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  1. Hi Knap, Which tactic would you recommend for a underdog, I am going as Elgin City (Scottish Lge 2)?
  2. Hi, Anybody know how to edit teams in a U18 league?
  3. Hi Knap Have you updated any of you 3-5-2 to the latest version?
  4. Hi just me being stupid, but someone please help me on how to instigate these, i can load them into game but cant seem to put them into practice.
  5. I would like to create an annual pre season competition, with Elgin City, Rothes, Forres Mechanics and Cove rangers. could someone please help me?
  6. Ok Cheers will give a go
  7. Hi, sorry if this is the wrong location for this question. I am trying to add player faces that are not in any facepacks, could some one please help? I have tried using FMXML but am getting no joy. Thank you Matty John
  8. Hi, could anyone please help me, I would like to change my Scottish season start date to 31 May. How do i manage this?
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