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  1. Afternoon, With the promotions and relegations submitted I cannot get the update to work, is it possible to update the National League North / South with the relegations please?
  2. Any suggestions for a tactic to use when managing a minnow team in European competitions?
  3. Hi @knap, Do you take any notice of the pre match tactical advice or do you just keep the tactic as a plug and play?
  4. Morning Knap, I am going to start a save with Wolves, I would like to mirror there 5-3-2 / 5-4-1, what tactic would you recommend using which is compatible with the latest update.
  5. Hi, have downloaded the file both on this feed and subscribed on Steam but does not show and there is no continental competitions at all (Champions League, Europa etc..)
  6. Hi, I get a crash dump every time I go to view Juventus (Zebra), can some one please help?
  7. Do we know when the pre game editor is going to be released, all I can see on Steam is a ingame editor.
  8. Hi Knap, Which tactic would you recommend for a underdog, I am going as Elgin City (Scottish Lge 2)?
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