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  1. Possible is because I did it with some. But others insist on not changing the number of stands. Just testing and testing to find the exact point. If I get it here, I leave feedback
  2. In my case, I am still finding some difficulty with the number of bleachers in the stadium. As an example the maracanã: I am trying to reproduce only 2 bleachers, instead of 3 as in the image. The same is still true with some stadiums that have only one grandstand and insist on appearing two.
  3. Are you changing the actual capacity of the stadium, or just changing the values of the stands? I am editing some here, but maintaining the real capacity of the stadium.
  4. This is fantastic. Thanks .
  5. It was already answered: All the content is ours, made by us. What do we need to report more? Do you want us to send you our page, number of users? The file made by us, with our names?
  6. All the content posted is ours. Created by us. Everyone who uses our file is aware that they do not have authorization from us to distribute without our consent. Only creators can post on forums or anywhere else.
  7. The distribution of Brasil Mundi UP without the consent of its creators, Leandro Lohan and Adriano Roberto, is totally illegal. @Neil Brock @Wolf_pd @santy001 @wkdsoul @Ty
  8. But the error persists, even with public beta. It is only working using the comps.dbc file from the previous patch.
  9. Welcome to the biggest and most complete Brazilian update for FM19. Download Brasil Mundi Up: http://www.mediafire.com/file/501zfc5n6v7lb5q/Brasil_Mundi_UP%5BFM19%5D.rar/file Download Additional Leagues: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9sd8m95cmotv3i3/Additional_Leagues.rar/file Brasileirão Series A, B.C and D Created the Regional Series, equivalent to a fifth division All playable clubs Adjusted the format of several state Created State Cups and grassroots competitions Created journalists and press from Brazil and abroad Created several player
  10. It has several rule group. Is there a specific one to delete?
  11. How did you erase the basic part of your file? Explain better.
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