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  1. -Fixed problems with stopping schedules at july 2018 in some countries -Now only 4 highest leagues play in main country cup which cause processing much faster (mostly in bigger countries)
  2. +9 additional countries: Monaco, Basque Country, Guernsey, Sark, Alderney, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.
  3. I created leagues for Monaco and everything works but the problem is that all Monaco clubs have players with French nationality. They also have citizepship of Monaco but when I simulated game in 1 year it turned out that no one decided to play for Monaco, even for U-18. I tried many things in editor and I didn't found any solution. Year ago I created this file for FM16 and only 15-17 years old newgens have correct nationality, now even that doesn't work. Here is the file http://www.mediafire.com/file/d4kkk7vulnekq7q/Monaco+-+4+levels%2C+96+clubs+(Sangue+Blu).fmf Can you help me?
  4. Regular project is done, total of 234 countries including Crimea and Northern Cyprus. Also I added Latvia which I inadvertently omitted. Tomorrow I gonna add another extra countries
  5. Well, then you should take 2 teams from 2nd league then 2 from 3rd and 2 from 4th and make other changes so it will works. You can do it by yourself or let me do it for donation. +11 countries to North America, 16 left. NA probably will be done on Friday/Saturday.
  6. a) national rules/click on league below/change number of relegations to 0/playoffs - unselect playoffs/and do the same for every league b) yes, Ottawa Fury plays in USA so country must be set on USA, otherwise file won't works (based and continential nation is set on Canada so newgens are Canadians). Anyway it don't change anything until you remove Ottawa Fury from league system and move them to Canadian system.
  7. Today added missed files to Europe and fixed crash dumps (Austria, Greece, Poland, Ukraine), also added Liechtenstain with special file for Switzerland. I'm going complete soon Africa, 17 are maked today and 16 is left for tomorrow.
  8. marcolmo, thanks, I will use it in future andrealves03, definitely something is wrong with this Japan on 17.1 patch, I gonna make few tests tomorrow. Today +10 Asian countries.
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