed but its brilliant!! anyone else seen this.
  8. Hi guys, First thread or post in a long while! I am trying to play a game against a friend using our saved/exported teams on FM17?, I am sure you used to be able to do this? We have both exported our squads/teams but can't find the option anywhere at all to play against each-other. Can anyone help?
  9. Not looking good! Not managed to sign a keeper and not managing to put any chances away despite having a brilliant attacking line up! Currently lying in 18th with 2 wins from 10 and a huge -9 GD already. I have been keeping the ball 60%+ each game but not putting the chances away! I'm sure it will click at some point though and i will start climbing my way towards the mid table position i require! Team as follows, Hansen Wallace(Loan), Batth, Mangala, Rowe(Weak Point) Ali Odegaard, Cristante, P.Roberts, Sako (Hard to replace his goals)/Halilovic(loan from barca), Schrijvers
  10. I'm now into 4th season with Wolves, first season in the prem after taking 3 to get up there! I came 14th, started off well and faltered towards the end. Conceeded 78goals though, struggling to find a decent keeper around - any ideas? defence is quite strong, Batth, wisdom mangala at the back but i still conceding a ridiculous amount of goals! Currently using Andre Hansen who has been great but i need someone to take me to the next level.
  11. I'm finding this at the minute, some strange scores a lot of 4-2 3-2 3-3 2-2 for my games, I seem to go 2 down very early on but end up coming back or vice versa, 2-0 up and being pegged back to 2-2 3-2 etc. Not had any 1-0s this season or 0-0! (I guess thats why we pay 400 quid for a season ticket , entertainment at the palace)
  12. I'm also playing as the beloved Wolves. First season was flying until January, sako and dicko got injured, had limited cover and managed to some how falter to 10th! Second Season have signed odegaard, dele ali, wilson (onloan), matt mills, andre hansen and got blackett on a free. Bought Ismail back in for cover, seems to be alright at the minute Playing a 4231 with dicko set to poacher, sako IF and the rest pretty basic, short slow passing tempo with not much else. Seem to dominate possession but end up losing by a goal due to lack of finishing! Work in progress though, love having Danny Batth in as captain proper wolf. Lying 4th at the minute, Swansea came down and managed to keep siggy and bony! Ridiculous they havent lost yet and we are in december! COME ON ME BABBIES
  13. im on 72 at the minute! the ones ive got left now are mainly from FM classic mode and i dont play that so i probably wont get any further! last one i got was also freedom of country, and im 2 seasons away from getting the 30years at one club achievement so that will be my greatest yet!
  14. anyone who starts at united and isnt in that team have been sold! rvp valencia etc!
  15. finished my 2nd season with United, won the Prem both seasons and carling cup, fa cup once. Lost to barca and juve in the CL though so alot of work needed to be done europe side of things as both been in quarters! team so far, Degay Rafa, Dede, Varane, alaba Cleverley, S.bender, wilshere, jones, falcao when hes bloody fit!, rooney/neymar not alot more i can do to strengthen i dont think so just seems like a tactic tweak i seem to draw so many silly games i should win. trying to breed some youngsters in but the past two intakes ive had 1 2 star player whos awful! city must have nabbed them all
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