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  1. Sorry if I have missed it, have you got the link for this tactic please?
  2. Good Evening, firstly really good work with this expansion. I am manager of Moreton Rangers who play in the Counties League (L10) and do not compete in the FA Cup but there are other L10 divisions (Andover Town) who do compete in FA Cup, is there a reason for this?
  3. Good Evening, I have created kits for Angle who play in the Pembrokeshire League Division 5, is there anyway the colours could be changed and a third kit added?
  4. Morning Knap, could you please let me know who do you have taking corners / throw ins?
  5. I will have a look, Thank you
  6. Afternoon, I am looking at managing a lower league team and would like to have the Ground and City pics. I have tried editing a existing config file but is locked, could someone be able to assist me with creating one. Apologies if this is the wrong forum. Thank you Matthew
  7. Afternoon, With the promotions and relegations submitted I cannot get the update to work, is it possible to update the National League North / South with the relegations please?
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