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  1. Vitor Roque => Barcelona Diego Pituca => Santos Erick => São Paulo These are just a few examples
  2. Another update on this problem: After some testing, I noticed that this only happens with Brazilian players. All Brazilian players with a future transfer in the official database, when we remove the future transfer and place it definitively at the club. When creating the save, the player will leave on a free transfer on January 1, 2024.
  3. One more situation to analyze: A player with a future transfer in the official database, when we remove this transfer and place it permanently in the club, the message appears in the game that he will leave as a free transfer, exactly on the date that was placed as the player's entry into the club. The option "Will leave at the end of the contract" is not checked. And this only happens to players who have this future transfer option activated in the official database
  4. I also noticed that this only happens with definitive contracts. Loan contracts are working.
  5. Maybe they didn't understand me: in all previous FMs this didn't happen. I would put a start date between December 20th and 25th and, contracts that end, for example, on December 31st, 2023, when starting the save, the contract was the one entered in the editor, as well as the future departures of the players. What happens in this FM is that, players with a contract until December 31, 2023, when starting the save on the custom date I mentioned above, the player's contract is automatically extended by 1 year and, those who were scheduled to leave at the end of the contract in 2023, are scheduled to leave in 2024. The reason for this is that the calendar and contracts of players and clubs in South America are different from those in Europe. Our season starts in January. @Wolf_pd @HurkaDurk69
  6. For some reason, starting on a custom date such as 25 December 2023, player contracts that end on 31 December 2023 are automatically extended for another year when creating the save. If you put the option: The player will leave at the end of the contract, instead of leaving in 2023, he will leave in 2024.
  7. Yes, this option: Get teams from the Cup round. And the competition chosen to show the problem is random. Any competition I edit that needs this option will not work. So I am forced to use another option, not as precise as this one, to obtain the desired teams
  8. As the title says, the option of getting clubs from the cup stage of one competition to another is not working. The competition I chose for testing is random. This option does not work in any competition. I have been using another method to classify the teams in this phase, until this problem is resolved. This worked well on FM23 I have attached a test file for verification
  9. After you change from true to false, save the file, if you haven't already done so. After that, just open the editor again. It won't work if you have the editor open. I confirm that it works
  10. Remove division levels, manually add each one and you can check again.
  11. A solution I found for this problem, until it was resolved, was: I took the extinct club and made it available, defining its division and making all other adjustments. After that, I doubled that club. If you do this, you will notice in the nation's rules that the extinct club and the duplicate club automatically appear. So, I put the duplicate club as extinct and problem solved. But in fact, SI needs to fix this
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