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  1. Have you got the Cyprus League you had in your original file?
  2. Hi i am having difficulty accessing the steam workshop, whenever I click on the downloads tab on start screen it goes to store and comes up with error I click OK and it goes back to start screen. could anyone please guide me?
  3. Hi, I am sure this has been asked but how do you download it off steam and get it to work on the game?
  4. Looks good, but can't click on link
  5. Hi, I am struggling away from home with Man Utd any ideas?
  6. Thank you will try that.
  7. Hi, I love this sort of competition it has an added spice to the game. I have subscribed to the file through steam but cannot find it in the game. Help!!!
  8. Hi just a few questions sorry, What training do you do (Pre season / During season)? do you use opposition instructions? and finally what size pitch?
  9. If you do the Pembrokeshire League Division 2 could you please have Angle AFC as that is the team i played for before becoming to old!!
  10. Could someone please help me, When you download it from steam, where does it download to as I cannot find it?
  11. Hi, another successful era for Tonbridge well done, could you just confirm the tactic you were using when you completed the Sextuple?
  12. Could someone please help me change squad registration restrictions, things like squad size, age restrictions and maximum EU players. I have looked on the editor and cant seem to find anything. If someone could help I will be greatly appreciative. Thank you Matthew John