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  1. Felix, Thank you will try it out and let you know.
  2. My game keeps crashing during matches. it will work for a few games then i get "FM2017 has stopped working and needs to close". Any advice?
  3. Have you got the Cyprus League you had in your original file?
  4. Hi i am having difficulty accessing the steam workshop, whenever I click on the downloads tab on start screen it goes to store and comes up with error I click OK and it goes back to start screen. could anyone please guide me?
  5. Hi, I am sure this has been asked but how do you download it off steam and get it to work on the game?
  6. [FM16][SKIN] g2 fmskin

    Looks good, but can't click on link
  7. Hi, I am struggling away from home with Man Utd any ideas?
  8. Worldwide Champions League

    Thank you will try that.
  9. Worldwide Champions League

    Hi, I love this sort of competition it has an added spice to the game. I have subscribed to the file through steam but cannot find it in the game. Help!!!
  10. Hi just a few questions sorry, What training do you do (Pre season / During season)? do you use opposition instructions? and finally what size pitch?
  11. If you do the Pembrokeshire League Division 2 could you please have Angle AFC as that is the team i played for before becoming to old!!
  12. Could someone please help me, When you download it from steam, where does it download to as I cannot find it?